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The CDC: the Detective Agency Which Could Never Find Anything

HumphreyBy John Stone

An interruption yester-evening from a troll styling themselves Sam Spade set me ruminating: no doubt the thoughts are not very original but some of them may benefit from re-stating.

And so to Mr Spade and his brief response to Kent Heckenlively’s ‘A Break in the Wall’:

Bullshit. You people will murder a lot of children with this false story.

Perhaps the first thing to point out is that our ranks are almost entirely comprised of citizens who uncomplainingly did what was supposed to be the right thing in vaccinating their children: their views were not formed by ideology but by experience. The experience comprises not only the awful reality of what happened to their children after vaccinating but the way institutions deal with the issue. To even raise the issue of vaccine damage is also to raise the hostility and anger in every quarter.

This anger –  Mr Spade’s anger – is not based on reason or knowledge. There is nothing inherently implausible in a pharmaceutical product injected into an infant or toddler causing damage:  we have just been educated not to think that. Actually, a lot of even official literature acknowledges the possibility of damage it is just supposed to be vanishingly rare – unfortunately, the only thing that is guaranteed to make it rare is not good science but the waves of officially inspired hatred that will be triggered against anyone daring to stand up and say "This went wrong". The point about Mr Spade is that his rage is not determined by science but by institutions: institutions which are not happy to have their errors reported back to them, not happy if they fear that they can be detected. They will never find anything that they don’t want to, as Ed Yazbak pointed out years ago. It is not a question of whether we like the diseases, it is question of whether the products are as safe and effective as they should be, whether there are far too many of them etc.

The very thing that determines that the vaccine program is unsafe as well as unjust is this whipped up anger: we are not allowed to discuss the science – scientists who speak out must be shunned and persecuted, citizens who speak out must be declared intellectually incompetent. This anger constitutes social control not reasoned debate.

Actually, Bill Thompson or no Bill Thompson, the abysmal record of the CDC is there to be judged: they are corrupt; they are in bed with the manufacturers; they are hostile to anything which conflicts with their own policy; they are institutionally incapable of producing trustworthy science. They are there to be taken apart by any competent investigative journalist and any mainstream media outlet which has the will and the courage to do so.  They would be finished in days. In the meantime - and I hope it won’t be very long now - everyone, including ‘Sam Spade’, will just have to go on putting up with us.

John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism.



This is very well stated: "Perhaps the first thing to point out is that our ranks are almost entirely comprised of citizens who uncomplainingly did what was supposed to be the right thing in vaccinating their children: their views were not formed by ideology but by experience. The experience comprises not only the awful reality of what happened to their children after vaccinating but the way institutions deal with the issue. To even raise the issue of vaccine damage is also to raise the hostility and anger in every quarter."

Annie  Donnelly

Awesome article!


Great video to share, contains several listings of side effects from a variety of vaccines. These side affects are directly from government health organizations such as NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), NLM (National Library of Medicine), NIH (National Institute of Health), PubMed, CIDD (Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities), PSU (Penn State University), FDA... Anyway it is a great video to share with others. Weather they are doubting vaccines or not this is public info from government sites which is not front page news but shows everyone who questions safety and efficiency exactly what those recommending these shots are saying in their own writing. The links are all there for anyone to verify.

No place to hide

This touches on my thoughts regarding the deafening media silence on this story.

I don't think it is that much to do with them trying to protect their pharma pay-masters.

It goes very deep, too deep for this to be picked up just like that, like any other important news. Imo a huge part of the reason for the overall silence is that people have bought into the lies over the years, and many, even amongst those free-media activists and liberal media that loves to uncover stories that mainstream doesn't, have been taking an active part in the hysterical witch-hunt and demonisations of 'anti-vaxxers' and 'the devil-reincarnate-wakefield'.

To acknowledge this news would mean for much of the media, many of the journalists and public figures not only eating one's hat but overturning one's whole fanatical belief system. It is much easier to simply ignore the story and/or believe it is just 'those anti-vaxxers making things up'.

Lovely quote by Nietzsche making rounds: "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed".

Reminds me of a few religious people I know who still don't want to hear anything about paedophile priests and dismiss accusations and stories of abuse as 'anti-church propaganda'.


Hitler said that it "It is the luck of the ruler that men do not think".

Sadly, autism moms have been fighting these pesky disinformation gadflies for quite a while now online. I think we would miss our dependably rabid, frequently venal, always unrelenting pro-vax fabulists. They serve as lightening rods for our rage. Like crash test dummies to verbally run over from time to time when we are not busy holding up half the sky caring and advocating for our injured children, they provide a public service of sorts. So, on some level, consider them therapeutic, albeit exasperating and exhausting.

At the rate things are going, it will be the thinking men
and women who, ultimately, might be able to survive the insidious disinformation campaigns by discerning the pro-vax BS a gogo from humanity loving truths, hopefully with the continued existence of open source networks.

