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Autism, Vaccines and Exceptions

Missing-the-markBy Cathy Jameson

Vaccines can be gotten almost everywhere these days—in big box stores, at a chain pharmacy, on school campuses and in many doctor’s offices.  Some work places even schedule special ‘clinics’ during the year, typically during the flu shot season, to administer vaccines.  Just because vaccines are available doesn’t mean we all have to run out to get them. 

Many people inadvertently think they need to get vaccines.  The CDC continues to think and promote that and stated as such last week.  That inaccuracy popped out at me in the response they gave about Dr. Thompson’s recent allegations. 

In their statement regarding the data Drs. William Thomspon, Frank DeStafano, Tanya Karapurkar-Bhasin, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop, and Coleen Boyle used in a commonly cited CDC study, a study which is now being reported as fraudulent, the CDC said:

“The study looked at different age groups: children vaccinated by 18 months, 24 months, and 36 months. The findings revealed that vaccination between 24 and 36 months was slightly more common among children with autism, and that association was strongest among children 3-5 years of age. The authors reported this finding was most likely a result of immunization requirements for preschool special education program attendance in children with autism.”(emphasis mine)

What jumped out at me while reading their entire statement was not an admittance of fraud, because it seems that the CDC does not consider the altering of data as deceptive, what caught my eye was that particular paragraph where the CDC says that immunizations are required for school.  A lot of places say that immunizations are required for school.  Except, they’re not. 

The state of Georgia, where we’ve been told this particular study’s data was collected, offered vaccine exemptions including during the time that this study was conducted.  For the CDC to say that immunizations are requirements for school attendance, when in fact they are not, frightens me.  No one, especially a parent, should be told one thing as fact and not be given all of the facts.  To leave out selective information, especially information that impacts a child’s health is bad practice.  Not only that, I think it’s unethical.    

The CDC’s response to Dr. Thompson’s findings raises more questions than offers answers.  I’d like these new questions many of us are asking about vaccines and how they cause autism, as well as the countless other ones our community have been asking about vaccines and vaccine safety, to be honestly answered.  In this particular instance, since I’m seeing more conflicting data being stated that vaccines are required, I’d be curious if parents involved in this study were told that they had to get their child vaccinated.  Were the parents ever informed that that school vaccine exemptions existed?  If no, could parents who partook in this study have been misled when they agreed to include their children in this study?  And, if parents were not informed that vaccine exemptions exist, could these children have been vaccinated for the sole purpose of the outcome of this study, a study which supports the fact that vaccines do cause autism?

The alleged falsified evidence that has recently been brought to light surely warrants an investigation, one that I’d hope would be done by an independent firm who has no ties to pharma, lobbying groups or political special interest committees.  But, as with anything government related, the likelihood of an investigation happening any time soon is a long shot.  So is accurate reporting as we’ve seen since word of Thompson’s revelations were made public almost two full weeks ago.  Sadly, the few mainstream news sources who’ve picked up this story have strategically tiptoed around Thompsons’ claims.  They’ve failed to remind viewers that autism can be caused by vaccines. These news sources have completely miss the mark and don’t seem to care to concentrate on the fact that fraudulent activities happened in a government agency, an agency whose vaccine information reaches the homes of almost every American citizen. 

As this story unfold, and as the regular media ignores what our government seems to be getting away, it’ll be up to our own alternative, underground, grassroots media sources to continue to push this story and what we know about vaccines into the public’s eye.  We cannot make any exceptions.  I don’t think that will be too hard.  Searching for the truth, believing in our fight and defending our personal health care rights is nothing new.  It’s what brought many of us together and will no doubt keep us together for many years to come.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




Excellent questions.


Linda1, that's very interesting information.

I also found, from 1998. It also mentions vaccines at being one of many services that were coordinated or faciliated by HeadStart.

Many fascinating things here...

"Head Start’s primary goal is to improve the social competence of children in low-income families. Social competence is the child’s everyday effectiveness in dealing with both the present environment and later responsibilities in school and life. Social competence involves the interrelatedness of cognitive and intellectual development, physical and mental health, nutritional needs, and other factors."

