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Win a Copy of Outsmarting Autism By Patricia Lemer

Outsmarting AutismWe're happy to anounce a contest to win a copy of Patricia Lemer's s Outsmarting Autism, The Ultimate Guide to Management, Healing and Prevention.  Leave a comment to enter to win a copy.  You can purchase the book now at AmazonWhether you are new to the world of autism, are familiar with treatment options, or are a veteran who has been there, done that, this book is for you! Discoveries about possible etiologies and promising therapies are emerging so quickly that you are sure to learn something new. Outsmarting Autism guides you step-by-step with practical information from a variety of fields that families, specialists, and educators can put to use immediately. STEP 1: Take Away the Bad Stuff, and Add Back the Good Stuff Clean up the environment Eat, sleep, and drink smarter Boost the immune system Balance hormones Detoxify STEP 2: Correct Foundational Issues Remove structural impediments Integrate reflexes STEP 3: Address Sensory Problems Improve sensory processing Develop vision STEP 4: Focus on Communicating, Interacting, and Learning Build language Concentrate on social-emotional skills Learn to read, write, and calculate Use technology STEP 5: Plan for the Future Transition to independence.

Patricia S. Lemer is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and practiced as an educational diagnostician for over 40 years.  She was co-founder and Executive Director of Developmental Delay Resources (DDR), and international, non-profit organization for 20 years.  DDR merged with Epidemic Answers in 2013, and Ms. Lemer serves as Board Chair.  She holds a Masters of Education in counseling and learning disabilities from Boston College and a Masters in Business from John Hopkins University.

Ms. Lemer lectures internationally on developmental delays, including autism spectrum disorders.  From 2012-2014, she served as Chief Consultant in the establishment of a center for young adults with disabilities in Kuwait.

She is the author of EnVISIONing a Bright Future:  Interventions that Work for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Outsmarting Autism, to be published summer, 2014.  Ms. Lemer lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is the mother of an adult daughter and the grandmother of Penelope, born in August, 2006.

Visit her site to learn more.   In this video, Ms. Lemer appears at the 7 minute mark.



Would love to read the book. Will be happy to get a free copy. Thanks

Bridgete Rivera

I look forward to reading this book and I expect to do.dm many helpful strategies and tools.

Lisa Brooks

would love a new book to read - need some motivation and inspiration!


Am I too late? Enter me, please!

Jennifer H.

This sounds like a great book. Sometimes as parents we get so overwhelmed. I think that it is a great idea to break it down.


Would definitely like to gain any insights from this book as she appears to be very well qualified and I am ever-searching for answers to this puzzle.


Please enter me. Thanks

Sue Westwind

Hoping to win! Sounds like a most important book to have.


Looks like a terrific book!! Can't wait to read it


I would love to win a copy- I've been looking for a new autism book to motivate me and find new ideas for healing.


This would be a great addition to our go to references for my so .


I have an adult son with autism that no longer self-abuses because of dietary intervention. He was severely self-abusive and separating that autism bully from my son required outsmarting him in the area of diet but I want even more freedom for Aaron so thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book.

Bad penny

Would love to win. In our 14 th year of recovery. Always looking to get more ideas to restore health to my son and keep his unvaccinated big little brother healthy.

Lisa Sullivan

Our family could use such a valuable resource as this. I have 3 boys. Oldest has Aspergers, middle son has ASD, SPD, regressive speech delay, PANDAS, and dysbiosis, the baby (unvaccinated) has food allergies, ADHD, eating issues, and fine motor delays. My husband recently was approved for disability. I could definitely put this information to good use.


Would live a copy. My miss 4 has asd and love trying to learn as much as I can.

Lisa Smith

Autism is definitely hard to outsmart. I need this book.

The Wessels

Would love to read and share this book! :)

Gina Badalaty

I'd love to win! Because so far, it has honestly outsmarted me :(


Would love to read this!

Karie Ghammashi

I would live to win a copy! I am always looking for new ways to help my son and others in my community who need it. Live to add this to my library!

Andrea B.

I am currently treating my 6-year-old son's autism and I would love to learn more about the information in this book!! I have listened to Patricia being interviewed on a couple of webinars in the last couple of years and she seems so knowledgeable!!


Hoping to make it to Patty's talk in NYC in September for the NAA.
Would love a copy of this book! Sounds like a good read!


Enter me! Looks great!


I love to read anything I can get my hand on about autism. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy books new, and used bookstores rarely have books about autism. When they do, they're outdated. I feel like Johnny 5 from "Short-Circuit," "Input! More input!"

Kristina Brown

This looks like an awesome read, I am always looking for ways to outsmart Autism with my twins. Hope to win a copy!

Lisa A.

Wow, looks like a lot of good ideas. I'd love to read it!

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