Sharyl Attkisson: Researcher Who Dispelled Vaccine-autism Link: “Most-wanted Fugitive”
Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier Than 36 Months

Dachel Media Update: Autism Not on Rise???

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Aug 18, 2014, No rise in autism in 20 years

Aug 17, 2014, Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch: Disabilities in [U.S.] kids rise; not physical problems

Aug 17, 2014, Augusta Chronicle: Know shot options

Aug 16, 2014, Sonoma County Press (CA) Democrat: For mentally ill students, school can add stressors

Aug 16, 2014, San Francisco Chronicle: Unscrambling autism laws

Aug 13, 2014, NY Post: Flu Shot Is Most Dangerous Vaccine in US: Report

A world-first study from The University of Queensland (UQ), in collaboration with the University of Leicester, has found no evidence of an increase in autism over the last 20 years.

First of all, there's no recognition of autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder with serious concomitant health issues.  Autism is repeatedly referred to as a "mental disorder."  They only reference the ridiculous Brugha survey "study" from the U.K.

And at the end we're reassured that there is no link to vaccines and there hasn't been a real increase.  (Although prenatal exposures may be at fault.)

It's always good, when the vaccine controversy flairs up, to have the latest "science" disproving a real increase--which lets the ever-expanding vax schedule off the hook.  I'm sure this report will be in the news.

Here's right from the actual study:

In 2010 there were an estimated 52 million cases of
ASDs around the world, equating to a population
prevalence of 7.6 per 1000 or one in 132 persons. Once
variable study methods were considered, our model
showed no evidence of a time change in the prevalence
of either autistic disorder or other ASDs. ...

 These results support research findings
(Fombonne, 2008) that suggest that early childhood
factors, for instance vaccinations, have had no observable
effect on the occurrence of ASDs.

Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch

 Disabilities among U.S. children have increased slightly, with a bigger rise in mental and developmental problems in those from wealthier families, a 10-year analysis found....

The increases may partly reflect more awareness and recognition that conditions, including autism, require a specific diagnosis to receive special services, the researchers say....

The study is the first to look broadly at the 10-year trend but the results echo previous studies showing increases in autism, attention problems and other developmental or mental disabilities....

There is more autism, but there's also more awareness.   One doctor says there is more autism---but blames old parents and PRENATAL EVENTS.  Nothing ever changes in the explanation--no one is ever worried.

Augusta Chronicle

 Every time I see an ad that states, "No shots. No school," or "No shots. No school. No kidding," I become incredibly confused. The fact is that this is not true, and never has been. Why would this dishonest information be so visible to parents? . . .

My wonderful friend Maurine Meleck wrote this letter to the editor. Immediately it caused some heated comments.  I posted one myself.

Sonoma County (CA)  Press Democrat

For most families back to school means new clothes, a new backpack and some school supplies. But for a child with mental illness and his or her family, it means added stresses. How will the child cope with the change? What effects can be expected with a new schedule? Will the school district have new rules and expectations?..

State and county agencies provided special education services to students with mental health issues until 2011, when then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger repealed the law called Assembly Bill 3632, and placed the financial burden for that care on school districts. ...

"There has been a definite increase in autism and that has increased our caseloads," said Ringlein, who now has 53 cases. "I tell parents, if your child is out of the normal in terms of intense temper tantrums, withdrawal or they cannot rebound from situations, they should get counseling, even if for just two sessions.

First of all, any piece that labels autism as a mental illness, makes me angry.   Hey, there's more autism--no explanation given.  AND the state has cut back on funding. 

San Francisco Chronicle

 Tony Burke was an energetic 2-year-old who loved drawing purple pictures of Barney and jumping on trampolines. But then his parents began to notice how he would grunt instead of talk, and couldn't look anyone in the eye. Before his third birthday, in 2005, he was diagnosed with autism....

These problems will continue to fester, even as the developmental disorder grows more common. Though it's not clear why, autism's prevalence is about 120 percent higher than estimates from 2000, with 2010 data showing that it now affects one in 68 U.S. children.

In New Jersey, the prevalence is even higher, at one in 45 children. Estimates in 2008 put Pennsylvania's prevalence at one in 75 children. A 2005 census identified 5,510 individuals with autism in Southeastern Pennsylvania....

O'Brien warns that "a tsunami" of older patients is coming, citing estimates that more than 31,000 autistic adults will live in the state by 2020. O'Brien has worked with welfare officials to set up two funding streams for autistic adults. But he admits the programs aren't nearly big enough to cover future demand.

Here's what the SF Chronicle expects us to believe...

...healthy, normal kids can start to "grunt instead of talk"  and stop making eye explanation needed and no alarm expressed.

...a disorder that now affects almost 2 percent of U.S. children...can be dismissed with, "the developmental disorder grows more common. Though it's not clear why."

