CDC Whistle Blower Letter to Gerberding: More to the Story
Action Alert: Ask Dr. Thompson to Go Public on CDC Vaccine Fraud

Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism

Breaking newsBy Dan Olmsted

Quite a week, I think you’d have to agree. William Thompson, the whistleblower first heard on a taped phone call with Brian Hooker last week, has now come forward, confirming his role in covering up evidence that black males may be particularly vulnerable to autism from the on-time MMR shot. Rather than follow up on that clue from a susceptibility group – a clue that could unravel the CDC’s whole argument that vaccines never, ever cause autism – the CDC researchers buried it.

What’s more, he’s also on tape saying another study he was lead researcher on sends an ominous signal that the mercury-containing flu shot for pregnant woman can cause autism. The study found a higher risk of tics, and children with autism have four times the rate of tics as other children.

Meanwhile, Thompson says on the tape and doesn’t take back in his statement, “I can say confidently I do think thimerosal causes tics. So I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women. Like, that’s the last person I would give mercury to. Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics. You start a campaign and make it your mantra.

“Do you think a pregnant mother would want to take a vaccine that they knew caused tics? Absolutely not. I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics. I can say, tics are four times more prevalent in kids with autism. There is biological plausibility right now to say that thimerosal causes autism-like features.”

Interesting what a strong echo this is from the Simpsonwood transcript, June 7, 2000: "Forgive this personal comment, but I got called out at eight o'clock for an emergency call and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by C-section. Our first male in the line of the next generation and I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. It will probably take a long time. In the meantime, and I know there are probably implications for this internationally, but in the meanwhile I think I want that grandson to only be given Thimerosal-free vaccines." - Dr. Robert Johnson, Immunologist, University of Colorado, Simpsonwood, Ga.

So while the rest of us suckers shoot our kids and ourselves up with autism-causing vaccinations, the smart set – namely, epidemiologists and immunologists whom we pay to figure these things out – look at the data and say, no way you’re giving that to my wife and grandson!

Of course, tell that to your pediatrician and he’ll tell you there’s no evidence for that. There’s no evidence because the evidence has been suppressed, and now it’s being unsuppressed.

As of today, August 28, 2014,  it’s quite clear that flu shots with mercury should be yanked off the market, and not just for pregnant women and infants (Thompson seemed not to know that they, too, get mercury-laced flu shots). Mercury-containing shots, including those promoted in third-world countries by hapless do-good-look-at-me-I’m-a-hero groups like the Gates Foundation, should be gathered up and disposed of by people in hazmat suits.

And the MMR should be moved to 36 months for any and all. Given that we now see it is capable of causing autism but don’t know exactly why (it’s probably viral interference at too young an age, but is the interference driven by the neurotoxic measles vaccine or the mutated and ineffective mumps portion, the subject of another whistleblower complaint?), it should be broken back into three parts and given with wide separation.

And the flawed and offensive Pediatrics article giving the MMR a clean bill of health at 12 months should be retracted.

Speaking of offensive, when you dig down into the tics issue, you find a CDC official saying parents don’t know what the hell tics are! The way CDC bigwig Dr. Ed Trevathan tortures the data reminds me of Dick Cheney torturing the poor CIA officers into confessing there might be some chance that Iraq had WMD’s and al Qaeda affiliates meeting in every Moose Lodge in Iraq on Tuesday evenings.

This narrative was supplied by Brian Hooker:

The CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson has stated directly,

“Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics.  You start a campaign and make that your manta.” 

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has tried very hard internally to cover up this link.  In 2009, Dr. Thompson completed a study with Dr. John Barile on this very subject. 

Accordingly, they found a relationship between levels of thimerosal exposure in infants between 0 and 7 months of age and motor and phonic tics, specifically in boys.

 An association was also seen in girls exposed to thimerosal prenatally.  The original manuscript put forward internally in the CDC by Barile and Thompson stated the following regarding thimerosal and tics:

“In light of these findings, the researchers conclude that greater exposure to thimerosal from vaccines is potentially associated with an increased risk for the presence of tics in boys between the ages of seven to ten.”


