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Vaccines Cause Autism

TraitorsBy Cathy Jameson

Vaccines cause autism.  Or, is it vaccines result in autism? 

You say tomato.  I say to-mah-to. 

Cause it.  Result in it.  Vaccines did it.  You know it.  I know it.  And now, come to find out, our government apparently knew it too.

For years now more than enough people have suggested that vaccines cause autism.  Several have tried to prove it.  Try as they might, those who should have acknowledged it have turned a blind eye.  Not only did they do that, but they adamantly defended themselves with skewed statistics.  News of these skewed statistics came from someone working at the CDC.  The CDC’s slogan is Saving Lives.  Protecting People.  After last week’s news I can’t help but ask whose lives were they trying to save?  Their own?  Whose lives were they protecting?  Themselves? 

Relying on paperwork instead of listening to those who’ve been negatively affected by vaccines has kept officials’ heads in the clouds.  Having their heads in the clouds gives them a free pass.  It looks like that free pass was used by several people.  According to the whistleblower, they didn’t factually report their findings.  They didn’t accurately inform the public.  They didn’t reveal dangers associated with vaccines.  They didn’t publicly state the truth.  That vaccines come with risks.  That they’re loaded with side effects.  That they don’t offer lifelong immunity.  And that they cause autism. 

Mind you that none of this information is new; it’s just kept so hush hush that unless you or a loved one has experienced a vaccine injury, it goes under the radar.  Only when vaccine injury hits close to home is one forced to go back, read the fine print and put two and two together.  Unfortunately, at that point, they’re left to fend for themselves.  When vaccines cause autism, a vaccine injured is left high and dry.  That’s because the vaccines industry is protected by the government, the same government that evidently knew that vaccines cause autism.  Rather than looking out for and protecting the ones they’re meant to serve, the vaccine industry and those who oversee it have chosen to protect each other. 

Fortunately, some people are taking a step away from the bureaucracy and toward the truth.  Surely taking that step came with risks, but isn’t honesty usually the best policy?  I’d like to think it is. 

CDC whistleblower breaks his silence after 13 years 

So what’s the next step?  Last week Thompson came clean.  Will the others follow suit?  Will the story be quickly buried like other vaccine stories are buried?  Or will what’s been revealed soon merit breaking news status across mainstream channels?  If it does, will the badgering of vaccine safety proponents and of parents who exercise their right to opt out of vaccines end?  And will the public finally realize that our government’s deafening silence forced many of us to become vocal about the vaccine-autism link?  I’m anxiously waiting to see what news, if any, will be shared and if any of those questions will be answered.

I’d like to believe that some good will come from this situation.  I’d like to think that the stories and links that blew up my newsfeed last week crossed over to mainstream channels.  I’d like to hope that my non-autism parent friends’ eyebrows raised as they saw the story flash across their newsfeeds too.  I’d like to believe that an in-depth investigation will occur and that the results will be shared far and wide so that more parents can be empowered with the truth.  

Knowing the truth is better than being placated with fabrications made by crooked officials.  Those fabrications need to stop.  So many people have been hurt in the name of science, science we’ve recently learned has been based on fraud.  Too many too soon and too little too late.  That sounds terrible, but it seems to be a more accurate theme for today’s vaccine program.  Our children deserve better.  We all do. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Managing Editor

We've allowed the negative comments because they say far more about the commenters than the topic of vaccine injury. The lack of empathy. The vitriole. The screen names. Sometimes we delete this type of comment, sometimes we run them if only to show the nastiness.


cia parker

Why are there several insulting comments by trolls at the top of this article from last year? I just read comments by two new, obscene shills on the hot site of the moment. Is this a new offensive to flood the airways with their bilge?

You are an idiot

You guys are idiots, trust the majority of the doctors who say that these vaccines do not cause autism. With the internet ignorance is a choice, and idiots like you are still choosing ignorance.

Zack Walker

Every other comment is all "I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that vaccines cause autism. my son blah blah blah after getting a vaccine so that means that it was definitely the vaccine because logic. Don't trust the government mannn." Seriously? How ignorant are you people? Do you just sit at home and watch Fox News or MSNBC all day? what makes you think you are so special that just because something happens to you or a relative means its absolutely 100% objective fact? Please try to explain so my ignorant brain can comprehend your genius.

Who is William Thompson ?

for Christine Williams
I had no idea that the Crystal Meth situation was quite so widespread until I read your insightful opinions .

Thanks I wont do drugs (or vaccines) .

For christine Williams

Hi Christine

Well, you are certainly on message. I don't know whether you have ever read George Orwell's Animal Farm where the pigs train the other animals to chant "Four legs good, two legs bad", but I think we can take your contribution to this serious issue in a rather similar light.

christine Williams


Who is William Thompson ?

Thanks Megan for your great insight .
However Julie Gerberding , head of Merck's vaccine division and former head of the CDC , has admitted vaccines can cause autism .
The former head of the NIH Bernadine Healey RIP conceded the case that vaccines are the cause of autism , is very much a possibility .
And the CDC Whistleblower William Thompson has admitted the CDC had information in 2003 proving a link between vaccines and autism and they CONCEALED it .
And the evidence really does go on and on . Vaccines are a criminal affair .

Kevin Linkletter - a word of advice - recreational drugs are never a good idea .
Anyway just for the record . The rate of Autism is running at something like 1 in 50 (perhaps greater) .
1 in 10000 was a 30 year old statistic .
South Korea returned a rate of 1 in 36 a couple of years ago .
The Somalian diasporo in various centres around the world is recording an Autism rate of 1 in 8 .
And the Ugandan population of North Germany is rumoured to be recording an Autism rate of 1 in 6.
According to the MIT scientist Dr Stephanie Seneff , the projected rate for US children by 2025 will be 1 in 2 (50%).

This is NOT genetic , this is not inherited , this is envornment , THIS IS VACCINE .

For Megan

And you can put fingers in your ears and go "lalala" but the trouble is that your pediatrician and your government are not interested in medical injuries from the recommended schedule. The only means for getting such an injury recognised is years of uphill litigation. Sensible people would do well to listen to the risks, and there are risks.


The reason there is any connection between autism and vaccinations is that children developmentally begin to show signs of autism at their same age that many vaccinations are given. its pure coincidence, and if anyone did their own research other than listening to everyone in their mommy and me group, this would be widely known.

