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I Have Decided To Vaccinate My Child Because…

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By Laura Hayes

It’s that time of year again… parents are scrambling to make doctor appointments for their children so they can comply with daycare, preschool, elementary school, junior high, high school, and yes, now even college, vaccine requirements.

Time to stop and ask yourself, if you are one of these parents, why you are choosing to comply with these vaccine mandates.

Read through these possible reasons one by one, and check all that apply:

1. Because I want to believe that vaccines were responsible for eradicating the infectious diseases against which we vaccinate, even though data going back more than 150 years definitively show that vaccines were not responsible for the major drop in mortality from infectious diseases, or for the complete disappearance of horrible diseases for which there never was a vaccine (so how did those diseases go away, I’m wondering?), or for the increase in life expectancy. In actuality, mortality rates often increased after the initiation of mass vaccination programs. I want to believe it was the vaccines that were responsible, so I can have a false sense of security that my child will be protected from infectious diseases (at least the ones I’ve been taught to fear, i.e. the ones for which there is now a vaccine).

2. Because I want to believe that my doctor would not tell me vaccines are safe and effective if they weren’t. I want to believe that my doctor is a vaccine expert. I don’t want to know that my doctor received about two hours of vaccine information during four years of medical school, and that two hours was spent teaching how and where to inject up to 11 vaccines contained in seven syringes into a tiny infant, all at the same time (tricky to do, as there are only so many limbs on a human). I don’t want to know that my doctor receives his vaccine safety and efficacy information from the pharmaceutical reps (and oh, those reps are so good-looking!) who love to take him out to lunch and give him nice gifts, and whose companies rake in billions of dollars from vaccine sales each and every year. I must admit I was shocked when my pediatrician told me he knew that vaccines were safe because the pharmaceutical reps told him they were.

3. Because I want to believe that definitive studies have been done showing that vaccines are safe. I don’t want to learn that vaccine “safety studies” are done by the makers of the vaccines, i.e. the ones who profit to the tune of billions of dollars from vaccine sales. I don’t want to learn that vaccines are not tested against placebos, but rather are tested against other vaccines, or combinations of vaccines, or adjuvants, which cause reactions in and of themselves. If I thought about this too hard, I would see that saying one vaccine is no more dangerous than another, or than a combination of vaccines, or than a dangerous adjuvant, doesn’t mean it’s safe at all. That would be like saying heroin is safe because it’s no more dangerous than crack. Seriously, who has been allowing such studies? (Hint: the FDA, CDC, and HHS, for starters.)

4. Because I want to believe it doesn’t matter that a study comparing the health and development outcomes (both short- and long-term) between the vaccinated and unvaccinated has never been done. Upon further reflection, though, I guess that’s like saying I don’t care to know that the many disabilities and chronic health issues plaguing the children in our country, not to mention our high infant mortality rates, are being caused by the very things parents are duped into believing will protect their children. Now I’m asking myself, why hasn’t this study been done? The comparative information it would provide is so basic that a fifth grader could tell you it needs to be done.

5. Because I want to believe that vaccines are effective (even if they’re not responsible for eradicating any disease). Although that is getting harder and harder to believe, with all these “outbreaks” the media is constantly reporting. Our vaccination rates are incredibly high in the U.S., hovering in the high 90 percents almost everywhere, so why all the outbreaks? And why are so many fully vaccinated people part of these “outbreaks” – over 80% in some instances? Let me think about this for a minute… children receive five DTaP vaccines by age five, yet they are still getting pertussis. Hmm… to the average person, that would suggest that the vaccine doesn’t work… but not to our government, not to our health “professionals,” and not to our media. But the facts seem obvious to me: These vaccines are not working. Yet instead of blaming the vaccine manufacturers for selling faulty products, vaccine promoters blame parents who don’t vaccinate their children – even though those children are sailing through “outbreaks” relatively unaffected. Hmm… I wonder what the non-vaccinating parents are doing that is keeping their children so robust and healthy? Note to self to check into that.