How's that for irony?

"Head Start is administered by HHS’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF), which includes the Head Start Bureau—one of several under ACF. " So HHS is in charge, hmmm....

"Recognizing that the years from conception to age 3 are critical to human development, the Congress established Early Head Start in 1994." Really? The ages where the children are exposed to the highest levels of mercury and aluminum through vaccines are critical to human development? How about that...

"About 13 percent of Head Start children had some sort of disability." And this is in 1998? 13% ? Wow.

I'd like to know what % of HeadStart children are disabled today, and what the figures were in 1998 and now for American children.

I'd also like to know the official autism rate in Head Start children, from the time the program began through 2014.

And, as you pointed out, if any of the children in DeStefano's study were Head Start children, then all the info should be well-documented.


Headstart enrollment starts as early as at birth and it is a government program that as long as it has been in existence would have definitely fussed about all government recommended vaccines. So, in 2000, those kids would have gotten whatever was on the schedule from their enrollment potentially at birth to whenever they were studied, if the kids were in fact part of the Headstart program. From the site

"Georgia Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive early childhood and family development services to children from birth to five-years-old, pregnant women and families. Our programs have a long tradition of delivering comprehensive and high quality services designed to foster healthy development in low-income children and their families. Head Start agencies provide a range of individualized services in the areas of education and early childhood development; medical, dental, and mental health; nutrition; parent involvement and family support. In addition, the entire range of Head Start services is responsive and appropriate to each child's and family's developmental, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage and experience.

All Head Start and Early Head Start programs must adhere to federal Program Performance Standards. These standards, which are the most rigorous and comprehensive early childhood program standards in the country, define the services that programs are to provide to the children and families they serve and are designed to ensure that the Head Start goals and objectives are implemented successfully and that all agencies maintain the highest possible quality in the provision of Head Start services...

There are 31 organizations, including school systems, community action agencies and universities that operate Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Georgia
Head Start services are provided to children and families in 157 out of 159 counties in Georgia."

From (caps my emphasis):

"Georgia Head Start
Services Statistics

 Head Start was funded
to serve 25,749 children
 Early Head Start was
funded to serve 2,383
 26,664 children had
health insurance at the
end of the enrollment
 23,220 children’s
DATE at the end of the
 26,314 children received
continuous, accessible
dental care
 27,269 children received
continuous, accessible
medical care
 2,398 children received
mental health
 2,223 children with
disabilities received
 542 homeless families
were served and 291
acquired housing
 13,882 three-year-olds
were served
 11,725 four-year-olds
were served"

We don't know where the study children came from, but the Head Start program children would have provided complete easily accessible records from one database.

Jeannette Bishop

re Hep A vaccine, I don't know when the vaccine was officially recommended, but my seven year old vaccine injured child got the first of that series in 2004 (I had yet to make the vaccine injury connection) and I thought it was required.

This same pediatrician was all ready to give her the flu shot as part of Kindergarten boosters in 2001.

That daughter may also have gotten the flu shot as part of her 2 month vaccines, 1997 end of spring, unless possibly the pediatrician called Hib "the flu shot, " but she announced it as vaccines were going in, "And now we also give the flu vaccine" or something like that, which gave me the impression it was something new they were doing and I assumed she meant "the flu shot." One of the 2 month shots went into her mouth with a "I like this particular vaccine." OPV? Informed consent did not happen for sure.

Anyway, my impression is that some of these vaccines might be given in some practices/states (or maybe just California) well before officially recommended nationwide and maybe some after the general understanding is they have been stopped. I even got a small pox vaccine as a teenager in the mid 1980s and had the tell-tale pox mark for years afterwards, but I keep hearing how small pox vaccine was halted well before that time. Maybe they just found a few communities happy to use up some remaining stock?

Having all the drug stores, pharmacies, optometrists, dentist offices jumping on board to administer vaccines just exposes the level of qualification that has always operated IMO. I don't even know what to call it. It's not experimentation, because experimentation is generally done to learn something.