“The study also found that for girls, higher prenatal exposure to thimerosal was associated with higher tic counts during the assessment period…”

However, when this publication was submitted for clearance through the CDC’s clearance process, the entire manuscript was rejected due to these admissions that thimerosal exposure causes tics.  In fact, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the time, Dr. Ed Trevathan, in an April 25, 2009 email, recommended that the manuscript not be published.  SEE HERE.

 Instead, top CDC officials recruited an additional author, Dr. Jonathan Mink, a tic expert from University of Rochester Medical Center who was paid by the CDC to state as the paper’s primary conclusion instead,

“This finding [regarding tics] should be interpreted with caution due to limitations in the measurement of tics and the limited biological plausibility regarding a causal relationship.”

This is despite the fact that three earlier CDC publications (Verstraeten et al. 2003, Andrews et al. 2004 and Thompson et al. 2007) had also reported an association between thimerosal exposure early in life and tics.  Thompson himself reported that he was under tremendous pressure to absolve thimerosal at all costs and run and rerun the analyses to remove the association between thimerosal exposure and tics. 

Consequently, when the severely compromised manuscript was submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine for consideration for publication, it was soundly rejected with the following comments from the peer reviewers:

Reviewer 1: In this paper, the authors seem to be hoping for and wanting to demonstrate lack of relationships. When a relationship does emerge, the authors essentially downplay it, even though…a) The authors argue for how strong the dataset is earlier in the paper and b) the authors explain why SEM is superior to alternative analytic techniques.

Reviewer 2: The authors’ conclusion that “thimerosal is not a major causal agent for tic disorders (p. 13),” is not in accordance with their own data. That is, it is not reasonable, on the one hand, to argue that the use of SEM reduces the probability of Type I error, and then, on the other hand, to ignore the one significant, positive finding because of “the lack of biological plausibility of such a relationship.” 

Reviewer 3: In general, the arguments presented on page 13 that findings on the tic outcome variable were not seen as sufficiently persuasive to completely dismiss those findings.  Only one citation is provided.  Further, in the absence of complete heritability, evidence of heritability does not (as the authors seem to suggest), rule out gene-by-environment interactions or even direct environmental effects...If the authors are to convince skeptical professionals, parents, or public policy-makers of their point, they would be well-advised to address the purported mechanisms of effect that have been proposed. 

The manuscript was then submitted to and rejected by the Journal of the American Medical Association before it was finally picked up by the Journal of Pediatrics Psychology and was published in 2012.

In 2009, the CDC also commissioned a study in Italy by Dr. Alberto Tozzi, of Bambino Gesu` Hospital, Rome, Italy, in part to counter the many other CDC publications that report a relationship between thimerosal and tics.  Within the publication released from this study, which appeared in the journal Pediatrics, it was stated,

“We failed to observe any association with tics, in contrast to the findings of some observational studies.”

Although the CDC has gone on to herald this study as “proof” that thimerosal does not cause tics, independent reevaluation of the data in the Italian study show statistically significant relationships between thimerosal exposure and both motor and phonic tics for all children and girls and a statistically significant relationship between thimerosal exposure and phonic tics for boys.  Thompson himself has expressed extreme doubt regarding the veracity of the Tozzi et al. study’s claims and encouraged Dr. Brian Hooker to have the data reanalyzed.  This reanalysis makes clear, the study authors’ data is counter to their own claims that thimerosal does not cause tics.   

With this revelation, now all 5 CDC studies that considered tics as a consequence to thimerosal exposure show strong, statistically significant relationships despite CDC’s current claims that,

“There is no convincing evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site.” 

It should be noted that the presence of tics is four times more prevalent in children with autism than in the general population.  Thus, Dr. Thompson himself has argued that,

“There is a biological plausibility right now to say that thimerosal causes autism-like features.”


