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At a Loss for Words

Empty bubbleBy  Cathy Jameson

Many times when I sit down to type I know exactly what I want to write.  But there are days like today that leave me feeling like I have no idea what to write.  It isn’t because I’ve run out of things to say.  Sharing stories about Ronan’s gains and offering my two cents about the autism-vaccine connection is important.  I’d like to continue to share my thoughts, but not today.  Today, I’m at a loss for words.  I’m at a loss at what else needs to be said.  Everything that needs to be said has been said already. 

Here, and on other alternative media channels we’ve talked about vaccines.  We’ve talked about autism.  We’ve talked about too many too soon.  We’ve talked about Vaccine Court, corruption, shady practices and about twisted politicians.  We’ve listed fact after fact after fact and told story after story after story.  Even though we’ve said a lot already, those facts and those stories don’t seem to be enough. 

I know it’s not up to just me to inform or to encourage others to educate themselves.  But with what I’ve learned through my son’s vaccine injury, sharing what I can about that vaccine injury and about autism has become second nature.  I can’t help but share.  I tell the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.  Sometimes it hurts to share what I do, but people usually appreciate my honesty.  Some people prefer to see and hear only happy autism stories though.  Magazines and television channels prefer to share only happy autism stories.  I’m glad those stories exist.  I live for happy stories and to be able to share Ronan’s happy stories.  But there is a flip side of autism.  It includes vaccine injury. 

Vaccine injury has been around for quite some time, but it’s still being ignored.  It’s being ignored despite its growing presence.  Something else that’s being ignored is the general public’s real concerns about vaccines.  Those concerns are being dismissed by providers and are being downplayed by the government.  The public isn’t being given all of the answers.  They are being bullied and belittled instead.  They aren’t being told about vaccine choice and vaccine exemptions.  They aren’t being told that vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for vaccine injury.  To scoff at vaccine injury is dangerous.  To minimize it while ridiculing people who asking important questions about it is disrespectful. 

We were ignored again this week.  Another major broadcasting station aired a pro-vaccine piece midweek.  In the midst of the CDC whistleblower news that hasn’t been rated as Breaking News yet, the public was fed more propaganda.  I’m not surprised.  While turning their attention away from the truth, this station choose to instill fibs and fear at a fever pitch. 

I can think of a hundred ways to counter what was presented.  I can list authors, publications and websites for people to research.  I can cite articles to review.  I can correct the errors that were aired on that pro-vaccine piece, but I am feeling small, unheard and more exhausted than ever.  I’m at a loss for words.  It’s obvious that I must find them and find them again soon.

The mission I and other parents in our community have adopted is to educate and to help others.  That mission is one we never realized we’d ever have to adopt, but it’s one we take very seriously now.  We do this because at one point in life we were pro-vaccine.  We did believe.  We did support.  And we did vaccinate.  It was only after vaccinating that we thought to ask questions, that we took time to read and that we realized that “1 in a million” was closer to 1 in 68.  That discovery, when we connected the vaccine injury dots to our child’s autism, their seizures, their GI distress and to other medical ailments, changed our lives forever.  Never do we want to see vaccine injury happen to another person again. 

Mainstream may rely heavily on their advertisers, but we’ll rarely if ever receive a paycheck in return for our efforts.  Unlike that of the media, it isn’t financial gain we hope to attain.  The reward of bettering and preserving the health of our children, of all children, is what drives us.  Carrying out that mission hasn’t been easy lately.  This week’s lack of mainstream coverage and the continued “vaccinate or die” message proves that, once again, we still have lots more to do. 

But today, I feel like I have no words. I have no new suggestions to share.  I have no new ideas.  I have no encouragement to offer.  I have nothing to say.  I have nothing to say today that hasn’t already been said.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be inspired.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day that things turn around.  Maybe that’ll be the day that brings changes, long lasting ones for our children and for our families.  Today isn’t that day though.  I feel quiet and without words today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be different.  Maybe it’ll be a brighter day.  I sure could use a brighter day. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




Barry, sorry about your mom, you may want to join a lawsuit.. while it's based on statin's causing diabetes in women, there is information that often diabetes affects the brain and may be a type of alzheimers. We can stop dangerous drugs with liable suits, but we can't stop dangerous vaccines with this vaccine court.

