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Senior Government Scientist Breaks 13 Years' Silence on CDC's Vaccine-autism Fraud

CdcpoliticsListen to audio from the whistleblower HERE.  Below is an unofficial transcript from the audio.

CDC Whistleblower


"Oh my God.  I cannot believe we did what we did, but we did."

Dr. Andrew Wakefield:  "This is a real story of a real fraud.  ...Deliberate.  High-level deception of the American people with disastrous consequences for its children's health. ...

(Dr. Wakefield then described the inhumane treatment of black American man during the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that was conducted from 1932 to 1972.)

"Thirty years later the CDC was to do something arguably far worse. Over a decade ago, Dr. Scott Montgomery and I put forward a hypothesis for MMR vaccine and autism: the age you receive the vaccine influences the risk. ...We shared this hypothesis with vaccine officials, members of the Centers for Disease Control, at meetings in Washington, D.C. and Cold Spring Harbor.  A group of senior vaccine safety people at the CDC studied it.  It panned out.  We were right--at least partly. 

"By Nov 9, 2001, nearly thirteen years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that the younger age exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of autism.  In 2004 they published, but they hid the results. ...

"MMR was declared safe." 

Dr. Coleen Boyle was shown testifying for the CDC in a Congressional hearing in 2013 denying a link between vaccines and autism. 

Wakefield: "What Dr. Coleen Boyle...did not tell Congress is that she and her colleagues had deliberately concealed the autism-vaccine link from the Institute of Medicine and the public.  Ironically, they even received an award from the Secretary of Health and Human Services for this work.

"So troubling was this fraud that one of CDC researchers broke ranks.  Eventually he made contact with Dr. Brian Hooker, father of a vaccine-injured child with autism and a vaccine researcher.  ...

 Dr. Hooker and the muffled voice of the CDC scientist was included next.  Hooker said that a great of information showing "fraud and malfeasance" on the part of the CDC was revealed to him by the whistleblower. 

Wakefield: "From their own data sheets dated 2001, Dr. Hooker analyzed that CDC's results and he found the same risk for autism that the CDC scientists had themselves identified.  ...

"This week, August 10, 2014, Dr. Hooker published the real findings.  A 340 percent increased risk of autism in boys receiving the MMR on time compared with those receiving it later. 

"Thirteen years and tens of thousands of children later. 

"As I've said, Dr. Montgomery and I were only partly right.  The risk of autism from early MMR vaccination was seen in black children, black boys.  Those boys, for some reason are at very high risk. 

"Consistent with the CDC's own findings, the rate of autistic regression in black children is reported to be twice that in white children.  ...

"Scientist Dr. David Lewis, an international expert in whistleblowing and the detection of scientific fraud, reviewed the original CDC documents and the paper they published in 2004."

Dr. David Lewis: "Probably this is the clearest case and the easiest case in which to answer, is it fraud or is it an accident?  Is it just an artifact of the study that we're dealing with here?  Clearly it's fraud."

Dr. Hooker talking about the CDC whistleblower: "He knows that he's culpable for damage.  He knows that he's culpable for permanent damage of a large significant portion of the population of the United States."

Muffled voice of the whistleblower: "The higher-ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it."

Dr. Wakefield: "Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop, Dr. Coleen Boyle--they knew.  They let it happpn and they could have stopped it. 

"Michigan lawyer Allison Folmar, an award-winning advocate for children and parental rights, gave her reaction."

Allison Folmar: "I feel first and foremost, as a human being, betrayed.  When you lose your faith and trust in humanity, how do you repair it?  I really don't know what to say, to be honest."

Dr. Hooker: "He's very regretful about his involvement."

Whistleblower: "It was the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper.  I'm not going to lie.  I basically have stopped lying.
Dr. Wakefield: "You see, vile as the crimes of Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler were, these men were not hypocrites....  These men were not entrusted with the welfare of their victims.  Their mottos did not include the words, 'To save lives and protect.'  They were not running a mandatory program disguised as caring.

"How many children?  How many went to the wall in that decade of silence?  How many Presidents, Mr. Obama?" 