The hired guns which some of us "jokingly" refer to as the "Ministry of Depopulation Propaganda" shills seem to be right at the precipice of legally mandating toxic vaccines we consider to be the antithesis of health. Those with critical thinking skills still intact with access to solid, uncompromised science will see it for what it is - nefarious, premature deaths traps courtesy of frankenfoods, treated water and toxic vaccines.

No need unfortunately.

The "Ministry of Depopulation Propaganda" has been very successful in convincing the masses to ingest the Frankenfood Kool-Aid and the fluoride Kool-Aid and to inject the vaccine Kool-Aid without so much as an audible bleat, to the detriment of the masses. They don't even have to bother imposing their "Eat, drink and jab, it's good for you" nefarious policies when they've been so adept at convincing the majority to race to the troughs voluntarily. I would not be surprised to know that they get a big charge over this and think themselves quite clever over the fact that thus far, they have had no need to strong arm the general population into compliance.

What chills me personally is the theory that gifted children are more susceptible to brain injury due to their being a correlation between intellectual giftedness and higher amounts of glutamate receptors. As far as I can tell, that is the one commonality in the subset of children lost to autism, the one thing that cuts across socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, gender divides, and geography and the one commonality that is the most bone chilling. If you research the brilliant neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock, or watch his lectures on YouTube, he explains autism, neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and even anxiety, depression and OCD as the result of immunoexcitotoxicity.

There are several pathways and variables that result in the immunoexcitoxicity which eventually leads to autism. Heavy metals, adjuvants, viral particles, measles, excess glutamates, cell wall deficient mycoplasmas - ALL contribute to neurological dysfunction and ALL CAN BE VECTORED IN THROUGH VACCINES! Happenstance? You decide. While you are at it, reaearch Dr. Shyh Lo and his patent on mycoplasmas and his commentaries on these mycoplasmas causing many autoimmune diseases. Could these mycoplasmas, engineered for the purpose of biowarfare, have inadvertently gotten into the vaccines as contaminants? Could it explain why many swear to the existence of "hot lots" of vaccines causing clusters of autism? It is my understanding that because mycoplasmas lack a cell wall, they can be undetectable. To what degree are the vaccines tested for contaminants? How sensitive are the tests?
Now we have proof that black children are more vulnerable to the MMR. Is it possible that we might eventually find out that other vaccines are particulary and uniquely toxic to specific races, ethnicities? The one commonality I believe, based on anecdotal accounts and empirical observation, is that all of our children are inherently intellectually gifted, lending credence to the glutamate receptor/excitotoxicity theory, at least to me. The brilliant neurosurgeon Blaylock's theory would explain why the thimerosal-causes-autism faction, the MMR-causes-autism faction, the my-child-was-born-with-autism faction, the kids-with-Gulf-war-veteran-parents-develop-autism faction, etc have all been only partially right.

Dr Blaylock has been informing the public for years, yet not enough people are listening. Most telling is that there is no more than a whisper about him from the rabid pro-vax front.

This speaks volumes to me.


So well said!!

Laura Hayes

Incredibly well-stated, John...thank you.

The time is long overdue to BAN vaccine mandates. Vaccines should never have been mandated in the first place, as no medical treatment or procedure should ever be mandated...that was supposed to have been taken care of by the Nuremberg Code, of which the U.S. is a signer.

I would love to see a massive gathering at every state capitol, and anywhere else people want to gather, DEMANDING a complete ban on vaccine mandates. We can all sit there shredding exemption forms, telling our legislators where they can shove those.

Angus Files

We know were onto something when the National Newspapers, TV News Channels, National Radio, blanket our news out worldwide...

they are crapping it!!!

Superb John


Chanda Jackson

Very good John! Thank you.

Joan Campbell

Well said John.

BoB Moffitt

Sam Spade is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the CDC.

Common sense dictates that vaccines should be completely voluntary on the part of parents .. acting after first educating themselve to assure their "informed consent" to vaccinate their child is the absolutely right thing to do for that child.

Sam Spade and the vaccine cartel rely on "compulsion" rather than "informed consent".

Common sense also dictates that vaccines .. even more so than any other product manufactured for use by the public .. should be safe enough to undergo all reasonable tests to assure that safety .. such as .. eagerly conducting an independent study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to ascertain if BOTH populations have suffered the same dramatic, inexplicable .. increase in autoimmune diseases that were far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated generations.

Sam Spade and the vaccine cartel are terrified of conducting such a common sense study ... and .. they resort to vile name-calling .. such as .. "murderers" of those who merely want to ensure vaccines are as safe and harmless as Sam and his cartel insist they are.

Sam and his cartel are the sole beneficiaries of having product liability protections that require parents to be denied their Constitutional Right to seek legal redress for injuries in State or Federal Court.

Sam calls us "murderers" .. talk about the proverbial pot.

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