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CDC's "Snowden" MMR Whistleblower Identity Revealed

Breaking newsEditor's Note -- From our friends at Autism Media Channel. CDC whistleblower is being identified as William Thompson, an author of the paper on timing of MMR vaccination and risk of autism. -- Dan Olmsted.





Watch The Video: 5:00 mark.




Translational Neurodegeneration pulled the abstract written by Brian Hooker.

But put that address into the WAYBACK internet archive and you can still read/download the PDF.">">

I'm still a little skeptical on some of the details. Why did William Thompson contact Hooker, specifically. He's an odd choice. I think that's where they'll try to discredit. Any link at all is good, in the long run – even if it favors (or disfavors) African American males. It shows there's cause and effect. Some specific marker that may be of higher prevalence in AA males, but might be able to be measured in the entire population.

Julie Penny

I just read Doctor Thompson's Feb. 2, 2004 letter to then-head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, at, telling her he will be presenting the problematic results to the IOM on Feb 9, 2004 re. MMR and autism. He implores her to answer the questions that Rep. David Weldon posed to her in letters he sent her that were still unanswered. He writes:"...I believe it is your responsibility and duty to respond in writing to Representative Weldon's letters before the Institute of Medicine's meeting and make the letters public..."
Obviously, she didn't. Those black parents whose children have autism should sue her personally for willful harm, negligence, malice.
Thank you Dr. Thompson for coming forward. This is earth-shattering news for us who watch our children and grandchildren suffer...AND NEEDLESSLY SO. This didn't have to be!


Cease and desist forced vaccination statutes forthwith.

Godfrey Wyl


"'Assuming for the moment that there was a disclosure at all'

If there wasn't, Dr. Thompson would have said so by now."

I was trying to sort out exactly what was covered by the Whistleblower Protection Act, as well as noting that it does not even come into operation until there is a prohibited personnel practice and a lawsuit is filed in response.

There would be no reason for Dr. Thompson to say anything at all about whether his communications were not technically a "disclosure" under the law. This is separate from making a general public statement.


Excluded from trials due to canine allergy?? I have an allergy to dogs. My God this all sounds very "frankenscience." MMR-V shows more febrile seizures...
All I can say is if this is some kind of sacrificial lamb or set up then they are very, very, desperate. Beyond desperate. There's not much going back on something like this.


I couldn't help wondering about the timing of the whistleblower allowing himself to be interviewed. My first thought was that they are going to offer it up as a sacrificial lamb. But would they do that without having put some kind of back up in place first? Seems likely, given that first came a whistleblower issue about Merck's MMR efficacy in the Pennsylvania courts, and now the safety issue. Didn't some novice researcher get some huge grant around the time of the pennsylavania revelation for a new vaccine for mumps? Could provide any insights? Is there a new MMR coming about to be approved? Or might they plan on separating out the measles from the mumps/rubella and starting it even earlier and even further muck up the waters? Maybe make some new formulas using different viral seed sources or rHA or make some improvement based on what they know and we don't. It's hard to tell since so many of the vaccine trials don't post their results, but there does seem to be a little bit of recent action here and there on some older MMR trials stuff.

And yuk, there was one trial that mentioned one reason for excluding a research participant was if they had canine allergy (i.e. somewhere, they are using dogs in a new MMR version?) There ought to be a moratorium on any new approvals until all results from past trial are posted, not that we could trust them without seeing the raw data now.

But basically do they have a strategic plan to slip into place to make sure the public doesn't "panic," over these very old results from 13 years ago, no worries, CDC has been working on the solution for the past decade and here it is, that kind of thing? That and hand up the resignations of all the researchers on the original paper that Dr. Hooker was able to re-analyze.

I am also wondering what the statistics are: how many african american lads in the U.S. under the age of 13 are currently carrying an autism diagnosis? How many of those lives might have been spared in 13 years.