Linda Lee

Anyone that has a child with Autism knows the difference between the diagnosis of Autism and Mental Retardation. Why is it that Autism usually does not show itself until after a child is 18 months? Which is after they have been immunized? If I had it all to do over again, I would not have had my son immunized until he was older. Maybe things would be different today.

Kevin Linkletter

I have yet to see any valid statistics other than here say. So let's just for arguments sake accept that a measles vaccination might result in autism in let's say 1 in 10,000 children. Let's also accept that measles results in permanent brain damage or death in 2 in 10,000 cases. It would still be a no brainer.

Candace Gill

No one in the history of my family or my daughters husbands family has ever been diagnosed with Autism. My grandson received his first vaccines and he was different afterward. Wouldn't let anyone who didn't look like me or my daughter even touch him. A seemingly outgoimg , happy baby had become an introvert. I don't care what anyone ever says. After he received those vaccines the difference in him was night and day. There were no environmental changes. No chemical changes (I.e. laundry detergent or cleaning supplies) for the most part my daughter stays at home. She has chosen not to vaccinate her 2nd child either and he appears to be just fine. If it doesn't run in our family & there are no other environmental factors... Tell me what else could have caused my grandson to acquire Autism.


Wow, people are still citing "Dr" Wakefield as a credible source? If you're quoting him as backup to your anti-vax stance, then you obviously haven't done enough research to make an informed decision. Wakefield was proven to be a crock and a liar several years ago. He wasn't even a real doctor and he admitted that his "study" on the autism-vaccination link was fake. Wake up, people. Vaccines do not cause autism. People think they do because symptoms of autism show up around the same time that children get a lot of their vaccines. There is no "autism epidemic". Autism has been around forever. You just recently started hearing about it because its finally being diagnosed correctly. Doctors used to diagnose autistic children with mental retardation. As a result of correct diagnosis, cases of mental retardation have drastically declined, just as cases of autism have skyrocketed. Why? Because what used to be called mental retardation is now called autism. Do your research. Don't rely on Google and hearsay. Don't let your child contract a disease that is easily preventable. Save lives. Vaccinate.




RE; Jenny Allan, Thank u 4 your comment/reply.

First of all, I am very sorry that your grandson digressed into autism; and in my opinion, that could have been prevented; but as i said before, I feel very sorry for parents that have to make that decision on vaccinations because apparently measles are dangerous and so is the vaccinations; and so what are parents suppose to do?.

In regard to a book, that was never my intention. I simply though of a potential cause of mental illness in children and wanted officials to investigate or research it; and I have tried papers and books in that regard only; although books and scientific paper were never my intention. So, now I am trying another approach to get what I wanted in the first place; and that is why I commented on this website because I thought it was a good place to give my opinions but I did not want to simply come out and say what was on my mind because people usually ignore things unless you can bring them to the same conclusion little by little; and so I thought that by given some of the history on autism, and some of the questions, that I could at least get them to listen to my opinion; but I got no responses. Nevertheless, I do not want anyone to make any decision based on what I say because I am not a researcher. I have no qualification to do so. I basely have opinions like anyone else.

So, all that I am saying is that officials should research hallucination distortions because maybe that is what causes all mind and or brain (distortion) disorders in children. Maybe, brain and mind development is very sensitive and maybe it is even a program that is distorted; and thus cause distortion illnesses; and maybe, autism is a distortion illness. In my opinion, the measles vaccine somehow stimulates the brain to cause a hallucination of one, two or many or all of the images in the child’s brain, and thus that maybe causes ASD; but I am not researcher and I am not a doctor; and I do not want anyone to make any decision, particularly a medical one, based on anything that I say. Please consider this as some sort of declaimer that releases me from any damage that may result because of my opinion.

There you have it; the thing that I have been trying to get officials to act on for the past year or so. Since your comment, I have been thinking that maybe I should contact the autism society, maybe meet with them; and ask them to call for a research proposal (sort of a tender)to investigate the possibility of the distorting type of hallucination causing autism and maybe even all atypical mind disorder in children, maybe also along with the possibility of the MMR vaccine causing autism by somehow causing hallucinations; I know that inflammation of the brain has been documented and maybe that could have caused Autismor an hallucination that caused Autism) and i think that they will find that the MMR vaccination indeed can cause hallucinations; and in that regard; you may not recognize a hallucination in children before they get autism because it may cause the condition immediately, that is if indeed it causes the condition at all; and we may not even know the symptoms in young children because indeed it would be different than in adults because, in my opinion, you can only hallucination by what you previous seen except in simple hallucinations such as maybe moving images that do not really move before the concept of movement is developed; and maybe a better example would be distort the size such as instead of a uniform size, the images has various sizes, etc. But once again; I must say that I am going by my opinions only and that I may be wrong; and the whole concept of hallucinations causing problems in children may also be wrong; but I don’t think so. They must do something and it cannot be good; and if they do anything, then it must give some problem and then that come first; and then the genetic changes or modifications must come second; and that is in compliance I think with evolution maybe; and also is just my opinion and therefore also it may be wrong’ but basically I just wanted to get it out there to the public to do as they see fit without upsetting the apple cart.

So, once again thank you and thank you for bringing out ‘the cause of autism and other mind distortion illnesses in children according to Peter”; who may be wrong, and take care of that wonderful grandson; and I agree with you and everybody else, the MMR is the main cause of autism and as a fellow says below, but there are probably other causes and basically anything that causes hallucinations, I think would do it but when it occurs after the MMR, then obvious the MMR causes it, like I say, probably by causing a hallucination; and we know that seizures are common; and whether that can be confused with hallucinations, I do not know; but I would think that they both involve increased neurotransmitters; and I know and seizures were once associated with certain deficiencies, I believe calcium but I am unsure and they generally did no harm or at least in most cases, although they are also associated with other things as we know but not with mind distortion and I know that hallucination are common at least in some children after the condition which also probably depends on the age of the child, etc ?

Thank you again.

Now I can put this issue to rest. That is what ages makes you want to do. Thanks.


If you wish to call yourself "Science", a process that in fact is ever evolving and follows data, then you probably should learn to read an article in full before you cite it, and also not just read but learn to practice critical thinking skills..
The Snopes article itself confirms Dr Thompsons statement that ":the omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at risk of autism"
Apparently the "false " bit comes because the CDC ( you know the SAME government agency that chose to omit the data and could be facing fraud charges) said something along the lines of ( paraphrasing in my own words here) the data doesn't matter and the kids only got the shots because they wanted extra services....