Randy Sykes

CDC Center for Deceit and corruption ,
Please watch my documentary on the CDC and Lyme disease if you want to see the worst crime against the human race ever. It is on you tube and is called Lyme Disease Exposed.
In it you will see over 70 government documents including FBI and FOIA emails from the CDC where they admit they have no accurate test for lyme disease.
Thanks for listening , Randy Sykes Doors Of Perception Videos LLC

John Stone


But it is garbage isn't it? It's a pretext. Thompson says it shouldn't have happened, DeStefano waffles on to Sharyl Attkisson but does not deny it. Nine years ago Cochrane stated that it "implied bias" and evidently did not trust the explanation. The paper stated that the excluded group was similar to the included group which was just not true. It is very uncertain how detailed any of the info on the birth certicates was for the period being researched.


Access to the information on the birth certificates allowed researchers to assess more complete information on race as well as other important characteristics, including possible risk factors for autism such as the child’s birth weight, mother’s age, and education. This information was not available for the children without birth certificates; hence CDC study did not present data by race on black, white, or other race children from the whole study sample. It presented the results on black and white/other race children from the group with birth certificates.

The study looked at different age groups: children vaccinated by 18 months, 24 months, and 36 months. The findings revealed that vaccination between 24 and 36 months was slightly more common among children with autism, and that association was strongest among children 3-5 years of age. The authors reported this finding was most likely a result of immunization requirements for preschool special education program attendance in children with autism.
Read more at http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/cdcwhistleblower.asp#79mFIVOwUygCxQGV.99

John Stone


Of course, we are not responsible for Snopes but they are in no position to say this is false when the lead author has already admitted the substance to respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson:



The tampering was already spotted by Cochrane in 2005:



Snopes says that this information is false? http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/cdcwhistleblower.asp

Amadou Mar

They have damaged my child life and our life. My son was fine until that exact day he took the vaccine. He started having bad fevers the save night and diarrhea which we are still fighting. From that he basically can't eat anything without consequence. All of his body suffer from not being able to nourish itself properly. He is mentally and physically in constant pain forget about the fact that he can't even sleep properly at night. And for us us as parent and anyone who love him we are suffering a constant emotional and physical pain as well.And also a heavy financial burden. No money is enough to compensate us. All we can do is to pray that there is a solution to revert the situation before it's too late. As far as for now we are praying and doing our best to keep him as healthy and happy possible.


So the argument remains, why do so many kids seem to be unharmed by vaccinations? Look up MTHFR gene mutation. Many of us walk around with either a half mutation or a complete set mutation. I read a statistic that stated 98% of people with autism have this mutation. The MTHFR gene is responsible for the bodies ability to detoxify and methylate. If you happen to be on the genetically wrong side of MTHFR it can cause all kinds of problems. When I hear people get bent around the hook about parents choosing NOT to vaccinate their kids, I want to scream. Its the parents choice. Good for you if your child is genetically superior, but we don't care about your opinion when it comes to ours!


Where are the sources ?


Change starts with you.


John Stone

Hi Jim,

Yes - very interesting that Cochrane could not see any reason why the group had been excluded (they suspected bias rather administative scruple) even though they were performing their own somersaults.


Jim Thompson

John, so the authors chose to publish qualitative babble that covered up evidence of harm rather than quantitative results from their study. In other words an odds ratio (OR) of an association of autism and vaccines of 3.4 for African American children wasn't reported.

Tobacco Science was fraud conducted to cover-up evidence of harm to teenagers and adults. This is much worse as this junk science was conducted to cover-up evidence of harm to babies.


I want to know what else the CDC lies to us constantly about... So infuriating that they are supposed to "protect the consumer" when they do the exact opposite. Not that I've ever valued anything they have to say or anything, anyway ;-)


I want to read the primary sources of this stuff, wheres it at?


Over and above which facts are true and which are not, the problem that I have is that the CDC lied. What other lies do we then not know about ... This organisation is 'supposed' to act in the best interest of the people they serve but it appears not. In any other organisation this would be treated as a crime!


"How many went to the wall in that decade of silence? How many Presidents, Mr. Obama?"

And now that the cat is out of the the bag what is Dr. DeStefano and the CD's official response? Will they defend themselves against the allegation, or will they permit more kids to be harmed without attempting to redress the situation?

