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AtlantaBlackStar.com Reports on #CDCwhistleblower MMR Fraud in African American Tots

Vaccines moneyCDC Scientist Reportedly Claims Vaccine Linked to Autism in Black Babies
September 8, 2014

A senior scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims the federal agency has been hiding results from a test of experimental measles vaccines that increased the likelihood of Black children getting autism, according to reports.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccinations and whether or not they are linked to autism.

While the CDC assured the public that there was nothing to worry about with the vaccination, senior scientist Dr. William Thompson claims the CDC has been lying for years, according to The Examiner.
Dr. Brian Hooker was doing research for the Focus Autism Foundation and requested some information via the Freedom of Information Act about a 2004 study that claimed MMR vaccinations were perfectly safe.

According to Thompson, those results were false.

The Examiner reported that Thompson, who has been with the CDC for more than a decade, admitted to Hooker that he and several other authors behind the study manipulated and hid data that proved Black babies were more than three times more likely to develop regressive autism if they were given the vaccine before the age of 3.

For more than 10 years, parents of Black children may have been uninformed and unaware that giving their baby the vaccine could drastically increase the likelihood that they could develop autism. According to Age of Autism, "That one lie is responsible for at least 250,000 cases of autism in African-American male children and that number is a gross underestimate of the true extent of the damage."

Thompson's statements come after Congress already has started to suspect something was awry with the CDC's investigation.

U.S. Congressman Bill Posey of Florida requested information from the CDC regarding the study in the past, but the agency refused to hand anything over.

Posey released a public statement saying, "The CDC can't be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety."

He even went on to say that the "CDC should be investigated."

Posey was absolutely right, according to Age of Autism.

The website, which is dedicated to sharing information about autism, reported that about 20 years prior to the controversial study being published, the CDC tested deadly, experimental measles vaccines on African infants before launching another round of tests on inner-city babies in low-income neighborhoods in the U.S.

Here is Anne Dachel's Comment:

All parents, especially African American parents, struggling with the decision to vaccinate or not, should watch this short video.
Senior government scientist breaks 13 years of silence on CDC's vaccine-autism fraud
In a stunning revelation, CDC whistleblower William Thompson admitted that health officials omitted research findings on the MMR vaccine that showed a 340 percent higher incidence of autism among Black children.  Hiding these results meant that Black children were at risk for developing autism.  Meanwhile officials have not deviated from their claim that there is no link between vaccines and autism.  
There needs to be a Congressional hearing to make all this public.  We need to tell our representatives that they have to act to protect all vulnerable children from vaccine damage.
Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism



Cathy - a study could and should be done in Africa, but it won't. Various non-profits are busily vaccinating people over there, which will start to reduce the possible good control groups. Also, I can't help but wonder if, despite rampant mass vaccination there, will the numbers be as high as in the U.S., as I get the impression, due to lack of infrastructure, maybe more kids spend more time outside getting sun exposure/vitamin D, than African American kids in the U.S. What would be interesting is, if vitamin D helped mitigate the upward trends of autism in Africa, is it a strong enough influence to overcome nutritional deficiencies that could make a child vulnerable to vaccine adverse reactions. Non-use of tylenol and/or antibiotics possibly leading to lower autism numbers, natural child birth (no cord clamping, no pitocin), and possibly stronger gut microbiomes due to lack of hand sanitizer and maybe eating more unrefridgerated or unpasturized foods would also need to be considered as factors that could contribute to protecting African boys in Africa, despite vaccination.
It would probably be enlightening, too, to compare those same factors to populations in India, as they seem to share some of those factors, but not others. Have their numbers been rising as fast as the U.S.?

Cathy Guillou

Could a study been done in Africa?

W Boomco

You shouldn't be "hooraying" the Atlanta Black Star for reporting this... did you not see the huge error regarding the "experimental measles vaccines"?
Gee, wonder where they got THAT information from.

beans and weenies

"...has been hiding results from a test of experimental measles vaccines "

This is not correct, it was the Measles, Mumps and Rubella


so the whistleblower admits to "massaging" the data, no, he admits to blatantly removing pertinent statistics..then the media uses the very study showing "safety" that he admits was a lie, as proof that the mmr is safe..do I have this right?

BoB Moffitt

@ My Son Is Recovering ....

"They are so not going to want to speak up about this. But they must."

While I do NOT agree that .. (Sharpton and others) .. as civil rights leaders .. have the choice of not "wanting to speak up about this" ...

I do wholeheartedly agree .. they (Sharpton and others .. "must" speak up and demand the CDC publicly condemn Dr. Thompson as a FRAUD .. who has made "false allegations"

As I said .. if this was an allegation of "police brutality" .. they (Sharpton and others) .. would have no problem "publicly expressing" their demands for the TRUTH.

Am I missing something here?

My Son Is Recovering Because Other Moms Told the Truth in 2003

Okay, if you were an African American, you would not know what to think. Is this a trick, with a bunch of racists trying to get them not to vaccinate? Or is this the truth, and one more freaking lie that they've endured at the hands of the government. Until they read our stories, and understand our motives, and talk to each other, and compare notes, why are they going to trust this guy who admitted he lied? We need to have compassion for the confusion and shock they are going through. This is huge. This opens giant wounds they thought were healed about "equal" medical care in America. This is HEART=BREAKING. Denial is easier. Denial is less painful. But Denial causes more autism. Realizing this is the third rail.

Remember, like us before we woke up, they still think vaccination is always a good thing. I have Af-Am friends who did NOT get vaccinated as children because their parents did not trust the vaccines or what was in them due to Tuskegee.. . And I'll tell you what, they are WAY smarter than me, and they think for themselves and are not easily manipulated by the media the way so many of us are. And I have always wondered if this was because they did not get the vaccines.

However, this skeptical attitude, that ironically kept so many safe, was successfully overcome in the past decades. All this money was sent to outreach to get all the minorities and Af-Am children fully vaccinated. I thought that effort was intended to make sure that they got autism at the rate we did so we didn't notice that they had less due to no vaccination. Now I wonder if it was because they knew this study was skewed and they wanted to start giving money to these organizations to compromise their integrity and their judgment if it ever came out.

African Americans, understandably, are going to need to hear testimony from their own people who saw it happen to THEIR children, before they can accept this from someone at the CDC who no one wants to believe. I know how hard I found it to accept that my son's autism could have been prevented had they been honest about thimerasol in our case. We need to be understanding of why they don't know who to believe in a country that has systematically treated them so poorly. We need to be patient while it sinks in. We need African Americans with children with autism to speak out within their community so that they can immediately change the schedule and stop it from happening. And we need emergency education for Sharpton and others. They are so not going to want to believe this, after what happened to Keith Olberman and Katie Couric for standing up for vaccine safety. They are so not going to want to speak up about this. But they must.

BoB Moffitt

I wish the outrage of black "civil rights activists" .. such as .. Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, Attorney General Holder and a whole host of others in main stream media .. who are quick to demonstrate when an allegation of police brutality against a black citizen (youth especially) arises .. were just as quick to be "outraged" at the allegations of Dr. Thompson .. because .. if Thompson's allegations prove true .. the damage done to the African American community (especially black children) over the last decade would be considered a crime against humanity that dwarfs all others before it.

(Including the CDC's infamous Tuskogee project that was "covered up" for forty years)

Truthseeker 2

Hurray for the Atlanta Black Star and Orlando Sentinel for reporting on this. Some papers have integrity.

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