No vested interest in not going to jail there...
As a general rule though, SNOPES is not considered a scientific source, so if you are interested in actually studying science, you need to learn to cite from peer reviewed journal articles instead. AND read the entire article. The method and results are the most important parts, since conclusions and summaries can leave out a lot. And if you study statistics you can see if they have been doing dodgy stuff with combining groups etc to lose statistical significance. Science is a great thing. But it is not the same as citing popular opinion and hoping "they" are right. There are a lot of scientific peer reviewed articles cited here. You might find it interesting to read and expand your ideas a little.

Who is William Thompson ?

Peter , Saraleigh , Science

We are all deluded here . You are righteous and correct .
We submit to your greater intellect .

But please don't just talk the talk . You need to walk the walk !

That means each of you needs to make sure to take the annual flu vaccine every year from now on .
And make sure you fully vaccinate your entire extended families to the full extent of the cdc dictated vaccine requirement . We wish you well !

John Stone

Bit of a hoot really, someone styling themselves "Science" with "Sarahleigh" hot on their heels citing Snopes. Thompson has made over thousands of documents to Congress and expects to testify. But now maybe we just have to grovel before Snopes like Gessler's hat.

In fact, Gessler's hat might be a pretty good metaphor for this entire gruesome farce.


Too bad the CDC Whistleblower story is false. You are the reason journalists are not taken seriously. I implore you to post this comment which shows facts regarding your writing. If you choose not to, then that's your choice. But it'll only prove you choose your agenda over facts.


This "CDC Whistleblower" story has been clearly shown to be false. See Snopes

Personal experiences/coincidences are not science. If you distrust science and doctors so much stop taking any medicines or going to your doctor at all. Indeed, the Internet was developed by scientists, so perhaps you should all get off of it; I read on the Internet it may cause autism...please

Jenny Allan

Peter - Please write your book. The public arena can then decide the merits of your arguments. My grandson regessed into autism shortly after his first birthday; this coincided with the administration of MMR vaccine. He was a much loved baby with lots of attention from his parents and extended family members, with whom he engaged socially. At 12 months he was far too young to have suddenly acquired 'psychological factors'.

It's perfectly true that older autistic children can often also suffer from depression and psychological illnesses, but what comes first -the chicken or the egg? In my grandson's case -definitely the egg -in the form of a syringe full of MMR vaccine.

People do read the comments here, but a majority of these parents believe their children, like my grandson, were damaged by a vaccine.


I thought that this was a good site but no one comments on anything. I can not understand how you can resolve issues when you don't talk about them. Being there before: pages and pages without one comment over months of writing; and like the old saying "you can talk all day; but who's listening"; and the answer generally is no one.


RE my comment "scientists believed that a psychological factor was the cause and all of those scientists can't be wrong". Sorry about such a comment because indeed all of those scientists could have been wrong; but in this particular case of believing that a psychological factor caused autism, they were only partly wrong. They were in the ball park but it is debatable whether it is a psychological factor depending on whether you are in the psychological ball park where you consider a psychological factor as something that the child psychological respond to and. or just as something that psychological affects the mind and/or the brain and or/also the brain.

In my opinion (considered opinion), the first, if negative and particularly traumatic, affects the child's mind and brain to start the roll towards a mental illness when he/she is an adult whereas the second causes a mental illness immediately and or can cause a mental illness immediately. So, early scientists and or more likely doctors who thought that a negative psychological factor caused the mental illness of autism just as negative psychological factors cause mental illnesses when the child became an adult were obviously wrong in some ways because obviously you can not have it both ways; but they were right if they considered the second meaning of psychological factors and particularly if they were to have looked for a traumatic factor as likewise obviously, it could not have been a cold love factor as they thought; but it had to be a traumatic factor as the effects were immediate. There is obviously only one such factor that I can think about, and you too should see it easy, as fortunately, it is obvious; yet absurd, weird and unbelievable; but with research, we may also see that it is highly probable; but even then unbelievable because it is so obvious and I can't not see why we could not think about it and consider it. I still can't see how anyone could miss such a factor and/or indeed not consider it; and I think that it is time that someone in authority considers it and/or researching it.
Incidentally, I should give up writing before the owner/directors/ and or controller of this site starts to ignore me; and/or I write a book on such a thing. Incidentally being there , done that, but as you can see, I am a poor writer etc. and it was rejected several time ie 2 times. I do not want to go there again. It is time to address my own problems of the brain and mind, the age of dementias. Sorry for that mistake but hopefully anyone that reads this will be helpful and if and when you see holes in the case, point them out and we will see can we address them, if they are consider worth while to address; and of course, everything is worthy of addressing if you have the time. Have a good day.


Posted by: cia parker | February 01, 2015 at 07:17 PM
I don't know if they will allow 2 comments right after each other but I will see.
I just wanted to add that there should be no question as to whether the measles vaccine, specifically I think that the german measles one although I am not sure; but one of them easy to check google; causes the autism reaction as there has been at least one article which was ignored about inflammation of the brain due to that vaccine. I can not see how or why such an article can/could be ignored, or rather I can see.
Obviously, they are caught up in the momentum; and the desire; and we all have or should have the desire. We all want to see diseases done away with (eradicated); and the immunization program is commendable and desirable but we must go easy with such a big step; and we haven't; (there are so many things that need to be researched there)but now we have done some of that research or at least have had the opportunity to do so unfortunately with young children who may have paid the price; but also, as you know mental illnesses were always around; and so it may not be necessarily specifically individual due to the immunization program as there are so many other environmental factors that can do it; and several of these have increased just as the immunization program has; and I guess that correlation data can/maybe/should answer that question; however, we can expect a lot of it to be due to the immunization program and possible other changes in our environment. It maybe/is a product of the times and civilization/the age of autism and other mental illnesses in children and seniors.
PS please do not attack my computer


RE cia parker | February 01, 2015 at 07:17 PM

Thank you for your response; and I agree with you in that one of the causes of autism is very probably the measles vaccine whatever one causes measles encephalitis or some other brain problem (you can easy google that to see which one). In fact, I think that Dr. Wakefield has done excellent research and commend him and the lancet for publishing it; however unfortunately but as could be expected under the circumstances, and also what usually happens for example it happened with a scientist in the 1900's who published against an articles about sugars and their negative health effect/affects; he was discredited and ruined; but what he and you are missing is that there can be many causes and the measles vaccine is just one of them but there is only one psychological mechanism of producing autism and/or all other mental illnesses in children that have no knowing cause.
Thanks for your reply.
Incidentally, as I said, originally, scientist believed that a psychological factor was the cause and all of those scientists can't be wrong but somehow the research has forged ahead, gained momentum and forgotten the original premises and that is somehow the flaw in the whole issue. You can not ignore anything in type of research whether it is in autism research or immunization research. You have to follow any lead; and this is so important when we are talking about a child and particularly his/her brain and really what do we know about it all anyway. We know very little about the brain; and also about the mind; etc. It is however very sensitive when so young and it is just beginning; and what you put in it, you get out of it. It is not something to rush ahead with.

