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Chances Are You Are "Anti-Vaccine" And Don't Even Know It.

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: No Evidence. None. Zero. Absolutely Nothing. Oh, wait …

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Any serious critique of the “vaccines cause autism” position – a position that I certainly hold – henceforth needs to take account of William Thompson.

Vaccine injury deniers who trot out the “study after study show no link” gambit, the “discredited doctor” shibboleth, the “Playboy bunny “ ploy and the “correlation is not causation” canard really can’t get by on just that any more. Those were simpler times.

But of course, they’ll try. They’ll try to ignore Thompson, the CDC Senior Scientist who blew the whistle on the study that found no link between the timing of the MMR shot and the risk of autism. Oh yes they did, Thompson said; they hid the finding that black males are at much higher risk if they get the MMR before 36 months.

So when, this week, on Huffington Post, Jeff Schweitzer, “scientist and former White House Senior Policy Analyst, PH.D. in marine biology/neurophysiology," writes this –

“There is no evidence none, zero, absolutely nothing to link vaccinations with autism. It is a myth, a fallacy, factually incorrect. Yet tens of thousands of parents risk their children's health by withholding critical vaccinations. Like [Rob] Schneider, many parents still to this day insist that vaccines cause autism, even in the complete absence of any evidence to support the claim with the withdrawal of the original paper. You might as well claim that vaccines cause baldness; no, no, I've got the perfect claim: Vaccines are ineffective but cause global warming! In that we combine belief in something for which there is no evidence and disbelief in another other for which there is indisputable proof. Perfect.”

-- When someone writes this, I can’t help thinking that an advanced degree in marine biology slash neurophysiology and a White House gig can't keep the true dilettante in someone from emerging.

But of course, ignoring or nullifying the Thompson disclosure is not just pathetic and evidence of a lack of moral seriousness; it perpetuates the tragic autism epidemic. When you’ve got 4 million babies born every year in the U.S., and a 1 in 68 autism rate, that’s an appreciable number of kids at risk every single day this goes on.

The CDC, in trying to brush Thompson aside and issue bland bromides about its concern for autism, continues its abysmal pattern. This, in turn, breeds complacency in the medical industry at the expense of the parents and few medical professionals trying to sound the alarm. Isabella Thomas, mother of two of the Lancet 12 children in Andy Wakefield’s landmark (not discredited!) MMR study, sent a letter to the equivalent of the FDA in England:

“CDC Whistleblower William Thompson has released a formal statement confirming the original study found a link between MMR and Autism, especially in African American and that the CDC hid the results.

“I would like to know if you have investigated this report and your comments please.”

The response:

We are aware that the CDC has issued a statement standing by the findings of its original study. . We are also aware that the analysis by Dr Hooker has since been retracted by the journal in which it appeared. . "

How condescending. Shouldn’t health authorities take some immediate action in response to Thompson’s disclosure, moving the MMR to age 3 for black males today – not tomorrow, today?

And shouldn’t pediatricians and pharmacies demand answers to Thompson’s statement that he’d never let his own pregnant wife get a mercury-containing flu shot – because they cause tics in children, and tics are four times more common in autism, and, therefore, it’s biologically plausible to say right now that vaccine can cause autism?

Of course this is hardly the first harsh truth to confront the powers that be – see Verstraeten, Unanswered Questions, Simpsonwood, et al. It's just one more piece of evidence that points to a pattern and practice of deceit, delay and denial.

I hear things are in an uproar down in Atlanta. As I said a few months ago, Freddy Krueger is coming for the CDC.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Joel peralez

Great info


Dr. Schweitzer sounds like he is cut from the same cloth as Tom Insel.

Science has been misused to drive the masses toward policies that will be expensive (if they are lucky that is all) - who knew!

John Stone

"Dr. Schweitzer served at the White House during the Clinton Administration as Assistant Director for International Affairs in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Dr. Schweitzer was responsible for providing scientific and technological policy advice and analysis for Al Gore, President Clinton, and President Clinton's Science Advisor, and to coordinate the U.S. government's international science and technology cooperation."

I wonder if Schweitzer was responsible for any policy advice about the non-removal of thimerosal in 1999-2000. If I recall the CDC were unwilling to remove all the thimerosal forthwith from US vaccines because of the message it might send out to the developing world.

"Dr. Schweitzer’s work is based on his desire to introduce a stronger set of ethics into American efforts to improve the human condition worldwide."

If by any chance he was rushing to save the vaccine program in the developing world in his period as a government advisor he would evidently not be very happy to have the decisions revisited now.



Schweitzer's horrible writing exposes his horrible evidence gathering abilities.

As a marine biology student, would Schweitzer also believe that orcas should remain in captivity, because profiteers insist the few harmed serve the needs of the many?


This week has come and gone and nothing on the news about Dr. Thompson of the CDC, and what he blew the whistle on.

I sure hope the CDC is all tore up down there. Thanks for telling us that, cause sitting on the porch, this beautiful day - it does not seem anything has changed. So, I would like to think they are tore all to pieces. I would like to imagine that they have taken some time to flip through the better prison brochures, and checking on how to get into the nicer ones for when the time comes.

Meanwhile: this week an American rised - American bred man changing over to Islam and goes berserk - and cuts the head off of a poor 54 year old woman, working at a food processing plant. and goes after another before being shot.

