Dachel Media Update: CDC MMR SOS
CDC Whistleblower and Probability of Post-MMR Autism Diagnosis


False Skeptics Make me Laugh

And, I called it, again...damn, that idiot Gorski is completely and utterly predictable.

Over at Gorski's cretinous brothel, he blathers:

"I’m beginning to wonder more and more if he has started down that slippery slope to becoming antivaccine."

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Will this herald the end of the long night of autism.? Will the cheerful little autistic boy in my school today be the last one. The last passenger pigeon... The last case of smallpox....the last case of autism. ? I dont know. Something tells me that it is still 4 in the morning and the sun has not yet risen. Yet the clock ticks.


sad story but the recent venture to study TDaP in pregnant women tells you they have all kinds of plans for vaccinating pregnant women and no plan to stop at any point.

Not an MD

How terribly sad for all the women who want to become or who are currently pregnant in the US. Along with a flu shot and Tdap shot during pregnancy, health officials want to shoot them up a whole slew of vaccines in addition to those! Anything to boost vaccine sales, you know---



I had the tetanus vaccine while pregnant. It was not really necessary. I just stepped on a nail at the hospital with a tiny little wound, and they gave me a free tetanus shot for it. I was 6 months pregnant. My son got all kinds of tics and autism and was born with symptoms. And guess what, no compensation for it. But, he does qualify for free Medicaid the rest of his life which he never uses because it doesn't cover what he needs that makes him be in recovery. He lost most of his symptoms, but is very dependent upon immune, digestive, and detoxing aids to stay in recovery.

Paul G. King, PhD

If you want to see what Thimerosal can do to the fetus, then read http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3888271/
Hum Exp Toxicol. May 2013; 32(5): 464–475.
doi: 10.1177/0960327112455067

GS Goldman. Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons Was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?

which shows that increased Thimerosal exposure (from one Thimerosal-preserved influenza vaccine to two Thimerosal- preserved vaccines greatly increased the reports of "fetal loss" to VAERS in the 2009-2010 influenza season.

cia parker

I just told a friend the exact same thing, that I was concerned that Dr. Thompson had said pregnant women were the only ones still getting mercury vaccines. The Fluzone flier I picked up at Schnucks last year said seniors and pregnant women should get the preservative (mercury, but they didn't want to draw anyone's attention to the m- word)-free version, under the section about the benefits of the flu vaccine for everyone, including babies and children. Of course in states without laws on who can get mercury-containing shots, doctors can give whatever the hell vaccine they want to anyone who doesn't protest.


The CDC seems to have made a decision at some point to admit to tics, but bury other neurodevelopmental outcomes. I've often wondered why they admitted to the tics. I think _Evidence of Harm_ may throw some light:

"Lyn [Redwood] also identified ways that the number of outcomes in each category may have been reduced, she said. This had occurred in the report's third generation, as reported by Verstraeten at the 2001 Institute of Medicine meeting. Lyn went to the IOM Web site and played the entire audio recording of his remarks. She found something she had previously missed.

The researchers had conducted a side analysis: a chart audit in which they pulled the medical records of children with speech and language delay, ADHD, and autism and checked to confirm the veracity of each diagnosis. 'They decided to include only those cases that had been confirmed by a behavioral specialist. If the behavioral specialist had been outside of the HMO, the diagnosis would not be included on their HMO chart....'"

I conjecture that tics didn't have to be diagnosed by a specialist so they couldn't be subjected to this treatment.

For Sanofi speaking of pregnant women

At this time Gorski's beloved Sanofi is part of a study at University Calgary, Alberta Children's Hospital to vaccinate pregnant women with Pertussis vaccine and see if this will "protect" the newborn. How did they even find 25 gullible women to partake in that is beyond me.

Please contact Alberta Health authorities to complain about this in light of #CDCwhistleblower.

support WHDT tv

WHDT tv needs to have lots of supportive calls and donations right now. It is the only network that's reported on it. They are a Godsend. The others are a shame. If most Americans started to disconnect their cable and home school, the country would have to do something. There is no way I'd surrender my child up for a vaccine now that this is out.

For the mayor of New York

Bill de Blasio, mayor New York,

You need to back off the flu shot mandates pronto. A high up scientist acknowledging that thimerosal causes (at least) tics which are highly associated with autism means you need to stop that NOW. In fact all vaccines are now in question as to ever being "mandated." Otherwise you've got blood on your hands.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

And, once again, Gorski and his mindless minions are completely ignoring this particular clip.

Prediction: He will likely return with, "there is no proof that the person talking on that clip is Dr. Thompson."

Or: "Dr. Thompson has clearly fallen off the deep end. He's an anti-vaxxer now, so dismiss anything he says."

The fact that these idiots are no getting more and more desperate is truly a heart-warming thing to behold. I haven't had this much fun in years!

Betting pool is up.

Tim Kasemodel

I wish Dr. Thompson did not say the only vaccine that contains thimerosal was "for pregnant women" becuase that is not accurate.


A simple goodle search of "FDA, thimerosal, vaccines takes you to the FDA site - look for this TABLE 3.

There are 11 vaccines that still contain mercury. He may be referring to vaccines for infants but even then you can see that the Fluzone multi dose (note #5) that "Children under 3 years of age receive a half-dose of vaccine, i.e., 0.25 mL (12.5 µg mercury/dose.)". know full well that the manufacurers do not make enough mercury free vaccine for everyone, and that doctors have a clear instruction that it is okay to give mercury to kids under three, we can easily say it happens.

Lets not forget that the study Dr.Thompson is referring to was on kids born before the major increase in vaccines, especially the push to give MMR at 12 months and Hep B at birth, niether of which has been given a good look.

I think the push to argue that only black kids are at risk is premature - the message should turn to "maybe we should look at the kids born from 1995 through 2000, incidently the birth cohorts who have the highest rates of autism.


I think JB quote "Holy Shit" is a headline in itself!! Here's hoping the complete truth will come out. What a long strange trip it's been!

Angus Files

Congressman Bill Posey Investigates CDC Whistleblower Claims



Angus Files

More good news from Mr Thompson keep it coming were grateful...

I for one forgive Mr Thompson for coming from CDC darkness to light here at AOA..



Guys, who do you think stated this, under oath:

"Our system in Atlanta [i.e. the 2004 study, VE] found that there was no difference in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder by race."

Yes, folks, it was Coleen Boyle, in her testimony to the Burtom committee, April 2002.

Here's the link:

Laura Hayes

Injecting mercury into pregnant women might cause problems with the fetuses?


We parents have been shouting from the rooftops for well over a decade that the mercury in vaccines causes tics in children, not to mention autism.

If you are a parent on the fence about vaccines, I cannot suggest strongly enough that you locate and talk to the parent of a vaccine-injured child. You won't be on the fence for long. When it comes to vaccines, parents are the experts, not doctors.


Wow. Just wow.

JB Handley

Holy Shit!!!!


Wow. Keep talking - don't stop!



You asked for a knock out blow.
I think you got it.

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