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism



Re aluminum:
In Dr. David Ayoub's talk at the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons 2008 he addresses aluminum:
While he says that mercury in vaccines is a horrible toxin, he goes on to add "I think aluminum in vaccines is far worse than thimerosol". In his lecture he explains why:

Vaccines and Childhood Illnesses: Beyond Thimerosal. David Ayoub, MD


We cannot forget the seniors, who dutifully take their mercury laden flu shots each year. Autism in the young....Alzeheimers in the elderly. God Help Us!

Angus Files

(PART 2) AutismOne/THRiiiVE August 29th Top Ten Seminar (Dr Brian Hooker +++)



Yes, I agree , aluminum is dangerous. My eighteen year old, starting college this week (hooray) had a rough start in life after his hepb. He had "instant brain damage", I don't know what else one can call losing the sucking reflex a few hours after vaccination and being whisked off to the NICU for scalp iv's and gavage feedings. His lifelong tachycardia, and now a diagnosis of arthritis, sits firmly in my belief that HepB damaged more than his brain. ASIA is what we're looking into now.
Wasn't the HPV vaccine studied with the "placebo" group having the full dose of aluminum to skew the results? Not certain, it's been awhile since reading that one, and none of my children have received it and won't. I observe, and have seen nothing good, there's far too much MS in young adults and something "new" to me Devic's disease.'s a dirty cauldron out there!!!

Stephanie Seneff

If you're going to address the vaccine issue with autism you have to consider aluminum as well. I think at this point in time aluminum is more important than mercury, because it is in so many more vaccines (I believe mercury is now only in the flu vaccine, but Gardasil, the new one for teenagers carries a high dose of aluminum, and packs a big punch in terms of adverse reactions). Newborns get an aluminum-containing Hep-B vaccine that I think is unconscionable.


Start with tic disorders.
Hmmmm I will say that starting with gut trouble has got us somewhere.

Sleep disorders seem to be the second - maybe the first problem in this family and I bet we are not the only ones.

So tics my kids had this strange blinking of the eye lids -- not noticable only to a mother. Worse at times and gone at others - The PedSSSSS (Oh, so knowlegable) told me it is nothing but allergies.

That was 30 years ago -- guys.

I would love James Cherry's head too.



"I am sure that the major reason they are so freaked out about people not fully vaccinating is that then they WILL have the control group."

How I appreciate the simplicity of a powerful one liner!

You can read tons of transcripts, studies, interpretation of data til your eyes cross, but this one line really encapsulates their anti-vax BS IMO!

(Some diseases, like polio, aren't even contagious.)

Love it!

Angus Files

Sorry for the typo error on the last post meant to include

Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on #CDCWhistleblower


Angus Files

No vaccines in this family not even the one time we vaccinated but like most non.vaccinating families you have a normal baby and then regression after vaccine fooled once but not twice.

Great article Dan I don't why but I am always set aback by the media control when we have a story that can save children from suffering in the way the vaccine induced autism causes them to live the living hell they live.

Then you realise that 232 editors control the information diet of 270 million Americans (if you have a brain washing box in the corner).

6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America(2012)

I guess Twitter Parties are one of the ways in which we can get our life saving News out

#CDCWHISTLEBLOWER Tweet with all tweets everyone.


On that

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Dan

Nerdy MomofAsdKid

Whoops, I may have to correct. It isn't clear if the Duggar's vaccinate or not, so I shouldn't have stated that.

Nerdy MomofAsdKid

It's sad but how can we ever tease out the effect of a specific vaccine when it is very rare for any child to get only one? Except for the parents who stop after the first terrible reaction, and no one will successfully persuade that parent to revaccinate. So how do we know if MMR causes autism only in children who were primed for it due to prior mercury or if MMR would cause autism alone. This simple fact should prove the point that the testing is profoundly and totally inadequate. There are no controls,it would take thousands of infants and a huge amount of organization to adequately test any single vaccine (which makes me wonder if the testing done on Irish babies in the orphanages and third world countries was related to a useless attempt to at least test for blatant failures, unethically and on the lives of these children . . .also, how do we even know if they work? Obviously so much vaccine failure has been happening recently . . .and that's just what we know of. I am sure that the major reason they are so freaked out about people not fully vaccinating is that then they WILL have the control group. Then people will notice that the children who have done so well and are so manageable (like the 19 Dugars) are the ones who are not vaccinated. . . .

