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CDC Whistle Blower Letter to Gerberding: More to the Story

GerberdingFrom our sponsor Safeminds.

Earlier today the Natural News outlet released a letter from alleged CDC whistle-blower Bill Thompson to the Director of the CDC Julie Gerberding, MD dated February 2nd, 2004.

In the letter, Dr. Thompson refers to several news articles that appeared in the media during that time regarding CDC vaccine safety research and letters that Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. sent to Dr. Gerberding regarding concerns related to the integrity of the scientists in the CDC’s National Immunization Program (NIP).

SafeMinds worked closely with Dr. Weldon for several years during his time in Congress. We shared with his staff FOIA documents SafeMinds received from the CDC and FDA regarding issues surrounding vaccine safety and the use of thimerosal in infant vaccines.  These documents include emails from NIP employees, officials at CDC, officials from FDA, representatives from the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the vaccine industry, as well as the original transcripts of the Simpsonwood meeting.

Here is the letter referenced by Thompson where Congressman Weldon asks Dr. Gerberding about the upcoming publication of a CDC study regarding the use of thimerosal in infant vaccines and associations with adverse neurological disorders.  Dr. Weldon’s concerns stemmed from earlier versions of the research obtained by SafeMinds which documented numerous statistically significant relations between exposure to thimerosal containing vaccines and ADD/ADHD, speech and language delays, tics, neurodevelopmental delays in general, misery disorder, sleep disorders, and autism.

According to these emails and documents, scientists were well aware of the harm that was occurring. An article appearing in the National Journal by Neil Munro titled, “Missing the Mercury Menace,” which Bill Thompson also references in his letter to Dr. Gerberding, outlines the manipulations made to the VSD thimerosal data in an effort to reduce the statistically significant adverse neurological outcomes.  Read the full post at the Safeminds site here.


Lilly Field

My son was 3 when he received this. The shot itself almost killed him, for 3 days he lay around almost lifeless. I called his pediatrician who assured me it was not the shot. He did not become autistic, but it did do damage to him. It affected his ability to develop what we called common sense.
On top of all of this it did not protect him from Rubella, which he caught less than 2 months after the vaccination. Measles which he caught the next year, and mumps. I asked his pediatrician what was next polio? Which he was also vaccinated for. He assured me that "it would have been worse if he had not had the vaccine." Later he was given the chickenpox vaccine, he also caught Chicken pox, but by then he was 17 years old, which had its own complications. I have been on a crusade ever since to try and make sure my grandchild never had to go through this. I do not take flu vaccines. My doctor knows better even to ask.
Ruined lives, for what ungodly mammon.
My grandson's mother is still being harrassed because my grandson puts everyone at risk according to the school district. How is that, I ask wasn't everyone else vaccinated?

It's Cruella DeVil

"If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. To see her is to take a sudden chill, look out for Cruella DeVil."

For Mary Lou and Cia

I would home school or use private babysitting coops before those bastards would ever make me give my child their unproven, not properly tested vaccines.

cia parker

Unless you live in Mississippi or West Virginia, you can take a religious exemption to the vaccine requirement for school. And if you homeschool, you don't even have to worry about it anywhere. Of course they should just make all vaccines optional for now, and later, when parents learn just how dangerous they are, vaccines will only be permitted to be given in very special circumstances and eventually not even then. Eventually you won't be able to damage your child's health with vaccines even if you want to.

For Mary Lou

Mary Lou, you are amazing. You have one lucky grandson. Aluminum is the new mercury, apparently. It's in hepB and Gardasil, that I know of. I agree: choices. It's funny but even Mike Adams from Natural News said he's not necessarily against all vaccines but unfortunately they have pushed so many on our children and lied so much that I think more and are just saying no to any. I know I would if I were a parent with a baby at this time.

Mary Lou Russo

I pray every day that my Grandson who suffered incredible side effects from his vaccines, will not have to be subjected to any more so the law makers supported by the wealthy Doctors, Pharmaceuticals and Government Employees can continue to MAKE MONEY on the side effects of vaccinations. It should be a choice of the parents NOT A LAW for them to choose what they feel is unsafe/safe for their individual children. I paid $2,600.00 out of pocket to have my Grandson tested. His blood work in black and white showed off the charts with aluminum and a ZERO immune System. When presented to his Pediatrician, he miraculously didn't need any vaccinations even though that is what the visit was for. I have not heard that there have been any deaths to the out break of measles. I didn't die with any of the chicken pox, mumps,or the flu. Yet there are hundreds of documented death's on the NVIC website from vaccines for those ILLNESSES. It is TERRORISM by our Greedy American's convincing uninformed American's that we are all in danger without the vaccines. The more jobs a government party creates the longer they are in CONTROL, no matter how many children have to take it for their TEAM! No one knows a child like their own parents NOT EVEN the Doctor who sees hundreds of them in a week. Doctors should be educated more on how to help people take better CARE of themselves rather than shuffle them in write a prescription and NEXT. The healthcare industry is portraying American's to be STUPID and LAZY when most American's are simply not aware of how they CAN make a difference in their own and family's health and wellbeing. More education to all regarding healthier life styles and less on advertising food and drugs that keep them in the medical whirlpool just so people won't loose their medical and pharmaceutical jobs. American's can become Entrepreneur's in the new world of Well being if they were given the education and chance to do so and American's would once again shine like the stars we are chemically covering up:)CHOICES for VACCINES not LAWS!!!!Get rid of all the government agencies that TELL US we can NOT BE FREE to make our own choices!

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