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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: The Vaccine Theory of Nobel Prizes

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted
The July 20 New York Times, which never tires of promoting the germ theory of disease and the need to vax, vax, and vax some more, is my source for the following: “Over the last century, Denmark won significantly more Nobel Prizes per capita than Italy. It also had a lower prevalence of disease-causing germs.”
The correlation, according to Damian Murray at UCLA, holds true in 161 countries based on 5 different metrics of innovation. “Murray speculates that vaccination programs ‘may serve to foster a cultural zeitgeist that is more encouraging and rewarding of innovation.’”
About the only truth in that statement is the first two words: “Murray speculates.” That’s certainly fine – I do it all the time – but I’m not even sure I understand the point. I filed it in my “AOA – Read” folder to await further developments.
They came swiftly. Yesterday, I saw a friend with two preschool sons who knows first-hand the damage FDA-approved, CDC-recommended medicine -- not vaccines in his case -- can do. (He has a lot to do with why I'm writing about autism.) I asked him what vaccination schedule he follows with the kids and he replied, “We’re doing the Norwegian one.”
I’d never heard of someone adopting another country’s schedule, but my friend is pretty cosmopolitan – thoroughly American but with recent roots in Hungary, Germany, and England.
So I looked up the Norwegian vaccination schedule for preschoolers:
•  DTP combination vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough)
•  Hib vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b infection
•  Vaccination against pneumococcal disease
•  Vaccination against poliomyelitis
•  MMR combination vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella
Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV, for girls from 2009)
Children are usually first vaccinated at 3 months old. MMR vaccination is first given at 15 months of age and HPV is now offered to girls at about 12 years old.
Hepatitis B vaccine is also offered through the immunisation programme to children with increased risk of infection, such as those with parents from countries with high prevalence of hepatitis B infections.

This made me think about the Times' mention of its close Scandinavian neighbor, Denmark. Not surprisingly, their schedule is similar to Norway – oh, “and parents decide whether to vaccinate their children.” While all kids are recommended to get the MMR at 15 months, girls at 18 also get a standalone rubella shot to further cut the risk of congenital rubella syndrome in pregnancy. In January, hep B starting at three months was added as a temporary change.
Then I checked Italy. Compared to Norway and Denmark, they vaccinate more, and sooner. They give the Hep B series beginning at birth; DTaP, polio and HIB starting at three months; pneumococcal and meningococcal (not given in the U.S. till college!); and the MMR and chickenpox as early as 12 months, just like the good ol’ US of A.
I could see why my friend picked Norway viz a viz the USA. No universal birth dose of hep B (the one-question test for vaccine lunacy), no rotavirus, no Hep A, no chickenpox, no mercury-laced flu shot – all ushered onto the U.S. schedule by pharma’s immunity from liability after 1986. And the vaccines Norway and Denmark do list start later than in the U.S.– three months for the first ones, 15 months for the MMR (it used to be that way here but the vaccine itself weakened maternal immunity to the point they had to move it forward to 12 months). And, because my friend has boys, they won’t get HPV vaccine, ever, following Norway's schedule. Of course, it's recommended for both sexes in the USA.
Both Denmark and Norway also appear to have substantially lower autism rates and infant mortality than the United States. (Italy is between those two countries and the U.S.)  Lower vaccination rates, fewer germs, less autism and infant death, more Nobel Prizes.  I don't get it, and the New York Times certainly doesn't. Maybe my friend does.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism


Amy M G

I would think that in the US we have been following a Standard American Diet
for more generations than the Scandinavians--this in general could make the Americans more immunocomprimised, and have different gut flora.. The Scandinavians eat far more fish, cod liver oil and other healthy fats in general. I wonder if ADHD and dyslexia are on the rise in these countries, however, as I have heard anecdotally. I believe these countries banned thimerosal in childhood vaccines well before the US. In addition, mercury containing
amalgam fillings are not used anymore.


Recommendations are one thing. I wonder what the uptake is in Norway?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Barbaraj- I am not at all convinced that the study done "proving" that hrt is a mistake , should be the final answer. As far as I understand, that study was done with only one method of hrt, whereas another method, that I still use at age 67 was not included. Because the two methods are quite different, I do not accept that study and no one has been able to answer this question for me. Today I wonder, did we fall too quickly for one more medical hoax or perhaps were doctors/scientists really that stupid- or am I missing something here. Im ready to hear the truth and I am surprised that this topic vanished so quickly.


