Life With Autism in Pictures Tells Story Media Ignores
Dachel Media Update: Selling Vaccines Like Soap



Oh Barbara, I don't think there is any hiding the fact that children today are being affected very badly by something environmental. Unfortunately nothing is going away. Teens having flu shots, Gardasil are showing some pretty ill-effects.


I don't like this thought, it's been a concern. What if, in the absence of the huge amount of thimerosal that preceded the mmr vaccine during the time he saw these results, this study can't be duplicated. It makes some sense to me that the children who waited, with a time lapse of two years after the first year vaccines would have not as likely been harmed. I have believed all along that they knew the synergy, and those born during those years, those kids eleven to twenty seven will just be a note in history, with no one taking on blame. They are waiting for our kids to go away.

Do so et

Congress has to act or something drastic will happen. At schools lately (as theCanadian teacher reported) it seems that in any class of 25 children we will have at least 3 with severe brain damage be it autism, ADHD,selective mutism or severe behavior problems. THIS CANNOT GO ON! The whole system will collapse. Ask the teachers!
Do something COngress or risk all credibility and decency.

David Foster

So much for all the claims that there is no concrete claim of malfeasance by the CDC. "I have a boss who is asking me to lie". Any questions?

Laura Hayes

How tragic that we are forced to appeal yet again to our Members of Congress, to whom we have appealed now for nearly 2 decades, with zero results. Congress is part of the problem, with very few exceptions, such as Congressman Posey today, and Congressmen Burton and Weldon from years past.

Here are but 3 links to prove my point: (1999) (1999) (2002)

There are many Members of Congress who deserve to serve jail time right along with many from the CDC, FDA, and vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies. I know it, and they know it. They are guilty of crimes against humanity with regards to our nation's vaccine program.

I contacted one of my Congressional reps, Tom McClintock, through his staffer two weeks ago re. all of the CDC Whistleblower information, and sent him a number of links to help get him/them up to speed. Not a peep back since I spoke with his staffer and sent him info, not even a polite acknowledgement that he received what I sent. To think my tax dollars help fund their salaries. Makes me sick.


Wow. Very powerful stuff.


If we were to go back to DC to protest, would they still ignore us?

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