He joins a long list of weirdos out there, whose actions and murders have lefts us appalled .

The clueless talking heads on the news programs says it is the internet to blame -- Islam preachers have got on there and well it kind of reminds me of some horror movie - you know, they see something on a video and it drives them crazy. Not likely.

But the mental ill are susceptible and there are tons of trees gone toward papers written on the subject of free will and mental illness.

He was a black male too as we all know - who we now know because of Dr. Thompson is more prone to vaccine injuries from the MMR if given before age 3 -- and we all know that all our kids received the vaccine way before three years old.

46% of Americans have experienced at least once in their life a mental illness.

Now were does mental illness come from? The genes has always been the quick answer, but that is not the case - cause when they finished up that genome stuff this past decade they were all disappointed that the gene studies did not point to a whole lot of diseases.


The Solomon blog is front page Huffington post Canada

Maureen Fischer

Thanks for this Dan. I just sent both my senators a second email regarding this. I copied from the CDC's website a bunch of studies with Thompson's name on it and I sent them quite a few of Thompson's quotes. If we keep pounding on our representatives, with or without media, we may shame them into some action.


Congrats to Chelsea Clinton and the new baby / Presidential grandchild.

With all the fuss at the CDC / vaccine program, she could release her consent form for the "day one hep b" vaccine.

The vaccine first used for IV drug users and ladies of the evening in Vietnam.

John Stone

It's the health official soft shoe shuffle. "We stand by the facts (even though the data manipulation has been admitted). We've leant on the publishers of the new study to retract it. Business as usual."

In the end, if no one believes them, the most important thing as far as they are concerned is not to acknowledge any legal responsibility. Even if you get a breakthrough in the US these people will string it out for eternity.

Calling the People of Faith at CDC

"I hear things are in an uproar down in Atlanta."

It's so troubling to me to think about the many CDC employees who are normal, honest, God-loving Christians in their personal lives. Yet at work, they perpetrate lies to protect an industry over individuals.

Being in the heart of the bible belt, Atlanta is full of good people who want to live honestly in the eyes of God.

How could they perpetrate the CDC lies? How can they do this and still show up in church on Sundays?

I don't think they can any longer.

It's comeuppance time for the bosses, and people of faith at the CDC need to join together and stand against lies and dishonest medicine.

The time to clear your own good name and conscience is here.



If you click on the green comments symbol at top or scroll right down on that link as I just did there are plenty of Comments. Anne Dachel is the first up and John Stone a little later.



If that was CDC response I would shoot an email back and say my inquiry is not about Dr Hooker. I want to know if the CDC is investigating claims of data manipulation by their own scientist William Thompson as stated via his attorneys. Was data in this study manipulated or not? Are you standing by A falsified study? Is that that you are saying? Please elaborate as to why. Please keep the focus on the study please.



There are no comments coming up for Solomon's article. I gather if you don't have an account this is not an option for you or do you know if the comment section is just closed down. I really would love to read what Dorit has to say. Everytime Solomon has written an article on vaccines Dorit tries to discredit him but he just shuts her down. Humbling experience for her I would imagine.


I think if the CDC wasn't a government agency it would fall under the RICO Statute.

Angus Files

"evidence that points to a pattern and practice of deceit, delay and denial."

And block...

Just now ,I think the Parma evil is still at the delay stage and stopping the messengers like Rob Schneider.They stopped, the world wide press, overnight, with the push of a button so it seems.They all went down without a sqeek.
In America 6 directors control all of the 6 media conglomerate's and in turn control, the intellectual input of 270 million Americans transposed to the popula world wide.

Shame on them


BoB Moffitt

I suspect Rob Schneider has become a huge target of the pharmaceutical/public health cartel because of the following statement .. as published by the NY Daily News .. in a particularly uninformed article .. meant to demonize Rob as they have done to Jenny .. titled: "Pox On You! Anti-vaxx comic's State Farm spot pulled:

ROB: "Thanks to all my supporters who believe as I do that parents should decide what's in the best interest of their child, not Gov't mandates".

As I read that statement .. apparently quoting Rob correctly .. he made absolutely no mention of "vaccines causing autism"? He merely stated his belief that "parents" .. not the "government" .. ought to decide what is in the best interest of THEIR children.

Yet .. predictably .. the sentence that immediately followed Rob's statement reaffirming his belief that parents have "informed consent" rights .. reads thus:

"Doctors say research has conclusively proven there is no link between vaccines and autism, and blame the anti-vaccine movement for the resurgence of deadly illnesses, such as, whooping cough"

It is no accident this supposedly neutral "REPORTER" ignored ROB's issue .. choosing instead to raise the more inflamatory .. controversial link .. between vaccines and autism.

This is known as raising a "straw man" argument that avoids responding to the issue being discussed .. which again .. was "parental informed consent rights".

In any event .. the pharmaceutical/public health cartel is within reach of the biggest financial boondoggle in world history .. a vaccine to prevent EBOLA .. and .. some are already suggesting the vaccine should become "mandatory" in "threatened nations".

And .. so .. the issue that Rob raised .. "informed consent" .. is an issue .. at this critical moment in time .. the cartel is desperate to avoid having.



Wondered if you had seen this Dan?

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