There seems to be quite a response for the children on the border, it has been declared a disaster and billions will be spent / each foreign child will need a well paid lawyer.

There are over a million "vaccine refugee children" who are in this country legally... who will need care for 50+ years. They have no legal rights.


S Ilflay-Hraka is your average run of the mill troll.

Hit and run attacks is one of the tactics to disrupt comment boards. A brief attack is made and than the troll scampers off before anyone can respond or they just ignore the questions asked of him/her. If you read the study: Troll Just Want to Have Fun-researchers state the trolls personality type correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism .

Basically, don't waste your time demanding answers from an individual who engages in this behavior. It will only infuriate you and boost the the distorted ego of the person who makes such attacks. It's how they get their jollies.

Something is brewing and its coming from the CDC/Vaccine pushers and troll attacks such as these will begin to happen more often. The best thing to do-ignore them.


I remember the women in 1996, I had a baby that year, my gyn "fired" a woman in his office one day when I was in there ,he wasn't soft about it,he said she was foolish for turning down hrt, and his nurse said, "I can't wait to be in menopause so I can go on hrt". he said he didn't think he could treat a patient that didn't believe in his medicine, afterall he had the training he was the doctor. I thought then, wow they were the consumers of the driven "science". I wasn't sure I hadn't made a mistake , would he go against my wishes and give me an epidural or some wacky pain meds. Well he went on to deliver the last four of my kids, and yes he had a deli tray of pain meds, but they were easily refused. I'm pretty sure ten years later he made no apologetic phone call to that woman, likely there were more. Today, we have the pediatricians firing us, and it's okay, I've had many a repair man in my home deserving of more respect than some of these doctors. Remember, they are products of their journals, and that wasn't a good thing with vioxx, hrt, and many other of the "bad medicines" they pushed on patients.


you see..they have no science..they do have an agenda..


Haven't they heard: correlation does not mean causation!


S Ilflay.. You lost me at "norwegian wood", was too Freudian for my taste..however..without the manic touch, which science are you referring to that clears vaccines....the Offit rhetoric, a Snyderman order..just where and what is it? I want to "know it" before it bites "me"

cia parker

My ex-husband and his wife are both Italian, she told me two years ago that the son of a woman she works with reacted to the DTaP with autism. They know a lot of people who, like them, are not going to get any more vaccines. A Romanian woman told me last year of several Romanian families she knew who had been affected by serious vaccine damage. Of course a lower rate of autism is better than a high one like ours, but since the risk of the diseases is so much lower than the risk from the vaccines, why should they or we take the chance? And of course it's good that they can choose whether or not to get them, but the same waves of horror at vaccine-induced autism and auto-immune disease that have swept so many here into the selective or no vaccine camp have done the same there. And why is there a "temporary" change to hep-B vax for three month olds? I take it that it's for all, even those born to healthy mothers? I take it that pharmaganda has been hard at work there as well?

Ilflay, how many do you think you have persuaded to agree with you with your vulgar and aggressive language?


I disagree with "your friend", lowering the autism count, to perhaps less than one percent does not take the count where it should be...almost Zero.
Should we load the literal gun with six bullets or four. This isn't remains a dangerous game. We take the thimerosal out, then we take the aluminum out, we keep going until we have a safe product, period. Safer will not do!


S Ilflay-Hraka
Whose the frickin name calling moron one here - that is addressing nothing - no issue here? Hmmmmm?

Birgit Calhoun

S Ilflay-Hraka! Who are you? Where is your science? What exactly is your beef?

Jeannette Bishop

How genuine is "parents decide whether to vaccinate their children” in practice in these countries? There could be a big difference in outcome if, unlike here, there is not a big push to get every "recommended" vaccine on schedule and insanely try to "catch up" those who get behind.

Possibly too random of a question (or several questions), brought to mind by the pleasantries of the first commenter, but I can remember some of my vaccines given in the derriere, and wonder if that location was used in attempt to minimize risk for the young or smaller human beings? Did they stop using that location for any particular reason, and is it possible that location of injection has some bearing on the likelihood of detoxification or the location of tissue accumulation of substances like a mercury preservative, or aluminum adjvants?

S Ilflay-Hraka

you're just a frickin' moron Olmstead. if science bit you in the ass and kicked you in the head you still wouldn't recognize it for science. everything you say is full of lies. but I guess that's where fourth rate journalist hacks have to go to find a paycheck, huh? maybe you should go find some norwegian wood and use it to beat some sense into your posts.

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