Godfrey Wyl

Fair enough, John, although his credentials were really a side issue--indeed, a diversion from the main points, to my view.

John Stone


We thought that a continuing row between you and Tim Bolen about his credentials under Cathy's column was going too far off topic.

Godfrey Wyl

I am rather disappointed that my response to Mr. Bolen did not appear.

Tim Bolen

Godfrey Wyl:

I am not finding, in the comment section here, where you earlier asked me a question. Could you ask it again, please?

In response to your inquiry about the use of the word "we" regarding the VERY LARGE Health Freedom Movement, I sometimes forget that those outside of our groups do not always know about us. The "we" reference is to the fact that "we" have learned to work together many years ago, and have come to realize the value of sharing strategies and tactics, and assisting in each other's projects.

As an example of that "working together" scenario, in just a few weeks we are attending the 2014 Health Freedom Congress - a Gathering of State and National Health Freedom Organizations and Leaders at Hamline University in Minneapolis, MN. I will give you the website URL shortly.

For the 2012 event I, Tim Bolen, as an originator and voting member, personally arranged for three Autism interest groups to attend also as voting members. They were - AutismOne, the Canary Party, and CoMeD.

The site of the organizing group is:

But this is just a small sample. There are, literally, millions of us involved in Health Freedom projects nationally and worldwide.

Virtually each State, and each health or protocol interest, in the US has their own group. Texas HF, for instance, has 55,000 active members, and of course their own e-mailing lists.

Each of the groups maintains e-mail lists, together I'd estimate totaling ten million separate e-mails.

Then there are the media people like me, who publish a newsletter. I'm small at around 200,000. Mike Adams is at 1.6 million, and Joe Mercola is at 2.6 million.

And we all know each other, and when we want to, we jump on something. And, for the most part, we are all friends.

Anything else?

Truth is hard to come by


I am sorry for your loss. FWIW My dad never took any statin drugs.

Godfrey Wyl

Mr. Bolen, I cannot help but note that you failed to follow up on my response to this comment of yours.

In any event, I would like to address your generous offer:

"The Health Freedom Movement is here to help you because we all agree that you well worth helping"

It is not clear to me why you use the royal "we" in this context, but the general tenor of your remark called to mind an AoA commenter from last year. I am wondering whether you would care to address the substance of that comment.


President Obama reportedly will be visiting the CDC tomorrow to discuss the Ebola outbreak. Maybe we could write to him to ask while he's there to stop into Bill Thompson's office and also to ask Thompson's notorious colleagues what they were thinking and what they're doing about it now?

Tim Bolen

Let's start with this:

I am an old guy (I'm seventy-one now), an activist from an earlier time who grew up in the Judeo/Christian Ethic. It was the Dominican Sisters in Catholic School that set me on a course. I've watched American society slip away from that ethic in increments.

My wife Jan I, have been married, this coming October 23, for forty-nine years. We used to live on a street in Laguna Niguel, CA with families our own age. There were twenty-two families. Jan and I are the only couple still together. We live in a throw-away society.

Everywhere we see younger people living in a fake world, with little or no morality, and we wondered if society would survive.

But then one day I came across the Autism world, and standing in front of me, shoving reality in my face, were Autism moms pointing out to me, just by what YOU were doing, that a moral society is hardly dead, for when YOU were tested you came through with the very essence of goodness I was taught was necessary.

Autism parents are BEAUTIFUL. You are the children we would have hoped to have raised. Look in the mirror.

YOU are the bright future. There is more than hope for our world with YOU in it.

All that old people like me need to do is to pass on the skills and the knowledge, and push you out of the current nest.

As you probably know I have been criticizing Autism Leadership for what it has NOT become. Believe me, we in Health Freedom shake our heads at some of the mistakes we see in Autism, but we know, too, that we made those same mistakes years ago - and we have to remind ourselves of that.

