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Vaccines Cause Autism

TraitorsBy Cathy Jameson

Vaccines cause autism.  Or, is it vaccines result in autism? 

You say tomato.  I say to-mah-to. 

Cause it.  Result in it.  Vaccines did it.  You know it.  I know it.  And now, come to find out, our government apparently knew it too.

For years now more than enough people have suggested that vaccines cause autism.  Several have tried to prove it.  Try as they might, those who should have acknowledged it have turned a blind eye.  Not only did they do that, but they adamantly defended themselves with skewed statistics.  News of these skewed statistics came from someone working at the CDC.  The CDC’s slogan is Saving Lives.  Protecting People.  After last week’s news I can’t help but ask whose lives were they trying to save?  Their own?  Whose lives were they protecting?  Themselves? 

Relying on paperwork instead of listening to those who’ve been negatively affected by vaccines has kept officials’ heads in the clouds.  Having their heads in the clouds gives them a free pass.  It looks like that free pass was used by several people.  According to the whistleblower, they didn’t factually report their findings.  They didn’t accurately inform the public.  They didn’t reveal dangers associated with vaccines.  They didn’t publicly state the truth.  That vaccines come with risks.  That they’re loaded with side effects.  That they don’t offer lifelong immunity.  And that they cause autism. 

Mind you that none of this information is new; it’s just kept so hush hush that unless you or a loved one has experienced a vaccine injury, it goes under the radar.  Only when vaccine injury hits close to home is one forced to go back, read the fine print and put two and two together.  Unfortunately, at that point, they’re left to fend for themselves.  When vaccines cause autism, a vaccine injured is left high and dry.  That’s because the vaccines industry is protected by the government, the same government that evidently knew that vaccines cause autism.  Rather than looking out for and protecting the ones they’re meant to serve, the vaccine industry and those who oversee it have chosen to protect each other. 

Fortunately, some people are taking a step away from the bureaucracy and toward the truth.  Surely taking that step came with risks, but isn’t honesty usually the best policy?  I’d like to think it is. 

CDC whistleblower breaks his silence after 13 years 

So what’s the next step?  Last week Thompson came clean.  Will the others follow suit?  Will the story be quickly buried like other vaccine stories are buried?  Or will what’s been revealed soon merit breaking news status across mainstream channels?  If it does, will the badgering of vaccine safety proponents and of parents who exercise their right to opt out of vaccines end?  And will the public finally realize that our government’s deafening silence forced many of us to become vocal about the vaccine-autism link?  I’m anxiously waiting to see what news, if any, will be shared and if any of those questions will be answered.

I’d like to believe that some good will come from this situation.  I’d like to think that the stories and links that blew up my newsfeed last week crossed over to mainstream channels.  I’d like to hope that my non-autism parent friends’ eyebrows raised as they saw the story flash across their newsfeeds too.  I’d like to believe that an in-depth investigation will occur and that the results will be shared far and wide so that more parents can be empowered with the truth.  

Knowing the truth is better than being placated with fabrications made by crooked officials.  Those fabrications need to stop.  So many people have been hurt in the name of science, science we’ve recently learned has been based on fraud.  Too many too soon and too little too late.  That sounds terrible, but it seems to be a more accurate theme for today’s vaccine program.  Our children deserve better.  We all do. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




You must be referring to the 2003 CDC funded study by Danish FUGITIVE Dr. Poul Thorsen, Ph. D. who is STILL on the HHS MOST WANTED LIST.

Dr. Poul Thorsen, Principal Investigator on the Danish Autism Studies 3 Years on Most Wanted List

The same study was redone in 2013 using the same data with OPPOSITE results:
2003 Danish Study on Mercury Fabricated by Fugitive?
New study has completely different results

"The 2013 Danish study, Recurrence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Full- and Half-Siblings and Trends Over Time: A Population-Based Cohort Study, analyzes the rate of autism in siblings and half siblings of people with autism. And the rate of autism and direction over time is radically different then in the Thorsen 2003 study. This study shows a steady decline in the number of Danish children with autism every year form 1995 through 2000."

Read all the details. Do you trust the FUGITIVE science?

susan welch

Deirdre. I have to assume you believe what you say. However, for those of us who have witnessed a severe reaction to the shot, followed by loss of speech/regression, resulting in young, non verbal adults who require 24/7 care, your post is not convincing. The other point I would make is that you suggest it is congenital. How can this be when there has been no 'autism' in any family member, in any generation?

Surely the fact that the rate of autism has increased from 1:10,000 in 1970s to approximately 1:35 today should give you pause for thought and, please, no 'better diagnosis' because that implies that parents before 1980/90 did not notice that their children could not talk or lead and independent life.

Autism Mom

Dear Deirdre, I believe you are talking about a retrospective study of children in Denmark from the previous century, before the autism epidemic slammed my son (he is 20 years old now). Do you have anything more current or more substantial (like a double blind, randomized, controlled trial) to support your belief? If a disease is congenital it is identifiable at birth. Autism is not identified at birth. I have met over 30 families affected by autism. Autism did not exist in previous generations of our families. I guess that is why you didn't reference any genetic studies.


For all hose who link vaccines to autism. A huge longitudinal study in Denmark (which has outstandingly complete medical records) has disproved this. The researchers took two groups, one of children who had been vaccinated and the other in which no children had been vaccinated. The incidence of autism was identical in both groups. In other words, it is a congenital disorder which often can be seen in family history.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Neda Kasarova, Show us the proof. Start with DTaP.

Neda Kasarova

Of course this has been proven to be false, but there are still televangelist types making a living spreading fear.



This post has been going on for years now, good work guys. A lot of different people have been posting including Bill Gates claiming to be autistic. That is interesting.

Well to catch you up. I am almost done with law school so things will get interesting here soon. Since I posted here last the opiod epidemic has come and gone. What is interesting is that the same people who told you that the drugs were safe also killed 500,000.00 Americans with over the counter drugs. The pharmaceutical king pins could not hide from all of the murders they were committing by making pain the 5th vital sign. What a canard. The idiots at the AMA bought into that like they bought into vaccines and how safe they are and now they have to walk it back. They will walk back Vaccines one day too.

Remember these are drug dealers plain and simple, drug dealers. Nothing they do or say should surprise you because they are drug dealers.

Marijuana is legal now in most states. Kids are addicted in most states. No surprise there. The pro vaccine crowd is still going strong destined to live in digital infamy forever for their misrepresentations and prevarications.

There is no academic argument or discussion that will sway the mind of the conflicted provaccine crowd. Between their willful ignorance and the money they are paid they could not possibly see anything close to the truth.

I had to educate one of my friends about vaccines as he had drank the provaccine Kool aide by the gallon. I had him dried out.

Keep fighting the good fight AOA



Even if we buy that propaganda that vaccine is safe it’s still wrong way to combat diseases.
Anyone who pro vaccine must understand that we have children and babies dying from thousand of different diseases , so by thinking pro vaccine we must create thousand vaccines and inject every new born with thousand different vaccines. And this, even most hardcore pro vaccinist will agree, create major problems. And than what? will have to vaccinate against previous vaccination?
It’s just road to hell. No logic ,but money , NWO, and dumb population.

