Sharyl Attkisson: CDC Responds to Allegation it Omitted Vaccine-Autism Study Link
Dachel Media Update: Silence of the Man....

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Discusses CDC Vaccine Fraud

Whistleblower-protectionBy Anne Dachel

Members of the media don't seem to care that many in the autism community consider them to be mere stooges of health officials who themselves have a vast web of ties to the pharmaceutical industry.  But there is now an incredible INDEPENDENT newsman out there.  Gary Franchi, executive producer at WHDT TV was recently covered on Age of Autism because of his outstanding work reporting the revelation of a CDC whistleblower. 

Here is his most recent interview: Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on CDC Whistleblower.

This is Dr. Wakefield at his best. In addition, Franchi coined a phrase that will resonate: "VACCINE VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN."

Wakefield explained the meaning of what the whistleblower has revealed and he made some riveting comments:

Wakefield: "How can that be put to the test in a scientific context?  Because there are so many ingredients that are potentially toxic in vaccines, there are so many vaccines that are given so frequently to these children.

Wakefield: "The truth is we will never know how in one particular child, this constellation of exposures produced the end result." 

Franchi: "Doctor, what do you think is next for the CDC?  Do you expect anyone to be held accountable for this vaccine violence against children?"

Wakefield: "They must be. There is absolutely no excuse for not prosecuting this fully and openly.  Those who are responsible need to be exposed.  They need to be brought before [the] Congressional Oversight Committee, they need to explain themselves.  And then, the Oversight Committee needs to recommend prosecution, if that is considered to be the case."

Franchi asked Wakefield if there might be more congressional hearings on this issue. 

Wakefield: "Yes, I do.  It's absolutely essential.  The Congressional Oversight Committee [is] responsible for investigating government agencies like the CDC.  This is a major, major fraud within the CDC.  This is far, far more serious than finding a few old vials of dead smallpox in a cupboard, where within a week, they've got an inquiry held in Congress.  This is so much more important and it has to be the subject of an urgent inquiry.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


@Gary Franchi

A little off-topic but I'm kinda crushing on Gary Franchi at this point.

Angus Files


Fraud at the CDC uncovered 340% increased risk of autism hidden from the public



CDC Researcher Steals Millions of Dollars


MS Biskind

Hmm, interesting timing. Yes, they should be prosecuted for data suppression and/or scientific collusion at the very least. In regard to creating a whistleblower website, it seems like NVIC and/or AOA have adequate resources to create some additional bandwidth so that folks can download and get academic papers/data. After reading Thompson's 2004 letter to Gerberding (available at Natural News), it seems apparent that the CDC leadership is incapable of acting with integrity.

Anyway, DeStefano and his crew at the CDC have been accused/suspected of data bias and/or suppression before. It was identified in a 2005 Cochrane report and a statistics book devoted much of an entire chapter to discussing their data bias. It is unfortunate, disconcerting and frankly, unconscionable that this situation took over a decade to surface.

I believe Hooker was aware of the larger issue(s) and perhaps why he filed the FOIA- at least if he had raw data, he could do some rigorous statistics. Perhaps the CDC folks were unaware of what he was truly investigating and gave him the data without much thought as to long term implications. Perhaps this is a template for any of these socially and scientifically tinged issues (vaccines, fracking, climate change, GMOs, etc)- tie up these guys with FOIA requests until their heads explode and bleed this insidious scientific-business industrial complex dry.

I suppose that is why we need objective scientists performing with integrity. At the very least, this should all be causing some reasonable discussion about the necessity of vaccines and their utility as a national tool for disease control. Most of the stuff that folks are vaccinated for are against diseases that are fundamentally _not_ life threatening in reasonably healthy folks.

Ray Gallup

I and Helen recently talked to a divorced mother, age 64 who has a 38 year old son with autism and aggressions that needed a residential center for their son. Apparently the center he is in can't handle him and she wanted advice, legal and otherwise to get him placed so that she doesn't get calls at home that she needs to address his aggressions.
She lives alone with her brother, enough said. I'm always glad to help parents with young children or adults with autism based on my knowledge and is Helen.