The Health Freedom Movement is here to help you because we all agree that you well worth helping, and that your issues are the same as our issues. Look at what those of us media types, you see, have already done - myself, Robert Scott Bell, Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, etc. We hit millions of people with the press of the "Send" button, or the radio microphone.

But, you want something specific? All right. Go to one of my latest Bolen Report articles, and scroll down to the paragraph that says:

"You can, if you want, hang around for my 40 minute lecture titled "Designing Solutions for the Autism Problem - Now is the time..." To suffer through that click here and scroll to 1:10:25 to start it. There will be my usual blunt humor, entwined with a lecture on how to organize a campaign to get rid of Autism. You can view the Powerpoint presentation, I used, by clicking here. I will do a separate article about this right soon."

The key words there are "a lecture on how to organize a campaign to get rid of Autism."

Before I send you there hear me VERY CLEARLY. You have everything you need, right now, to solve the Autism problem.


Now, please go to the 19th paragraph down in the article below, and FIRST run the PowerPoint Presentation. It is short and to the point.

And, since one of you pointed out "You can't afford me," I need to point out to YOU that that process I describe there has been the basis for EVERY CRISIS MANAGEMENT CAMPAIGN I have ever run. In this case you cannot afford to NOT listen to me.

That's the start...

Pay VERY close attention to the first question I ask of the audience "Where do YOU want Autism to be three years from now?" And, watch how long it takes for the audience to come up with the right answer (about fifteen minutes).

So, in closing for this message segment I am going to REPEAT what I said above - because I am old, very smart, experienced, and I know what I'm talking about. So here it is again:

"Before I send you there hear me VERY CLEARLY. You have everything you need, right now, to solve the Autism problem."


I keep saying that we, in the Health Freedom Movement, would help you make, AND EXECUTE, a Grand Plan - and we meant every word.


I have been overwhelmed recently but I am going to try to write my local congressman and my state senators with updates on the CDC Whistleblower case. They really need to hold hearings and make the people at CDC held responsible for damaging our kids, covering it up and then damaging more kids.


Thank you, Linda1, (and of course, Kat) for the hitting the bull's eye.

Jim Thompson

How many of these paid shills realize that they are on speaking from a collapsing stage courtesy of Dr. William Thompson?

A Mom to Tim Bolen

"It's time to get MAD.

Really MAD.

Take off the gloves..."


We've all been "there" for decades and all it's done is take years off of our lives and away from our families.

Do you have any advice that is actually helpful? We can't compete with Pharma's deep pockets and it makes it worse that they know it.

And we can't afford to pay you for your services either.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Never give up is right, folks. I think many autism families have now thrown down some kind of personal gauntlet. It is time to stop this. The truth cannot be allowed to be denied and covered up any more. I am an autism grandmother. I changed my FB profile picture to the #CDCWHISTLEBLOWER picture, and I not taking it down till the mainstream media starts covering this.

Jim Thompson

Cathy, keep up the good fight.

Tim Bolen


I know that the work of the Autism parents over the last few weeks may seem, to some of you, to have come to nothing. But I disagree.

In the Health Freedom Movement we have known for years that the conventional media is NOT OUR FRIEND so we ignore them, mock them, and sometimes spit on them - and certainly NEVER trust them. The Big Pharma ad agencies COMPLETELY control them.


That's why we have developed our own networks. Look at the sheer size of our e-mailing lists. And, that's why we target, and cooperate with, what's called "alternative media."

Then too, those trolls you talk about, calling themselves "skeptics," you should know, are professionally trained to screw with people like you on both an emotional and factual level. They are not just "concerned people" they are something quite different (and quite disgusting).

They come from two similar groups - one based in East Amherst, New York (this group gets eight million per year in SECRET funding) and the other is out of Paradise, Florida (this group gets one million per year in SECRET funding).

Their primary recruiting, and training camp is at what's called "The Amazing Meeting" held in Las Vegas, Nevada every year. There are actual videos of the training.