Sunil Banathia

My Daughter was perfectly fine and quick learner by age of 1 when i came to USA. We had to go immediately for her vaccination as per US norms and within 3-4 months she stopped speaking, eye contact, and became slightly aggressive. After every vaccination condition became worse. She was finally diagnosed for Autism, ADHD and sensory disorder at age of 3, when she got into prep school, she began to show some improvement but as soon as she got her next vaccination at age of 4, the very next day she began to behave erratic. As if she forgot what she learnt and even her teacher called us to check what's going on with her . she said that until certain day (her vaccination) she was showing improvement, and started to make eye contact but then suddenly, she became aggressive and started to hit other kids in class, started crying, screaming.
I have strong belief that vaccination is causing it, big corporates are making the governments , reasearch organizations to play as their puppet. It is high time we determine how much vaccination is enough rather than overloading and mutating genes of our children.


Vaccines do cause autism. Th1 is bypassed and th2 is overstimulated. Subdermal smalpox and oral polio avoided this problem and allready carried unavoidable danger. The immunesystem which is not mature before age 2 is being put in overdrive. All lymfatic tissue, research GALT/MALT/BALT and even brain lymfatics, is involved. A chronic reaction, call it allergy, infection,autism, deterioration, neuropathy, is the result. Difficult to label in one pathology.

In it's worse form it results in anafylactic shock or strokes.
The synergy of adjuvants and preservatives is involved in this proces and NOT researched. Even and especially in the minute doses currently used and injected intramuscular.

Read. Research. Discuss. Spread the word. Time is ticking.

Love to all with an open heart.

Greetings from Belgium


Respectfully, it would be beneficial if you could indicate which fact is incorrect. We seek the truth for the truth shall set us free.

Measles and Death in Japan

Infant Mortality

Autism Rate

US Census

The calculations are straightforward and indicate an inverted benefit/risk ratio for the administration of the triple jab in America.
2.1 Million cases of Autism vs 0 Measles Deaths
Perhaps Jeff Glor can report this on the CBS news between Keytruda and Xarelto commercials.

The last measles death in the United States occurred in 2015. (Last updated 02/16/2018)

The Lancet is a British journal that would not exist without funding from Glaxo. Their peer review board and most authors are similarly dependent on pharmaceutical funding.

The WHO (World Health Organization) would not exist without money from vaccine manufacturers.

Due to these conflicts of interest, their data and interpretations cannot be trusted. Simply put, they’re hired guns.

cia parker

Sorry, I just read your comment, which explained how the excessive inflammatory response evoked by vaccines causes the strokes which result in autism. Clogging up of capillaries by white blood cells. Really elementary. I wasn't trying to plagiarize your comment.

cia parker


Autism is usually a genetic predisposition to mount a very strong immune response when under attack, or perceived attack. Not a genetic trait per se. A very good trait to have before vaccines. Everyone in my family has this predisposition. Our family members were strong, adept, intelligent, hard-working, and successful in the old days. And I've been able to go back centuries on But add in some or many vaccines, and the strategy of mounting a strong response immediately after invasion, backfires, and instead leads to immune confusion and mistaken tactics which unfortunately lead to severe and permanent disability. And everyone in my family has had disabling reactions to vaccine.

Susan Welch

Eindecker, I know you will correct me if I am wrong, but I understood that Japan does not use MMR. It is not easy to find out for sure, but I gather they only use single vaccines - or MR (no mumps).

As far as your info on number of cases of measles is concerned, doesn't 'cut much ice' with me. When I was young, most children had measles. They did not get them as a young baby as mothers passed on the natural measles antibodies. No-one I knew was scared of them because nobody knew of anybody who had died. Nor had anyone heard of autism.

I know you will only respond, if at all, with information about Japan's vaccine schedule/incidence of measles. I know you will not respond re the fact that children today are far less healthy or the current high incidence of neurological damage (that did not exist until late 1980s).

I don't believe you care at all about the suffering of families with autism. I believe you only care that children are vaccinated according to the schedule laid down by their governments.

cia parker

A no-brainer? I don't think so. According to charts by Dr. Alexander Langmuir in 1960, one in 10,000 cases of measles resulted in death. About three in 10,000 resulted in deafness, blindness, or other disabilities. At this time one in 36 children is diagnosed with autism in the US, a lifelong disability which is devastating, and very few of whom will ever be independent. And natural measles provides many benefits, a better-functioning immune system and protection from many diseases in later life, including heart disease, cancer, and many skin and bone diseases. And the ability to protect future infants with placental immunity and breast feeding. Giving vitamin A prevents most disabilities and deaths caused by measles. Spend one dollar and then reap the myriad lifelong benefits of measles. Save the dollar for a few Tylenols or Ibuprofens to reduce the fever (a very dangerous thing to do). It IS a no-brainer, but it comes down to natural measles being MUCH better than the vaccine, whether or not it causes autism in the particular child. As it DOES in a huge number of cases.

cia parker


I think it would be more productive to study brain damage caused by strokes, because that's what autism is. When the immune system mounts a strong inflammatory response to the invasion of the strange ingredients in the vaccine, or, if present, to the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc., a lot of white blood cells are called up to fight it, and the massive amounts clog up the capillary beds, most critically in the brain, and impede normal blood circulation, just like a stroke. The absence of oxygen then causes cell death, on a spectrum, of course, depending on how long the vaccine encephalitis continues. Really the only answer is to create new neural circuits by modeling and imitation, ABA theory extended to every area of life.


Paul get your facts right re Japan & measles:
however, measles is still endemic in Japan: there were an estimated 200 000 cases and 88 deaths (mainly in children) in 2000.” from so they did something about it: “Japan has successfully eliminated endemic measles transmission and sustained this status since March 2015 through both high vaccination coverage and rapid detection of and response to every case of measles. In 2016, routine vaccination coverage was 97% for the first dose (one year of age) and 93% for the second dose (year before entrance to primary school, usually five years of age); serological surveys have confirmed that the proportion of antibody-positive (particle agglutination titer ≥16) individuals aged two years or more has remained at 95% or above nationally.


Ok lets see if i can add some personal eyewitness knowledge without being attacked by pro vaccine bullies like usual.
Lets start with my son having autism. He first became autistic after his first round of shots. It was very slight. Afterward was still progressing well starting to talk and had good eye contact and paid attention, he just liked lining up toys and doing hand twinkles. Time went by and it came time for another round of shots. Since the ACTUAL misinformation out on the web said clearly from all the most trusted sources cdc, all main stream news etc that vaccines dont cause autism i dumbly beleived them. Got the second round and since he was almost 2 years old i immediatly could tell something happened to him. He stopped eye contact. He stopped trying to talk. He began getting angry frequently and hitting himself in the face really hard. And of course now i know that the vaccines caused this to find out my son is left behind and forgotten about and has had his livelyhood and happiness ripped from his future.
Now to explain the link that i have seen NO reports on and if i post it anywhere its bullied then taken down. So here it is in simple explanation of all common knowledge facts.