In my city, even day care centers require up to date proof of immunity.
Most center based day care for pre-schoolers won't even entertain the notion of exemptions as they are private organizations. They don't have to. Sadly, too many of the working poor are coerced into choosing between playing neurological Russian roulette with their kids or putting food on the table. As far as home schooling, given the dismal state of our economy, that isn't a viable option most times.

Anonymous poster

I've watched the video where Hooker says thompson called him. That's odd person to contact in someways.
Then, it's unclear what the actual evidence is that it was in fact Bill Thompson who was in contact? can't email origibating addresses be faked? Did they ever meet in person? I'm not hearing anything from cdc or dr. Thompson. Is this an elaborate punk? What would there be to gain.. .. .... By cdc punking autism groups?

All hale the Prescient Donald Trump

"There is great dishonesty about autism!"...and vaccines.


I forgot to add that, in terms of school requirements, there are more people home schooling now. 2013 studies show this to be true in both Canada and US. One recent study shows 2.9% homeschooled in 07 and then 3.4% in /11-/12 in US.


Handthatrocks... Others from Canada (Henderson, Samaxtics..) can attest to the fact that compliance is much diffent here. We have no mayors, such as the one in New York, trying to enforce yearly flu vaccine for babes/pre-schoolers (thank God- I wouod never give my family one of those due to my grandmother having GB as a result of one). If a particular child is unvaccinated for a communicable disease then they are asked to be absent for a certain period- I've heard of this happening. I know someone who attended a health program where the program wanted the potential student to have hep b but the student and parent did not wish to do this and they simply were required to sign a release form and regarding this. Of course, there are more and more vaccines added to the schedule here, too. We do not require hep b at birth dose except for a couple of provinces. I'm not sure what is happening with MMR-V but I am sure they still have MMR and will keep it that way now that seizure incidence is noted to be higher with MMR-V.


Handthatrocksthecradle- I am in Canada and yes, most any teachers I have talked to (especially the ones in special ed) are accutely aware of the issue and on the advice of other teachers who have affected kids or just by what they have witnessed, they have very much delayed and selectively vaccinated. In Canada we are not as hell bent on this compliance for school registration. I know teachers who, just before Kindergarten, went ahead and gave MMR or some dpt's. I do realize there are differences between our country as far as these kind of mandates.
Let's hope that some congressmen, like Posey, gets something done now that this has come out. I still don't believe compliance is as high as they state- in California there are areas where many kids have not vaccinated according to the full schedule. CDC knows this and knows it's at a breaking point. The damage can't be hidden indefinitely.


Jen, I don't know what state you are in, but timely vaccine compliance for student attendance is very strict in most states. Exemptions are hard to get and are getting even harder. As a parent or educator, you should be acutely aware of this already, as most of us parents of vax injured kids are. Some state even have caps on the amount of students allowed exemptions, so selective and delayed vaxing is not an option for most, as you seem to imply. But thanks for the heads up, the preview, if you will, that the "most parents are not vaxing as per CDC schedule" argument will probably be the pro-vaxers next round of silly attacks in their arsenal of crazy.

It is the timing, IMO, of the release of this bombshell after 13 yrs that I find interesting. As for Congress declaring a vote of non-confidence in the CDC, it would seem improbable that a Congress that has given immunity to the manufacturers of vaccines would suddenly declare the CDC responsible for not watchdogging the safety of vaccines.
Sorry, Jen, I am not buying.

The "writing" is not on the wall, it is in the transcripts.


"Congress will simply have to declare a vote of non- confidence in the CDC. "

More than that, Jen. What the CDC has done is treason. They lied to the President, the Congress and to the American people and in so doing, they have endangered and caused harm to not only our own, but the populations of the world.

Nothing less than treason.


Godfrey Wyl - thanks for the heads-up on complexities of WPA.
[I had similar quandary when I was bullied for years by male superior that did not involve sexual harassment, was it workplace bullying or EEOC case? Luckily I never had to find out, finally HR gave me an administrative lateral transfer to a civilized dept.]

Hopefully #CDCwhistleblower's lawyer's expertise is WPA. If not, that is where we come in with fundraisers for pro bono legal expert for him.


