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Generation Rescue Supports Congressmen Bill Posey's Autism Diligence

GR faceFrom our friends at Generation Rescue: Bill Posey

Dear Generation Rescue Community,

Many of us know that Congressman Posey has been an outspoken supporter in Washington for our children with autism. Because we desperately need people with integrity and honestly like Bill Posey in Congress, Jennifer Larson, Chief Executive Officer of Vibrant Technologies Inc., has offered to co-host a fundraiser for him. 

There will be two pieces to the event. 

The online donation goal from the community is $15,000. We are hoping that everyone who can afford to will consider giving at least $25 to help raise this amount through social media and email lists to all our fellow autism parents, grandparents and supporters. Please send this link far and wide:  

The second piece is a reception honoring Congressman Posey. The event is being held on August 13th in Melbourne, FL at The Palm Cafe located in The Kiwi Tennis Club. A host reception will start at 5:30pm and the general reception begins 7:30pm. The host committee is being formed and is a minimum $1,000 individual donation. Individual contribution is $150 for attendance.
I want to remind everyone of Congressman Posey’s work. This link is the text to his Vaccine Safety Act Bill in Washington, and a YouTube video put together by Ginger Taylor for this event.

I hope some of you can make it to this event and if you can’t please consider giving generously to the Congressman with the online donation effort. He continues to support our cause and we should support him. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer directly at [email protected].


Candace McDonald
Executive Director 


Jennifer Larson

Hi Twyla! The link provided is coded at the end of the link so they know the donation is from the autism community effort. Thank you for the question!


How will Posey's folks know that donations made through that link are in support of his work on autism and vaccines? It looks like a generic link. Is it actually specific to our community? Thanks.

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