You can read about them here -

The ninth paragraph down, in that article explains the point. It says:

"The important thing to know about the skeptics in 2012 is their efforts to control the search engine placement of certain kinds of articles; health care and other things that interest them, and their control of those same subjects on Wikipedia. They receive training, and are networked, for this activity at organized meetings."

So, Cathy, consider what happened as a learning experience and move on to the next step.

Why? It is all a House of Cards. Open the windows. Turn on the fans. Give the kids sugar and let them run through the room.

You've just gotten started. It's time to get MAD.

Really MAD.

Take off the gloves...


Oops, that was s'posed to be "Thank you Cat…"


I also am in disbelief that this whistleblower & his fraudulent medical research have been ignored by all major media.
How is it that possible when so many children from so many diverse families in the USA and abroad have been so adversely affected? This horrible act must be exposed and those responsible must compensate all these adversely affected kids. I don't want my son sleeping on the streets of L.A. after I die. ALL VOICES must scream out now. In my own family, I have been affected in both ways: A normally developing son who was injected by Kaiser with "who knows which MMR" in 1990 at 13 months (in a Los Angeles community) and then became totally autistic 6 months later.... AND….in January 2014, my 44 year old eldest son & (wonderful person to all who knew him) died from the H1N1 flu virus - who DID NOT get the
flu vaccine!!!! I just hope that Kaiser has my youngest son's medical files from 1990. WHICH MMR DID HE GET????? Maybe they will have "lost" this important record and shirk the culpability for his fall into autism. Is this really happening in our country? I'm totally ashamed of it now. Big business, corrupt government agencies are ruining this great country!


Bless your dear heart. Bless us all. A powerful thing that has happened in these past weeks is the banding together of so many on social media. My wife and I are typically rather private folks, but are both set to upload "Hear This Well" vids. We have other extended family members on board to do so as well. Feel that "more is better" on social media. Our kiddo will be represented by many videos. As long as they are from the heart, this is one thing we all can do. The twitter hashtags must keep being strategically utilized. We can all do a little to help. I am very grateful that the events of the last couple of weeks has pulled us all together in greater measure. With the marginalizing and bully tactics that have been used against us for so many years, it is extraordinary that so many are simply and beautifully laying down the gauntlet and putting their faces on these videos, posting them for all to see, to stand up and be counted in the face of the bully. Or just to move beyond our comfort zones as in the case of my family who don't even post pics to Facebook - let alone video to YouTube. There is a sleeping giant of us who have yet to be heard from. Time to wake up and all do what we can do. (Talkin to myself here)


Hoping the amalgam removal and detox (and now also avoiding flu shots and other known sources of mercury) will save me from my father's fate. His illness started at about the age I am now. To my knowledge, he never took sleeping pills but he did always have a hard time sleeping. His hair test indicated mercury toxicity by Cutler's counting rules.

Of course my experience is purely anecdotal and therefore should be totally disregarded.


I don't mean to pry, but did your father happen to take statin drugs?

My mother died this past fall ,from what was loosely defined as Alzheimer's disease (.. no formal dx). She was always a terrible sleeper, and had mercury amalgams in a couple of her bottom teeth. But her "Alzheimer's like" symptoms never started until around 65, shortly after a checkup where her doctor prescribed her first statin drug.


Cathy i completely understand. I too feel the same way, like I am screaming into a vacuum and no one hears.... it can be so disheartening to see the mainstream press air the "vaccine's are infallible" propaganda and also hear the absolute dead silence on the merck vaccine fraud case going to trial
and William Thompson's whistleblowing.
how many more ruined lives will it take before things start to change?

Truth is hard to come by

I think the study on the sleeping pill link to Alzheimer's is interesting and alarming, but another explanation of what it indicates seems possible/probable to me.