Handthatrocksthecradle- if this some kind of "sophisticated ploy" then the CDC really saw the writing on the wall. They ae fekked. I don't care what they officially report- its been obvious to me that many people do not give all the vaccines and certainly not all on time anymore. Most teachers have seen and heard way too much carnage with children neurodevelopmentally and vaccinate very selectively/late.
Having said that I don't think it's a "controlled ploy." Congress will simply have to declare a vote of non- confidence in the CDC. Their credibility is gone like the wind.


Let us not be manipulated into believing that the mystery has been solved and that a white majority can rest a little easier knowing that they might beat the odds by vaxing their children in favor of the common good. Parents of vax injured kids know it is NOT just black children who are strongly at risk. I strongly believe vaccine damage to be less race specific than IQ related.

How so, you ask?

Children that possess high intelligence may be at a higher risk of developing autism due to vax injury as THERE IS A CORRELATION BETWEEN HIGH INTELLIGENCE AND INCREASE IN THE AMOUNT OF RECEPTORS IN THE BRAIN MAKING THE BRAINS OF GIFTED CHILDREN MORE VULNERABLE TO TOXICITY. There have been solid, scientific studies that support this correlation.

This recent revelation confirms that if you are a gifted, male, AND you are a black or biracial child < 3 yrs of age whose parents go along with the CDC recommended vax schedule, the future does not look bright, at least neurologically.

I wonder if this "leak" is just another sophisticated ploy to deflect that most, if not all vaxes are very dangerous and administering them to very young children is a zero sum game.

Could it be that this "leak" has the tacit approval of the CDC? Should we trust that the there are no hidden agendas, engineered by high level tacticians, knowing that the public is no longer blindly lining up for the vaccine Kool-Aid? Is the agenda to restore confidence and elicit compliance in vaxing again by blaming the autism epidemic on just the MMR?

Is the endgame to declare the current aggressive vax schedule once again just what the doctor and the CDC ordered by eliminating or retooling the MMR vaccine, thereby declaring the vax schedule safe again? Sensing that the tide of public opinion has turned against them, it seems like it would be a judicious and audacious move on their part, taking one for the team by sacrificing the MMR vax for the sake of other current, future and maybe even more lucrative vaccines so that Big Pharma can carry on, business as usual, once again.

It is my belief that the wickedly toxic brew of adjuvants like squalene, the heavy metals, and cell wall deficient mycoplasmas in the vaxes plus the GMOs in the food and the resulting mitochondrial dysfunction, endocrine disruption and excitoxicity that occurs due to a combination of these triggers are responsible for the increase in autism.

Singling out the MMR merely takes that one MMR vaccine and sets it up as a decoy grenade in this ongoing drama of misdirection, obfuscation, collusion and propaganda promulgated by the CDC and Big Pharma.

It has been speculated that it is quite possible that cell wall deficient bacteria (mycoplasmas) somehow block or disable the VDR (vitamin D receptors).


"Assuming for the moment that there was a disclosure at all"

If there wasn't, Dr. Thompson would have said so by now.


Curious that Orac would take the position he has. It may be that the percentage of caucasian children was already low enough in the sample size to reduce any statistical confidence before cutting the sample size by 41%. That could easily be the case in area studied in Atlanta.

It is a bit of a foolish argument to accept the results from Dr. Hooker but say that it means caucasian kids are not affected, so the "anti-vaxers are wrong and Wakefield is still the devil". I don't see that being the tack of the CDC and the rest of our fine government in the next few days. I think they will just thrown Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hooker in jail and claim they are lying. One would hope the whistle has more "blows" saved on some encrypted drive.


Good luck to Mr. Thompson....and thank you for telling the truth.


Thank you for coming forward, Dr. Thompson. Other than that, I am truly speechless. We all know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Godfrey Wyl


"Imho I would say the first order of the day for William Thompson is filing federal whistleblower protection."