@Linda1 & A Mom: with regards to DeStefano's 2004 study (and Hooker's reanalysis), it's important to ask what the Headstart/ daycare Immunizations "requirements" were in 1999/2000 or earlier--not what they are today. The children would have been born in 2000 or earlier, so what the requirements are today is irrelevant.

My own experience back then was that daycares didn't fuss about Immunizations back then.

cia parker

The revolution is spreading like wildfire! At least two Catholic churches this morning talked about whistleblowers in their homilies. A friend sent me this:

Be Strong sent me this homily from a Catholic Mass broadcast from Notre
Dame this morning, on whistleblowers. She also said that at her church this
morning, the priest gave a homily on whistleblowers. Is this a groundswell
of revolution rising up all around us?

cia parker

Another totally ridiculous shot, as bad as the one for chickenpox. Hep-A is just not a serious disease in children, but they want to vax them to "protect" adults. I got it after spending time on a Navajo Indian reservation where my father and I ate traditional fry bread with honey. I assume that's probably where I got it, as an adult in my early thirties. It wasn't bad, just caused fatigue and the whites of my eyes turned yellow, and after a month or so I was well. They just assume they can make anyone take any shot by talking about the worse-case scenario possible and matter-of-factly telling them to roll up their sleeve.


Has there been any outrage by the black community on the recent MMR vaccine fraud ?

The media / (what is left of it) is trying to make it all about Dr. Hooker and ...not an admission of CDC fraud... by Dr. Thompson.

The Hooker .....DATA came from the CDC... it is not a mystery that it produced the same results, which were then covered up by the CDC.

david m burd

All, sorry I was a bit off citing 2014 as the initial CDC promotion of Hep A vaccinations: Actually it was 2011. I had naively thought a vaccine recommended to only a small population "at risk" would not be expanded to the whole U.S. population of toddlers, and I hadn't checked their more recent "Schedules."

The CDC SOBs never rest, always coming up with ways to poison everybody, on and on.

John Fryer


While the media is STILL and STILL deafening silent about the admission that another CDC scientist has effectively changed the conclusion: that vaccines cause autism to one of vaccines dont cause autism; it seems, on the blog above where they try to tear into Andrew Wakefield etc there is also deafening silence.

They are possibly waiting for the hymn sheet on how to defend the undefendable?

When the reality hits the fan that vaccines today are often the cause of illness rather than having the ability to stop them, we may look closer at other vaccines which to date have escaped the limelight.

I am personally convinced the polio vaccine covers up for polio illness induced by mass vaccine pushes. Polio in the 1940's and 1950's would today be called transverse myelitis, Guilain Barré Syndrome and half a dozen other illnesses to cover for vaccine harm today? Just looking at one of these we find the numbers having the disability actually puts autism back into the secondary role where the CDC have put it for their entire history. Look at figures for transverse myelitis et al and compare to the polio victims of 60 years ago and you find the polio problem has multiplied like autism but by changing the name, you fool most people all the time this hidden catastrophe has enfolded.

As current revelations reveal; where is the profit for Big pHARMa in putting the blame at the correct doors? Cancers would go down, epilepsy, transverse myelitis etc etc wouldgo down and so to AUTISM. The result mass unemployment, closing down of hospitals, shutting of pharmacies et al ie CATASTROPHE, worse than making 3 per per cent and rising having a gift from GOD?

I used to live in a world without replacement hearts, lungs and brains as everyones organs used to work extremely well as opposed to today where there is a 97per cent need for BRAINS perhaps?

The debate here, is about the CDC their continued dishonesty and the individual researchers employed by them and their integrity.

Quite why other groups keep harping on about Andrew Wakefield and the 16 year old study of a few children shows their desperation in the face of more and more new revelations that have never been known to the public.

Last month there were few people who suspected that the CDC were changing data, as we assumed that after being caught changing the data of the 2003 thimerosal paper expunging the link of thimerosal to autism to no link, that they would be more honest in later work they did.

It seems that dishonesty is an essential part of their vaccine protection programme?

Dont worry about the danger of vaccines for we will be there for you looking in the diametrcially opposite direction.

