Statement from William Thompson, RE Pediatrics MMR African American Males Data
CDC Whistle Blower Letter to Gerberding: More to the Story

KHOU Houston Features Karen Kain's Book: Vaccine Injured Child Who Died

Karen Lorrin 15KHOU TV Great Day Houston: Karen Kain and A Unique Life Fully Lived 

Aug 24, 2014, Karen Kain, a tireless advocate for the disabled and an activist about vaccine injury, appeared on the TV show, Great Day Houston. 

Karen's book, "A Unique Life Fully Lived" is a tribute to her vaccine injured daughter, all the more poignant in light of the CDC's whistleblower.


Wayne Rohde

I have had the pleasure of talking with Karen, listening to her message of love, reliving the wonderful and sometimes heartbreaking story of her daughter. I interviewed Karen for my upcoming book on the Vaccine Court. She was probably the best interview, so upbeat for such a tragic story.


Karen Kain attributed her book as being written by herself and her severely vaccine-injured daughter, Lorrin, which was fitting since the book revealed the beautiful courageous spirits, accomplishments, contributions and journeys of both and since Karen's writing was attuned to Lorrin's spirit. I couldn't put the book down and I will always remember these two amazing women.

Jim Thompson

"Pfizer Executive Vice President and General Counsel Amy Schulman said the company was pleased with the ruling.

'The Vaccine Act that Congress enacted nearly 25 years ago appropriately places the responsibility for determining the optimal design of life-saving childhood vaccines in the hands of expert federal agencies, not a patchwork of state tort systems,' she said."

Again, see .

Jim Thompson

Please look at this young women's life and her parents' lives. See

And then consider the injustice of the U.S. Congress granting vaccine companies immunity from vaccination lawsuits. See .

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