There is not such a status. Were his employers to engage in an adverse personnel action, then there is an process for redress under the Federal Whistleblowers Act (the relevant material is subsection (b)(8) here).

This then turns upon what constitutes a "protected disclosure." Assuming for the moment that there was a disclosure at all, the question is whether there was reasonable belief that it constituted a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety (there is a general overview here; skip to "If I establish that" for the subject of reasonable belief), which would be answered affirmatively.

The question that remains unanswered for me is whether any of this amounts to a disclosure for the purpose of the WPA. From what I have seen, these have been documents and recordings. In particular, instructing Dr. Hooker how to approach his FOIA data and, at some point, saying that the resultant outcome had been covered up seem simply to be advice and opinion, respectively.

If so, there is a separate branch of cases in which the First Amendment protections of government employees arise in parallel with the WPA. These I have not looked at.


Cherry Sperlin Misra ..I share that concern. If these people are big enough to censor the news across the USA, they are too big and not to be trusted.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I too hope for the safety of Dr. Thompson. I think we should get a petition going straight away. I sadly fear that we all may become the target of a new "Pandemic", as a means of distracting the public from this whistleblower.


Unconfirmed update:

I just read on twitter that Congressman Posey is drafting a press release regarding #CDCwhistleblower possibly on Monday. The tweet said she called his office and that is how she found out. Hopefully to be continued...


So many criminals against humanity for so many years...

Published: November 27, 2002 "Justice Dept. Seeks to Seal Vaccine Papers"

Jenny Allan

Petition to retract the study:-


I don't think it matters, the CNN iReport got over 45,000 views while it was up so the cats way out of the bag and hopefully clawing their furniture and pissing all over their carpets we can still reach people with the original video.

beth johnson

"This iReport is not available"!

"This iReport has been removed because it was flagged by the community and found to be in violation of the iReport Community Guidelines and Terms of Use."


CDC : "Ruh-roh"

A Mom

One of the loudmouth shills is posting on the CNN IReport where others are begging for the news to be broadcast:




This story has been on since yesterday evening, maybe longer:;_ylt=AwrBEiFMHvVTbx4AIVP_wgt.


can you let people know that CNN ireport needs to be share further please.


Can anyone please tell me where are all the loud mouthed shills? This has to be the loudest ass handing I have heard ever! Congrats my fellow warriors! However, this is just the beginning.

Vaccine Information

34,888 views on the Ireport- 34,788 more than #2


Oh man, can you just imagine Coleen, Marshalyn's, Insell's.... weekend? Hilarious. I saw a mention of Ebola on some website in terms of other areas Thompson was involved in. Who knows what they will cook up this time to attempt to obfuscate the issue. The bottom line is that a top guy turned on them.


I emailed Dr. Thompson this morning thanking him for his courage and honesty (to and he replied "I appreciate the kind words" with the CDC address, ph, fax, etc. Not sure he'd still have access to this email account if he had been ousted. Has the CDC or any other source announced anything yet?


The cnn ireport has now been flagged as potentially inappropriate and states that the piece is under review. This really concerns me. I personally have no facts on this but I would like to see journalism unmarried from money interests...we need to have a serious discussion here with major investigation to bring light to whatever the truths may be. Let freedom (of the press) ring.


How the big Pharma trolls are saying soooo little...


M.M.R. R.I.P.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

According to Dipsh&%, the CDC will be making an announcement here in the next hour.


Well one things for sure. This is about more than just MMR and black children. Mercury, aluminum all has to be looked at physiologically not just epidemiologically. Oh, and the CDC and their role in all this kind of fraud and harm on parents and children is astounding.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

What's really fun about all of this is that Gorski and his drooling minions just do not seem to know what to say about the fact that Dr. Thompson revealed that the data was cooked. It was manipulated, and Dr. Thompson revealed how it was manipulated.

If the CDC is cooking the books on the studies they performed on the product that they themselves are promoting and policing (because, we all know that organizations that investigate themselves for potential wrongdoings are perfectly honest, right?), then what else did they manipulate?