1-First lets start with blood flow. Some parts of your body including sensitive parts of your brain are fed by capillaries so small that red blood cells travel through in single file. In fact they deform to oval shape to fit through.

2-white blood cells are up to 10x the size of red blood cells.

3-injecting large amounts of foreign substances into the body causes an influx of white blood cells that can clog these small capillaries.

4-cutting off blood flow to parts of the brain is a stroke. Its a small undetected stroke that in most cases doesnt kill children and since they are so helpless they arent able to tell you they are having massive head pain or dizzy and sick.
5-A stroke can happen all over the body. Your other organs also are fed by capillaries and can be clogged and cause cell death. Which in turn can cause mutations of the heart, liver, kidneys lungs or other vital organs.
So if you feel the need to vaccinate your children please spread the doses out so it doesnt cause an over influx of white blood cells. My son had 7 vaccinations in 2 shots in 1 setting and his life is ruined.
Of course they dont want to admit what theyve done to these children. Criminals rarely turn themselves in or offer evidence to incriminate themselves. Besides to give my son monetary damages in a similar case that wasnt elite protected such as a corporation causing similar dehabilitating damage with lifelong injuries the price tag would be 50 to 100 million usd. In fact i wouldnt accept 100 million usd to inflict this on my son. And with several million children in america alone having this happen im sure it would bankrupt them. Honestly id like to see justice for my son and see the perpetuators of this crim serve prison time life sentences along with anyone who had a hand in silencing the information that could have saved my son had i been able to read it before falling into this trap.
One day i and his mom will be deceased. Then noone will be there that loves him enough to keep him comforted when he doesnt understand whats happening in his little world of autism.


An interesting lecture Peter Jarzyna, PhD: "Insertional Mutagenesis & Autoimmunity Induced Disease"


Japan removed Merck’s MMR vaccine from the schedule in 1993 and is doing just fine.
They have ~500 cases/year and ~1 serious event per 1000, in a country with 127,000,000 people.

They are also tied with Finland for the lowest infant mortality among developed nations.

The United States brings up the rear for infant mortality, corrected for premature births or not.

1 in 34 - NJ Autism.

US Population 327,167,434

US census under 18 = 22.6%

Under 18 US Pop = 73,939,840
Therefore Autism = 2,174,701

No wonder there’s 5 classrooms in my son’s high school dedicated to autism.

If the rate was still 1 in 10,000
Autism = 7,394

No matter how you run these numbers, it’s devastating. And it’s not a matter of IF your family will be affected, just WHEN.

Stop Misinformation

Your dissemination of misinformation is quite literally killing people.

Hans Litten

"1973: An American dentist suffering from MS, Hal Huggins, DDS, met a Brazilian dentist, Olympia Pinto, at a conference in Mexico City. Dr. Pinto shocked Huggins by telling him that amalgam fillings are unstable and mercury from amalgams can trigger illnesses like Hodgkin’s disease and sickle cell anaemia."

Are you sure sickle cell anaemia is a genetic condition ?

Angus Files

Agreed Chop!

Pharma For Prison



Respectfully, it is a circular logic that stops science. In the absence of a genetic blood test performed at birth, a disease cannot be attributed to environmental causes. Thousands of diseases exist in this world yet only a handful are genetically screened at birth and it makes no sense to screen for environmental diseases since the cause is not genetic.

For example, lung cancer is a devastating disease primarily caused by smoking. There is no blood test at birth, yet scientists have concluded that smoking is the primary etiological agent. First, correlation studies linked smoking to cancer and subsequent research revealed that smoking was the primary insult.

Autism is a devastating disease primarily caused by vaccines. There is no blood test at birth, yet some scientists believe that Merck’s aluminum adjuvant is the primary etiological agent. First, correlation studies linked vaccines to autism and subsequent research is revealing that metals are the primary insult.

Frederic Chopin

Someone claimed autism isn't genetic because it's prevalence is increasing. For comparison they pointed to the unquestionably genetic disease sickle cell anemia and how it's prevalence hasn't changed.

My point is that it isn't a fair comparison because, unlike autism, sickle cell is diagnosed at birth as we have a simple blood test for it and all newborns are tested.

Grace Green

You're putting the cart before the horse in saying that screening at birth for SCD proves it's genetic. If it wasn't screened for the condition would very soon become apparent from the symptoms. The very obvious symptoms of severe autism are in most cases absent at birth and arise later, usually after vaccination. If it was tested for at birth that would give us more evidence that autism is not genetic, but caused by vaccines, if any more evidence were needed.

Angus Files


"There isn’t universal screening of newborns and a simple blood test for autism."

so why call it genetic autism as no blood test done at birth then..someone been making up and spreading fibs Chop?..

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin


There isn’t universal screening of newborns and a simple blood test for autism.

Angus Files


"For sickle cell anemia there is universal newborn screening at the time of birth in all 50 states. Since it's diagnosed immediately and all infants are screened you wouldn't expect the percentages to change over time."

So Autism cant be genetic then.Or are they using the wrong terminology in genetic autism.As we know take the vaccines away such as in the great Dan Olmsted`s study on the Amish there is no autism .

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin


For sickle cell anemia there is universal newborn screening at the time of birth in all 50 states. Since it's diagnosed immediately and all infants are screened you wouldn't expect the percentages to change over time.

Angus Files

But Chop tomatoes are tomatoes genetic is genetic-but of course not when were dealing with cooking pharma books genetic is different...

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic condition in which your red blood cells are abnormally shaped.22 To have the condition you must have two sickle cell genes, one from each parent. If you have one gene, you carry the sickle cell trait. The RBCs are shaped like a sickle and don’t have a normal life span, leading to anemia. Children with sickle cell disease often do not live past childhood as the shape of the blood cells leads to clumping and sickle cell crisis, resulting in intense pain and organ damage.23

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin


Sickle cell anemia is diagnosed at the time of birth with a simple blood test. It's been that way for decades.

susan welch

Chris, Even in the UK where doctors wait until 8 weeks (unlike in US where there is a vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease on first day of life), the recommendation is for 31 shots by 1 year old.

Not sure where you get your information from, but surely you have heard of the hundreds of thousands of children who were progressing normally until a round of shots. Then they stopped talking, had other symptoms and joined the oh so familiar ranks of children with lifelong disabilities.

If autism was genetic and with the baby from birth, perhaps you could explain why so many progress normally for many months and then, after shots, regress.


Hi Chris, I am guessing you are new to this ( and don't have young children, or you would know the current vaccine schedule) but the short answer is wrong on all counts...
Kim has already addressed the genetic point, but if you need more info, we can provide it.
Re the vaccine schedule; nope.
Vaccines are now given in utero ( before the baby is born, to the mother) and the first vaccine on the schedule is given on the day of birth. ( Hep B). After that, 68 more vaccines to go in the next five years or so.
But you shouldn't take my word for it. Here is the link to the CDC. ( Center for Disease Control, in charge of our vaccine schedule). You will notice some shots contain multiple vaccines, and there are so many given between birth and 15 months, that it needs its own schedule.

