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Dachel Media Update: RFK Jr on CNN: Thimerosal "Not Policy, but Politics"

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RJK Jr: 'Not policy, but politics'

July 30, 2014

On July 30, CNN host Don Lemon interviewed environmental attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. about current political events and his new book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak, from Skyhorse Publishing.

Unlike recent articles in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Forbes and TIME, this coverage focused on what the book is actually about and Kennedy was allowed to explain the topic.

Lemon: "Why did you write this book?  It's been controversial."

Kennedy: "I wrote the book because, as you say, this is a controversial--it's almost a radioactive--issue.  People on both sides have dug in their heels. The debate about it has devolved into name-calling--it's not been a productive debate. So what I did, I got a group of scientists together and I said, 'Let's go scour--and I raised a couple of hundred thousand dollars--let's scour the scientific literature and find every article that's ever been written on thimerosal safety.' 

"Thimerosal is a mercury-based vaccine preservative that was eliminated in pediatric vaccines because it was dangerous. In 2003, it was taken out, but unfortunately--of American vaccines, we're still giving it to people all over the world--unfortunately, it was the same year CDC recommended it for the flu vaccine. . . .  And for the first time, pregnant women are getting very, very large doses of this neurotoxin--doses that are equivalent to what they were getting before the ban on pediatric vaccines. . .  It's an unnecessary preservative. The science is very clear.  We found over 500 peer-reviewed publications, 1400 references in this book, that show this is a known, recognized neurotoxin for which there are many, many alternatives.  It should not be in our vaccines.

Lemon thanked Kennedy and promised, "We will have you back to talk about it."

Skyhorse Publishing also put out this video of Kennedy and medical experts discussing the book.

July 31, 2014

Kennedy and others gave a strong endorsement of the vaccine program while calling for the elimination of mercury.   

Kennedy: "I wrote the book because I actually read the science on ethymercury and thimeorsal.  There's a very, very broad base of science out there that indicates that thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin that we shouldn't be injecting into children. ...

"One of the odd things about the response to the book is that we have a virtual tsunami, a cascade of these vitriolic and poisonous press reviews of the book--before the book came out.  So not a single one--and they were filled with inaccuracies--not a single one of these reporters actually read the science.  They went right to the knee-jerk reaction which was, if Robert Kennedy or Mark Hyman and Dr. Herbert criticize an ingredient in vaccines,  they must be part of an anti-vaccine fringe, they must be dangerous, they're obsessive, they're crack pots.  All of these things are things that we've been called. . . .  These are mainstream magazines, like TIME Magazine.  Never having talked to any of the authors, never having to actually look at the science and understood the science.  And that's what we're trying to get people to do.  . . . It's about actually doing your job as a reporter and reading the facts rather than  getting pap fed by government officials or vaccine regulators with a strong vested interest in the status quo."

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Adam Mortenson

@ Bob

A crime indeed. Nothing less than assault and murder. It's pretty clear from Simpsonwood that the regulators really didn't know until sometime after 1997 about the levels of mercury and the likely result. But clearly they did know by the mid 1980s that vaccines in general were dangerous. Thus the VICP. That never should have happened. That was a wake up call for an immediate moratorium on all mandatory vaccination. There should have been independent research carried out on the dangers already known and exploration into none toxic forms of prevention, but no. No they just tried to hide it and then triple down on an already dangerous and reckless and foolish way of trying to secure the health of infants. Yep, you're right, CRIMINAL.

BoB Moffitt

@ Adam

"The people in power whose reputations and careers, and maybe even their lives in some cases, depend on the masses not fully understanding this tragedy and are never going to admit the obvious. THEY SCREWED UP. And then THEY COVERED UP"

and .. according to RFK's book .. they continue to "cover" the "screw up" .. by exposing pregnant women and babies to thimerosal in annual flu vaccines.

Indeed, according to RFK .. it is safer .. more efficient .. and would eventually prove cheaper .. to remove it all together.

Why is this toxic substance still in ANY vaccine?

I think it likely that public health officials originally committed a "blunder" by not realizing the amount of mercury in vaccines they recommended increased every time they added vaccines to the schedule.

As RFK states in his book .. "before 1989, the maximal Thimersoal dose by age two was 200 micrograms .. which works out to 100 micrograms of mercury .. and .. by 1999 .. the potential micrograms of mercury exposure at age two .. had more than doubled to 237.5" .. which is why public health officials .. called for the removal of Thimerosal from the childhood vaccine schedule as a precautionary measure.

In my opinion .. that public health officials sought to remove Thimerosal at that time .. was .. "too little, too late" .. the damage having already been done.

As Talleyrand had said of Napoleon's murder of Duc d'Enghien .. "It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder".

RFK's book regarding the present dangers of thimerosal .. offers strong evidence that "continuing its use in annual flu vaccines recommended for pregnant women and young children" can no longer be considered a "blunder".

Which in my opinion means .. it is a "crime".