Sue Keller

@Greg, about your comment to Orac. One thing you might have questioned him that a great many African-American children are not solely of African descent. Many of them have Caucasian ancestors also. Yet another reason EVERYONE should be concerned about this revelation from Mr. Thompson.

Why exactly is anyone still doing research based on race in America, which is still "the great melting pot"?


the cdc is not going to let this happen..they will destroy him. what happened with this??natural news: "When Drs Krahling and Wlochowski attempted to stop what they saw as, "wholesale fabrication of test data to reach its preordained 95% efficacy threshold," Merck allegedly made various attempts to prevent them, including threatening to jail Dr. Krahling should he inform the FDA.

Despite these efforts, Dr Krahling made numerous calls to FDA. These calls remained unanswered until Dr. Krahling reported to the FDA that Dr. Krah had removed and/or destroyed Dr. Krahling's evidence."
easy..they destroy the evidence
Learn more:


CDC/Vaccine Industry not happy. I hope Dr. Thompson has backed up all his files and has found some way to insulate himself from these thugs.

Breaking: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now
by Jon Rappoport
August 22, 2014

William W Thompson, PhD…the CDC whistleblower…was escorted off the premises of the CDC campus yesterday afternoon. This is what a source has just told me.

Therefore, the CDC knows Thompson is the whistleblower.

He’s in danger.

I’ve also been told that the Autism Media Channel, which had posted the video revealing Thompson’s name and outing him, is gone. The site is suddenly gone.

Threats of various kinds, at the very least, will now be applied to Thompson. Legal action, perhaps arrest, perhaps worse.

When it comes to vaccines and protecting that empire, the games are very serious. Deadly serious. The gloves come off.

People have to understand this, if Thompson disappears or shows up dead “as a suicide.”

Since Thompson isn’t, as of this moment, stepping forward himself to provide full disclosure on his past actions, and since his name is already out there….the best protection he has is other people.

Other people making his name and his dangerous situation known. That has to happen now.

Prior to this morning, Thompson had been standing in the shadows as an anonymous source, admitting that he cooked data to hide a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine.

Now other things are known. In 2007, he published a study on the effects of mercury (thimerosal) on babies and very young children—and he concluded that there were both positive and negative effects, but the effects on both sides were very small.

The study was used by the press and the government to trumpet the idea (the lie) that everybody could rest easy; vaccines containing mercury weren’t harming anyone.

Now, this, too, comes under scrutiny. If Thompson was lying about the MMR vaccine, did he also lie about mercury and its toxic effects? Did he intentionally underplay those effects? Did he cook the data in that study, too?

Thompson has been working at NCIR, the CDC’s National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases—until yesterday.

NCIR includes, in its mission statement, the following: “prevention of disease, disability, and death through immunization…” In other words, it’s a PR agency that promotes vaccines. Actual science about vaccine dangers would be cut off at the pass.

Thompson is looked at as a threat to this agenda.

His unwillingness to come all the way forward, speak his name, tell the whole truth has boomeranged on him. Predictable.

Psychiatric detention and drugging, threats of lawsuits for violating “confidentiality agreements,” arrest, “you’ll never get a job again,” and “sudden suicide” are all possibilities.

Shining a very bright light on Thompson and his situation is his best hope now.

These sites will not load…

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Linda1, for the heads-up:

I can't access Autism Media Channel either, but the vimeo link still works for now.

kathy blanco

The truth may set him free, but what of our children? What about contacting the meat eater Al Sharpton in this issue, I am sure all the Black caucuses will go flipping out today if they heard this?


The implications are not limited to African American boys just because they showed the highest increased risk. The implications are for African American boys and every other child affected negatively by the MMR because of whatever they may have in common with the highest at-risk population.

Thank-you, Thompson, for coming forward. Thank-you for choosing Dr. Hooker. Thank-you, Dr. Hooker. Thank-you on behalf of any child who will directly and indirectly benefit from this information. Think of the lives that you can help now, instead of harm.

