CDC Frauds: Connections Between the DeStefano Paper and the Thorsen Affair.
Dachel Media Update: CDC MMR SOS

Knock-out Blow Needed: Dr. Thompson Must Speak Out on MMR African American Autism Connection.

Pink-boxing-gloveBy J.B. Handley

I’m pleased as punch that a member of the CDC Matrix has stepped out and admitted what so many of us have known for years: the CDC cooked data to make the relationship between vaccines and autism go away.

For those of you disappointed that we aren’t yet hearing about this story in the mainstream media, I have some simple advice for Dr. Thompson and his lawyers, PR advisors, and whomever else is now providing him with counsel: speak up!

As much as Drs. Wakefield and Hooker are heroes of our community, and deservedly so, they’re also the farthest thing from objective as far as a mainstream journalist is concerned, and having their names all over this story does not help it take flight. This is a story about Dr. William Thompson and the CDC. Period.

Meanwhile, at least for the moment, CNN’s iReport is back up and Natural News is doing a great job covering the story, too.

JB Handley is.... JB Handley. ;)


Tony Bateson

Unbelieveable - what a thrill to read that William Thompson says he must help Andrew Wakefield's rehabilitation. Andrew has made almost the ultimate sacrifice in the face of the worst kind of paid hacks who would sell their souls for loose change if it showed them a profit. People like Andrew Wakefield should never have to be exposed to the dregs of humanity who rightly belong in the bowels of hell.
I have believed for years that Andrew Wakefield should be given a Nobel Prize for bravery. He was the first doctor ever who gave me confidence that my own observations about my daughter's plight and the many links to a vaccine causation were probably sound. Doctor's of every other kind blustered and blabbed. No countervailing view ever came from their lips. Coincidence-coincidence-coincidence.
Best wishes to Andrew Wakefield an extraordinary man.
Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

For Jeff Stone

This is not vague at all:

William Thompson statement "I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information [that] suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at increased risk for autism. ... protocol was not followed."

Jeff Stone

Dr. Thompson's open letter is vague at best. CNN is now running a story which highlights Translational Neurodegeneration removing Brian Hooker's article. Consequently, we have taken a step backwards rather than forwards. The only way to regain traction will be for Congressman Posey and others to push matters.


God bless & protect Dr Thompson if he's for real.
If I were him, I would make myself as public as possible, not only because it's the right thing to do but because the criminals behind this crime against humanity are capable of anything & his safety lies in him having as a high a profile as possible.

If he is reading this, have courage & trust in God that you are doing the right thing but understand also, there is no going back for you now.

Thank you for remembering your humanity Dr Thompson.

Love & respect to Dr Andy Wakefield.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I also agree that Dr. Thompson, being the first to come forward, should receive full immunity from prosecution. Others need to come forward.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

Dorit and Reibel are going at it fast and furious. The desperation from these two is palpable, and quite hilarious considering the bullying and harassment (particularly from Reibel) they have done. Incidentally, the CNN iReport has again been flagged. Dorit and Reibel must have called in the rest of the incompetent thug squad to flag the post to censor it.

Which is funny...if you follow Gorski's dogma, censoring opposing views is something that "anti-vaxxers" do...


The next Congressional hearing on Autism should be quite interesting. Perhaps Dan for several hours on the UPI Amish studies, and JB on the “Science of Olgyolgy”.... the study of studies.

It will be easier to understand the CDC delay on the 1999 request by Congress for a simple vax / unvaxed study to see if the Autism rates for the two groups are the same.

The CDC staff at the hearing will need a fan to stay cool, but there will be no escape of the s hit ing the fan.

mary w maxwell

Having now seen the 2002 memo from Thompson to Melinda, I'm no longer inclined to push my theory of fakery. Thank you (False Skeptics) for the lead.
(But conditioning us to feel helpless, and defeated, is an important ongoing strategy of the powerful and we fall for it to an embarrassing degree.)

John Stone

Hi Mary,

Frustrating though things are at the moment I don't believe that this is a public relations success for the CDC - anything but.



Well if it was a set-up then I hope that any persons who participated in such a charade (and I obviously don't mean Dr. Wakefield or Hooker) should be exposed. This is anything but funny.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

Extraordinary fascinating email from Dr. Thompson that NaturalNews reported. I wish there were more details, but it does appear that Dr. Thompson knew something was going on and expressed some concern, even going so far as to hire his own lawyer back in 2002.

mary w maxwell

Beware fakery. The Thompson episode does not sound like a genuine whistleblowing. The details about him being escorted out are not necessarily true. We are dealing with the federal government here, which has complete control of everything.
I think it looks like one of their many games in which the purpose is to scandalize us even further and then, as usual, leave the status quo in place, only this time with everyone even more conditioned to letting them do it.
Why are the Sovereign People of America putting up with this?


is it a coincidence that the cdc revised certification of birth 11/2003 to include parents education and details of birth?


I just want to add that there has been some rumbling that the whistleblower's identity should not have been revealed.

It used to be that if one is aware of a crime and does not report it, including naming the perpetrator(s), that that is a serious crime in itself. As far as I know, it still is.

Every day that the crime is not reported, is another day that children are put at risk.


It would not have mattered who presented this. The Pharma/government controlled media would have jumped all over it to bury it regardless. I believe that because it came from Drs. Hooker and Wakefield that it got and will get more traction and be harder to censor with those that matter - the public who needs to hear the truth. Dr. Wakefield's film is brilliantly done. The message is clear and factual.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

In his defense, since this is such a huge admission, he's likely consulting with his lawyer on the best path moving forward. There's going to be quite a bit of legal thuggery coming his way from the various alphabet organizations (not to mention the Pharmaceutical companies), so he is making sure that he is ready before he makes his statement.

It's interesting that the Pseudo-skeptic community (Gorski and his drooling idiots) are saying that Dr. Thompson's silence means that Dr. Hooker's allegations are false, that the audio was split up and taken out of context. If this were true, then Dr. Thompson would have already released a statement condemning Dr. Hooker and Wakefield, and there would already be legal proceedings underway.

The fact that he hasn't come forward to disavow the statement of Dr. Hooker means that there could very well be some validity to what Dr. Hooker is saying.


I would advocate for full immunity for Dr. Thompson as long as the truth gets out.

Anne J

I completely agree! Dr. Thompson, the world needs to hear directly from YOU. I know how difficult it must be to step out in the open, but it's the rigt thing to do (and history will remember you as a hero, unlike those cowards who know what's happening to our children and remain silent. They, too, will go down in history, but not how they'd hoped). You have done a courageous thing already, so please let everyone see you give an open, honest interview about the fraud going on in CDC research. Too many children have been hurt, and their lives destroyed. This needs to end. No more young lives should be ruined needlessly. I hope you will stay strong and do the right thing by speaking out more publicly. Thank you!

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