Well, that's enough for now, but I could talk about the brain and mind and proper research; and how to research all day and tomorrow also; but I am in my quiet years; and I have my aging mind and brain to think about and repair. All that abusive fluid thinking must be repaired; and that is my objective for this year.

cia parker

The cause of autism is vaccines. Scroll back and read the last seven years of articles and comments here, and you'll see that that question, at least, has already been answered.


This seems to be a wonderful site on autism. I wish you luck in finding the cause.
I personally believe that it is a mental illness caused by a psychological factor similar to/sort of like what they first thought; but not because of the parents or people in general, as they once thought--re cold love etc. Incidentally, u can check that on the Canadian Society for autism web page)


Vaccines do not cause autism, not now, not ever. Cathy Jameson is a complete and total moron who believes anecdotal garbage on Yahoo answers than hard tested and scientifically verified facts. Cathy, I hope this message arrives to you in good health, you can attribute the fact that you're alive to vaccines. It saddens me that there is still a population of idiotic simpletons like yourself that truly deep down believes vaccines cause autism, despite the overwhelming evidence that they do not. Now, because of arrogant folks like yourself, many easily preventable and treatable diseases are on the rise. Have you ever seen a child with measles before? Do you realize how miserable and contagious the disease is? Probably not, because based on your twisted and skewed beliefs you don't spend much time off the internet, let alone in a healthcare setting. I surely hope less and less people believe the trash you post on this page as nearly all of it is completely baseless insensate rambling. Vaccines do not cause autism, however stupidity seems to spread like a plague, and you're one of the sources!
Take care cupcake,


PS to be honest, i did not even read any other comments. I dont beLIEve anything i read on the interwebs or hear from people. I really ONLY on personal experience, and luckily for me, i have a lot in this area.


I can only say what i know for sure. I have three offices where i treat children for free and i specialize in autistic kids. At least 1 in 4 parents know FOR SURE that one of the vaccines caused their childs problem because it literally started in the doctors office or right after the shots, or within a day. Many of the others FEEL like the vaccines caused it because the problems started shortly after a vaccine. Very few deny that vaccines had anything to do with it. I don't know for sure, and i do not tell parents one way or another, but i treat with frequencies, and when i treat an autistic kid the first "remedies" i use are one to counteract vaccines, and 100% respond in a positive way within two treatments (a week or two). Believe what you want......i am 100% sure if i had kids again i would not vaccinate.


Caroline G you sound like a smart girl. And you didn't need to apologise to us all for being healthy and totally unimpaired by any kind of shots. Please don't be sorry. Be sad. For all those children who were not so fortunate as yourself, who did not have the same immunity that your body does. Be sad and compassionate for their families and do some more research if this subject is of any real interest to you. The evidence is out there Caroline G that SOME children do suffer, brain damage and gut damage following Vaccine shots, in particular the Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine. Start by reading Dr Andrew Wakefield's own words in his book Callous Disregard. And come back and keep on following this excellent informative site. You are welcome here.

For Caroline G

Hi Caroline

Some children survive it and some don't. The argument, which is very familiar (and also rather insulting), is like saying cigarettes don't cause lung cancer because not all cigarette smokers get lung cancer, but you live in country in which more than half of school children have chronic ilnesses and one in six has a developmental impairment. Something like dyslexia may be inherited or susceptibility may be inherited given certain environmental exposures. Or they may be long standing genetic damage. ~90% of schoolchildren get all their shots irrespective of whether their mom is an enthusiast but the evidence is you do not belong to a healthy generation.

Caroline G.

Sorry but I'm 14 and my mom has had me have every preventive shot under the sun, and I'm at the top of all of my classes. There's is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am taking college courses in middle school and am as smart as they come. I am a junior scholar with more vaccines in me then anyone I know. I have no sighs of autism. I am dyslexic though, but that's inherited from my father. That's all that happened here autism was INHERITED.


Hi Weiss Falkner;

Neuropsychological Impairments and Changes in Emotional and Social Behavior following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury"
(Peer reviewed article , you can find it on google scholar)
From the abstract

"Compared to matched healthy controls the patients were impaired at recognizing facial and vocal expressions of emotions, detecting social faux pas, and non verbal fluency"

If someone described those kind of experiences to you, in your opinion, would that sound a lot like autism to you?

ie ti appears that Brain damage can result in something that looks like autism.

About 6% of autism has a known genetic cause, like fragile X. But the science shows that you can get the same symptoms by having your brain damaged through a head injury.

Or of course through a vaccine reaction causing damage to the brain.

Vaccines causing damage to the brain in "rare cases" have been documented again and again.( Got to love those "rare cases"..)

At the point where a vaccine in causing someone to have seizures for the first time in their life, as a young child, it is hard imo to pretend that the vaccine is "harmless".

And a study I have never been able to find is one that follows up on kids who had seizures after vaccines to see what their autism rate is when they turned old enough to get a diagnosis. Say around 5 or 6.

Funny how no one wants to study that...
All the best.

Jenny Allan

Weiss Faulkner states:- "You cannot get a genetic illness from a half-dead bacterium! That's all a vaccine is. A half dead version of the original illness. To cause Autism via vaccine would mean the weakened virus would somehow need to bypass the immune system."

Just to clarify - I cannot think of any vaccine which contains 'Half dead bacteriums'. The bacterial Pertussis vaccine contains dead extracts, and in many cases, is still permitted to contain mercury preservative, (which would kill anything -alive- contained within the vaccine!).