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! A similar story goes for tics then. I thought they were pretty open about that one.

From what I see, we have a major cover-up completely uncovered and lying exposed for anyone to see, if they ever happen to decide they can decide for themselves that what they see is reality.


I'm going off topic here but this is one of the appropriate places to ask this:
Has anyone experienced multiple browser crasher over the last couple of weeks when going to sites like: this one, Green Med, Natural News,Adventures in Autism, The Refusers, etc. You know, the ones the MSM usually targets as being problematic?
I have had no less than 6 crashes on Firefox today with webpages loading extremely slow. I've been researching and saving all information regarding Dr. Thompson revelations but these crashes are driving me crazy. It's not happening on any other subject.



IMO, vaccines are not worthy a risk especially in young children. When we add to autism a plethora of other debilitating or life threatening chronic diseases and deaths, which vaccines cause, it becomes evident that most people who were vaccinated were damaged to some degree. Some vaccines make sense obviously, when one is traveling to exotic places, where certain serious diseases are endemic. But I agree, everybody should decide for him/herself and for his children. With my current knowledge of vaccine injuries, I would not get any and would not give any to my child.


Excellent article, Dan. Thank you.

I will say, though, that I wish that delaying the MMR to 36 months would help all kids but my son got his first ever MMR - along with his first ever Varicella and two boosters, Hib and Pneumococcal- at 39 months. He was still injured. Although I shudder to think how much worse it would have been had we not delayed them. But he was immune compromised from over prescribed antibiotics in the first two years of life. Pediatricians should be on the hook for giving live virus vaccines to immune compromised kids.

cia parker

I basically agree with you, of course, but I don't think all vaccines are useless at doing what they're supposed to do. The question goes back to whether they're worth the risk. I think they very rarely are, but sometimes might be. But everyone must be very clear about the magnitude of the risk they present.


Thank you, Dan Olmsted, for your continued dedication. Our family is forever grateful.


VAERS shows that all vaccines are useless and toxic and harm and kill. They all should be banned for children below age of 3.


"thimerosal from vaccines caused tics" -William Thompson. Yeah, I guess it's time for some kind of big PR campaign or full page ad in something.


Great post John S!

Mind blowing to know how vaccines have already shaped the course of human history. Thanks for putting it in a broader perspective. Up until now, I had thought the harvesting of diseases was a modern phenomenon.

How many other con games can go back this many centuries?

John Scudamore

well said Laura, any fully informed person would know vaccination is only about for 1) the money, 4 billion I just read in the USA alone, 2) but primarily for the disease it causes which must generate 10 + times that amount, and the death it causes for their depopulation, our depopulation, programme, all exceedingly well documented, including the vaccine one. 100 million 19th century, 200-300 million 20th century. It is naive to think the vaccine industry has no connection to the depopulation industry.

they knew how to cure smallpox in the 17th century, so they knew the cause, poor sanitation, diet, dirty water etc. So there was never any need for a vaccine except to prove it was deadly, useless and the main creator of smallpox epidemics.

they deliberately spread smallpox, leprosy, syphilis etc around the world for 150+ years.

and they proved their motives again when they suppressed the Vitamin C cure for all infections from around 1949 when Klenner was curing polio with it.

and they suppressed the Vitamin C cure for cot-death, 10,000 a year at that time, USA.

like they know the cause and cure for alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc but suppress them, 100 years plus with cancer.

the psychopaths who suppress cancer cures and created the killing rooms they call chemotherapy suites are the same psychopaths selling vaccines. Wake up.