Just reading through this thread should give you a lot more facts. And you might want to ask yourself who told you that all autism is genetic and happens neonatally, and that no vaccines are given before a year old. What reason did they have to lie to you? If you have more questions, ask them. It is how you will learn.


Sickle Cell Disease is a well characterized genetic disease and the rate of incidence does not change.

"SCD occurs among about 1 out of every 365 Black or African-American births."
The CDC never has to update this rate because it is constant.

Autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 34, therefore autism is not genetic, it's environmental and the CDC must update the rate each year.

Furthermore, the Hepatitis B vaccine is given on Day 1 of life.

Editor for Chris


Autism is not a genetic disorder - there is much scientific discussion of this on these pages, however we also note that it was declared not to be a genetic disorder by the present director of NIH, and former director of the Human Genome Project in a letter to Congress in 2006:


Autism is a genetic disability, correct?
And a genetic disability is "decided" well before birth while your genetic code is being constructed, correct?
And a child does not typically receive their first vaccine until they are around a year old, and therefore their genetic code cannot be influence by the vaccine...
So, vaccines cannot possible cause autism.

For Karen Smith


Of course it didn’t, but you betray a complete ignorance of autism if consider it to be more trivial than polio.

Karen Smith

My child died of polio but at least he didn't have autism!

X'Nedra Walker

The research seems so conflicting I just do not know what to believe

Jeannette Bishop


Ways vaccinating adversely impacts others (as well as those receiving them):

1) live vaccines can shed and infect others (and people are rarely informed they may be a risk to the immune compromised and newborns) for instance in the "Disneyland" measles outbreak more than a third of samples analyzed were vaccine strain measles:

2) killed vaccines with adjuvants compromise your immune system for a while making the recipient generally more susceptible to infections and adverse outcomes of infections, which can also be spread to others

3) serotype replacement in the population-- less prevalent strains replace the ones in the vaccine, sometimes with more serious adverse effects (Dr. Humphries Cal Jam 2018 lecture on bacterial diseases we try to vaccinate against spells out how little progress we are making in one realm of vaccination and societal wide adverse impacts)

4) encouraging breakthrough disease mutation -- similar to the development of "superbugs" from the use of antibiotics, diseases can mutate too to bypass the vaccine, and we may be encouraging the acceleration of such mutation

5) compromised maternal immunity -- vaccine immunity wanes and does not protect infants, most vulnerable to disease (and some disease treatments), as well as natural immunity

6) compromised "herd immunity" which was a principle observed only with natural immunity. About half of vaccinated adults are considered in need of boosters and not contributing to the "herd immunity."

7) instances of original antigenic sin (the way a disease is originally introduced via vaccination rather natural infection) causing immune system programming problems, for instance the acellular whooping cough (acellular pertussis aP) vaccines allow the vaccinated to be contagious carriers, sometimes without symptoms while they incubate whooping cough once exposed in the lungs (where they have not been programmed to fight it) every time they are exposed for weeks. This incubation is a danger to the immune compromised and babies (cocooning a baby is impossible with this vaccine, but they sell it with this false idea), and it gives the bacteria more time to mutate to a breakthrough form the vaccine can't fight at all. Those who develop natural immunity do not incubate the bacteria and they have robust "herd" protecting immunity for approximately 30 years.

8) the introduction of DNA contaminants from animal and human fetal tissue into the human genome. Human genome fragments may be picked up by stem cells particularly possibly with global (body wide) effects. Also, the introduction of contaminating viruses from vaccine culture mediums, such as the carcinogenic monkey virus SV-40 from polio vaccine which we either haven't removed from biologics effectively or is now being passed on to those who didn't get the original polio vaccine

9) all the health costs and loss of productivity costs to society of the immune and neurologically damaging side effects of vaccine components ( )

10) There are more. Some specific for each vaccine, for instance chicken pox vaccine has reduced natural boosting by exposure to natural disease in children, so more adults and even teenagers now develop shingles (plus some develop it from the vaccine) which is more serious than chicken pox.

But in case you are thinking it's all that or die of disease, consider what we actually know about the contribution of vaccines to our improved standard of living:

Susan Welch

Oops! Twitter - but maybe 'witter' is appropriate

Susan Welch

Thank you, Liam for directing me to this 4 years old, but still very relevant, post.

I have shared it on my witter page.

I am sorry you feel as you do. However, I wonder if you have actually read the Lancet paper?

Gary Ogden

Bill Gates: Logic is missing from your comment. Nobody has asserted that vaccines cause autism in all cases. That would be unscientific, and demonstrably false. Autism results from neurological injury leading to chronic neuro-inflammation. There are many environmental factors which can produce this, but it is clear, the evidence from multiple disciplines is overwhelming, and the reports from many thousands of parents undeniably compelling, that over-vaccination is indeed causal in the majority, if not most cases. There is a great deal of good science showing this to be true. I can provide you with a detailed list of books and scientific papers, if you wish to educate yourself.

Bill Gates

If vaccines supposedly cause autism, how come I had autism BEFORE I had my vaccinations? Your theory is based on failed research and BS fake medical information, one person said vaccines cause autism, he was proven as a FRAUD.

Cathy Jameson

Hey Johnny Zero,
Thanks for the link. With quick glance, it does look like we share similar ideas. I will bookmark Genereux's page and do some reading this afternoon.

John Fry

Hi Cathy,

Grant Genereux of has something interesting on all of this. It has to do with the toxicity of retinoic acid, the cellular damage caused by adjuvants, osteoporosis, overlapping "auto-immune" diseases, epithelial tissue inflammation, geographical distribution of these diseases, and much more. Spend some time with his theory of subclinical retinol toxicity. It rings so many bells you will think you're in a carillon tower. One recent exchange in his comment section was regarding gold salts and their ability to remove retinoic acid from the body. He can explain why Donald Triplett also had Juvenile Arthritis. Read his free e-books. Start with Extinguishing the Fires of Hell. Then read Poisoning for Profits. Then read Breast Cancer. You will not be disappointed.
Johnny Zero

Susan Welch


Many of us who support Age of Autism have spent thousands of hours researching vaccines.

You make very definite statements that vaccines do not cause autism and that children are dying because some children are not vaccinated. Please can you post the research that supports these comments?

Thank you.

Ariannah Seabrook

Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. Genes and the environment have everything to do with it.
Kids are DYING because of people being born to anti vaxxers, and then dying shortly after that because of: Polio, Measles, Whooping Cough, Smallpox, and more! People are DYING because of you, spreading these lies. You're probably going to decline this comment because it doesn't go with your opinion. Just know, that people are DYING, I repeat, DYING because of stupid people not giving their kids vaccines.
"Some risks" You better go do your research. Those "Some risks" are DYING from preventable diseases.
Even if it DID cause autism, would you rather die/ have your child die than have/ your child have autism?
I didn't think you would want to die, or have your child let go of the grass (Die) because of your stupidity. Please, go research.

