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Carlsbad HS Students Caught in Vaccine Controversy

Movie filmNote: This project was funded by Rotary. "In 2008, Rotary received a $100 million challenge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotary committed to raising $100 million. In January 2009, Bill Gates announced a second challenge grant of $255 million. Rotary again committed to raising another $100 million. In total, Rotary will raise $200 million by June 30, 2012." Could explain a few things.....

Carlsbad HS Students Caught in Vaccine Controversy

People called the project “pro-vaccine” and “propaganda.” At one point the teacher and director of the film proposed that production stop

More than a dozen current and former Carlsbad High School students have found themselves in the middle of the long-running vaccination debate after they produced the film Invisible Threat.

The film debuted online August 1, more than a year after it was completed.

Students tell NBC 7 that’s largely due to the backlash they’ve faced, even during the production stage.

Brad Streicher worked on the film his junior year. The current USC student and NBC 7 intern said the idea came from the San Diego Rotary Club.

People there were impressed by two previous films they’d worked on and wanted the high school broadcast journalism class to do one on the immune system and immunizations.

“We ended up telling Rotary we'll do the film but only on our terms, which means we were going to approach the film from a journalistic standpoint,” said Streicher. “We wanted to make sure whatever story we were telling, it would be unbiased and we would attack it from both sides of the argument.”

The Rotary gave the students $60,000 for the project with that understanding, according to Streicher.

Months into the film’s production, students say they started to received e-mails and online comments harshly criticizing their work.

People called the project “pro-vaccine” and “propaganda.” At one point the teacher and director of the film, Douglas Green, proposed the students stop the project. The students refuse.

“No matter what kind of obstacles we were going to go through, we were going to tell the story that we were assigned to tell,” Streicher told NBC 7.

 NBC 7 reached out to one of the people in San Diego with concerns about the film. Vaccine safety advocate Rebecca Estepp said she supports the students and their hard work, but is concerned about who may be influencing the project.

“Those kids had to have flown around the country and knowing it was screened on Capitol Hill with a huge advocacy push with a way to have people contact every member of Congress…it kind of makes you wonder who's really behind this? Because that's a huge effort one that I don’t think Carlsbad High School can take on,” Estepp said.

Estepp said she was also disappointed with how her side was portrayed. She said she, and many people who share her views, are not “anti-vaccinations,” but rather concerned with the safety of vaccines. She said she was particularly offended when the film compared those with her viewpoints with white supremacists and the Taliban.

“One doctor calls us evil. If you question anything about the vaccine schedule he puts you into the evil compartment. I don’t think that's fair,” she told NBC 7.

Streicher said he and the other students did everything possible to tell all sides of the debate.

“I do not regret the decision that we made. I am confident that we're doing the right thing,” he said.

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John Fryer

Human technology is never 100 per cent safe:

Aeroplanes today are common place but from time to time catastrophes happen.

Do we forget these or do we investigate to the nth degree?

Fortunately we investigate to the limit of human capability.

But for planes like MH370 we still see chaos.

Vaccines too are common place and from time to time catastrophes are bound to happen.

SIDS is one denied problem of vaccines.

SBS is a scapegoat possibly for vaccine harm?


Autism too could be caused by adverse vaccine reactions.

Even leaving these out we have :


Guillain Barré Syndrome


etc etc etc

Changes in vaccines and in their deployment has changed faster than safety checks.

And for students there is the problem of meningitis (polio type illnesses) which are all too common at university campuses JUST AFTER the start of the year when they all get their vaccines UP TO DATE.

One possible example perhaps is Stephen Dawking perfectly fit until the age of 21 with an illness with a life expectancy of 2 years. The very fact this has been proved silly shows first the capability of the medical profession is low in these cases and secondly if a bad reaction to any insult including vaccines then we can see why the disease/disorder will progress only after more insults the same.

Vaccine harm is put at 1 in 500 000 or so and for innocents to believe medical prowess and ability (see 2 years to live) is seductive.

Even vaccines researchers found often the harm at 1 000 's of times more than stated publicly (see abandonment of MMR in Japan).

And to assume some autism comes as parents claim after MMR is also seductive.

Somewhere there are truths and disappointments.

My own problem is with rubella and chicken pox vaccines and the harm they might do especially in causing autism like conditions for young infants.

When REVOLVING DOORS, LIES, and SEARCH and DESTROY is evident then chaos turns to TRAGEDY.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Let's face it- At that age any of us would have made the usual pro vaccine propaganda film. Those poor kids have no idea of the science that exists showing that there are many problems with vaccines- and no one is going to show it to them, nor are they on a scientific level which would enable them to evaluate what exists. It is going to take years for these kids to realize how they were deliberately manipulated by unseen forces.
A bigger problem for us are the adults of all walks of life, including doctors, who refuse to study about vaccines; refuse to study about mercury and aluminium in the human body; and then like to assume that vaccines are always safe- Oh well- yes, there is that one in a million case- always one in a million- who suffers an adverse reaction.

Tony Bateson

I bet these Carlsbad kids are clever, too clever to fall for propaganda. But here are a few suggestions, first do the math! Let know if you manage to find any autistic people who were not vaccinated, I cannot in the UK. Then look and let me know if you found any autistic kids who didn't have, perhaps a hyper masculine Dad, or even a Testosteronal Mum. Or even a low testosteronal Dad where the science of Fluctuating Assymmetry didn't apply. I couldn't in the UK. Then look out for any autistic kids born before around 2005 or 2006 who were not exposed to ethyl mercury at a time when it might have encountered elevated testosterone. Then read Professor John Thomas Manning about 2:4 index to ring finger ratios, then read more about Fluctuating Assymmetry and how when Thimerosal (ethyl mercury) meets elevated testosterone a witches brew is created that destroys neurons (Professor Boyd Haley 2002). Mirror neurons? Also let me know if any of this is mumbo jumbo science together with the proof of this please. Despite there not being a shred of evidence that autism has existed for centuries this is claimed by vaccine interests. I cannot find any evidence of it before 1943 a few years after public immunisation programs started. On the other hand both in Connecticut and Northampton UK there is tons of evidence of Mad Hatters Disease arising from the use of aerosol mercury in felt hat making. Mad Hatters Disease is remarkably like autism in more than twenty commonalities. Same applies to the issue of the science please.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

autism mom

"Every Child By Two" is Promoting the film on their web site and even going so far as to organize screenings and provide press release templates and tools to market the film.

but its student driven (not professional), not propaganda or biased....right.

EBCT-Invisible Threat:



“No matter what kind of obstacles we were going to go through, we were going to tell the story that we were assigned to tell,”

Yes. Exactly. Glad they admit it.

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