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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: A Torrent of Leaks Reaches Flood Stage

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

As the MMR whistleblower issue blows up, here's one thing that’s worth remembering: The specific manipulation of data being alleged is that the CDC covered up a risk for autism in black males who got the MMR shot earlier than 36 months. That is appalling, and raises terrible echoes of the nation’s public health officials and their odious Tuskegee study of untreated black males with syphilis.

But more broadly, according to the medical, scientific, and journalistic consensus of our day, there should be no good evidence of any kind, whatsoever, linking any vaccine to autism in any child, ever. Ever! (“One Thing We Know About Autism: Vaccines Aren’t to Blame” – National Geographic. “Once again, the research is definitive: vaccines don't cause autism, and the potential costs of vaccines' mild side-effects are clearly smaller than those of the lethal diseases that can spread if we don't vaccinate all children.” – Vox.com)

Since “we know” that vaccines don’t cause autism, they certainly don’t cause it in black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta.  They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta before a certain age – or, for that matter, given on the day of birth to blue-eyed females in Dubuque born on the first or third Thursdays of months ending in "y."

They don't cause autism! Got it? If they did, even in such a circumscribed cohort as black males in Atlanta vaccinated with MMR before 36 months --  that would start a cascade of challenges to orthodoxy that simply can’t – and, if the authority figures have their way, simply won’t – be tolerated. This is what the The Times and The Networks and the Agencies are going to be working overtime to shore up.

The CDC’s William Thompson, whistleblower to Brian Hooker on the MMR study and lead author on another on mercury in vaccines, has probably ruined more than a few of his colleagues’ August vacations at Hilton Head. One can’t help think of goofy cartoon characters running around a leaking dike and plugging every hole that starts spurting. They are down now to using their toes. (Check out this staggeringly off-message comment from Dorit Reiss on CNN: "Even if his [Brian Hooker's] claims about the study were correct, which is doubtful, it would show that for most of the population, MMR does not cause autism." I imagine a Merck guy yelling in her ear, "Dammit, Dorit, don't ever say it's OK if the MMR just makes a few thousand black boys autistic! Do you really want this job? ")

More broadly, these “leaks” in the bulwark of conventional wisdom have been coming for a long time, and not just from people on the inside with information to share.

I’m talking about leaks like all the parents of children on the other side of the elevated-risk stats – MMR shots at 12 months, illness, regression, autism.

Leaks like parents who saw it with other vaccines, at other times  -- parents who were willing to share what happened to try to keep it from happening again.

Leaks like the original Verstraeten study at the CDC that found a high risk of autism for infants who got the most ethyl mercury by the first month of life, as opposed to the least.

Leaks like the CDC coverup of the soaring autism rate in Brick Township, N.J.

Leaks like all the evidence from low-and-no-vaccine populations with low-to-no autism. Leaks like the unwillingness of the public health authorities to even study the issue.

Leaks like the Hannah Poling case, which the government conceded was triggered by autism, but buried by obfuscation. Leaks like the Unanswered Questions study showing autism all over the place in unacknowledged vaccine “court” rulings.

Leaks like the SafeMinds parents identifying autism as a “novel form of mercury poisoning” more than a decade ago. 

Leaks like the Merck scientists who came forward to say the company faked data to make its mumps vaccine look effective.

Leaks like the connection between the first cases of autism reported in the medical literature, in 1943, and the families’ exposure to the new ethyl mercury vaccines and fungicides. 

Leaks like the whole catastrophic half-a-millennium love affair between the medical industry and mercury, one that should have ended long before the autism tidal wave started carrying away America’s children.

Leaks like the most obvious one of all – the explosion of autism and the vaccine schedule at the same time Congress gave the nation's corrupt drug makers a free ride in court, a ride on the backs of America’s vaccine-injured children and their stumbling families.

These leaks are becoming a flood, and the flood a tidal wave, just like the autism tidal wave, and the wave is washing away the whole wall of denial built by the same people who just about now are running out of fingers and toes to plug them with.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism. [email protected]




Just found this:

"Letter to Dr. Gerberding, dated February 2, 2004, from William. W. Thompson, Ph.D."


..."Natural News has acquired a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004. The date of this letter is important because a pivotal Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting on vaccine safety took place just one week later on February 9th. (See the full letter below.)

In this letter, William Thompson says he will be "presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study," and he laments that the data will show MMR vaccines cause an increased risk of autism in youth African-American babies. He explains "I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism."

He then goes on to implore Dr. Gerberding to respond to questions that had been raised by "Representative David Weldon" regarding the integrity of CDC scientists working in the immunization program. He also explains that the CDC has been covering up the truth about the safety problems the agency's own scientists had documented with vaccines, saying:

..."I've repeatedly told individuals in the [National Immunization Program Office of Directors] over the last several years that they're doing a very poor job representing immunization safety issues and that we're losing the public relations war..."