Dr. Michael D.Farley: I've met dozens and dozens and dozens of oncologists in my 30 years of practice. And the truth of the matter is this is going to upset a lot of the medical community, but when I talk to them about it they start understanding. I've met one oncologist in my life that wouldn't be classified as a sociopath. And you can define sociopath...Yet, they're willing to give chemicals to a person, knowing that they're not going to help the person.Especially if the oncologist has been doing it, for any length of time at all,knowing that it causes harm, collecting the money for it and moving onto the next patient. And that by definition would make them sociopathic. No conscience, no remorse, yet giving them drugs they themselves would never take."


Linda1, I agree Dan is an elite reporter, one would have a difficult time finding someone that does it better.


Dear Dan,

Comparing your reporting of the events this past week with that of CNN leaves me speechless.

Please keep up the excellent work.

david m burd

Dan, Your sentence "(the MMR) should be broken into three parts and given widely separated" was already criticized by Laura Hayes, and you responded in a wishy-washy fashion, saying if informed-consent parents want their toddlers to get the shots just go right ahead.

The PROBLEM is "informed" parents could easily just keep reading CDC propaganda - so they THINK they are well informed, or they could easily fall for the phony advice from their pediatrician. Being "informed" is a god-awful bag of worms when parents think their willfully ignorant pediatrician(s) and/or the hopelessly corrupt CDC are credible. And just thinking separating and spreading out vaccine shots helps is a very slippery slope - when in my opinion (from my healthy vaccine-free childhood era) vaccines should be entirely avoided.

Maureen Fischer

Thank you for this very insightful piece, Dan. After I read the RFK article in Rolling Stone magazine about Simpsonwood, I contacted an organization called NAAR. I believe they became Autism Speaks. I practically begged them to warn people that there was a controversy. To my surprise, Peter Bell, the head of NAAR started emailing me back. I knew that he had a son on the spectrum so after a couple back and forth emails, I asked him if knowing what we now knows would he vaccinate his son. I was trying to get them to warn people even if the science was not complete. To my shock and horror he wrote back to say that he had a daughter that he decided not to vaccinate. I never contacted him again as I lost all respect for him.

BoB Moffitt

The CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson has stated directly,

“Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics. You start a campaign and make that your manta.”

In my humble opinion .. that is only one campaign "mantra" that should be screamed .. day after day after day .. and that "mantra" is to demand passage of pending federal legislation seeking to fund the vaccinated v. unvaccinated study.

Unfortunately, there is no way .. absolutely no way .. the CDC and vaccine cartels will allow a scientific, independent study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to prove .. once and for all .. that BOTH populations have suffered the same, dramatic, inexplicable, mysterious .. increase in chronic autoimmune diseases .. that were far less common in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED generations.


Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath

Well, I have treated 2 girls who started to regress into autism after receiving MMR preschool, age 4.

1 was vaccinated already and it was just her latest
The other was NOT vaccinated at all until the 4 yo MMR

BOTH started to regress.

With homeopathic treatment and Vitamin A in high doses, they were turned around. No guarantee of safety at any age.


I am VERY surprised by your statement regarding administering the MMR, even after the still tender, pre- school age of 3, Mr. Olmstead.

I, too, take exception to that statement - not because the MMR disproportionately affects black children, but because it affects ANY innocent child and yes, every single one of them is blameless and innocent at that age and underserving of a lifetime fraught with immense challenges and suffering that comes with ASD.

That said...

Why do I feel like these gov't watchdog agencies are trying to appease us parents by tossing us one crumb after another while we continue to be asked to sacrifice more and of our children to toxic vaccines for the good of the "herd".

Which vax, if any, will they next identify and admit causes the OCD in our autistic kids? Which vax will they pinpoint and admit is responsible for seizures? Tourette's, GI issues etc.?

At this rate, expect one "admission" every 13 years or so.