The MMR vaccine, which has never contained mercury, contains 3 live viruses, although these are stated to have been 'attenuated' i.e. weakened to prevent them causing the diseases vaccinated against. Even so, there are strong warnings on vaccine inserts about NOT vaccinating anyone known to be immune suppressed, or pregnant mums, the latter due to the rubella risks to unborn children. Half dead DOES NOT equate to harmless in these cases.

Incidently, in spite of £$billions spent on dedicated genetic research, no evidence has been found to prove Autism is an inherited genetic condition, but even the much vilified 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet paper, suggested there might be a genetic susceptibility to damage from the live, but attenuated viruses in the MMR vaccine.


The contention that childhood seizures do not cause permanent damage is an assumption. It is impossible to know if mental capacity is diminished in someone whose intelligence, abilities and potential was not known and/or measured to begin with.

Jenny Allan

Weiss Faulkner - Recent Danish research puts child seizures, following MMR vaccine at around 1 in 1000 cases. This is vastly more than the numbers quoted by the CDC. A genetic link might be useful if susceptible children can be identified, but it's disgraceful the way Paul Offit and other pro-vaccine propagandists, dismiss infant seizures as 'harmless'. The fact is that in a small number of cases, infant seizures can lead to brain damage, and yes, as John Stone states, vaccines can cause encephalitis, which can, like seizure induced brain damage, cause autism (or autism like conditions -same difference).

Gene link to seizures in children after MMR vaccine
By Richard InghamOctober 26, 2014 4:06 PM
"Paris (AFP) - Scientists in Denmark said Sunday they had found genetic clues to explain why a small number of children have febrile seizures -- brief convulsions -- after receiving the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.
They stressed there was no need to scrap the MMR vaccine -- caught in a health scare in 1998 that watchdogs later declared groundless -- and described its use as a "great achievement" in saving lives.
Reporting in the journal Nature Genetics, the team found that febrile seizures occurred in roughly one in every 1,000 children who were given the MMR vaccine."

John Stone

Weiss Faulkner

All vaccines can cause encephalopathies = brain damage. How this manifests itself may vary, however, the HRSA admitted to Sharyl Attkisson and david Kirby on different ocassions:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."">">

After the Heather Poling incident, the head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, before she slid through the revolving doors to become head of Merck's vaccine division admitted to CNN:

“….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it[vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptomscan be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media suffer from amnesia.

The simple problem the Japanese saga was that the autism rate sagged when MMR uptake fell off and then start to soar with the introduction of single substitute vaccines administered in close temporal proximity.

Weiss Faulkner

Impossible. Vaccines cannot cause Autism under any circumstance. Proof? How about the Japanese MMR vaccine, which they withdrew. Autism figures continued to rise.
"Autism rates continued to rise in Japan after the discontinuation of the MMR vaccine, which disproves any large-scale effect of vaccination,[111] The Japanese government does not recognize any link between MMR and autism.[109]"

link 111

link 109

To further this point, read this

"Many causes of autism have been proposed, but understanding of the theory of causation of autism and the other autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is incomplete.[1] Research indicates that genetic factors predominate. The heritability of autism, however, is complex, and it is typically unclear which genes are responsible.[2] In rare cases, autism is strongly associated with agents that cause birth defects.[3] Many other causes have been proposed, such as childhood immunizations, but numerous epidemiological studies have shown no scientific evidence supporting any link between vaccinations and autism"

Proof 1

Proof 2

Proof 3 Arndt TL, Stodgell CJ, Rodier PM. The teratology of autism. Int J Dev Neurosci. 2005;23(2–3):189–99.

You cannot get a genetic illness from a half-dead bacterium! That's all a vaccine is. A half dead version of the original illness. To cause Autism via vaccine would mean the weakened virus would somehow need to bypass the immune system - which would entirely negate the point of a vaccine - and then do something that the healthy virus couldn't do and alter the genetic coding of the child in question. It's impossible, illogical and disproved. Please, stop deluding yourselves by fixating on this hypothetical fantasy and focus on some REAL problems.

Finally, I have Asperger's Syndrome myself. To say that vaccines cause Autism implies disorders like my own are diseases that are contagious and can be spread beyond genetics. This is not true and can be construed as offensive by some people. I don't care, but then again, I have real, proper scientific evidence to back myself up.

One journalist to another, mate. Give. Up.

Bob Derkins

You are the worst journalists ever! I know 4th graders who could beat in a debate about this. I'm not insensitive, but everyone knows that vaccines do not cause autism. You are not an expert on, neither is the whistle blower.

Tony Robucci

yall crazy mofos


I don't know but before my son had the vaccines, he was talking and everything after he turned 18 months old he stopped talking and started only pointing and screaming. He is now 3 years old and has to be in a spececial preschool to relearn how to talk again. My son is autistic and no one is going to tell me putting mercury into anything for children is safe. Don't trust the government, they are in it for themselves, not for the people of the united states. If they weren't they would make sure there was no mercury in the vaccines they are forcing on our children. You can't send your child to school without them. Since when do they have the right to choose what is best for our children? My son is suffering because of them.


Hi O.P.
To follow up on your statement;

"I can eat peanut butter without a problem so anyone who tells me they are allergic to peanut butter is lying."

"I smoke but don't have cancer ( yet) so cigarettes never cause cancer."

"I am not allergic to penicillin so no one is allergic to penicillin.."

That is, logically, what you are saying , isn't it? As long as one person was unaffected, everyone else is lying about the harm caused?

Of course, I am always intrigued by those who state they have had no side effects to the 38 plus vaccines they took as children (all designed to stimulate the young immune system), who then go on to discuss the fact that they do have autoimmune problems like asthma, type 1 diabetes etc.
All these autoimmune disorders are rising.
Is there a connection?

But for what it is worth, I am glad if so far you have had no ill effects from vaccines.

Other people of course may have immune systems that are more easily disrupted than yours.

Re hating the internet? Fair enough. Most people here have already done the academic research and or/witnessed harm come to themselves, or family members or friends directly.

For Xavier; the hundreds of studies world wide that prove your point of view?
Which ones, exactly?
My understanding is that there has NEVER been a vax/unvax study done.
Of course the recent comments by Dr Thompson, who still works for the CDC and who was recorded admitting privately to the fact that the data in one of his studies was edited to lose a link between autism and MMR vaccination in African American male babies should give anyone interested in this topic pause for thought.

