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CDC Admits "Possibility" Vaccines Rarely Trigger Autism

Truth-is-outFrom Sharyl Attkisson. Please read the full post and bookmark her site.

CDC’s immunization safety director says it’s a “possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism but “it’s hard to predict who those children might be.” (They’re not even trying.)

A CDC senior epidemiologist stepped forward last week to say that he and his CDC colleagues omitted data that linked MMR vaccine to autism in a 2004 study. The scientist, William Thompson, said “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information.”

Dr. Frank DeStefano, CDC Director of Immunization Safety Destefano

A coauthor of the questioned study is Dr. Frank DeStefano, Director of the CDC Immunization Safety Office. In a telephone interview last week, DeStefano defended the study and reiterated the commonly accepted position that there’s no “causal” link between vaccines and autism.



I'm sorry Panda's mom....but that 46 um's may not be an accurate statistical assessment of the reality of what was said. Did you discount all of the double um's? Because double um's negate themselves. And were any of the Um's uttered in the latter half of the hour? Because people need a snack in the latter half of most hours and we have to discredit those Um's due to the possibility of low blood sugar. Many Uh's sounded like Um's so we should throw those out as well and that leaves us with a statistically insignificant number of verbal stumbles and therefore nothing clear can be determined from his statements except that we know for sure vaccines don't cause autism. Ummmmmm.......yeah.


When Coleen Boyle stuttered and stumbled through her Congressional testimony, Gorski and minions sympathetically postulated that she was put off balance by unfair questions, by the setting, by anything else but her inability to keep track of her lies.

Boyle is no newcomer to the interview process, as previous videos prove -- and neither is DeStefano. Their anxiety builds as their day of reckoning looms ever closer.


Lisa, yes! I counted and he said "um," "uh," or "you know" 46 times. That doesn't even include the times he said "like," "I mean," or "you know?" or the times he stuttered and repeated phrases, which were... well, countless.

Jeannette Bishop

I agree with Carol's observation. "Countless" suggests too many to count, but in this context I think it more accurately means what data we have gathered suggests that further investigation (like an honest effort of evaluating vaccine risks) may not justify the practice, and there may be reasonable disagreements on what and how to count, so we do not even try to gather the data that makes counting possible.

The same negligence allows one to say vaccines have likely injured "countless" lives.


Have they pulled the passports for these organized criminals ???

They may soon be on their way to the "vaccine resort" of Dr. Verstraeten, never to be heard from again.

Dan Burns

Why does Dr. Frank DeStefano, CDC Director of Immunization Safety, answer Sheryl Atkisson's calls?

Hey, phone Central Casting. Tell 'em we've found the perfect guy to play COMPLETELY CLUELESS. Unless--gasp--he really is.


Millions of autistic vaccine injured people in the US alone is not rarely - it is often!


Lisa, I agree, this guy is saying "um" and "you know", constantly, for questions he knows answers to, which means he is a liar, nothing new of course.


Oh my God! Are you guys listening to the interview, or reading the actual transcript? This guy DeStafano says "um" and "you know" more than the teens working at the local Dairy Queen. He sounds so incredibly inarticulate, and also incredibly GUILTY -- like he is desperately trying to cover up a crime. It is extremely disturbing!! TO think that this guy is the head of immunization safety in this country? All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!!

Read the transcript -- it's a must!


Right now the best that can happen -- is not courts giving money - it can't happen - the coffers don't hold enough.

So the best that happen for us is to acknowledge vaccines esp boosters causes a lot of problems.

If vaccine injuries were acknowledged - and there would actually be treatments developed to make life - maybe not as it was meant to be -- but at least bearable and even enjoyable.


Just like I have grown sick of the phrase correlation and causation -- I am sick to death of - rare.

If it causes brain injuries -- and they do acknowledge that --- autism with it's own spectrum of mild to bad to really bad -- what other brian injuries besides autism does it cause.

ADHD or AD -- and I am telling you the surge in drug addiction is yet another indication of brain injuries that vacccines have caused.

What do you think is going to happen when the public knows that all this war on drugs -helicopters buzzing around all summer - young adults from the BEST of families lying dead from overdoses - or the families spending their last dime to send these young adults off some where outwest or down south to get treatment - that it was really brain injuries they suffered as children.

They can't pay; too many. Rare they can pay off. They can't pay off this cause it is not rare.


Notice how people always write that vaccines save[d] "countless lives"? Why not "innumerable" or "incalculable" or "a lotta"? No, it has to be "countless." Something Manchurian Candidate about it.

Maybe vaccines have saved and do save "countless lives," but I think we should start counting them so we know what we're talking about.

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