John Stone


But bear in mind that "the Danish studies" also included the key and much cited Madsen study on MMR and autism. If Cochrane 2005 smelt a rat with DeStefano 2004 it actually stated there was a rat in the case of Madsen:

"The follow up of diagnostic records ends one year (31 Dec 1999) after the last day of admission to the cohort. Because of the length of time from birth to diagnosis, it becomes increasingly unlikely that those born later in the cohort could have a diagnosis"

To put it more bluntly they had included in the vaccinated group children who were to young too be vaccinated and children who were too young have been diagnosed. The data was subject to review in two articles published Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, one by Goldman and Yazbak, the other by Stott, Blaxill and Wakefield with differing results but both detecting a hoard of missing autism cases among the vaccinated implicit in Cochrane (actually published afterwards). Notable was the suppressed 2002 letter to NEJM from Prof Suissa, an epidemiologist from McGill, published in the Stott article which recalculated the Madsen data to suggest that autism was 45% higher in the vaccinated group.



Brian Hooker also contributed to the correspondence in the following issue:


We may never know exactly what was the surplus of autism cases in the vaccinated group, except that it was evidently going to be substantial.

But also we need to bear in mind the conspiritorial circumstances in which the Madsen study was commissioned, which involved co-author of the DeStefano study Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp who wrote an email to Jose Cordero (May 30, 2000 2.36pm):


As we discussed on Friday, we have become aware through Poul Thorsen of an exciting opportunity to study the role of MMR vaccine and autism using several registries/existing studies and the repository of biologic specimens and laboratory capabilities in Denmark. Attached below is a proposal for such a study. Poul will be leaving on Thursday to travel to Denmark where he will be meeting with the PIs for the proposed study on June 6th. We would like to be able to have Poul say whether it is likely that CDC (NIP) can fund the study, if NIP is interested. The proposed budget is included; there may be additional sources of funding (in addition to NIP) but we are not certain at this time. Unfortunately, the DD Branch does not have much (if any) $$ to fund the study, but we do have the expertise that we have developed due to the autism surveillance in Atlanta and the MMR/autism casecontrol study. I will be out of the office tomorrow, but you may contact Diana or Poul if you have questions. Thank you so much for considering this proposal.


These events were subject to meticulous scrutiny in articles by Ed Yazbak:



We must certainly consider that these frauds are part of the same story.



thank God the flood is finally arriving!


The vaccine construct is disintegrating on two major fronts.

The thimerosal containing shots are called into question by the indictment Poul Thorsen.


He is described as "principal investigator" on 21 of the 24 "Danish Studies" cited so often by the Doritt Reiss crowd to exonerate the use of ethyl mercury injected in bolus doses into day old infants. The CDC never has been forced to explain why the Danish studies should still be considered reliable, in light of the alleged misconduct by Thorsen.

The live virus shots such as MMR are called into question by the taped admissions of falsified data by Dr. Thompson.

The silence of the MSM on Thorsen is frustrating and illuminating. The Thorsen deal has been pretty effectively shut down. Can they contain the Thompson affair as well? No doubt they will try tooth and nail, and are already plotting damage control. Can they succeed at making "the Thompson problem" go away?

My guess is no- based on the profoundly weird capitulation by none other than Reiss, that she "doubts" that MMR causes autism in "most" children. What an utterly bizarre thing for her to write, on a public forum. She has basically rolled over and run for the hills. She is not certain that vaccines do not cause autism- she "doubts" that they do. Looks like a paradigm shift to me.

Yahoo Finance still has the link up. I intend to forward this material about Thompson on social media every single day, several times a day, until I am unfriended by everyone who knows me. Further, I will be calling my elected reps tomorrow, demanding answers.

To AoA, Andy Wakefield, Ed Yazbak, Brian Hooker- and the countless others who have worked to help these vaccine injured children- my profound thanks for your sacrifices.


Lawrence's unfortunate choice of the word "jive" after "black," conscious or otherwise, carries the not-so-subtle appearance of racism.

Eileen Nicole Simon

I just received an email with a link to autismactionnetwork.org with a link to capwiz.com and a ready-to-go message to William Thompson, urging him to provide his revelations to the major media sources. They recommend a brief message telling him your story. I asked that he request a PBS Frontline investigation.

John Fryer


Why should CNN take down a report that the CDC has had a whistle blower accuse the CDC of data manipulation?

Perhaps because its OLD NEWS and they might be accused of plagiarism?

I seem to remember a CDC paper of ten years ago, that was published was heavily criticised for the same reasons of CDC data manipulation.

See FORBES and Ms Willingham for the 2014 February version of this story:


This CDC data manipulation was finally excused by the USA government.

It seems the CDC has not changed their ten year old policies or likely to in the next ten years?

Nor is the USA government likely to go against themselves this time?



I dont think Ms Willingham gave full credit to the gradual reducing of a huge link of thimerosal vaccines to autism as they altered and changed the data until eventually the published work showed the more :

TERATOGENIC, MUTAGENIC and CARCINOGENIC mercury vaccines you gave a child,

actually prevented AUTISM in the final published draft with more accurate data or more acceptable data?

