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Dachel Media Update: #HearThisWell

Online_news(Note due to Internet issues at our printing plant (ahem) the media update looks a bit different today. Please don't ask. 3 kids with autism. No Wifi. Need I say more?  K)

By Anne Dachel

Sept 18, 2014, KHC-NEWS TV: Social Media and Moms with autistic children share a chilling message "#Hear-this-Well" what's it mean?

The "Movement", like a flutter of a butterfly's wings across an ocean triggering a hurricane, started simply enough.
The senior medical correspondent on CNN, Elizabeth Cohen focused her gaze into the camera and in the voice of medical authority stated: "vaccines are safe, autism is -not- a side effect of vaccines, or to say it another way- because some people don't hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism".

The words are familiar enough, repeated frequently by; pediatricians, media, medical journals and by the Centers for Disease Control. The butterflies morphed into hawks chasing prey.
The Cohen soundbite came from an earlier report in 2014, but CNN aired it again as part of its brief coverage of a CDC research doctor (more of a rebuttal/retraction, but that's another story), from the man the moms call the CDC whistle blower. The statement:

"On Wednesday, August 27, 2014, Centers for Disease Control Senior Scientist Dr. Bill Thompson issued a statement through his [Thompson] attorney's website addressing his regret that he and his CDC co-authors omitted "statistically significant information" in a 2004 study on the subject of whether the MMR vaccine was causing autism in children".

Hard to say what it was about the phrase "hear this well" in Cohen's message that set off a reaction of fury, but combined with the CDC doctor admitting the vaccine/autism data omissions, the momma hawks were unleashed.
One mother, Polly Tommey shared her story, then another, then hundreds of videos began to spread on social media. The videos are personal, heartfelt and some are hard to watch. They call it #hearthiswell.

Mothers and fathers sharing the pain of their lives, the stories of their children and their gale force message they can no longer hear, that something -other- than vaccines damaged their children.
The #hearthisnow movement is about a month old. It's a pent-up dam that's burst because of a loose, yet well-coiffed pebble and a boulder-sized admission.
The open, honest sharing of stories has taken a turn. The hawks have spotted targets, weak and feeble targets that they've honed in on. The mom's are mad and getting organized.

KHC-NEWSTV  describes itself as follows:
Mobile news is what's arrived. has been developed to bring fast-paced headlines and breaking news to Henderson and that little chunk of Kaufman close to the lake. That's the -K- and -H- for Kaufman-Henderson No essays, just the news and stories from our area. Everyone's phone can shoot video-khc is set up to take your video and have it on the site fast.
The stories of children damaged by vaccines, as told by their parents in these videos, can't be ignored or explained away.  They should scare every parent.


John Stone

BTW Lots of excellent, supportive comments on the KHC-TV blog (unfortunately lots of Doritos too). Well worth a second visit for the former.


Handthatrocksthecradle, I also wonder how many of Dorit and the rest of that gang are now wondering which one of them will turn whistleblower next.

They must know by now that they can't trust each other...


Ooh, Dorit's attempt at defending herself in the comments is priceless!
May I quote?
"Normally I wouldn’t respond to personal attacks, but involving my school calls for some answer. I’m a full time academic. I’m paid to publish articles, teach, and do administrative tasks for my law school. I’m also encouraged to do public service.

I’ve been paid the same salary before becoming interested in vaccines, and as a tenured faculty more can’t be told what to write on.

It’s pretty easy to see, by my cv, that the vaccine interest is new and post tenure.

I correct misinformation about vaccines because it’s important for our children’s health. Nobody pays me, directly or indirectly, to comment online about vaccines."

Let's cut to the chase here: "I'm paid...I'm also encouraged to do public service."
(HA! She calls posting lies "public service!")
"I've been paid the same salary before becoming interested in vaccines...." So, paid the same salary BY WHOM? FOR WHAT "DUTIES?" Did she hold a highly-paid position somewhere else before teaching at Hastings, and is her salary now matched by Hastings--to teach ONE on-line course?
Hmmm, sounds like we need to check her tax records and see what she has reported over, say the last 5 years or so. Vaccinegate, anyone?
"Nobody pays me, directly or indirectly, to comment on-line about vaccines."

Anybody want to guess what they are officially paying her for? Or are they paying her enormous amounts to write her hate-blog pieces, with a nod, a wink, and an assumption that she is also expected to post her silk-gloved hate comments as part of her "public service?"

Any lawyers here good at digging tax records out of the Internet?

John Stone

It was a great piece and powerful piece.

Handthatrocksthecradle the source for Dorit Reiss, Hastings and Kaiser Permanente is here:


"When you dine with the devil, take a long spoon."

I read the comments on the full article (linked above) and was delighted by one poster's alleged outing of Dorit.

Assuming the outing of poster "Ali" regarding Dorit's affiliation with Kaiser is accurate, it makes me wonder exactly how will Big Pharma handle their pet Tokyo Roses in the event the were to be exposed and unequivocally proven to be mere paid mouthpieces? Will they throw them under the same express bus they have used on our autistic kids? Will Big Pharma ruthlessly "handle" them like additional, expendable collateral damage, rationalizing that ultimately, their main responsibilty can only be the fiduciary interests of their stockholders?

How will Big Pharma deal with their prized marionettes once they have no use for them or once they become a liability? Wood chipper? Will Big Pharma employ the same cold, pragmatic mentality that they have demonstrated in promoting dangerous vaccine policies that we now know they know have and will continue to injure innumerable children - all for the good of the FINANCIAL herd(stockbrokers and/or oligarchy)?

Shouldn't it be a reasonable assumption that if you strike a bargain with the devil, eventually that same devil will come to collect his due?



Noam Chomsky, 1983:

"Most people are not liars. They can't tolerate too much cognitive dissidence. I don't want to deny that there are outright liars, just brazen propagandists. You can find them in journalism and in the academic professions as well. But I don't think that's the norm. The norm is obedience, adoption of uncritical attitudes, taking the easy path of self-deception. I think there's also a selective process in the academic professions and journalism. That is, people who are independent minded and cannot be trusted to be obedient don't make it, by and large. They're often filtered out along the way."

BoB Moffitt

It is one thing for major media sources to play the video and photo images of domestic violence and child abuse .. over and over again .. ad nauseam .. which have caused the public to question the "integrity of the NFL". Or .. play audio recordings of the private conversations of some 80 year old making some outrageous remarks about African Americans .. causing that fool to lose ownership of a professional basketball team .. or .. Paula Dean's 40 year old "racist" comments that caused her to lose the public's respect. On and on it goes .. where it will stop .. no one knows.

Apparently .. those very same media sources suddenly cannot find either time, confidence or courage .. to publish the "hear this well" videos that raise serious doubts about the "integrity of the CDC".

Wonder why that is?

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