You are aware that brain damage ( encephalopathy ) is a listed and acknowledged vaccine injury, aren't you?

I don't understand how it is possible, given that , to logically explain that vaccines can cause brain damage but they are safe for everyone?

Maybe I am missing something?


One Poke,

"I have had all the vaccines recommended by the government (And I'm fine)"

That's debatable. Go take a look in the mirror. Seems you're foaming at the mouth.


Shocking Research About Pregnancy, The Immune System, And Influenza Uncovered Very Early This Flu Season

The vaccine for flu heightened the immune response even more.

Maternal infection and immune involvement in autism

Many studies suggest this idea.

Onepoke Inthearm

That was the most well structured series of scientific-ish comments to a totally contraversial topic that I have ever seen.
It sickens me, not that people think shots cause autism, but that they turn to the F***ING INTERNET to settle it.
and by the way, I have had all the vaccines reccomended by the government (And I'm fine).

Also, did the main article ever get more concise that "Chemicals" or "Vaccines?"

For Xavier W

Hi Xavier

Autism Science Foundation was founded by Alison Singer in conjunction with leading vaccine industry advocate Paul Offit after she was fired from Autism Speaks in 2009 for taking part in a secret vote against AS policy on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee to reverse an earlier decision to investigate the vaccine issue: this seems to be her level of integrity. ASF are closely allied to industrial interests and have an axe to grind:

Xavier W.

If "Age of Autism" is so sick and tired of falsified data, why don't you, or any of the readers, conduct your own experimentation? That way, you can be sure you are getting the truth. Conducted this study with tens of thousands of individuals from across the nation or even across the globe and you will get your data. Then, report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth back to us, the readers.

Also, just for your information, the Autism Science Foundation states that there is no link between autism and vaccines. Check out the board of directors, and I doubt you'll find anyone looking for an edge or trying to hide something.

And please don't claim anything without hard proof and data. It is hard to argue with data, unless you claim it has been falsified. And also, how do you explain the numerous studies conducted that don't show a link from around the world? I would love to hear that explanation.


metaanalysis means they took a whole bunch of stat studies and combine them to look for patterns.

Hmmm, patterns; as in 13 or 14 I forget were all done by Poul Thorsen - who is wanted for ripping off the American People for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Some thing is rotten in Denmark and it is not Hamlet's uncle murdering just one king. Nope, what is there is a type of scientist that the CDC looked high and low that has the morals of Hamlet's uncle.

And if we are looking for patterns - there is the transcripts of Simpson Wood, as far back as 2000, the all the CDC meet to talk about the overdosing of mercury starting with day one - the Hep B. And then there is that conference later held by the NIH down in Puerto Rico on Aluminum and the fact that two metals in vaccines -- they just did not know what would happen cause it had not been studied.

Then there is Gierer and Gierer sent by Congress to look at the stats of the CDC which they were stonewalled.

Let me see -- is there a pattern here yet?

Well there is Dr Brian Hooker and what he found and reported to Congress.

And then there is Dr. William Thompson

And then there is me telling you I was a witness to what it did to my kids.

metaanalysis pattern yet?


Hi John,

Yes, that was kind of what I was trying to get at.

Declaring that some unidentified meta analysis that may or may not exist was scientific proof that should shut us all up wasn't valid .

I was wondering if Robert L. was actually a bot which liked to make vague scientific sounding pronouncements.

But it all sounds good if someone didn't realize he wasn't actually referencing anything at all.//

Sorry though if I sounded a bit irritated, and you are actually a real person, Robert L. My sense of humor has taken a nose dive right now.

Our family is dealing with winter colds etc and we are all pretty miserable right now. And I find my sense of humor is a bit lacking on this topic anyway, when some people have suffered so badly due to vaccine reactions.

John Stone

Looking at the article and previous comments I see no reference to any meta-analysis. I think Mr "Angel" may be a bit of a joker.

Managing Editor for Robert

Robert, you might want to read this post by Mark Blaxill, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics. Thanks for commenting at AofA. KIM


Robert L.;

or perhaps:

The meta analysis is convincing, showing that there is indeed a statistical relationship demonstrating correlation between autism diagnoses and vaccine administration. Don't be fooled by the media hype.

Wow. Now we have both made a scientific sounding statement without managing to reference any data at all.

Robert L. Angel

The metaanalysis is convincing showing that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Don't be fooled by the media hype.


Black Plague killed 1 in 3 came about after a warm period the population had risen and then here comes the mini ice age.


That was my simple thinking many years ago. I was taught this, but it is far more complicated than what you have stated. what you have stated is what we were taught in school - that the pharma has hold of. My microbiology professor not only taught microbiology, but his real day job was owning a franchise through Merck - of a very lucrative lab near the University of Kentucky.

No wonder he was preaching in every class, how safe vaccines were - all the while in the actually text book it cautioned that any vaccine that required boosters should be considered a very poor vaccine and great care should be considered before giving it to the population. - Hmmm and there were many more cautions this old 30 year old text book stated, that my professor just brushed aside. .

You would not be one of those kind of follow the rule guys like some of the poor souls that stayed put in the World Trade Center just because the announcer on the intercom said to calm and stay put. I must say -- I was.


Robert Vandion,
I am glad you came here to ask questions. A lot of things you can read about and answer for yourself, over time also. So, these are just my opinions..
(Standard disclaimer: medical decisions are between you and your doctor and this is not medical advice!)

First, why 1 in 68?
We all have different genetic susceptibilities to poisons or things that injure us.
In fact the common ( very cruel) scientific test used to describe how poisonous something is, is called the LD50 (lethal Dose 50%)test. You can google it.
This means the amount of a substance needed to kill 50% of the mice it is fed to. Why do some mice survive? Because they can tolerate a larger dose of poison without dying.
Similarly with vaccines, some people seem to be able to tolerate them better than others.

Interestingly, people born before the 1980s had about five vaccines before they were 6 years old. Now kids are having roughly 36 vaccines before they are 6.

Before the 80's,maybe surprisingly to you, given that they were having so few vaccines, people were not dropping like flies.(As you know, your parents survived and gave birth to you.)They had fewer vaccines, survived pretty well, despite having less medical knowledge to treat illnesses, and also had much less autism.