Ray and Helen Gallup

PS: People still call us all these years later. I'm 70 and Helen is 61 years old and as long as God has what is planned for us living or dying, we are glad to help. If I couldn't help Eric I'm glad to do what I can, as is Helen, to help families that need advice. I'm not Bernie Rimland nor God but I try to do what I can as a human being and concerned about families that have an autistic child/adult. Most people I have come in contact with thank me and that is enough. I feel I'm doing what any good Christian/Jewish person of good will would do. That is satisfaction enough for me since I no longer have a non profit organization funding autism research.

Ray Gallup

For those people that may get pissed off about this story and rightfully so, just came over the Internet. Anybody with autism or a disability they are considered subhuman by the general population which sucks big time.

Special Needs Student Given Lunch from Garbage Can

cia parker

I just sent this as a letter to the editor of the Columbia Daily Tribune, I was limited to 250 words, it came in at 248 words. As many as possible should consider doing the same, to alert the public which relies on the mainstream media for its information.

"All of us in the autism community were surprised last week when we read about Dr. William Thompson blowing the whistle on a CDC study he was a co-researcher on ten years ago. He had felt uneasy about it for that long, having written to CDC head Julie Gerberding and others about the need to be honest about its results. No one agreed with him about the need for honesty in reporting the dangers of the MMR (and other vaccines, in my daughter’s case it was the hep-B vaccine at birth and the DTaP booster at 18 months that caused her autism.) They found that black boys who got the MMR before the age of three were at 3.4 times increased risk of autism compared to the control group. The CDC, which was unwilling to let the public know that the MMR causes autism in a large number of vaccine recipients, figured out a way to conceal the results, by throwing out the results for children whose birth certificates did not include such information as the level of the mother's education, despite the fact that no Georgia birth certificates in the parents' possession include the information they belatedly deemed crucial. Ginger Taylor has estimated that 250,000 black children born in the last ten years have autism because their mothers were told the MMR was not dangerous and did not cause autism. Many websites are reporting news on this important event, including Age of Autism and Thinking Moms Revolution."

Angus Files

Secret bunker video from CDC captures moments after MMR vaccine confession



Psych test don't deal with stomach problems, now do they.

But they sure are there!

Angus Files

Autism Speaks' founder Bob Wright nowhere to be found. Not surprised where are all the eminent Autism Pharma experts...experts in lying...



And what about all these young kids with Crohn's?


And what is embarassing is -- they kept getting us right on up to the fall of 2012 with DPT boosters and flu shots and Hep B.

Right now we have a young 34 year old unemployed with two BS degrees - one in biology and one in nursing -- dignosed with bipolar I and attention deficeit disorder (results came in yesterday -- well the psychs are getting rich off of test that we already know).

She is in trouble with the board of nursing What can I do about it??? Nothing just lie down with the rest in my community and be a victim.

If there is ever a study on subsets -- and you all are yelling it is the black kids -- I hope some one looks at the this one area -- and the white people that come from this one area of the United States -- cause it looks to me like there is another subset.



Great idea!!


Dr. Wakefield is talking 13 years. That is too long.

But for our family it had been 32 years - longer for others.

How on Earth could a bunch of people get entrenced in a federal agency for a life time and destroys 1000s of lives.


how about ""

Anne J.

Thank you Gary Franchi for allowing Dr. Wakefield to speak! Great interview!
The major news outlets should feel ashamed and humiliated for their total lack of coverage (other than direct talking points they received from the CDC). The only good thing about the "blackout" on this issue, is that they all showed their try colors in such an obvious way, even those who had doubts about the media being biased before could clearly see it in action.

Ray Gallup

YES!!! I agree with vaccine.explorer about a domain and create a site dedicated to the whistleblower affair. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!



Note to Dan, JB, TMR and all -

Someone must buy a domain and create a site dedicated to the whistleblower affair. We must have ASAP a site with all data relevant to this affair: the clips, the interviews, the emails, the statement, the silence of news media, the obfuscation of the story by news media (CNN, TIME), etc.

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