John Stone


The US govenment knows that vaccines cause autism (behind a thin semantic veil). HHS HRSA officials told journalists Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby on different occasions:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

And Julie Gerberding, when she was head of the CDC, and before she took the revolving door to Merck's vaccine division told CNN over the Poling case:

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism."

The mainstream media now have another strange disease: collective amnesia. It does not of course do to admit that not only do vaccines cause neurological impairment, including autism and epilepsy, but it can happen relatively often and the more you vaccinate unfortunately the more like it is. Dr Offit tells us that if we give an infant 10,000 vaccines in one go it is "theoretically" safe but of cours that is for a "theoretical" infant. But if you see what an infant gets mandated in the US in the first months of life it is becoming more like Atlanta roulette.


You need to show how autism is caused. Not using charts that could be easily fake or misleading. If you have any evidence on how the fuck autism is caused then I will rethink and be convinced. But now you show non of that. Also what's wrong with autism?


For Common S;
What happens after someone gets a traumatic brain injury ( for example, hit on the head)?

Well, according to this peer reviewed study

Neuropsychological Impairments and Changes in Emotional and Social Behaviour Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Quote form the article

"Compared to matched healthy controls, the patients were impaired at recognising facial and vocal expressions of emotions, detecting social faux pas and nonverbal fluency"

Wow. So brain injury (at any age) can result in social behaviour problems, not understanding social mistakes, not being able to read or understand other peoples emotions..( sounds a lot like autism to me..) Who knew that damaging the brain after birth could result in symptoms of autism?
I wonder how many of these brain injured people now qualify for a diagnosis of autism?

Christopher Kidwell

With all due respect vaccines in connection with other medical issues cause autism. Do they cause autism in and of themselves in people with normal immune systems and no genetic disorders? Never.

That is the problem today however: The CDC is saying "In EVERYONE vaccines do not cause autism!"
That is a lie. It is a known lie.

We could avoid the vaccine related autism simply by screening people for certain genetic disorders known to cause vaccination when connected with autism but the CDC and big pharmaceuticals do not want to admit that because they want to deny ANY culpability period.

Vaccines are a net benefit to society however the thing to credit for the lesser amounts of mumps, measles, etc. is BETTER HYGIENE. We wash nearly everything and teach children to wash their hands with anti-microbial soap on a regular basis.


Common S,

Autism can be acquired:

"Encephalitis from various kinds of viral infections, especially if it occurs in the early years of life, can also give rise to an autistic disorder" - Lorna Wing (The Autistic Spectrum A Guide for Parents and Professionals 1996 (p69))

And from the US National Library of Medicine (Medlineplus)

"Other causes of encephalitis may include an allergic reaction to vaccines"

Common sense tells us that when a child with normal development reacts badly to vaccines and afterwards he or she loses eye-contact, appears deaf, stops speaking and socialising even with family members that something has happened to his or her brain. This is not "symptoms just beginning to show up".

Common S.

I really don't understand how people still believe this. Autism is something you're born with, you either have it, or you don't. It is physically impossible for vaccines to cause autism since they happen after birth. Autism can't just be "acquired" from a vaccine. if a child is vaccinated and begins showing signs of autism, it is not because of the vaccines, the child had autism the whole time but the symptoms were just beginning to show up. The whole "vaccines cause autism" debate is just a way for parents to pin the blame on someone else because of what happened to their children. Honestly, I can't really blame them.

Susan George

It's possible that autism numbers are going up due to folate and Vitamin B levels in mothers that are too high. See this:


I don't have time to read every comment, but I was wondering for those who believe vaccines cause autism, why do you believe this is so? Where did you get this belief? Anything helps since I am doing a paper on this right now. Thanks for the information if you give me any!


Vaccines do cause Autism, the studies were manipulated by certain scientists whom attempted to cover it up. Fact is, vaccines do more harm than good.


Sorry, I should have read more carefully and realized you were responding to Maria Aja.
I think you are right, and most people have no idea that vaccines aren't actually safe for everyone, particularly with that "as safe as vitamins" comment..


Hera, There seems to be some misunderstanding as to my position on vaccine safety, likely due to the formatting of my message to Maria Aja.

Maria wrote: "....vaccines have never claimed to be safe" and I was pointing out how mistaken she was by posting the link to the California Immunization Coalition and quoting from their section on vaccine safety: "the AAP, IOM and WHO agree that vaccines are even safer than vitamins", and added, "Please do some reading and you will discover that other statements you've made are equally as false".


Hi ATSC, J.Denton,
Perhaps it would be helpful to start with the GOVERNMENTS own vaccine injury table ;

ATSC, if the government admits that in some cases death and encephalopathy ( brain damage) are known risks, and is willing to compensate for these "side effects" when they occur, then perhaps you and I have different definitions of "safe".

JC Denton

Do you have a single fact to back that up?


Maria Aja,

"....vaccines have never claimed to be safe".


Read the words of the California Immunization Coalition:

"Are Vaccine Safe?

Yes. Vaccines are safe. In fact, experts including American Academy of Pediatrics, the Institute of Medicine, and the World Health Organization agree that vaccines are even safer than vitamins."

Please do some reading and you will discover that other statements you've made are equally as false.

María Aja

I'm sorry that many of you on this site have seen children injured by vaccines. However, vaccines have never claimed to be safe. Sadly, there us a chance of being injured by a vaccine. The risk is very low, with less than 1% of vaccinated persons reporting serious injury. This data can be found on the CDC's website. The government admits that vaccines are not safe for all children, with immunocompromised kids unable to be vaccinated. Another thing to consider is that children less than 1 year old, usually between 2 and 6 months of age, are most likely to begin being vaccinated. At this age, infants are at greatest risk for certain medical adverse events, including high fevers, seizures, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Some infants will experience these medical events shortly after a vaccination by coincidence. This data is pulled from the VAERS website, a government site that allows people to report adverse effects caused by vaccines. The government does not ignore those affected, and the data is easily available. Vaccines are promoted because they have been proven to reduce the chance of coming down with a possibly deadly disease. The chances of being injured by a vaccine is low and worth it when you consider the thousands of children that die of preventable diseases in countries lacking access to vaccines.Vaccines have saved countless lives, and should not be feared. Smallpox was not eliminated by a cleaner world. Vaccines did their job to eradicate the awful disease. Vaccines are not the cause of autism or other developmental disorders. Coincidence and timing of vaccine injections to when most disorders are noticed has caused a lot of unnecessary fear.


where is your evidence??


Hi Kohl,
In the comments below there is a link to over a hundred peer reviewed journal articles suggesting a link between vaccination and autism.

You also ask why "everybody" doesn't get autism from vaccines.

That applies to almost every reaction and disease.
Can you explain why a peanut allergy can kill some people yet I can eat peanuts?
According to your logic, peanuts can't cause an allergic reaction, or everyone would react to peanuts.
What about people with life threatening reactions to strawberries ,or shellfish, or those who get sick from wheat (celiacs?)
Can you eat these things?
If so, does that mean that all these people (and their doctors) are lying?
Does that mean the people who died from allergic reactions to these things did not really die?
Do you tell these people that you can eat peanuts, so everyone who says they react badly to them is wrong?