Richard Brown

I have no connections with any pharma company but I am are that the morbillivirusses in many species can in themselves cause serious long term problems and in rare cases in humans with measles it can cause mortality. Perhaps in these conversations these matters should also be put 'in the mix'. A life without risk is not possible, it is the risk assessment that matters. Do I trust this pharma company has got it right with this vaccine? Not easy to say but for sure no vaccine is safe and life without vaccine is not safe either. The science in the form of epi studies is also not always straightforward. Over the years epidemiology has had its moments when it has sounded as scientific as economics: it is thus also difficult to know which study to trust wholeheartedly.


The truly sickening part about this is even if you buy their argument that vaccines are so beneficial that anything they do justifies the ends, this was clearly not about that. The study was actually showing the benefits of delaying vaccines, not foregoing them. For them, it was all about saving their ass and nothing else mattered -- including the health of kids.


CMO, that WOULD be a good day!

Wouldn't it be great if we could offer lifelong compensation for all whistle blowers? Proof of studies , memos, and transcripts in evidence would go farther than any research that money can buy.



Dr. Julie Gerberding dismissed from Merck.

Dr. Paul Offit fired from CHOPS.

Merck states: "We owe a few million children a few trillion dollars..." could be a bad day on Wall Street for Merck stockholders..

Dr. Nancy to speak on the Today Show on the search for test subjects for the new Ebola vaccine...

The President to speak to Dr. Andrew Wakefield in regards to "soon to be open" CDC positions. :)

John Stone

This is what is said in the original DeStefano study (p.264). about the exclusions:

"However, we did not find any significant differences in demographic characteristics or cognitive level between case children who were included and those who were excluded from the study.

"Among case and control children whose records
we were able to match with Georgia birth certificate
files, we performed a subanalysis to evaluate possible
confounding by differences in birth and maternal
characteristics. For the most part, the results were not
greatly different from those in the total sample. The
differences that were noted were predominantly of
lower ORs in the birth certificate sample. These differences
seemed to be primarily a result of restricting
the analysis to children who were born in Georgia
and could be matched to a state birth certificate and
not to confounding by maternal or birth characteristics.
Thus, the differences between the 2 samples
could represent random fluctuation or a possible bias
related to being born outside Georgia."

Pediatrics. 2004 Feb;113(2):259-66.
Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan atlanta.
DeStefano F1, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Boyle C.

This is perhaps where the issue needs to be focussed.

Jenny Allan

This is the same kind of fraudulent MMR vaccine cover up, as that perpetrated by the UK Government in year 1990, which slapped a 20 year ban on all public reporting of the Urabe Mumps containing MMR vaccine scandal.

Even now, 24 years later, there has been no public acknowledgement by the UK Government of the extent of the havoc this dangerous vaccine caused. An FOI request revealed £millions of compensation awarded for vaccine injuries by the UK vaccine damage compensation board, but no breakdown of the number of injuries caused, nor which vaccine was responsible. Apparently, the Urabe mumps MMR component caused aseptic meningitis, which in turn caused encephalitis, resulting in high numbers of brain injuries.

The Urabe MMR vaccine was deemed not responsible for the death of Glasgow baby Ryan Mason, who died a few days after receiving this dangerous vaccine. (Who or what did the 'deeming'? Did any other babies die shortly after receiving the vaccine?) The UK vaccine licensing board was WARNED beforehand, the Urabe MMR vaccine was causing widespread problems in Canada, but not only licensed the vaccine anyway, but bestowed immunity from prosecution onto the vaccine manufacturers. It was 3 years before the manufacturers, NOT the UK Government, withdrew the Urabe MMR vaccine. Shortly afterwards MMR2, which contains the Merck Jeryl Lynn mumps component, was hastily licensed to replace the banned vaccine. Safety Trials? We are not told, but in this time scale they must have been inadequate, as confirmed by the Cochrane Collaboration.

In the UK, some 30 year old Government political misdemeanors are presently being investigated. How long before these vaccine scandals are at last addressed, enabling these thousands (millions?) of damaged children to receive proper acknowledgement of their injuries and appropriate treatment?

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