6. Because I want to believe that our government can be trusted, including the FDA with its vaccine approvals, the CDC with its vaccine recommendations, and our state governments with their vaccine mandates. Wait a minute, though – it seems like I’m always reading about government corruption, elected officials who are beholden to their big business donors, revolving doors between government and industry, lack of oversight and accountability at every turn, pork bellies and payoffs, pharmaceutical companies fined huge sums for unethical and sometimes deadly deeds… the list goes on. Why would I believe that in this one area of business (and what a profitable one at that), everyone all of a sudden acts honorably, ethically, and morally? That seems a stretch, the more I think about it.

7. Because I want to believe that medical procedures wouldn’t be prescribed if they aren’t needed, especially for tiny babies. You know, though, that hepatitis B vaccine recommendation always gives me pause. Why is it recommended that every newborn in the U.S. get a vaccine for a disease that is transmitted sexually and/or via illegal IV drug use? That does sound a bit suspicious, now that I think about it. Could it be that the surest way to get a mom to accept the whole kit and caboodle of recommended vaccines (70+ and counting, not including those now delivered in utero) is to get her to accept that very first one, while she is in a hospital setting surrounded by a bunch of white-coats, exhausted after having just given birth, feeling somewhat indebted to the person who is now telling her that her newborn baby simply must be vaccinated for a sexually-transmitted, IV-drug-user disease? Now I must ask myself, if that sounds illogical and looks like profiteering, what about all the other vaccines they’re pushing on my kids? If I can’t trust our government and the health care industry regarding the hepatitis B vaccine, how can I trust any of their recommendations?

8. Because I want to believe that good health comes through a pill for this or a shot for that… easy-peasy. But realistically those shortcuts hardly make sense, as I’ve heard my grandma explain (who’s 95, never vaccinated, and healthy as a horse). For years she stressed the importance of three healthy meals per day, clean water, rest, exercise, fresh air, staying home when sick, staying away from others who are sick, washing my hands (with regular soap, not that newfangled antibacterial soap), and not putting dangerous stuff in my body (and I must admit, after looking at the lengthy list of vaccine ingredients recently, I don’t think my grandma would approve of injecting that stuff into anyone). Question to self: Injecting lead into an infant is illegal, so why is it legal, recommended, and mandated to inject the even more neurotoxic mercury into an infant?

9. Because I want to believe that I can delegate my children’s health to others, and not have to take on that responsibility myself. Doctors know best, right? Wait; what if that’s not right? Especially considering today’s insurance-run world of medicine, where profits for the health insurance companies trump all… wealth versus health. Maybe I do have it in me to take charge of my children’s health. Maybe my grandma’s advice wasn’t just old-fashioned, but wise beyond belief.

  • What if I focus on protecting, maintaining, and enhancing my children’s health by breastfeeding them for the first year or two or three of their lives, then feeding them nutrient-dense, organic foods?
  • What if I keep my children mostly at home the first couple months of their lives, versus exposing them to germs at the grocery store, the airport, or the doctor’s office?
  • What if I keep my children home when they’re sick and take care of them, keep them away from others who are sick, and teach them the importance of hand-washing – including at school, where time and supplies are often not allotted for that basic and sensible form of hygiene?
  • What if I make sure my children get plenty of exercise and rest, avoid over-scheduling them, provide proper supervision at all ages, create a loving and supportive home environment, and reduce toxins to which they’re exposed at home, at school, and in the community as much as possible?

Wow, those ideas sound sensible, healthful, and best of all, not harmful… no lengthy lists of adverse reactions to this list, unlike with vaccines.

10. Because I want to believe that if our government did discover that the vaccines they had been approving, recommending, and mandating were causing great harm, responsible  regulators and policymakers would immediately take action and halt our nation’s vaccine program until its safety and efficacy were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. In the back of my mind, though, I keep thinking about things the parents of vaccine-injured children keep trying to get me to read about:

  • The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which removed liability from both those who manufacture vaccines and from those who administer vaccines;
  • The tripling of the vaccine schedule after the 1986 Act was passed, a schedule which included inconceivable and devastating amounts of highly neurotoxic mercury, deadly in some cases (What? Mercury in shots for infants and children?);
  • The CDC’s investigation of the sudden and skyrocketing rates of autism in Brick Township, NJ during the 1990s, an investigation that stopped abruptly with no explanation to the townspeople;
  • The transcript from a meeting in Simpsonwood, GA in 2000, a CDC-sponsored meeting where evidence linking thimerosal in vaccines to autism and other childhood disorders was presented, but never reported to the public;
  • Refusal of doctors and hospitals to report adverse reactions to vaccines to the national VAERS database (just talk to the parents of vaccine-injured children);
  • Refusal of the CDC and HHS to monitor, investigate, and act upon or even take an interest in the adverse reactions to vaccines that do get reported to VAERS (talk to the parents who have filed reports);
  • Wanted criminal Paul Thorsen, whose published studies our government cites in an attempt to prove no link exists between thimerosal and autism;
  • The HHS’s former head ordering the media to censor and not give equal weight to anything that would call into question our nation’s vaccine program, and/or its link to the autism epidemic;
  • How the FDA and CDC recommended (not required) the removal of neurotoxic thimerosal (i.e. mercury) from vaccines, only to later reverse their decision – and instead implement a cover-up of the vaccine damage done during the previous two decades, a cover-up which included recommending the thimerosal-containing flu vaccine for pregnant women, infants, and toddlers.
  • How government and industry increased the levels of neurotoxic aluminum in vaccines while also touting the “trace” amounts of thimerosal in many vaccines as “safe,” thus permitting the synergistically super-neurotoxic effect of thimerosal and aluminum in vaccines;
  • Regulatory agencies and industry not monitoring whether vaccine labels accurately reflect what’s in the vials.

I know there are more concerns to consider… I’ll have to talk to my friends who have vaccine-injured children (I have so many of them; is that strange?).

Are you having second thoughts after reading this? Check which vaccine exemptions exist in your state, and don’t be bullied into vaccinating your child by anyone. Remember, it’s your child, your choice. It is your decision to allow or not allow any medical procedure or treatment for your child. Also remember that if your child suffers a vaccine injury, you will be on your own. No person and no entity will be held liable for any harm that comes to your child from any vaccine product.


Laura Hayes is the mother of vaccine-injured children, one of whom is now 20 years old. He is permanently disabled and will be dependent on others for his entire lifetime. He is part of the initial wave of the “Autism” Epidemic, an epidemic which shamefully continues today.



Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Autism Battered Dad, Thanks for keeping this post alive. It is a good one. Do you read books?Look on Amazon for books about vaccination or autism. Hey look, there is one recommended on this page! I think someone who considers himself battered by autism would want to know: How to End the Autism Epidemic.

Autism-Battered Dad

"Because I want to believe that vaccines are effective (even if they’re not responsible for eradicating any disease)."
Actually, they are. Google "smallpox".

christine kincaid

"I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead one" ??

Or; you could be in my shoes & have one of each, both from vaccine injury:

My little girl, in 1994, screamed the entire day after receiving her 4month old immunizations. Finally got her to sleep around 2am.

She never woke up again.

And I; the RN who was so indoctrinated in pro-vaccine propoganda, continued to vaccinate my children & refused to believe what my own two eyes had seen.

Then in 2005, I allowed my then 24 month old son to be "caught up" (double-dosed) on the immunizations he had missed during an ear infection...

Would you believe; I didn't see it. Until I was shown pictures of my son taken 1 & a half weeks apart, one prior vacccination & one post-vaccination: The one prior, he is happily playing on the floor with ... a toy, a big yellow truck. Smiling with his peaches & cream complexion & dark soft curls on his forehead.

The one post: You can see his scalp through his orangey-tinted hair that is wiry & standing straight up. His eyes are frantic & wild-looking with a glassy sheen. His cheeks are chapped, cracked & bright red & he is holding his blanket that he started holding constantly, using it to put over his head & hide.

No more "Mamma" or "water!", just strange feral-animal shrieks & grunts.

Thats when I realized; OMG ... It IS the vaccines. My son regressed into Autism in less than a week starting within 48 hrs post-vaccine. My daughter died within 24 hours post-vaccine & it took showing me pictures for me to "see" it. (About a year later when the "strange hair" persisted, we had clippings sent for analysis & he tested toxic in Aluminum)

So; you would rather have a child with autism than a dead one, would ya?

What makes you think you get to choose? What makes you think you won't get BOTH? I've stopped vaccinating my children so either way, it's someone else's turn to "take one for the team".

Or maybe you can "take TWO"; I've paid MY dues.


