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Book Debut Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Thimerosal BookBook debut day is always exhilarating - even for a seasoned, best selling author like Robert Kennedy, Jr.. Please join us in wishing him well as he educates readers on the dangers of neurotoxic mercury. In an environment (pardon the pun) where so few advocates are willing to step and and speak out on behalf of vaccine safety, we commend and thank both Kennedy and his publisher, Skyhorse. There is not a bigger name in American environmental causes doing anything like this.

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I have been studying this indepth, I am expecting my first child this year and have been researching from all angles to get my information. I have an open mind and very careful method of weeding through misinformation, bias opinions and emotional influenced conclusions, either way.

If it helps to further research into this topic I would highly suggest looking into the vaccine issues involving pet animals. I am serious. As a pet owner and occasional breeder I have extensively researched the detriment of excessive and unnecessary vaccinations in pets, dogs in particular. In my further research toward vaccination issues with children I have actually found more unbiased, untainted studies with compatible conclusions regarding the animal studies and links between seizures, brain swelling, death, further illness, adverse reactions and direct correlations to bad behavior, anti-social behavior and temperament issues linked immediately to the post vaccination schedule of pets.

In fact many cautions are easily forth coming, mentioning children AND pets on many sites, and yet when you do searches for information in only children you get befuddled results and intentional misinformation. This type of correlating scientific information that is more forthcoming in animal studies and then hidden, obscured or squashed in studies involving children. The studies in animals had some very interesting and similar conclusions to those about children and vaccinations. Often the detrimental results seen and/or reported in children were easily sited on the animal sites ... Which really made me scratch my head.

Desiree L. Rover

Children damaged by vaccines is not about mercury. That is throwing people off scent. Each and every vaccine has the potential to maim and/or kill the recipient, from the first instant after injection by anaphylactic shock, to Sids, to brain tumors 60 years later, as Michele Carbone has shown...
I get sick reading people's comments repeating the mind controlled offal about how vaccines have saved the lives of millions. That is an outright lie. The opposite is true. From day one mandated mass smallpox vaccinations have led to mass outbreaks of smallpox. The same goes for polio, especially in Africa.
Check the historical facts: The Jenner/Pasteur gospels are the basis of today's vaccination programs, yet their premise is patently false, making the whole vaccination religion nothing but a house of cards.
In reality all vaccines are weapons of mass destruction. Just check the product inserts for their content. Introducing manipulated pathogens plus toxic chemicals and metals into the bloodstream never will lead to true health!

Dan Burns

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has assembled two books: a private unpublished draft which, as he promised at AutismOne 2013, exposes the vaccine/autism cover-up. And this short, bowdlerized, oddly incoherent book, which does not.

In the published book, two bright spots shimmer. The first is Martha Herbert’s brilliant introduction, which places the vaccine safety debate in a broader context, arguing that we need “fresh approaches to health care, product development, energy, and ecosystems management.” The second is Chapter 2, written in a strong, confident narrative voice that pins mercury firmly to the rising prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders. The remaining chapters and 804 citations appear largely to be notes and debating points that support and expand upon Kennedy’s 2005 article, “Deadly Immunity,” published jointly by and Rolling Stone, where the key points are made more succinctly, and in my view more persuasively, but without as much supporting documentation.

For those who have followed the vaccine debate on Age of Autism and especially for those who attended Kennedy’s AutismOne 2013 presentation, there are five surprises in the published book. Four of them occur in the introductory material.

First, that “there is no definitive proof that vaccines or the mercury in them causes autism” (p. xvi). How much proof do you need to be “definitive?”

Second, that “the common claim of autism rates continuing to climb after Thimerosal’s phase-out from the routine childhood vaccination schedule … has not, as yet, been borne out” (p. xxvii). Will that statement ring true with special education teachers and professionals whose clinics are overflowing with vaccine-damaged kids?

Third, that removing Thimerosal from all medical products, including flu shots, will restore “faith in the vaccine regimen while maintaining or increasing vaccination rates” (p. xxix). If restoring faith in the vaccine regimen is indeed Kennedy’s goal, this book is two hundred pages too short and ten years too late.

Fourth, that “This book is aggressively pro-vaccine” (p. xi). I know what that is supposed to mean in this context, but the choice of words is surprising. Given the failures of mandated vaccines to protect our children -- failures publicized in Age of Autism during the past year -- how much more “aggressively pro-vaccine” do we need to be?

The fifth surprise—and for me this is a head spinner — is that in 1999, two key Pharma companies, Merck and SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline) informed the CDC that they could supply enough Thimerosal-free versions of their products to “meet total vaccine demand.” The CDC declined. The unanswered question, worthy of a British whodunit, is this: Why? What beast at the heart of darkness is responsible for the greatest man-made medical catastrophe yet visited on humankind?

The draft chapters that were dismembered, replaced, eviscerated, or buried before Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak was published point to the answer. They cry out from the grave.

Mr. Kennedy, publish the draft.

Annie  Donnelly

@stand up ----sometimes people are so blind to the truth that you have to show it to them another way.
Directly pointing out that neurotoxins in vaccines cause autism just shuts people down. Pointing out that mercury is a neurotoxin and that neurotoxins cause brain damage and that brain damage resembles autism and that autism has gone up in direct proportion to the increased vax schedule is going to be a lot harder to refute because the logic and the science are in palatable pieces.
Rfk JR is a hero. He is an excellent brilliant attorney. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing. And I thank him for his courage. When someone goes out on a limb for you you shouldn't ask them why they didn't also light a fire under the tree. We must stick together. I read the book front to back. It's powerful . Read it and you will see that your fears are unfounded. God knows our kids have been betrayed enough and it makes us scared and sensitive. But RFK jr wrote a strong powerful effective book and it will help many finally get it. Remember the objective is not to preach to the choir but to alert the congregation before more infants get harmed.


I am currently reading this book. I just want to say how grateful I am that Mr. Kennedy devoted so much of his time to this cause. As far as I know he does not have a close relative with autism. Yet, after taking the time to look at the evidence he has been fighting to help save children. I am not pro-vaccine, but perhaps that is because I am more cynical then Mr. Kennedy. What he has done is present evidence and science in a concise manner that may be hard for the powers that be to dismiss.


I just finished the Kindle edition. It is good. Basically what the title says, the science is presented in a non-emotional, just the facts, approach. For those of us that have been following the daily scientific publications for over a decade, the book is a good review, but for people who are looking to learn new information, it the book is a well-written, concise arrangement of 100's of published studies.

Stand Up!

I find it very odd that Robert Kennedy Jr's new book on vaccine science is not posted, mentioned or accessible in any way on his very own webpage. Anybody else feel the same??...Has anyone else noticed this??...Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place??...comments welcome please.

P.s...I was disappointed (to say the least) and frustrated with his recent comments in an interview posted by AoA where he was quite assertive in proclaiming how "pro-vaccine" he was, and furthering his baseless historical view that vaccines have played such a life-changing role in saving millions of lives---how ironic, but unfortunately common amongst "vaccine safety" advocates who fail to realize that vaccines are inherently toxic as a whole...cherry-picking ingredients is short-sighted and a reflection of his ignorance on this incredibly important issue. What a shame.

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