Thank-you, God, for inspiring this man to be a better servant toward his fellow man. Help him stay on the path and follow through. Help the benefits of his actions be strong enough in his life to sustain him as he faces the consequences of the past. Help him find peace from the forgiveness of those who are willing and ready to support him in Your effort to turn bad into good.


I agree - more rats will be jumping ship, it's sinking for sure!


If the CDC said "We found the Autism gene today" it would be on every network by now.

However with this race & MMR issue, a media wide "shrug and play stupid" memo has been sent out...

Jeannette Bishop

Snowden had unusual public coverage and possibly some powerful protection that I'm not sure what is was/is all about. Just want to mention from some things I've heard, I'm not personally sure the official channels for whistleblowing are guaranteed to be safe.

I don't know if this quote was made directly or through Dr. Hooker:

"The whistleblower inside the CDC says it's even more corrupt than a few cases of bribery. He says, 'The CDC is so hellbent creating a safe narrative for vaccines, they are completely overlooking any evidence that points to autism.'"

I think it is a good idea to get backup copies of what evidence and testimony you have dispersed to the best trustworthy sources you can and be as open and public as much and as quickly as you can. But I'm certainly not speaking from personal experience, just prayerful and possibly naive, but hopeful concern.


Jon Rappaport just posted that Dr. Thompson was escorted out of the CDC yesterday and he believes that Dr. Thompson is in great danger.

Rappaport also wrote that the Autism Media Channel is down, but I could still access the video.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

This is fantastic! Gorski says that if this study is legit, then it disproves the MMR/autism hypothesis because the increased incidence is only in one race group. However, what's hilarious is that if this is true, then it shows a deliberate and willful cover-up of a legitimate signal or marker in the data that could question vaccine safety. It calls into question the validity of all the other epidemiological studies done by the CDC.


Information is of international consequence to Third World Nations where vaccines have been shipped by USA. The WHO and UN need to be contacted, the list will grow with each passing day.


Yes, LIE_LADY, the news blackout is against OUR loved ones. Hopefully that will keep us driven to get the truth out. This is of course international news, not just affecting our loved ones in North America. There are worthy news outlets in international media, Al Jazeera, The Sydney Herald, etc. However, not sure if I will avoid British media for what they did to Dr. Andrew Wakefield.


Thanks for the heads-up Birgit Calhoun.

I am in agreement with you. Imho I would say the first order of the day for William Thompson is filing federal whistleblower protection. The rest of us can (and should) forward all FOIA and other pertinent documents and materials to our Congresspeople, White House, etc (via certified mail). To be continued, any and all grass roots actions that make a viable difference in our autistic/Asperger's loved ones lives, ongoing lifelong support services, etc...


As a previous poster or two has pointed out, Dr. Thompson also authored "Early Thimerosal Exposure and Neuropsychological Outcomes at 7 to 10 Years," which reported "Higher pre-natal mercury exposure was associated with better performance on one measure of language and poorer performance on one measure of attention and executive functioning. Increasing levels of mercury exposure from birth to 7 months were associated with better performance on one measure of fine motor coordination and on one measure of attention and executive functioning. Increasing mercury exposure from birth to 28 days was associated with poorer performance on one measure of speech articulation and better performance on one measure of fine motor coordination."

When I read DeSoto and Hitlan, 2010,( ), I noticed that the authors commented on Thompson et al. as follows: "....First, it is important to be very clear that we do not believe that authors would purposefully or change their data, or consciously misstate conclusions. Not only would this be unethical, but the stakes are very high...."

To me at least it sounded like that authors did suspect that very thing and I wondered if the truth would ever see daylight. Not yet, but soon...maybe.

Donna K

Having a child who regressed post MMR, has lab results that reveal a chronic viral infection and is tortured with chronic physical pain and suffering, I will pray for this man's safety. His acts and words of contrition are accepted and I offer him my moral support for his courage in stepping forward with the truth.