If you are a pre med student and haven't learned yet that people can react to medications, that is pretty scary.
Out of interest
What happens if you give people with primary immunodeficiency live virus vaccines?
How would you identify someone with undiagnosed primary immunodeficiency?
Do you have a PDF yet?( Hint; it is used to look up side effects of drugs.)
To what government agency should you report a vaccine injury?
What is the purpose of VAERS?
it seems that what you are saying is you have no idea what the contraindications are to vaccines, and no idea that they can cause side effects.
Do you plan to have the same lackadaisical approach to other medications you will eventually be giving?

You'd scare me if you were my doctor.


Well written. Thanks for your pointers. I have been arguing against vaccines for several years using facts, statistics, news stories of covers ups, science etc. One thing remains consistent; those who choose to remain ignorant while hiding behind the mask of pseudo-science and not even bothering to validate the facts that have been fed to them by corrupt drug companies are not going to change their minds. Most drug dealers have dedicated pushers that will convince you of their product right up until death. However, I've learned that you cannot argue someone out of a position they didn't reason their way into. If they didn't use their own research and objective logic to arrive there, then it is a belief system based likely on misguided ideologies. Those aren't the people that need reaching anyway, because they've already made up their mind and don't want to be confused with the facts. The people that need to be reached are the parents who want to know all of the information and risks before making their OWN educated choice. I dread the day in the near future when the tied of public opinion falls prey to the vaccine makers trumped up fear campaigns and decides that all people need to be injected with untested poisonous needles and give up all medical freedom.


Each of the above citations against vaccination can be discredited by a pre med student. I suggest learning some chemistry, microbiology, immunology and physiology before making arguments. Some of these courses may even teach you to find credible sources! ;)

Ted Broer

Over ten years ago I wrote a book called
Maximum Solutions to ADD Autism and learning disabilities in children
It was published and nationally distributed.
Now another ten years had passed.
Thousands more children have autism.
America needs to wake up.
Parents need to wake up.
Please read all the comments on this article.
Two of them are especially profound.
This was one of the best written articles I have ever read on the dangers of vaccinations
Ted Broer

John Stone


Isn't that rather old hat?

Mike Smolen

I think this author should remove her aluminum foil helmet.

Vicki Latham

Excellent...truth is...that scientific verifiable truth is on the side of those who say "no, not now", or "no,never again".


USA has highest infant mortality rate in the developed world and gives the most vaccines to infants.

Collin Johnson Jihnsen Ginseng Collin Colling Wing-man Cheese Mcgee Wow

Learn chemistry
it's not hard
this is a no


Thank you for sharing your story. I too have a son who is 18 and vaccine injured. I am lucky that he is still in my home with me.
I just wanted to tell you I admire you for sharing your story and doing what you could do for your boy as a single mom for as long as you did.
I agree with everything you wrote. I too hope your son and mine and all the vulnerable dependent children of vaccine injury will be well cared for under strangers' care. We are all facing that scary unknown.

Ross Coe

A complete take on the COINCIDENCE theory of Vaccines. You know, everything that happens to a child after a series of vaccines is coincidental? The "science" that is supposed to explain all. Vaccine Spectrum Disorders are so vast its hard to prove and understand. Its easier to believe lies and bogus theories from vaccine makers, government and their cronies in the medical establishment, media and political circles. As has been stated elsewhere our children have never been sicker. Goliath is powerful, with much $$$ behind it and its political wing can erode parental rights and mandate the next for profit product. WARNING FDA APPROVED: meaning FDA approves our children as free test subjects.


Thank you for this. My son was diagnosed with Autism at 25 months, and is doing so well at the tender age of 9. My husband and I had no problem with the decision to never give him another vaccination. My heart continues to tell me to never give him a vaccine again, but I have been feeling the pressure to rethink my stance, so this article has given me the strength to continue to believe I am doing what is right for my son.


