CDC Whistleblower and Probability of Post-MMR Autism Diagnosis
The CDC: the Detective Agency Which Could Never Find Anything

CDC Whistleblower Story: Danke to Franchi

Whistleblower-protectionBy Anne Dachel

On Aug 20, 2014, just after the announcement of a whistleblower from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention speaking out about that agency's cover-up of an MMR study linking the vaccine to autism, Gary Franchi talked about it on his independent TV station, WHDT Miami/Boston.   For those of us who routinely follow how the mainstream media covers the controversial link between vaccines and autism, this was riveting. 

Franchi began his commentary saying, "There's a new whistleblower on the autism forefront and Dr. Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation says he has a source inside the CDC."

In his two and a half minute presentation Franchi described how Hooker had used the Freedom of Information Act to ask the CDC for information concerning a certain autism-vaccine study they'd conducted, and while doing this, an insider at the agency "reached out to him" about what he knew about the falsification of the results. 

Franchi made stunning statements like these:

"The CDC is purposely hiding important information about autism, particularly how vaccines affect young black boys at a much higher rate than others. ...

"It appears the CDC was purposely blocking black kids from the study to boost their numbers....

"The source tells Hooker that his superior management has manipulated studies for years, only showing numbers that supports their narratives. ...

"The same people who Americans are supposed to trust for vaccine safety are directly tied to strong financial backing from the same corporations they're supposed to critique."    

I was able to contact Franchi to find out more.  First of all, this report wasn't his first on the vaccine controversy.  There are others:

July 28, 2014,  CDC: "HPV Vaccinations Unacceptably Low"

June 3, 2014, BREAKING: Mercury Level in Flu Vaccine 25,000 times higher than EPA limits

May 28, 2014, White House: We Faked Vaccination Programs to Take DNA Samples

The White House has admitted they ran a fake vaccination program, with the goal of collecting DNA samples from children.

March 6, 2014, CDC Report: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate

Mayer Eisenstein Interview | Breastfeeding has gone in and out of favor for decades. In the 1950's government and health organizations encouraged new mothers to use artificial formula. By the 1970's, many women and health practitioners were back to natural methods. Now, the Center for Disease Control

Nov 18, 2013 Should I get the Flu Vaccine this season?

Sept 30, 2013, Truth Behind the National Vaccine Injury Court with Mark Blaxill

Sept 18, 2013, Dr. Tenpenny responds to United Nations Anti-Vaccine Attack #N3

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was targeted in a UNICEF report on how parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children in eastern Europe. The studied web sites and social media to determine who is leading opposition to inoculations.

Aug 28, 2013, How to Get Back-to-School Vaccine Waivers - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

It's Back-to-School season and vaccines are getting pumped into children, but do you need to get vaccinated to go to school? Can you get a vaccine waiver? Can you write your own? Dr. Mayer Eisenstein joins us to dispel the myths and teach you how to opt-out.

 I asked Franchi how he became interested in this subject and this is his response:

"Naturally skeptical about anything mandatory in a free society I've questioned many things over the years. I had learned about the dangers of vaccine ingredients through experts like Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

"Then being a new father I was faced with making the decisions based on the threats I had learned.

"The only opposition I've faced is when my wife and I sought a Pediatrician for our newborn. We visited many doctors who used intensive fear tactics and refused to deviate from the vaccine schedule let alone not vaccinate at all. Most were not concerned about our wishes as parents and instead treated us with disdain for even questioning their perceived authority. Eventually we found a doctor who cared, would listen, and let us make the ultimate decision.

"Other opposition has been from debate with closed minded individuals who choose to ignore reality." 

 I know we can expect more great coverage from this outstanding newsman.


mary w maxwell

Dear David Burd, there really aren’t any fees involved. The “dream” I mentioned had to do with what I called “citizens’ grand juries.” That is a redundant term as there could never be a GJ composed of anything but citizens, but I was hinting at there being a sort of aggressively formed GJ of people who are disgusted with the fact that our government now protects, rather than prosecutes, wrong-doers.
Start with the 5th amendment of the Bill of Rights: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.”
Folks today think that the accusation of a crim begins with either police or a court. Well, yes, a cop who catches someone in flagrante delicto can arrest him and have him hauled before a judge. But we did not always have cops. We had Nosey Parkers like myself. In colonial days 23 people formed a grand jury to look around and then report crimes. (They were also supposed to look for faulty roads and bridges!)
Anyway the 50 states have mostly ‘converted’ the role of GJ to one in which the 23 citizens get ‘instructed’ by the district attorney as to how to proceed, on cases already conjured up by the government. But there is no reason why some strong men could not use, say, to get together with the like-minded and call themselves a CGJ. Maybe even better to call themselves a Nosey Parker Grand Jury. That’s what we need.
The typical job of today’s GJ’s is to see if Joe Blow ought to be indicted. They can call witnesses and do whatever to come to a decision on whether Joe should be tried. The fact that he is under investigation is a secret, at this stage, to protect his reputation. After all, the GJ may conclude “We don’t have enough against him.” Interestingly, when the GJ interviews Joe (or, say, Paul Offit), he is not allowed to bring his lawyer.
There is an enormous crime being committed against children – autism – and it seems to me that our Constitution has the wherewithal to deal with it. What say?
P.S. I live in Australia but am pretty peripatetic.