Also .. in my humble opinion .. there is no such thing as a "safe" .. "one size fits all" vaccine .. and .. science at its purest state .. would probably agree. Indeed, that's why science relies so heavily upon the non-scientific standard .. the "benefits outweigh the risks"

Imagine if GM executives told their customers the "benefits" of driving their defective autos far outweighed the few who suffered the "risks" for doing so?

Adam Mortenson

" I've become uncomfortable with any impression that we can trust our "mainstream" institutions."

And thats exactly it isn't it? That's why this goes on and on. The people in power whose reputations and careers, and maybe even their lives in some cases, depend on the masses not fully understanding this tragedy and are never going to admit the obvious. THEY SCREWD UP. And then THEY COVERED UP. Meanwhile millions of children went down the drain. CHILDREN, OUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE. When this finally comes out into the open, and really sinks in, people will never trust the government establishment and it's western-allopathic-pharma-friends again. As they should. The betrayal is incomprehensible.

Jeannette Bishop

If the live show failed to air this portion, I wonder how many heard the part about thimerosal still being in use? Hopefully, quite a few, but with an online audience, I think these subjects tend to mainly reach those looking for them.

And I hope that readers will, seeing thimerosal was used without real scrutiny for the better part of a century, and is still being used despite many attempts to give a different impression, ask how much harm has it always done and what else is flying under the radar with the see, hear, and speak no evil vaccine program that might also be doing harm.

I'm not comfortable with the (more politically correct perhaps) impression that all will be well or at least as well as possible if Hg is removed and possibly one or two vaccines are declined and/or delayed. I am pretty sure on a population basis (with no other harmful environmental factors on the rise--the opposite of which I believe to be the case today--and no profound cumulative generational vaccination effect) that there would be marked and significant improvement in the health of children compared to those born in the 1990s and early 2000s. But after several years of asking why and what in the world are they doing regarding thimerosal, vaccination, and branching into several other areas impacting our health, I've become uncomfortable with any impression that we can trust our "mainstream" institutions.


But reading the whole story about thimerosal in vaccines is not reassuring about vaccines in general. I do understand your point that thimerosal is not the only problem - still, a part of the underbelly of our vaccine program is being exposed.

Adam Mortenson

Good point. The baby's immune system doesn't want the vaccine. It wants it's mother's milk, especially the colostrum. That is the correct way to immunize a child. Nature's way. How well that works depends heavily on mother's diet. The Weston A. Price Foundation is a great resource for teaching expectant mothers what to eat for optimum health.

I cringe every time I hear someone talk about vaccine safety or reassuring parents. I know what's coming next is a watered down version of reality. There are no safe vaccines. Some people survive them without any injury (or so it seems) but many don't. So how can you really assure anyone? MMR never had Thimerosal in it. Yet it has caused autism in several cases that the VICP has compensated. (Bailey Banks) At what point can anyone truthfully say they are safe? When the mercury is out? When the aluminum is out? When the formaldehyde is out? When they stop using aborted fetal lung tissue? Would they be safe then? Oh wait, forgot, polysorbate 80 is still in there, oh and foreign viruses (SV40).

We have to get a coherent message going here. Do we really want it on our conscience that some "reassured" parents, after following the advice to avoid thimerosal, went ahead with all the rest of it and had a child who was killed or maimed for life?

cia parker

I absolutely agree, but beyond the toxic ingredients, the reaction of the immune system to vaccines often causes encephalitis (and brain damage like autism etc.) and autoimmune disease, just because the vaccine is meant to make the immune system react, but it often does so to excess, completely unrelated to any specific vaccine ingredients. Vaccines are a disaster. I saw on Amazon about Kennedy's book that he's hoping the reassure parents that vaccines can be made safe so they don't have to worry about them. What? As you say, hasn't he been doing this issue long enough not to know more about them than he appears to?


Very annoying that CNN devoted less than 2 of more than 6 minutes in this interview to thimerosol and had to cut Kennedy off to go to break. Isn't the topic of Kennedy's book more important than advertising CNN's show about the 60's and asking him about the political nonsense of the day?

Adam Mortenson

I'm glad he's bringing attention to Thimerosal again, that's a good first step. But we're all kidding ourselves if we think just taking it out of vaccines will make everything all honky-dory again. I can't believe after he's been around this issue this long he can't just say it. Vaccines are an unmitigated disaster. Look at the ingredient list. Thimerosal / mercury is just one of many toxic things in these poison cocktails. The foundations of routine medical practice are on very shaky ground. The historical data prove that. Please read Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries M.D. I don't know if RFK Jr or Dr Herbert or Dr. Hyman have read this yet. Hopefully they do change their stance. Anti vaccine is the only reasonable position to take after you know what most of us here know. You won't find health at the end of a needle but the end of your spoon, If you obey the laws of nature.

"Life in all it's fullness is mother nature obeyed."
Dr Weston A. Price D.D.S.

Laura Hayes

Speaking of books, the Kindle version of the excellent "Vaccine Epidemic" is on sale through today for just 99 cents!

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