...there's 'a tsunami' of autistic adults coming--and btw--"the programs aren't nearly big enough to cover future demand."

...and I guess we're suppose to understand that all we can do is provide ABA.  (And we're not even doing that well.)

(Imagine kids losing their sight ....doctors standing by clueless, yet unconcerned...experts advising parents to have their kids learn braille while insurance companies and the government quibble over coverage.  Would we be this complacent? 

NY Post 

As we near the start of flu season, beware: Many of the city's top hospitals pose a serious hazard to your health, because many of their nurses and other care personnel aren't vaccinated - and don't have to be.

To protect both workers and patients, at least 90 percent of health-care personnel should be vaccinated.

The NY Post story below assumes 1) the flu vaccine actually works and 2) it's safe.  Neither of those assumptions has been proven.

Feb, 2014, Flu Shot Is Most Dangerous Vaccine in US: Report

 The flu vaccine is the most dangerous shot given in the U.S., based on an analysis of settled cases for injuries, Health Impact News reports.

"The program is not used as much as it could be because the American public is just not aware of it," he said. "I receive at least five calls a month from individuals who cannot obtain compensation because the deadline has passed. They just found out about it too late. We all need to do a better job in getting the word out to the public that the Program exists."

August 14, 2014, Flu Vaccines Offer No Benefit: Cochrane Review of Evidence

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


cia parker

It's interesting that Matt Carey was acting like vaccines are optional and everyone knows it. I'm positive he knows the current state of affairs. Is this a new tactic on their part?

cia parker

They aren't mandated in the 48 states that offer religious exemptions, and it's gotten easier to take a religious exemption after the Supreme Court recently said that authorities couldn't play the religious police, and just had to take the parents' word for it that their objection is sincere. However, most people don't know about the exemption and think the vaccines are mandated. The new autism teacher at Back-to-School night last week said we didn't have to hang around in the vast crowd to fill out innumerable forms, but asked if I had turned in the vaccination form, Tdap required for incoming eighth-graders. And I had already talked to him a lot (one-way) about vaccines having caused Cecily's autism. I don't know what he was thinking, was it a Gotcha! moment? I said I had gotten the relevant exemption form at the health department in April and turned it in to the school. Maybe he himself didn't know about the exemption, and was dutifully telling all the parents of his students, already so grievously damaged by vaccines, to be sure and get the required ones?

Betty Bona

Thanks for the suggestion of a large animal vet. I have not vaccinated my dogs in years, but I suspect the early vaccines contributed. There was a case of mass blindness in a goat dairy farm in Israel recently that was found to be a mycoplasma infection. Prior to the outbreak, several of the goats were found to have a viral infection (PPR), and the whole herd was vaccinated against PPR. The paper talked about the vaccination being a stressor, but never mentioned the possibility that the vaccine might have been contaminated with mycoplasma. My current suspicion is that this dog of mine got a mycoplasma contaminated vaccine early on that has made her sickly. When she had dental work and teeth removed, I think the infection became active in her eyes. I don't think I'll convince a vet, whether small animal or large animal, that my dog suffers with a mycoplasma infection, but I'll try to convince my regular vet (who had his own pet die shortly after going blind with SARDS) to treat her with minocycline. I am irritated because I asked the guy who did the dental work to treat with minocycline, and he ignored me and treated with the usual antibiotic. I should have insisted. I could be completely wrong about the whole mycoplasma theory, but I'm certainly willing to risk a treatment with minocycline. People talk about minocycline being helpful in autism because it increases anti-inflammatory markers, but I also think it is helpful because it treats mycoplasma infection.

Jenny Allan

The Augusta Chronicle comment thread, in addition to Lilady and Hickie, also had some curious comments by Matt Carey, (aka Sullivan),stating vaccination is a CHOICE?? I always understood child vaccinations in the US are MANDATED, if the child is to be state schooled. For most parents, that's no choice at all. Private or home schooling is expensive and requires at least SOME teaching knowledge and ability. In the UK, we do not have 'mandates' for child vaccinations, but we might as well have.

Parents are whipped in by their GPs and an army of health visitors. Children aged 4+ are usually vaccinated on school premises. Older children can 'choose' for themselves, but the peer and other pressures are enormous. Parents who refuse consent often find their children get lined up and vaccinated anyway. This is put down to 'honest mistakes' 'good faith' etc. My daughter just kept her Wakefield Babe off school on booster day. God knows what he would be like now with any more MMR vaccine. His sibling is being targeted by an MMR catch up campaign aimed at teenagers, but the lad is old enough to know to refuse any jabs and stand his ground. (He has been fully immunised with monovalent vaccines, but private jabs don't show up on health records).