Jeannette Bishop

A couple more Next News Network #CDCWhistleblower clips:

On Thompson's statement -

With Dr. Wakefield -

david m burd

mary maxwell, you make perfect sense. What town and State are you located? Do you have the legalese experience to file suit(s)?

Many of us would support (and help finance) your filing suits & fees --- thanks!

david m burd email: [email protected]

Jeannette Bishop

Franchi is staying with the story:

mary w maxwell

Annie Donnelly, do you mean me, Mary W Maxwell? There is another commenter on this website who signs her name “@mary”.
You say I am right. My call is quite specific. It is for prosecutions to take place now, or, prior to that, for citizens to form grand juries, which is a perfectly legal thing to do. (See my book on this, which is a free download at
I can’t see a role for prayer or for hope at the moment. If there is a kid who is about to get the jab tomorrow that will seal his fate forever, he needs immediate action. He needs society to protect him. My husband, a pediatrician, used to say “Society protects.” That was many years ago when everybody agreed that it was normal to protect the vulnerable and absolutely normal to get furious with miscreants and drag them to court.
Lately I sense a new American view, which is that “things are going a certain way and we just have to bear it.” If I am right that such a view exists, it must have come in by some sort of mental trickery. Ordinary men in society were strong. Women’s maternal instinct was fabulous. Human-nature traits like that would not have just gone under.
Let’s do the prosecution thing. It’s not all that hard. It’s standard ‘law enforcement’ and ‘pursuit of justice.’ Could even be a bit fun. Ah, fun, does anybody remember fun?

cia parker

John and Mary,
Everyone involved should be prosecuted, and damages paid to the vaccine-injured. Not only for the sake of justice, though that would be enough, but for the sake of providing for the millions of injured. It's obviously another question how even the government and the pharma companies are going to be able to come up with that many billions of dollars. Does my daughter have to beg for her sustenance when I'm gone? Get macaroni and Cheetos from the Food Bank, delivered by a state employee? Or even while I'm still here? My MS was caused by vaccines as well, and the mito disorder the mercury in the vaccines caused has left me partially disabled, struggling to provide for us by an uncertain income as a free-lance translator. Why should the criminals be allowed to just walk away from the rubble?

Annie  Donnelly

@mary you are right.
Also autism makes strange bedfellows! Who could be more different than trump and Rfk jr?
We have to make sure we are represented by kind voices that are sane. Difficult to sound sane at times when so many are so angry. But the straw man tactic is alive and well. We just have to have so many speaking out so many credible voices that they can't go after the messenger any more .
That said pray people pray. It can't hurt. I have been praying for whistleblowers and the media to wake up. For friends of the powerful to tell their vaccine stories to the powerful. For the Dorits of the world to have an epiphany and get that they have been taking blood money by basing a career on slamming us and our children and refusing to believe or care about our truths. And to realize that taking blood money is wrong. I don't think some of them even care. The sociopaths see it as a numbers game. But we have to believe there are good people troubled people there and they can speak and want our support to do so. Pray for them and push for justice . Make appts with your state legislator and tell your story. Bring your child. I know sometimes we want to give up. They have so much power and so much denial and so much money.
But we have truth. Let's speak it. Let's demonstrate it. Let's push until this hideous travesty is finally over and the truth is out. This is about more than vaccines. It is about taking back out democracy from
Corporate profiteers. It is about holding those we entrusted accountable. It is about not one more infant getting harmed on our watch. And it is about getting respect and help and dollars for the battle our families have endured for decades.

beth johnson

I saw the Franchi piece on youtube. But I am concerned about his extremism that has landed him on the Southern Poverty Law Center list of radical right-wingers. While all of us here must surely be concerned about the fascist state where government and corporate interests are the same, I am also concerned about his association with extremism and anti-semitism. I respect the SPLC, which promotes tolerance and tracks hate groups, which are on the rise in the US, so will have to read up on Franchi some more.

John Stone

Hi Mary

I do believe there is a great welling of activity now - people don't want to let this go, and you are not the only one.

Yes, I think people should be prosecuted - not because I am vengeful - but because it seems to be the only way society can recognise the enormity of something. Otherwise I would just settle for the mayhem stopping and the truth.

I just wrote a polemical piece on the CDC. Think of the absurdity of what is being done. Suppposing a felony had been committed - someone was killed or irreparably injured - and the police just said:

"We are not going to investigate. Statistically this type crime does not happen in this area, therefore there was no crime: the injury or death was spontaneous"

it would be absurd. But, come to think of it, that is exactly what is happening.


mary w maxwell

Last night I dreamed this:

Various citizens’ grand juries report that they have concluded their investigations of autism-related crimes, dating from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2006, and will present their indictments.
Among the accused are:

Jane Doe 1, a nurse in California, to be prosecuted in that state for manslaughter for having given a Hep-B injection on the day of birth to a now-deceased child whose mother clearly forbade it.

Jane Doe 2, a nurse in Massachusetts, to be prosecuted in that state for assault and battery and for conspiracy to treason for administering a routine MMR vaccination in a pediatrician’s office, at the parent’s request.

John Doe 1, who was a US senator at the time, to be prosecuted in US District Court, Washington DC, for treason, manslaughter, and obstruction of justice for arranging that vaccine manufacturers that cause harm will not be held liable.

John Doe 2, an official of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, associated with the Simpsonwood conference, to be tried offshore under the legal provision of Universal Jurisdiction for the crime of torture and crimes against humanity.

Does anyone agree with me that it’s time to get this show on the road? What could we possibly be waiting for?

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