Or do you think it is possible that some people can react differently than other people ?

Actually even the manufacturers have acknowledged that some people will be injured or die from vaccines.
In fact that is the reason we have the federal governments vaccine court. It was developed to give compensation to people who died or had lifelong injuries from vaccines.

It is called VAERS. You can google it.
Is all autism caused by vaccines? No, about 6% of autism is genetic ( fragile X etc).

But autism rates have increased from 1 in 10 000 to 1 in 68. According to the National Autism Association, about 40% of people with autism do not speak. Ever.( though some "regress" and loose the ability to speak that they were developing as young infants.)

Do you really think that doctors and parents in the 70's never noticed that their children weren't able to speak? they just said "Johnny is doing just fine" , and sent him off to school, where the teacher did not notice anything either?

It seems very unlikely, doesn't it, and we are talking huge numbers of people that couldn't ever talk, even as adults yet who no one noticed existed.


Vaxcined dont cause autism the ride of autism at the same time as vaxcines is become ALL medical science advanced at that time including the DETECTION of autism bought not the cause and if there was something that outright causes autism first why would your doctor's the ones trying to keep you healthy give you come thing that could make you soo sick aND second if it alone CAUSES autism than why doesn't every human who ever got vaxinated have autism and show me one peace of TRUE and pruveable evedence or a REPEATABLE experiment than Mable I will beleve you and here proffered you'll understand



I have been saying that just like the above for about 7 years now on all my post here at AOA. Funny how those three little words can cause so much angst isn't it?

I never thought AOA would ever get around to posting it just like that actually as I never thought you guys had the courage to print that truth, glad you came around though.

A lot has happened since I have been here regularly, I figured out how it works with autism and how it happens now I just got to work backwards to fix it. It really is quite simple and been there in front of your face the whole time as I knew it would be. I will not boar you with the details until I can fix it because I do not want to end up like Dr. Bradstreet not that I would go that quietly.

In any case glad everyone is on board. The usual suspects will oppose as always as they troll for these types of opportunities as it is their job and it is what they are paid to do and that will come out as well. The term is "coconspirator" or "accomplice liability" and since they accepted money to blog for Pharma their fate is sealed under the Pinkerton doctrine and I am sure Droit is aware.

In any case one day we will wake up and this will all be a bad dream that ends positively for our children and us.


John Stone


I am sure that Andre Lee thinks - if he exists - that it is simply better to sweep all deaths and injury under the carpet for the greater good. It is a new definition of truth.


Andre Lee;
you state
If you really wanted your child to live, you'd vaccinate

When I hear statements like that , I just wonder
What do you say to parents whose children died from a vaccine, after you make statements like that?

You do know that children have died from vaccines?


Hi Andre Lee,
I am glad you have some familiarity with the idea of peer reviewed journal articles. That's a plus.

So, for you,

122 peer reviewed research papers supporting the vaccine autism link..
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts when you have read at least some of them.

By the way, just to help you a little
MMR ( the vaccine mentioned in the Wakefield paper) never contained thimerosal.

Basic vaccine theory 101
Some vaccines contain weakened live virus, like the MMR.
A live virus vaccine cannot contain thimerosal, because the mercury preservative would kill the virus.

( You probably should at least get a handle on that one if you want to become informed about the topic of vaccine injury...)

So ; MMR is associated with encephalopathy ( brain inflammation causing brain damage.)

Thimerosal, in other vaccines such as the multi vial flu shot,is associated with reactions in those who cannot metabolise mercury properly.

So, for those who are vaccine injured; these different products can cause similar disabilities using different pathways.

BY the way; have you looked up the different effects of mercury depending on route of entry yet? You seem interested and capable of doing and reading the research.

And I am guessing you know how to look up the MSDS on Thimerosal?

What happens when you combine thimerosal with aluminium?

Just for fun, one more..
People with what genetic mutations are most likely to react to the Smallpox vaccine? What types of transport systems in the body does that mutation effect?

Interested to read your response when you have researched these topics a bit more.

All the best

Andre Lee

The lack of facts in this article is so disturbing... I don't see a single source anywhere. In fact, I believe the only source was a comment containing a link to a 480p low quality youtube video. Not a credible source.
I'll focus on what appears to be the headline of this website - mercury is in vaccines.
Again, ignoring the fact there is no evidence (that one paper that was immediately disproven as fraudulent and a scheme to promote alternative methods of disease prevention... you know what I'm talking about. I'm not linking it because if you don't know what it is, you don't need to), vaccines contain thimerosal. Thimerosal is a form of mercury, specifically ethylmercury. The CDC does actually inform us thimerosal is in vaccines, here.
I'm assuming that since this website still receives comments everybody conveniently ignores that in 1999 the CDC and FDA decided to reduce the content of thimerosal in vaccines. In 1999, 6 vaccines out of 31 administered regularly to children under 6 contained ethylmercury:
Since then, only 2 still contain thimerosal.

Even then, we know thimerosal DOES NOT HARM THE BODY.
First of all, that is what a real source looks like. Second of all, here is the first sentence in case you don't want to read:

Three judges ruled March 12 in three separate cases that thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury that has been used in some vaccines, does not cause autism, the "New York Times" reported.

I'd like to quote another line from the source:

"A normal fish-eating diet by pregnant mothers" is more likely to deposit mercury in the brain than vaccines are, she wrote.

Literally, you are more likely to "cause autism" in your child by eating tuna or sushi than you are with a vaccine. Again, we are assuming ethylmercury causes autism (which, again, it does not).

Another comment I've seen: "but what about the increased rates of autism? Clearly the government is to blame, what with their vaccines trying to kill us!"

Here's a scientific journal:

In case you are too lazy to read once again:

But a recent investigation of data collected in California suggests that the elimination of thimerosal has not lowered the autism rate, which increased steadily throughout the study period (1995 to 2007).

There is zero connection of thimerosal (50% ethylmercury) to autism. You are putting your child in more danger by leaving them vulnerable to polio, measles, and other life-threatening diseases which by the way, have killed far more people than autism. If you really wanted your child to live, you'd vaccinate. Here's a link to a pretty picture showing you measles deaths (on the decline, mind you):

Pretty sure I've said something like this before, but that comment got moderated (great job looking objectively at an argument).

Agent Pom-Pom

I've just lost my faith in humanity. Vaccines do NOT cause autism, it is simply that some vaccines are given to children at around the time when the "symptoms," I suppose one would call them, begin to show. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It is not a sickness or a disease obtained through substances entering the body. A person with autism is BORN WITH autism, but only starts to show signs of autism around age three, near the time when many vaccines are administered to the child. My family, for example, has never had someone with autism, even though we have all received vaccines at around the designated times. Furthermore, autism, in some cases, may be caused by the environment in which a fetus develops- for example, if the mother is smoking (nicotine) or ingesting drugs (includes alcohol) somehow. These links are not concrete, but to the point- AUTISM IS NOT CAUSED BY ANY CAUSE AFTER THE SUBJECT'S BIRTH. THIS INCLUDES VACCINES.