A big problem I had prior to getting my MANY amalgam fillings out and detoxing per the Andy Cutler approach was inability to sleep. Post detox, I fall asleep way earlier than I used to (like 9 or 10 instead of 1 or 2 am); I began staying asleep all night (rarely did before) and now I wake up early. Night owl insomniac to pretty peaceful sleeper and now a morning person. What the heck?

In all the years that I couldn't sleep, I never took sleeping pills because I have just never liked to take pills or drugs of any sort for any reason. But I would guess that lots of people suffering the same problem would quickly resort to whatever the advertisements or their doctor suggested.

I think Boyd Haley's observations regarding mercury and Alzheimers fit in with this picture all too well.

--Mercury toxic people (--poisoned by amalgam fillings, vaccines, eating too much toxic fish, exposure to broken fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, or gauges; living in homes painted with mercury-laden water-based latex paint, coal fired power plant emissions, and/or a multitude of other exposures)
--a likely consequence: inability to sleep well
--take sleeping pills
--develop Alzheimer's.

That middle step may not be a significant part of the equation, imo. It seems highly likely to me that about half or more of senior US citizens are mercury toxic due to accumulated mercury from multiple sources and poor diets that really don't support the body's natural detox systems. (Coincidentally, It appears that roughly 50% of the population has either the APOE4 variation (20%) or an MTHFR variation (30%) making them more vulnerable to mercury and/or less able to excrete it. Hmm.)

So far at least I haven't developed Alzheimer's. Time will tell. Hoping the amalgam removal and detox (and now also avoiding flu shots and other known sources of mercury) will save me from my father's fate. His illness started at about the age I am now. To my knowledge, he never took sleeping pills but he did always have a hard time sleeping. His hair test indicated mercury toxicity by Cutler's counting rules.

Of course my experience is purely anecdotal and therefore should be totally disregarded.


Thank Cat you for putting these thoughts and feelings into words so well. You were not at a loss for words after all.


Cathy Thank you thought provoking.
As are a couple of the comments about the study Alzheimer's linked with meds for anxiety and sleep.
50% of the population requiring such drugs in older adults!
So what causes their anxiety and sleep problems?
what can cause Alzheimer's?
what can cause Autism?

One possibility in some cases are pathogens

'There are different degrees of evidence that infections and the immune reactions to them can cause degenerative neurological disease, mental illness, cognitive decline, developmental disabilities, personality changes and violence and the pathophysiology needs better clarification [1-7]. Disease can result from an interaction of predisposing and precipitating factors [5]. When diseases are associated with infection, the infection is followed by immune and other reactions that can lead to a pathophysiological process resulting in dysfunction leading to symptoms and syndromes of dysfunction [5]. Ineffective treatment then can result in further disease progression [8].

Understanding the interaction between the immune system and nervous systems is critical however psychiatrists have little training and experience in immunology and immunologists have little training and experience dealing with psychiatry. However, the brain and immune systems have many similarities—both defend against threats by shifting allocation of resources as environments change; both have intracellular transmitters, receptors and feedback capability; there are similarities between the gut and immune barrier and the bold brain barrier (BBB); both have innate and learned capabilities and in both cases failures to shift from innate to learned responses result in pathology. [9] The brain and immune systems both switches back and forth, eliminating one threat then recovering before responding to the next threat.'
'Autism spectrum disorders associated with Lyme/tick-borne diseases may be mediated by a combination of inflammatory and molecular mimicry mechanisms. Greater interaction is needed between infectious disease specialists, immunologists and psychiatrists to benefit from this awareness and to further understand these mechanisms.'