Birgit Calhoun

Let's not give Science Blogs any more credence. It is insolence-driven material and not worthy of the time spent on the computer. Their commentary has been vicious from day one.

My main interest is: Where do we go from here? Is there anything in the works to hold all parties accountable? Give William Thompson immunity so that the other agents of fraud will have to defend their side in court.


Also, I'm thinking that Sidney Wolfe and his crew over at Public Citizen ought to be very interested in this.


I just remembered reading that the while the CDC now recommends the MMR for ages 12 - 15 mos (it used to be 18 mos.), that for babies traveling internationally, they recommend that babies get it EARLIER (it says "measles" vaccine - do we have a single vaccine or does this mean MMR? and with regard to adverse reactions in this case, since we're talking about age, does it matter?) (caps, my emphasis):


Children 12 months of age or older should have 2 doses separated by at least 28 days...

† Infants who get 1 dose of measles vaccine before their first birthday should get 2 more doses of the vaccine (one dose at 12 through 15 months of age and another dose at least 28 days later).


@Greg above. You seem to have misunderstood. The study was done on all racial groups. It only showed any significance in the case of black kids. Hence the result of this study, should you wish to take it at face value, is that there is no evidence for MMR leading to autism except in the case of 'black kids'. It is what it is - but I don't think you can cherry pick the bits you like from such a study and disregard the rest.


Exactly, Linda 1. They're likely to dig themselves an even deeper hole if they start talking, half-cocked. (it would be awesome to confiscate their phone records of today's activity once the proceedings begin.)


Here's a list of articles Dr. Thompson has co-authored. Very significant! They all need to now be called into question.


This isnt looking good . The mass media is running a news black out on the story .

We've won and they are trying to steal away our victory .
Now all you patriotic loyal people can see clearly what this is all about . Hg-enocide .

Now we know what Bill Gates was doing recently running around to all the newspapers . They are able to orchestrate the news on the TV & in the newspapers on an international level . The story is all over the internet from Alaska to NewZealand , from Santiago to Paris , but such is thier control they are managing to smother the story .

Praying that Hooker\Posey et al have another card or two up their sleeves . I understand Hooker has 100,000 pages of CDC documents in his posession . Maybe this isnt over yet .


No doubt the shills have been quiet because they have been waiting for their masters to give them their talking points and for sure his masters are scrambling and panicking big time. Orac doesn't come up with this stuff on his own. He's a tool. Let's see them try to squirm their way out of this one.

beth johnson

For years, we stood in front of the CDC with our signs, and urged someone from within to "come clean"! When we went inside to sit in on the ACIP committee meetings we were scrutinized and "escorted" around, unable to move freely. While this reveals how terrified CDC is of us, it was supremely creepy.

I never really thought I would see this day.

NOW, who else will follow Dr. Thompson? Come forward now, maybe you can get a plea bargain for cooperation with the feds.


What Orac claims is beside the main point.
The main point is the fraudulent behavior by CDC researchers.

We all know to well that the CDC perpetuates the biig vaccine scam. Now we have an insider that admits to that.

This is the crucial point.


He was also an author of this study:

Early Thimerosal Exposure and Neuropsychological Outcomes at 7 to 10 Years

Our study does not support a causal association between early exposure to mercury from thimerosal-containing vaccines and immune globulins and deficits in neuropsychological functioning at the age of 7 to 10 years.


What other countries have based their vaccine schedules on these fraudulent studies?

Did African nations vaccinate their babies according to what these criminals published?

If that meeting does take place, it should be televised.


Earlier I asked why the shills are so quiet. Looks like they have broken their silence with Orac's latest post that 'Hooker proved Wakefied Wrong'. Incredibly, Orac said something that was utterly racist that I really didn't expect of him. Reflecting further, I shouldn't be so surprised that this would come from man who has a habit of so nastily pissing on parents of disabled kids. Orac explains that even if the allegations are correct, and the CDC study did initially find greater cases of autism for kids whose MMR vaccines were not delayed, white anti-vaxxers should not seize on this because the study was done on black kids. Orac, if you are listening, please justify this argument. Are you saying that we should not consider that vaccines that cause side-effects in black kids will necessarily do the same in whites? Why Orac -- are blacks of a different species? Also Orac, because vaccines may only negatively affect blacks, should we dismiss this as unimportant?