Just get your bloody vaccines!

david m burd

They've gone and done it, early this year CDC (aka Centers of Disease Causation) added all infants get Hepatitis A shots, two shots by 18 months! - Apologies to all, but I have not looked at the 2014 "Schedule" until now.

What prompted me to investigate was the Hepatitis A shot was mandated by an excellent private school here in the Washington, DC region, a school that I just checked today - and I said to myself "what the hell is this?" - and then found DC public school mandates were followed by DC health robots following the CDC Schedule, thence this DC private school idiotically copied. Hepatitis A shots!! Mandated! To toddlers! This is criminal carnage.

Thus, under my radar at least, here we have two more toxic Hep A shots containing aluminum compounds, toxic oils such as "Tween" 20, and containing more poisons that are listed as excipients, now on the CDC Schedule, for extremely vulnerable toddlers having fragile body systems unable to handle these toxic insults.

The CDC is getting worse all the time; a grassroots' rebellion growing to critical mass (like an atomic bomb) is what it is going to take to expose them as the heinous unthinking monsters they are.

The utter corruptness of the CDC will never change, and neither will the bought-off mainstream media (and particularly including "public" broadcasting such as NPR and PBS).

They all have to be fought, no holds barred, no compromising.


The Head Start program is a federal program which is widely used in Georgia (at least appears so from the numerous listing of centers throughout the state). Head Start's requirements would line up with the CDC's recommendations. Were some of all of these children in that program?

Tony Bateson

I believe there is a large amount of very solid wood being missed for the trees. I have conspicuously failed to obtain any valid data about children born at significant dates either in the USA or UK with reference to periods when Thimerosal was withdrawn from DPT vaccines. UK professors (knowledgeable about autism) clearly haven't got a clue.
What I do know is this, I believe that both US and UK authorities were running scared at the Washington Vaccine Safety Conference of February 2004. I had it reported to me within a week or two of that conference that Thimerosal would be removed from DTP vaccines in the UK. The official announcement did not go out until 6th August 2004 that Thimerosal would be withdrawn from UK DTP vaccines. I believe the Duty of Care of UK Medical Authorities went on holiday between those two dates that were six months apart!

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

cia parker

Unfortunately, not many day cares are part of the public school system, and private day cares don't have to accept religious exemptions offered by the state they're in. They may, but if they think it's a selling point to say that all their charges are vaccinated, they can enforce it.


What ALWAYS gets lost in any CDC-related study is--WHEN WAS THE DATA COLLECTED?

The study was published in 2004. You can bet your bottom dollar that they didn't collect the data in 2004. If they were looking at autism diagnoses, and comparing rates in children who had received MMR AFTER 36 months, these kids would have all been born in 2001 AT THE VERY LATEST. And that's assuming they published the study within a month of receiving the data, as the study was published in February of 2004. Obviously, that didn't happen, so now we have these kids being born in 2000 AT THE LATEST.

As someone who had a child in daycare in 2000, I can assure you that, back then, daycares didn't make a fuss about vaccination the way they do now.

The CDC officials are masters of sleight-of-hand. We know this, right?

So we have to ask--what are they trying to distract us from here? What happened in or around 2000/2001 that might have been a causal factor in the exploding autism rate?

Oh, that's right.

1) They were SUPPOSEDLY "taking thimerosal out of pediatric vaccines" --except they were continuing to use thimerosal-preserved pediatric vaccines until 2004, when they started seriously pushing thimerosal-preserved flu shots.

2) They added FOUR shots of PCV to the first-year schedule, effectively increasing the number of vaccines given in the first year from 15 to 19--a 26.6% increase. The chil

3). There is also NO discussion (surprise surprise) of the vaccine histories of the children who didn't receive MMR until after 36 months. Remember, in 2001, it was routinely given at 12 months. What other vaccines did those children not receive until after 36 months?

Since they presumably accessed the medical records of all these children, they have that data--and are choosing to divert attention away from it.

With all due respect to Dr. Hooker, I think he missed the most important part of the coverup.

A Mom

As the boys were younger than 36 months, I think they were referring to daycare immunization requirements. Not sure what the requirements/exemptions are for that in GA, as opposed to Pre K-12.

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