Those that are the most ignorant on the topic have the loudest voices. I fully expected what we "got". Those pretend "moms" for vaccines, only my religion has stopped me from "wishing their evil back at'em". Is the vaccine regimen safe now? I can't answer that, we all have to make decisions for ourselves. Were our kids, now ages 12 to 26 devastated by vaccines, absolutely.If I send my kids to pakistan, I will be vaccinating them for polio. the odds? Will I lie, yes I will,and I have, no ER is ever getting me to say, "no he didn't get his second mmr", or no he doesn't have a flu shot, so I'm a liar too. I lie to bring "no more harm" to my kids. I have sons that are suffering the lasting effects of mercury, ASD and autoimmune illness. I have a younger one with asthma, an older one with crohn's, and a girl with KD. My sis has experienced the same with her children, yet she vaccinates her baby. A girl, but we don't know if estrogen is protective, it seems as likely they are under diagnosed because often they exhibit hyper- social behaviors. I want simple things, like going to Ft.McHenry, as all of my friends did this weekend, but no, I got there and had such issues we all had to leave. All joined in, hating the one that made us leave,and not being quiet about it.So we cry, but we aren't doing something right. If the CDC can blitz the media with propaganda, on OZ site I saw a full page CDC statement blocking entrance at one point, why can't we hold up our kids and our signs and demand those injured for over twenty years be compensated. I know why, for the same reason I couldn't see the fireworks, we actually live this, good luck holding up a sign or even getting out of the car.

cia parker

I'm tired too, and almost at a loss for words. Almost. Fortunately, Time found the perfect words for us in the Sept. 22 issue, pp 22-3, albeit about Roy Rice's beating up his girlfriend rather than overtly about vaccine damage. "Clearly, the way the NFL handled this was disgraceful. But there are other important issues here. One, the institution, the NFL, supports their star when this guy should have been fired as soon as the initial video came out. There WAS NO QUESTION LEFT TO BE ANSWERED. The facts were there. You see this across society - in the military context, on college campuses - this constant protection of the star, of the favorite son, of the perpetrator. And the DISBELIEF OF THE WOMEN. And then the constant victim-blaming and undermining. And what it's really about in my opinion is how we value women in society." "Nearly everyone is furious at the business-as-usual attitude of one of the most profitable sports leagues in the world, a business willing to blame the victim and have her apologize on national television in order to protect its brand. We should be furious. This charade has been perpetrated for too long and has let too many players skate by with no real consequences for their violence against others. The league urges women to purchase pink clothing and apparel in order to drive viewership numbers up (light it up blue?)...Of course, I believe that someone at the NFL must have watched that video. We know its contents had already been described publicly. The tape never lies; that's the mantra of the league, at every level. The NFL employs many people who are very good at their jobs, to make sure they have access to that information, to get that tape. The truly chilling part of all this is the possibiility that the people in charge, almost exclusively men, saw that video and made a conscious decision to do nothing about it until their hand was forced by public opinion. It is past time that we hold them accountable for their actions."

And so we force their hand.

Tony Bateson


You are outstanding in your pursuit of truth and the facts of the autism dilemma. What on earth can be said to bring closure to this never-ending saga of deception, dishonesty, fraud, villains and thieves. At times like this I reflect on the fact that my search for evidence of autism in people never exposed to vaccine materials remains at the grand total of nil.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


I meant to post the link to the article I mentioned. But instead of just the link, I'm posting the entire article, because I'm afraid that it will disappear or be watered down to omit the last line and I think this is a big reason for the public's apathy.

I have been wondering of late what happened to my generation? We were so aware, so vocal. Now I think I know and I am beside myself. How could nearly half of my contemporaries be on anti-anxiety, mind altering, emotion and intellect dulling/destroying drugs? There is NO WAY that that could be justified. THAT IS A CRIME IN ITSELF, that renders the elders unable to oppose crimes against themselves and their descendants. And this huge percentage of the population that is drugged, votes. Chilling.

"Alzheimer's linked with meds for anxiety and sleep
Kim Painter, Special for USA TODAY 12:19 p.m. EDT September 10, 2014

Medications widely used for anxiety and insomnia are linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's in a new study.

The study, published Tuesday in the medical journal BMJ, does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between benzodiazepines – drugs such as Xanax, Ativan and Valium – and dementia. But it does show Alzheimer's was 51% more common in older adults who took the drugs in the past.

The risk started to show up with three months of use and rose from there. It was greatest in patients who took long-acting versions.

"It is not surprising that benzodiazepines are associated with adverse cognitive effects," says an editorial written by Kristine Yaffe of the University of California, San Francisco, and Malaz Boustani of the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.