In addition, it appears that Orac is not overly concerned that vaccines may indeed cause autism. His main argument is that Wakefield got it wrong. It's not MMR in itself causing it, but not delaying it.

The man is truly something to marvel at.


Thompson's remarks during CDC Press Briefing for the paper Early Thimerosal Exposure and Neuropsychological Outcomes at 7 to 10 Years on September 26, 2007.

"In addition, for that birth to one month exposure period we found five significant associations where it looked like there was a beneficial association of higher thimerosal exposure."

My God, you have a lot to be ashamed of.


Insel said about 3 months back that he would "sit down and review" the retrospective vaccinated versus the not vaccinated study with Congressman Posey at the time he seemed very confident that the results would be favorable for vaccines. I bet that that particular meeting doesn't take place now.

Christina Waldman

It seems tantamount to criminal to know of a danger and not warn others of it. I second the many good sentiments expressed here. Thank you Dr. Thompson. It is the truth that best protects children.


CD, this one can't be drowned out, it only gets louder.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I want to see William Thompson and Robert Kennedy TOGETHER talking about all the malfeasance at the CDC. It begs the question: HOW SAFE ARE VACCINES???


Dr. Thompson is lead author of a 2007 landmark study of Thimerosal and ND problems from the CDC:


Is Dr. Thompson going to hold a press conference? Do more interviews now that his identity has been revealed? We need this story to get out to everyone before his message is drowned out.


Not only Coleen Boyle. Also Chen, and Marshaline, Robert Davies, Cordero and many others..


I wonder who will come forward next, if DeStefano had any sense he would be next, that would leave Coleen Boyle out alone for the wolves.


Who is an investigative journalist in mainstream media that will treat this breaking news appropriately?


First, not remaining anonymous is the best thing for your safety if you have such 'sensitive' news. Also, I don't know if this was addressed but why did he opt to come forward now? Something tells me we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I am also thinking that Dr Thompson also has some serious 'documentations' to back up his account. Also, has anyone else noticed how the shills are relatively quiet since the break of the news, or is it just me?


Just seeing the video, it was obvious Thompson was the whistlblower. They removed his name from the paper when showing it... Now it's back.

I do hope Brian Hooker got enough evidence from him and that they have their game plan ready.
Time to blow up the house of lies.

For Tess

The video has presumably been updated with Dr Thompspn's agreement. It seems unlikely that his identity would have been a mystery to his colleagues so it is probably better all round if he allows himself to be named.


Mr. William Thompson, Ph.D. well done the truth wins always..

M.M.R. R.I.P.


Why did he go along with it?

Drs. Hooker and Wakefield will, I think it's safe to say, be excoriated for being responsible for revealing Dr. Thompson's identity. (Anything to change the conversation, right?)

But wasn't it always clear that the whistleblower was male and an author of the paper--and not Frank DeStefano? Only two of the authors of the paper in question are male so that leaves....


Now is time for other CDC staffers to come forward and tell their stories.


The original recording had the whistle blowers name beeped out. Why did you reveal it here ? Are you not a afraid for this mans safety ?


Thank you Mr. William Thompson, Ph.D.

I wish there was a more apt way to express tremendous gratitude to you.

Anne Jak

I have to think there are others out there who also want to come forward, but are too afraid. I hope this gives them the courage they need to do what's right. Every person brave enough to speak out publicly makes it that mch more difficult for the CDC to continue to deny their crime against the children of this country. Thank you for speaking up!!!


Prayers finally answered...and now praying for the safety of Doctor Thompson.


The autism community has got his back and will support him ANY way we can.

Not an MD

I hope everyone here knows the potential danger this man faces, and prays for his safety.


God protect and guide this man!

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