Good suggestions Linda1.

And David, if you can stomach it, you might want to follow up with this youtube video. 6 minutes of your time, and you don't even have to watch the whole thing.

This is the autism that is not like yours.

But I am very glad that your life is going really well and is happy; that is wonderful news.

If you feel a bit embarrassed after realizing what severe autism looks like, don't worry; lots of people aren't aware either.
Wishing you all the best


In the left margin of this blog there is a video showing a brother and sister in black and white entitled, "Autism Public Service Announcement". Click on it.

Then click on the third video below it "A Glimpse into Autism".


your choices are a slightly higher chance for your to get relatively minor developmental disorder or a much higher chance at your child dying. why is this even an argument? seriously, it's not like autism is a life threatening illness, i have autism and i am able to (at least mostly) live a completely normal life. seriously, autism isn't as big of a problem as you think it is.


Karelyn; Do you really - really want to go there? Really? Let us talk about the increase across the board - of mental illness - and mental retardation. Yeah, let us do that.


Robert Vandion:

Tom Insel head of the NIMH said that the worse out come of disease was mental retardation He did not say death.

He then went on to say - that vaccines had not taken care of that worse outcome - mental retardation.

What he did not say was -- under the ever growing number of vaccines mental retardation has actually increased. Nope not in that speech -- but in his TED Talk that you can find on U tube -- He does quote a bunch of stats on the ever increasing problems with mental health. It is increasing he says.

but let us not stop there -- auto immune diseases are increasing too - and that includes diabetes and thyroid.


The last post was for Tired of the Lies.

This one is for Teri Newberry; Thank You so much for your compassion and kindness and caring.


Autism - causes by an immune system running on the hot side called inflammation.

Damaging nerves, and blood vessels and organs - oh, and the brain too- and I suppose this dividing brain nerve thingy too perhaps --

I don't know what I am tired of, I suppose the lies too but not at the top of the list, maybe deceit that is different than lies --then there is stupidity.

Oh, at the top of the list would be when I am called a liar. Yeah something about me witnessing my son, daughter, husband receive a vaccine - spike a temperature have a seizure, or stroke, or the belly bloat and I have some little - troll come on here and tell me what it is not.

Yeah = that is the top of the list.


tired of the lies;
My son has Agenesis of the corpus callosum. Its a very rare disorder, that does sometimes have some of the symptoms of autism.
The rate of agnesis of the corpus callosum in the general population: about 1 in 4000
Rate of autism : 1 in 68

Are you seeing why your theory that all cases of autism are caused by agenesis of the corpus callosum is wrong?
You can look up both sets of figures for yourself.

By the way, kids with ACC are born that way. They don't ever "regress" they just slowly add skills.. Some kids with autism lose skills ( like the ability to speak) immediately after their brain gets damaged by a vaccine reaction. These reactions can be things like fevers of 105, constant screams, encephalopathy and seizures.

If you are like my son and have ACC my heart goes out to you.( And I pray that he may one day be able to write like you can.)But you may need to realize that only a tiny subset of people who have been diagnosed with the symptoms of "autism" are missing the corpus callosum.
Hope this helps

Managing Editor

If you're so sure, use your name, for crying out loud.

Tired of Lies

It's impossible for vaccines to cause autism. Period. Autism is due to a degraded or non-existent corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is the nerve highway in the brain that connects the two hemispheres of the brain. The corpus callosum grows during fetal development. So there's no way a vaccine, given much later in life, after the development of the corpus callosum, could cause it.

What agents in a vaccine could target only the nerve cells in the corpus callosum, composed of the same cells and material as all other nerves, leaving all other nerves intact? Nothing.

So, autism is due to a degraded or missing corpus callosum that develops with the growing fetus. No compounds, chemicals, or whatever has ever been identified in vaccines that could only affect specific nerve cells while ignoring others -- they're all made from the same.


this article and these toxic comments are the reson autisim exists (and mabey crystal meth)


It's absurd, that obsessed, pharma puppet Dorit Reiss is STILL defending Gardasil,and claiming it is safe (LOL) Can you believe the nerve? After all those deaths and disablements. All those poor teenage girls now living out a miserable life sentence. It begs belief. She and her cohorts has absolutely no conscience. Blood on hands.


fact: the incidence of Autism years ago was so low that it was unheard of in my part of the world. Now there is an explosion of it and parents are desperate for answers.

What changed?

Vaccine protocol - we only received a few core vaccines
Diet - too many ingested chemicals nowadays, including in water.

I believe it's a combination of these factors that trigger Autism.


Hi Anni; Just my opinion here..Autism is diagnosed on a series of symptoms. Social issues, poor language development etc etc.
A headache is also a symptom. The symptom "headache" can have multiple causes. You could have a brain tumor, have hit your head, or get migraine headaches from the wrong types of food.
Similarly, autism is diagnosed only by symptoms.
According to a variety of studies, you can get these types of symptoms from
being born with fragile X ( a genetic disorder that is never routinely tested for)
Having agenesis of the corpus callosum ( a fancy way of saying missing part of the brain)
Having brain damage. ( If someone gets a bad enough head injury, they can show symptoms of autism..)
Being injected with a vaccine and getting encephalitis ( Hannah Poling was declared to have symptoms of autism by the federal government after her vaccine injury)
Hope this is helpful to you.


Curious as to what evidence you have that makes you think the CDC skews their statistics? Pretty bold statement.


Just one question that may have already been answered - but if vaccines DO in fact cause autism then what about those people who have developed autism and were never vaccinated?


Before the anti science people had their pockets loaded with funding from god knows who..cdc? pharmaceuticals? to distort the truth and vilify scientists who dared take on biological studies..and the effort to supplant them with head counts and manipulated stats was put into place..before google and even facebook were censored the material facts concerning thimerosal were available.Grab your youtube while you can..pubmed has printed an article where they are trying to figure out how to censor youtube..take a look at how ethymercury will leave more inorganic mercury within the brain to do far more damage than methyl..we are talking decades of omit is to lie..and all media and several journals were on someone's payroll ...clearly that's what they've done..and that's what liam and others believe.

Georg Elser

Jordan - William Thompson cdc chief scientist for 10 or 20years & now whistleblower, says in fact Vaccines DO CAUSE AUTISM >

Put that in your Crack pipe and smoke it .

For Jordan

This is of course and example of the infantilism and stupidity we are up against. Anyone wants to follow the link (which is presently broken) will come to a page with the words in large letters 'THEY F-CKING DON'T'. So much for civilised, rational discourse!

PS Jordan, we have seen it before.