The question, those experts say, is whether the effects, including diminished memory and thinking skills, are passing or potentially permanent. The new study is rigorous enough to raise concerns about irreversible effects in long-term users, they say.

For the study, researchers in Canada and France reviewed health records of 1,796 people diagnosed with Alzheimer's and 7,184 other adults over age 66, all from Quebec. The link with benzodiazepines was found in health records going back at least six years before the diagnoses.

One obvious reason for a link could be that people who go on to develop Alzheimer's first develop anxiety, depression and trouble sleeping – which they treat with pills. The researchers say they adjusted their results to account for earlier diagnoses of those conditions and still found what appears to be an independent link with Alzheimer's, but they said they cannot be sure that all previous health problems showed up in the records. They also cannot be sure that patients took all the pills they were prescribed.

The American Geriatrics Society already cautions doctors against routinely prescribing benzodiazepines to older adults. Studies link the drugs with car crashes, falls and hip fractures, the group says.

Despite such warnings, the medications are used by nearly half of older adults, the study's authors say."

Angus Files

I find it surreal that all the trolls sites are talking about anything and everything other than the #CDCWHISTLEBLOWER ..and making up arguments amongst themselves over many not, news, stories to mention...

The lack of real topics from the trolls reminds me of the English comedy Monty Python,Germans sketch remembered for its line "Don't mention the war"

With us its Don't mention the CDC WHISTLEBLOWER...


Cat Jameson

Jeff R.,

That is THE best idea! I know a lot of people want to march and rally in Washington, D.C. We would get some attention doing that, but imagine how many more people we'd encounter if we met in NYC. Real people, real stories in real time. What a great idea!



The past few weeks have been overwhelming - to see the censorship, the clamp down on vital information, the disregard for integrity in science, the dissemination of lies at all cost. A search of "CDC Whistleblower Revealed" brings up about 5 other sites, including at or near the top Time's propaganda and David Gorski's "science based" crap, before finally listing the exact match to the search somewhere down the page. Very disheartening to say the least.

And then in the news there are articles about how Alzheimer's and dementia are linked to benzodiazapine use (Valium, Ativan, Xanax) and that these "MEDICATIONS ARE USED BY NEARLY HALF OF OLDER ADULTS".

Of course, it is not only seniors who take these drugs. How many children, teens and younger adults also take these drugs?

Is it any wonder that there is little outcry over the CDC whistleblower's revelation that autism vaccine research was fraudulently altered, that the population doesn't seem to be able to understand the difference between news, entertainment and propaganda, WHEN A SIGNIFICANT PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION IS ON BRAIN DAMAGING, INTELLECT DULLING, TRANQUILIZERS?

@ Dear, dear Cathy

Cathy, darling, tomorrow will be a much, much better day, guaranteed, in fact.

Tomorrow, you are going to wake up with a brand new idea. You will be inspired. You will plan a meeting with your state representative and share what you know with someone in power that can make a difference. You will inspire others to do the same, too. It will make you feel empowered and invigorated.

Get ready to get psyched!

Jeff R.

Cathy you are always so brilliant in all that you write & there has been days where I felt the same, then, I realize if I let myself feel like that for long, they win, and more children get hurt by vaccines. I know you know this, do what I do, take a day or 2 off, recharge & let's try to figure out a way to find some more words/ideals

I have a ideal for a protest, get has many people as we can and descend on New York with our signs (I think we could get at least 2 thousand people maybe more, maybe a lot more these days), go to all the major news stations CBS, NBC, ABC & FOX protest all day that they are only covering one side of the vaccine story etc. etc., start early in the morning, while the morning shows are going on @ CBS, NBC, ABC & FOX the people on the street can be seen in the background with there signs. I think they would have to give us some coverage.

What do you think?

Jeremy's mom

We will NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. Keep sharing! Hugs to our #CDCwhistleblower friends.

TannersDad Tim

Prayers love and energy going out to all.

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