From the Augusta comment thread:-
Matt Carey -"Where would parents reading the Augusta Chronical get the idea that vaccines are mandated?
From Ms. Meleck, of course."
"Vaccines are a choice. For the vast majority of us, it's the clearest choice we will ever get. For some people, like those on immune suppressing chemotherapy, it isn't a choice. And those people rely upon the rest of us for protection."

In the UK -post MMR vaccine introduction (1988) there have been 2 child deaths from measles. Both were unvaccinated. NO -NOTHING TO DO with WAKEFIELD. These children had serious co morbidities which precluded vaccination. Did they catch the disease from an unvaccinated child with measles? Possible -but unlikely. Child measles vaccine was introduced into the UK child vaccination schedule in 1968, but there were still plenty of unvaccinated adults around, although most will have already caught measles during childhood and have lifelong immunity.

Could these children have caught measles from a recently MMR vaccinated child? YES -If they were immune compromised those live viruses can shed and infect other vulnerable unprotected children.


Regarding dogs going suddenly blind: I'm shocked and sorry to hear it. Since no one (probably) would argue that blindness improves your relationship with your horse or that a herd of sightless cattle is a good thing, I suspect veterinarians who treat livestock know how to avoid that sort of thing. Bypass small pet clinics and get a vet who deals with all kinds and sizes of animals, if you can find one.

John Stone

Hi Anne

Just to point out that there was extensive discussion about the Queensland study in the comments under Dan's article here:

Also, the Leicester News report quoted on incorrectly states about Brugha's survey:

"Professor Brugha’s ground breaking survey of autism throughout England in adults living in private households and in institutional settings is the only research of its kind to date that provides guidance to scientists and policy advisers on how common autism is after childhood."

Not only is the data demonstrable junk:

the original plan to cover autism in institutional settings was never pursued - the suspicion must be because their were so few cases at the time of the proposed study in 2008 (of course, there would be a whole lot more now).



It's always amazing to see Chris Hickie and liladyRN rush to comment. Ya gotta wonder what kind of lives they lead, that they have such oodles of time to comment on every little letter to the editor that Maurine writes (or that they think it's such a good idea to stalk her). Their M.O. becomes obvious after seeing them post only a few times:

1) Trash anyone who believes that they have the right to decide what gets injected into their own body, and when. The more vicious and personal the attacks, the better.

2) Make sure to throw in names like Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield, etc., as though they were personal friends of whoever you are trashing.

3) Quote at least one flawed, pharma-funded study that supports vaccines. It doesn't matter which vaccine it supports, we should just assume that it holds true for everything injected by syringe.

4) Mention at least one death from polio and/or measles. Laugh at any mention of vaccine-related deaths. They couldn't possibly compare with the deaths you know about. Because you are important, and anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot.

5) End by warning the public about how dangerous people are who delay even one vaccine. Because it's important to make people afraid of the people you don't like. And the way Chris Hickie rails about how the "anti-vaccine lobby is trying to con you"--good Lord, talk about paranoid conspiracy theorists! I wonder how he will publicly react once the $hit hits the fan and vaccine-induced developmental disorders, autoimmune diseases, seizures, brain damage, and death become acknowledged the way thalidomide damage is. Will he claim that he was brainwashed by Big Pharma, or will he willingly sacrifice himself for his Pharma-God?


Met another person this summer with Guillaume Barre as a result of a flu shot.

Betty Bona

Public perception of the flu shots we get in the US is not based on reality. It's amazing how many people are convinced that mercury has been removed from the flu shot. They don't even know to ask for a mercury free shot because they think it's no longer an issue. In my conversations, I find that more than 50% of the people I talk to about the flu shot don't believe me when I tell them that they may have received mercury in their shot. I don't know anyone who understands that the flu mist can result in contagious shedding. And most people I know think they are actually close to 100% protected if they get the flu shot. It's an alternate reality.

Betty Bona

Interesting that you should mention what we would think if so many children became blind. I think that's already happening with dogs and SARDS (Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). If it happens to your dog at middle age or earlier, you're just unlucky, but not to worry, because the post illness research shows that dog owners' relationships with their blind dogs don't suffer. They may even have closer relationships (no kidding - you have to pay much more attention to them to keep them safe). Those way out there vets talk about autoimmune issues and immunity issues that provoke the blindness, but don't listen to them because they're not mainstream. In mainstream veterinary medicine, we know it just happens that dogs go blind suddenly for no reason at all. And if they go downhill shortly after the blindness begins, it's not related to the blindness, it's just the way things are. Vets don't want to hear me talking about my dog's immediate reactions to her vaccines any more than pediatricians want to hear about bad reactions in children.

L Land

I just love that herd immunity stuff, .... so why would anyone get travel vaccines ??? If the herd immunity is true then travel vaccines are worthless but, of course I am just one of those dumb anti vac people who don't understand science!

Jeannette Bishop

Is the flu vaccine really more dangerous (possibly due to still containing "preservative" levels of Hg) or possibly just more frequently administered?

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