Here is further proof that vaccines cause autism:
howdovaccinescauseautism. com/


Liam, I appreciate your effort to be civil.
Your facts are incorrect.
The CDC who is in charge of giving vaccines states on its website that the multidose flu vaccine still contains thimerosal.
It appears they did not get your message that it was all removed years ago.
Thimerosal is toxic; look up the Material Safety Data Sheet on the web. Are you aware that in 1977 ten babies in a Toronto hospital died when an antiseptic containing thimerosal ( the mercury in vaccines) was mistakenly dabbed on their umbilical cord sites.
By the way, our digestive systems handle mercury better than when we inject it. Eating and injecting is not the same. If you think about it, you can drink apple juice. But do you think injecting it would necessarily be safe?
You have told us "stories" about children who caught a disease and blamed unvaccinated children.. You have told us that stories don't count, and Sasha has told us that good parents who love their children shouldn't blame others if their children get injured, (or sick, I assume) they should just get to work helping them. Bit of a double standard there, perhaps? Or are these also "bad parents looking for something to blame?"
I'm glad you came here, there is a lot for you to read and learn.
all the best,


So Liam and Sasha knows all the details of my son's vaccine injury?

What seers!

So they know all the details of my husband's vaccine injuries and know for a fact that we are mistaken and want some one to blame. How are they so all knowing and still just mere mortals?

So they know all about every detail of my daughter's life.

So they know what I witnessed and saw?

They know all about how I looked into my son's eyes as the pupils grew larger and larger and larger till I almost felt like I was falling into those black pits - as he starred straight ahead and did not respond - That I thought he had died in my arms from a third vaccine reaction. Only according to Sasha and Liam it was not really a vaccine reaction I was witnessing - just so happened strange things happened all three times I vaccinated him -- yeah at two months spiked temp; heart murmur; swollen heart, then again at four months with a spiked temperature, passing out an gasping for air, and then skipping over the six month one till he was almost 10 months before I did the third booster of DPT. Strange how all these strange reactions just waited untill the very day he received his vaccine.

Now tell me Liam and Sasha - what is it exactly that I witnessed and why? I am all ears........

Angus Files

Good evening Liam don’t take us the wrong way or think we are trying to insult your intelligence either .You see on here at AOA most of us report as parents of vaccine damaged children from all corners of the world ,and we all have the same similar stories to tell. Our babies vaccinated with a vaccine, and straight after a catastrophic change ,high temps, red rash, encephalitis, green puss coming from the ears, high pitched scream this is straight after the vaccine has been administered some babies die. The “lucky “ones survive and mostly need 24 hour care for the duration of life ,life at a level which you cannot even imagine. For the record we were all pro-vaccine at one time, if we weren’t our poor babies wouldn’t have got in this situation in the first place and I for sure wouldn’t be hanging over a computer typing to you at close on midnight (I’m anti vaccine and proud of it just in case you haven’t guessed).
Whatever planet you come from to us humans on earth Mercury is toxic in any form whether it be ethyl mercury, methylmercury or breathing it from you amalgam fillings ,you’re a dead man walking if you start taking it in any size or form. On plant Liam you can eat it abundantly brilliant…. The funny thing is (ha ha),is that the main studies that say vaccines don’t cause Autism were falsified and this has been admitted to by whistle blower William Thompson of the CDC to whom we are eternally grateful. Just scroll on here and you can see how the news unfolded.Again hundreds of studies prove vaccines cause Autism ,hundreds.
If you have the time the link below is of a brilliant great Dr called Russell Blaylock take the time to listen to this video below.He has many more start with this



All of you people claim that vaccines cause autism, even criticizing the test results and evidence against the claim. Even the original test that claimed that vaccines cause autism was disproven after errors were found in the method of the test. Yet still people want to believe something that was disproven years and years ago because it is all they could think of.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to insult you or people in your life that may have autism, I'm just stating the fact that the source in your claim is very wrong. Firstly I want to say that many people think that vaccines contain mercury, and correct them, because they no longer do, and when they did decades ago, it was non-toxic compound of mercury. In fact mercury itself isn't even very dangerous, just toxic compunds like Dimethylmercury and Metyhlmercury. In fact mercury is in food like sword fish and sushi, that's why you cannot eat too much but small amounts, like in the 20th century vaccines which contained non-toxic mercury compounds. Think of it like chlorine and sodium, both are deadly, but together they are safe and we need them to survive. Now back to just vaccines, as I was saying there hasn't been any reliable evidence towards your claim. There are many stories where children who aren't vaccinated cause extreme sickness in other vaccinated children, who even though were vaccinated couldn't be protected against ignorant dismissive people. Vaccines in order to stop diseases need everyone's cooperation, if you aren't going to vaccinate your children, keep them out of public schools until they are vaccinated. That is for the safety of others, which by not vaccinating your children you are destroying.

For Sasha

Hi Sasha

You might to look here and see how many vaccines and infant has had by 6 months


I'm sorry if your kid has autism but blaming a vaccine is crazy. Science has proven when they did they study they only used autistic kids so they didn't have a control group. You can't say well almost all the kids here have autism so since they all had shots that has to be the reason. There are tons of kids that have nothing wrong with them that have been vaccinated. My friends son has autism and you could tell when he was like 6 months old that something wasn't right. He had a blank stare he wouldn't look at you in the eyes he didn't respond when you would say his name. His mom just got him help. She never spent time blaming a shot or a doctor or anyone. I wish more people were like her.

Jeannette Bishop

To "You are..."

Are you advising we trust a group that is essentially enthusiastically pedaling their shining new bicycle (vaccine schedule) on a "liability free" slope, upgraded every few years with more gadgets and gizmos and shiny dangling in-their-eyes boondoggles, who frequently turn to look behind them and shout, "Look, Mom! No hands (control group)!?! and has no idea why we have so many injured children in the whereabouts of the side walk or where it looks (to us at least) like they are headed? At this point I think the feet are coming off the pedals, the speed governed now more by the slippery slope than the pedaling, and I'm not sure any amount of breaking can prevent a full-stop crash.

No one here went to the internet and said, "I like this narrative about what I'm seeing and hearing in regards to what's going on with my child. Yes! Vaccine injury! Environmental injury! That's the ticket. I'm going to latch onto this!"

To the contrary it is about as unappealing a narrative as it is to those who are desperately pedaling blind, maybe more--I can't tell you what it was like to start waking up to the concept of vaccine/immune system injury even though (or maybe because) I'd been living in a family probably burdened with various degrees of it for generations.

We, I, to a great extent chose the environment, including the vaccines (though the system is revealing quite clearly with a country wide legislative push that vaccination was never intended to be voluntary on the part of some)?!? I chose, through little investigation on my part, to subject my child to more of what I'd hoped I could protect her from! And I did it with the help/pressure of many trusted institutions, also apparently not cognizant of how compromised the information they were promoting was (or maybe just plain prepared to be self-serving, even at the expense of the health tiny, vulnerable infants).

It's a pretty sucky, uncomfortable view of how fallible, blind (or corrupt) human institutions can be. Why would anyone "choose" to see things this way, if there wasn't anything to it, if this wasn't the view necessary to scrutinize to uncover real remedy and healing?

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