The autism rate from the 60's I think was about 1 in 10 000. We increased the vaccines and ..the autism rate increased. 1 in 1000, 1 in 110, 1 in 68. We can keep adding vaccines, and see what will keep happening, of course.

In fact it seems that as this present generation has been given more and more immune stimulating substances( vaccines) at younger and younger ages, the rate of autoimmune illnesses, some of which can kill, like asthma, type 1 diabetes etc has also skyrocketed.

It is possible that this generation won't live as long as previous generations, even with all the medical improvements. Who'd have thought it?

Something else that may surprise you; there are many unvaccinated children out there right now ( historically the Amish don't vaccinate, for example) who are surviving just fine.

What could be done? It seems that acknowledging the problem, doing research to see how vaccines could be made safer, give parents better information to make their own choices, and learning to identify who would be most likely to get injured from a vaccine would all be helpful.

By the way, I don't know of any illness that left 1 in 68 people out of the whole population with brain damage.

Of course the Black Plague killed 1 in 3 in some places, but ironically what helped there was good hygiene and healthier diets. Did you know that most Americans aren't vaccinated against the plague, and there never was wide spread vaccination against it, yet no one catches it? Why is that,do you think?
Could say a lot more, but just wanted to give you some ideas to think about.

Robert Vandion

Honestly this doesn't make any sense, and even if vaccines did cause autism then what would you want to do? Stop giving vaccines? I'm sure that a kid wouldn't survive very long without any vaccines. There are a lot of other diseases a kid would get (100%) without vaccines. Also if it did cause autism many more kids would have autism instead of about 1 every 68 kids.


Terry; I am not quite sure what you are saying.

If you are a Mom who gives all the vaccines at the "right" time, as you say, then you would know that shots begin on the day of birth.

The first Hep B vaccine is given on the day the baby is born. Strange to me, that you who "read the package inserts" didn't know that your kids all had vaccines on the day of birth.

You want them tested for autism before they are born?
If you are actually a Mom, and indeed did have a baby who passed from whooping cough , I am deeply sorry and grieve for you.

You may want to join me in also grieving for another baby , little Ian Gromowski, ( who died because of his Hep B shot.

By the way, imo, writing a side effect in small print on the package insert ( that as you point out, most people don't read)does not give anyone a free pass to allow damage to come to children and babies. That is a legal loophole, perhaps ,but definitely not a moral one.

John Stone


And your point is what? The UK vaccine schedule was virtually the same during the two periods (MMR, DPT, HiB, OP).

As to Prof Fombonne - whose name you forget to mention - I couldn't think of a less credible researcher:

BTW It is better when citing papers to at least give a link to the abstract so people can identify what you are talking about. Unfortunately, I cannot presently access the paper but I seem to remember that Fombonne failed to disclose that he worked for the defence in the MMR litigation.


Is autism truly on the rise, or do the new statistics simply reflect the growing awareness of the condition, the expanded definition of autism, and other factors?

Two researchers who tracked the rate of autism in children born in the same area of England from 1992 to 1995 and then from 1996 to 1998 found that the rates were comparable, and concluded that the incidence of autism was stable. The study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2005.

A kid labeled autistic today could have been labeled mentally retarded 10 years ago in the same school system. It wasn't until 1992 that schools began to include autism as a special education classification in the United States.The increase in diagnosis of autism has only increased in the U.S. paranoia much? The cases of autism haven't increased, the cases of mental defect have turned into autism.


Vaccines do cause autism I know from personal experience my brother developed autism after his vaccines of measles mumps and rubella he knew how to talk walk and then after that he stopped talking stopped walking those vaccines ruined my childhood with my brother.


Teri Newberry,
The fact is you don't know what you're talking about.

Teri Newberry

At every visit I took my children to they give you a handout as what to look out for. Like most people you did not read it. In my opinion children with Autism had it before the shots were given. I made sure all my children were given their vaccines. The one child that did not get their vaccines has passed, because she was 1 week away from getting them when she contacted the whooping cough. Maybe they should start testing for Autism before they give the vaccines. That way when the test is positive before the vaccines people will back off and find something else to blame it on. Fact is more children have received their vaccines with no problem, while a handful who may or may not have shown signs now have Autism. I am not a bubble buster, but the fact is if vaccines caused Autism a lot more kids would be affected.

John Fryer

We have one coverage already mentioned:

The Inquisitr has picked up on the story

But we see in the comments section that there is a strong rear-guard; defending dangerous vaccines and the unassailable right of doctors and nurses to add to the 52 million already harmed from just one effect of MMR, mercury vaccines, one day vaccines etc etc etc.

Just to take them to task on one of their false ideas:

The CDC actually got SUBSTANTIALLY the same results that Dr Hooker got, when he controlled the figures from the CDC.

The difference is that he also addressed the excuse, given without reason or substantiation, that the link of MMR to autism was an artefact.

By considering the sub-set, Dr Hooker showed the excuse of the artefeact was likely to be false.

The link MMR to autism is both strong, real and indicative that the earlier you get the MMR, the sooner and more likely you would descend to autism at rates in the USA which are a world record high even if not now rising.

But the research of the CDC is critically flawed in their research with the MMR vaccine as well as that concerning mercury vaccines.

Do these deniers think that the CDC removed mercury from vaccines merely as they say as a sop to a few people who didnt want the stuff in vaccines?

If so, why dont they release data on those vaccinated and those who refuse ALL vaccines? Rather more people are demanding this and with 52 million at stake and the CERTAINTY the CDC have already done the MATHS, we the public need to know if giving pregnant mums (first trimester - as for mutagenic thalidomide) the MERCURY vaccines was a deliberate cynical method of proving mercury now out of vaccines for babies was not the cause of autism by poisoning the unborn child!

The CDC aggravated the situatiion by also adding to the TOXIC insult of babies, by their new idea in the 21st century of also injecting the infant at 6 months with mercury vaccines (flu vaccines) again to show that mercury given now not in vaccines for the one day was not harming the infant in the 1990s.

Obfuscation by the CDC not limited to published research but by cynical poisoning of children to hide previous follies by them?

Science is based on facts and research and not on failing to mention facts which dont fit your pre-conceived ideas.

Also science does not progress by negative results - It progresses by positive results.

Here we see the negative findings of the CDC may well turn out to be positive findings that have been excused away.