Or, will they some day finally declare that autism falls under the umbrella of induced immunoexcitotoxity resulting in neurodegenerative diseases that also includes Parkinson's and Alzheimer's? I would hazard a guess that this will happen only when Big Pharma gets its proprietary vice grip on the profitable manufacturing and distribution of drugs that manage these non congenital, induced neurological conditions, including autism, will the propaganda, stonewalling and ad hominem attacks against anti-vaxers cease.

By then, 70% of the general population will probably need to be on one of their "special pills" just to function neurologically and stave off further brain deterioration.

Laura Hayes

Thanks for clarifying, Dan.

It must still be recognized, and pointed out, that those still wanting the MMR vaccine for their children are desiring it based on decades upon decades of manipulation of data, fraud, lies, cover-ups, and lack of proper addition to years of propaganda-brainwashing. If they knew that the entire vaccine industry was/is built on a house of cards, i.e. if they were to discover that they have purposefully not been told the truth for decades upon decades, my guess is that they would not be wanting the MMR vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, for their children or themselves.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see how many would actually vaccinate their children if the lies were exposed, the truth told, the mandates removed, and product liability restored.

I couldn't agree with you more, Dan, when you write, "And of course everyone should have free choice based on informed consent." Of course, where that informed consent might come from is anyone's guess in this day and age of fraudulent science produced by the industry that profits from it. That is why I wrote "The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines."

Stand Up!

Thank You Dan for that clarification following Laura Hayes' comments, because I couldn't agree more with her that ALL VACCINES are not and never have been scientifically supported to promote or protect health. They are inherently TOXIC and an ASSAULT on both the master system--the nervous system--and the immune system. The study of human physiology with respect to the law of adaptation (how we deal with stress, particularly environmental--look to Hans Selye's work on stressed physiology) proves that unequivocally.

cia parker

However, all parents should be warned, both orally and in writing, that vaccines are more likely to cause neurological conditions like autism when given to babies and toddlers, and cause neurological conditions like MS and paralysis when given to those over three years old. They should also be informed that measles is not the killer disease the CDC has proclaimed it to be using inaccurate figures. According to Dr. Langmuir, reporting on measles fatalities in 1962, measles caused four deaths in 10,000 cases in infants in the first year, two death in 10,000 in one and two-year olds, and one death in 10,000 in those over three. Vitamin A reduces deaths, high doses of vitamin C treat almost everything, and giving Tylenol or any other fever reducer greatly increases the death rate. As Dr. Gordon said several months ago, measles is simply not a dangerous disease in previously healthy children. How many parents know the facts? And then, obviously, very few parents would choose to endanger their children's minds and health by giving them the MMR (etc.). I agree with Laura. We're in for a penny, in for a pound. Full disclosure would mean a vaccine-free world.

Dan Olmsted

hi laura, the way i should have put it, i think, is that if a parent wants their child to get the mmr -- and the fact is, many do -- they should clearly wait to at least age three based on this evidence, and the cdc should not recommend it before then based on its own data. and of course everyone should have free choice based on informed consent. -- dan

Laura Hayes

Of all that has been revealed this week, I think this email that originated from Dr. Edwin Trevathan is one of THE MOST INCRIMINATING. In it, he is stating that parents and trained observers are not capable of recognizing tics, only pediatric neurologists and pediatric psychiatrists are savvy enough to do that. Clearly, we know he doesn't believe that for a second. That he would put that in writing as a way to discredit and dismiss the VERY significant data/evidence that thimerosal causes tics in children is UNCONSCIONABLE! What kind of a person does such a thing? Someone who is morally bankrupt and working for the devil, that's who.

Thank you, Dan, for covering this. I am going to continue to take exception to anyone, though, who puts in writing that there is any safe time, way, or age to give vaccines (I am referencing your paragraph on the MMR vaccine). There is zero evidence for that, so it should not be put forth as a viable option at this time.


Why feel its necessary to give vaccines at all as they do not appear to give life long immunity, the children I know who have received no shots at all seem to be in excellent health.Looking at the long term health outcome of unvaccinated people might be a start in the right direction.

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