There is nothing easy about vaccine injury, it is an unrelenting, horrifically traumatizing reality worse than death in some cases because the quality of a child's life and future is cruelly stolen from them and for no good reason at all. Life long regret is what you will have and a broken heart from watching your once normal child suffer painfully as you then try help them heal with everything under the sun in desperation to try and undo the damage. If the crushing financial burden doesn't destroy you, over 80% of the marriages fail in the process. Try raising a severely disabled child that hardly eats or sleeps and is so violently tormented from suffering and pain that simple everyday tasks like banking, grocery shopping and church attendance become virtually impossible. I did it for 8 years as a single mom when my husband divorced me after almost 10 years of marriage and terminated his parental rights and physical custody of our son. I finally had to place my son in a group home to receive around the clock care after 18 years of caring for him the best that I could (and I had two other kids as well). I hope and pray he will be treated with kindness and dignity knowing the kind of world we live in. Not all of us are as fortunate as some parents who "recover" their vaccine injured children. Vaccination injury has been the single greatest tragedy and regret of my life. Every time I see reports of how safe vaccines are in the news or in print, I can't even explain the frustration I feel at these lies and from the continued denial of these injuries and the ridicule from pro vaccine zealots. Anything else like tires exploding on the highway, defective infant cribs and so on causing fatalities and permanent injury would prompt national out cry and marches in the streets. Well the same thing is happening right now with vaccine injury and our government, the media, and the medical establishment are all looking the other way with callus disregard. No one is protecting us, why risk your children's life and future? NOTHING is worth that...and no one has the right to ask you to injure your children for the benefit of someone else..I know this post is long, but I feel obligated to tell the truth about what happened to us. Vaccines injure and kill and the greed that drives people like Paul Offit is totally out if control and they seem hellbent on adding more and more of these dangerous biologicals. Please for the sake of your children, ask questions and fully investigate vaccines before becoming yet another parent of a vaccine injured child or even injured yourself..


Thank you for this article, I am with you and have an 18 yr. old vaccine injured son. This is a modern day tragedy..

Anita Donnnelly

Once you get it, once you get that your toddler went catatonic because of vaccines you are shocked and profoundly sad.

Once you get that it didn't have to happen, that it was totally preventable, you add to the tragedy the knowledge that you and your child and all children have been brutally betrayed and violently poisoned. For money or for pride. By tragic hubris, or by cynical profit. But it didnt' have to happen. And your child's suffering is for nothing. Your child's suffering did not keep some other child from getting chicken pox because they could have been protected without the partipation of vulnerable children that they KNOW how to detect (see Dr Jill James research on glutatione) . No, your child's vaccine did no good to any child. And it prevented your child from getting full use of his destined life or her destined brain.

Once all the little pieces click into place, it's like discovering a mate has been unfaithful, or a loved one has cancer, or that you are going to have to file for bankruptcy after all.

It is something you simply cannot "unknow". And it hurts like hell to admit what has happened, how we've been lied to, and that our own lack of wanting to know hurt our infant.

It is a betrayal beyond belief.

We will get through it, and overcome it, with each other and truth speakers like Laura Hayes.

AWESOME powerful story!


This is the best analysis of the situation that I've read yet.


Because it's easier to have your child jabbed than to fight the system or jump through hoops. Sad, but true, true, true.

Maureen McDonnell, RN

This really hits all the marks and covers all the bases!

Thank you!


Amazing job of laying a complicated and confusing topic out to be plainly seen and easily understood. Thank you.


This reminds me of when I used to do office work through various temp agencies. Whenever I would land at a company or government or non-profit agency, whichever place I was assigned to, I would invariably find a culture that would proliferate a mistake, possibly one that had snowballed and/or gone on for years. To a set of fresh eyes it seemed perfectly obvious, sometimes it would involve a clerical typo, or mathematical error, or procedure that was not plausible yet was repeated time and again. I would point out the mistake to my permanent staff counterparts, they would look at me like I had three heads, and then realizing that the staff were helpless to make real adjustments to correct a simple error or protocol, I would show the escalating anomaly to the manager. This sometimes merely involved pointing out the obvious, sometimes it involved long drawn out explanations of how the mistake must have had it's roots under layers of repetitions until it accumulated to the point that it was at in it's present day faulty form. The point is, as a temporary worker with no vested interest in a career or the client I was assigned to, I had no other motive than to simply correct a mistake!

This is what vaccines need, no preconceived notions, just a fresh set of eyes.


Right on the mark --it has been for a lot of us trust - because we wanted to believe -----


The best thing I have read in AGES!


Beautifully written! Thank you!

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