Unless, we make REAL efforts to REDUCE numbers of autism children, what hope have we got for future children yet to be born.

And unless we are honest, open and prepared to admit mistakes; the next mistake can be anticipated to be worse than the last one.

I would be most glad to find organo-mercury vaccines are SAFE

I would be happy to know mutagenic rubella live virus in our measles vaccine made it much SAFER than single measles vaccines.

But let the CDC show me the evidence that is honest, correct and right.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Linda1, good points. Yes!!! Let’s get the research on RPM started by requesting funding for it for all non-verbal children.

Language handicap is the most serious disability of autistic children. This is why “Combating Autism” was so much more appropriate than “Autism Cares etc...” If you look at and go to the events page, IACC meetings have been held since 2001. The first one I went to was in November 2003. Click on Minutes for a quick summary.

Very little focus has been on language development, which is an absolute necessity for human development. The comments of “neuro-diverse” self advocates are ridiculous. They have nothing to offer, and have made themselves a severe impediment to progress in helping severely affected autistic people. They need to be hounded off the committee, and more parents of non-verbal people appointed.


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on main stream media to pick up this story. I googled a vaccine related story today and the results that came up were from were from 2011. Mind boggling.

JJ Ostinato

I have always thought that there was a direct link. However, I cannot find a single mainstream media outlet which is carrying the story. Until that happens, I think any attempt to convince others will lack credibility.


Wow! Yahoo Finance has reported on it.


Correction to my last post -

There should be a comma between "Onetime Hollywood hunks: where are they now?" and "Living on an iron wire bed"

Two separate stories in today's news. As far as I know, onetime Hollywood hunks are not now all living on iron wire beds.


Here is a sampling of today's top news stories as reported by MSN (hint - if you don't read all the titles you won't miss anything):

Bacall leaves $10K to dog, Sheen & fiancee on the outs?, Singer falls off stage, pink cookies banned, snake bites Minaj dancer, TV host claims Jolie hit on him, Poodle with stuck paw rescued, Kids react to their first day of school, Prank turns a traffic stop into a dance party, 10 skin-care secrets from mothers, Who are the NFL's best passing combos?, Nominees for the 2014 Emmy awards, Singer goes shorter, blonder, Where is the cast of 'One Tree Hill' now?, Yearbooks of Emmy noms, Somerhalder, Reed move in, Quirky ways to save on auto insurance, What NFL players love & hate about training camp, Yep, they really wore that, Peyton Manning flagged for taunting, Fashion combos that never fail, Onetime Hollywood hunks: where are they now? Living on an iron wire bed, National Zoo celebrates panda's first birthday, NH couple wins slot machine jackpot

Too many important stories to find time or space to report that the CDC lied about vaccine-autism research, not once, but over and over again, for a decade?


Cathy, this makes me SO DAMN SAD! My son developed Autism as a result of his MMR way back in 1987. I continued to vaccinate including the MMR booster because who the hell knew any better then. But all of those children that could have been spared breaks my heart. I want to believe
there is a special place in hell for those who save their own ass while lives are destroyed.
I'm sad too because I believe that this will also be completely and totally ignored by the mainstream/cooperate media. we are coming up on a week since this came out and I have heard not even a whisper about this in any of the media that most Americans rely on. It sickens me. If this whistle-blower is ignored, then what will it take??


Of course you have a good point, Eileen, about researching RPM. But you know what hit me as I was reading your comment, is that vaccines are considered so vital that they are barely studied, fast-tracked to the market, injected into the world's population and approved with the stipulation that they be surveilled in post-marketing research. In other words, they are given to people without knowing what they will do - first administer, then collect data (loosely).

I don't honestly have a good grasp of exactly what RPM is, but I doubt that it is as invasive or as dangerous as an injection or repeated multiple injections given to tiny infants and children. And, it could be, that the potential for doing a world of good by getting this technology into the hands of those that desperately need to communicate, is so great that this should not be put off until people like Insel and his friends take their sweet time milking and diminishing the funds that maybe should be put towards just purchasing and distributing the technology. Maybe let them do post marketing surveillance of RPM like they've been doing with vaccines.

It is a point too, that across the country schools are adopting the use of laptops and tablets for children as young as 4 and 5 without having a shred of evidence that this is safe for them in terms of what long term use will do to their eyes (blue light), their body (radiation), the wiring of their brains or what effect this will have on the quality of their education. This was not researched first. It was just done. I do not agree with what the education establishment has done in that regard. In fact I'm horrified. But, different from NT school children who were able to learn the old fashioned way, persons severely affected with autism are not doing just fine and it seems reasonable to me that this is one time that fast tracking ahead of conclusive research for the promise of alleviating suffering and unlocking minds is probably more than justified.

No place to hide

The Inquisitr has picked up on the story

Eileen Nicole Simon

Brain impairments underlying childhood language disorder might have been understood decades ago, even before the vaccine schedule was so mindlessly increased. Before questions of vaccine safety arose, oxygen insufficiency at birth was clearly discernible in epidemiological studies. But difficult birth, malpresentation, low Apgar scores, need for resuscitation, jaundice were over and over again stated to result from some prenatal defect or health inadequacy of the mother, despite the evidence actually reported.

Don’t expect anyone in government to care. I have received nothing but form-letter responses from my senators and representative from Massachusetts. The form-letter from President Obama was most infuriating. He informed me he is doing everything possible to “level the playing field” for all people with disabilities, including autism. I doubt he would ever take time to engage in discussions with parents about the increase in numbers of children with autism. He no doubt has complete faith in professionals at the CDC.

The other day on AoA someone suggested that the IACC should provide funding for RPM for all people with autism. This with only anecdotal accounts of how well RPM has worked for several people with autism. NO, the IACC should fund research into how RPM works, and for whom. This will require information from medical records about perinatal events, development, and regression. Medical record information always remains anonymous in research reports.

And, the IACC must engage in discussions with parents of severely affected children, not just self-advocates. What do we know of the developmental history of self-advocates? How well qualified are they to provide insight into the wiring of their brains? No, caregivers of severely affected children have read everything they can, and tried all kinds of treatments. However, severe autism is a neurological disorder. Repetitive (choreo-athetoid) movements are a clear sign of nervous system impairment, temporary or permanent. Wishy-washy mumbo-jumbo should be discussed, but then become a starting point for research on the brain disorder that leads to autism.

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