So why did the CDC take mercury out of their vaccines?

Perhaps they didnt believe their own data a decade ago, about anything they put in journals?

For Lawrence


It is all very well being a loud mouth troll but it would help if you'd actually read the paper:

"Table 1 shows the relationship between MMR timing
and autism incidence for the entire cohort. As can be
observed, there is a statistically significant effect for thecohort at 36 months (RR = 1.49, 95% CI: 1.04-2.14, p =
0.0289). However, this result appears to be caused by a
stronger relationship (RR = 1.69, 95% CI: 1.11-2.57, p =
0.0138) seen exclusively in boys. Girls did not show any
relationship between autism and MMR timing at any
age group studied.

"When looking specifically at African American children
(Table 2), the relationship between MMR timing and aut-
ism incidence became more profound (RR = 2.30, 95% CI:
1.25-4.22, p = 0.0060) at 36 months of age. Again, this re-
sult was exclusively found in boys who showed statistically
significant effects at both 24 months (RR = 1.73, 95% CI:
1.09-2.77, p = 0.0200) and 36 months (RR = 3.36, 95% CI:
1.50-7.51, p = 0.0019) of age. This effect again was not
seen in females."



@Ms. Parker - so, how does a 3x effect for blacks jive with accepting that there is no increase for any other group?

Why don't you explain that one? It means that the entire basis of this group is wrong & has been wrong for over a decade.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Yes Dan, it does seem like just another in a long list of indictments against vaccines. It's not which leak or how many leaks that could ultimately wake people up, it's the overwhelming structure of an incestuous industry that keeps most people in the dark.

cia parker

Dorit failed to answer the question, reverted to saying she questions the authenticity of the study, without explaining what she meant by saying that even if it is authentic and the MMR really is tripling the rate of autism in black children, it doesn't mean anything for those from other ethnic groups. Threw in a few insults of me.

Tony Bateson

Just amazing keep up this extraordinary chase for the truth - it's there and it will come out - it is unstoppable. I am still waiting for the first mention in the columns of the mainstream press of Poul Thorsen and the whole crooked edifice of which it now appears that Thorsen was a smaller and smaller part of gross deception on the US and worldwide public.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


CDC = Centers for Declaring Coincidence


There should be protests happening. Obviously USCongress is controlled by lobbyists but this matter of children being damaged has gone way too far and is costing billions- and the problem isn't slowing down, as research shows. We can't afford this continuing on any level. A vote of non- confidence has to happen in Congress immediately. It is more than obvious that CDC cannot be in the conflict ridden position of both promoting vaccines and governing their safety. IT ISN'T WORKING.

And mainstream media you should be ashamed of yourselves- now you are 100% complicit in this whole debacle. How do you sleep at night? Dr. Nancy? Dr. Gupta? Anderson Cooper? Matt Lauer?
Maybe a reporter with some real balls like Sharyl Attkisson or Katie Couric will do the job.

Deborah smith

This article highlights the disgraceful conduct of one company sadly we live today in a society full of cover ups because of money. My son disappeared before my eyes following the MMR no fictions no green screen fact my eyes. No ones saying stop vaccinations... We're asking for clean vaccines without the crap in them. Honesty from the medical sectors.... Making sure that the person receiving the vaccines is fit and well and their immune system is checked and strong enough to take the vaccines before you administer. My son will be 19 this year he should be having the same opportunities his sisters have but instead he is disabled. He was not strong enough to have the MMR at the time it was given and this triggered the autism fact.... Stop hiding behind paperwork documents face the music and stop this from happening again and again simple......... Debs smith London uk

John Stone

It may be added Alli always organised our street demos in the UK - big ones and little ones, she was there.

W Marchant

As a father of a girl illegally vaccinated and disabled immediately I am disgusted by the CDC's massive cover-ups. This act of crime has affected many countries and extreme numbers of children worldwide. I do not blame any single vaccine for disabling my daughter but the action of the doctor responsible.
There are now far too many damaged children to compensate
properly yet the victims will greatly increase if this is not addressed immediately. It would be nice if the CDC held their hand up and looked for ways to correct the vaccine issue.W Marchant

Alli Edwards

Just a suggestion from a UK autism parent but....wouldn't wider media attention be prompted if a group of autism parents organised a (peaceful) demo about this outside of the CDC? A.S.A.P?

Anne J.

Incredible. Still not one major network has aired this! I knew they were "heavily influenced" by pharmaceutical dollars, but thought one of them might grow a spine and cover this story as it deserves. This genie isn't going back in the bottle just because they refuse to cover it. It just makes them look even worse and more biased/corrupt. I think this will backfire on them, though. If people were not aware of "media bias" before, they certainly are now. What they are doing is so blatantly obvious, you would think they'd be too humiliated to stoop so low. I guess nothing is beneath them these days.
Unfortunately, the shredders at the CDC are likely going non-stop. As soon as everything they can get their hands on has been conveniently "lost" , I'm sure they'll emerge from their hole. I can only hope some of them eventually do jail time for their role in this crime against our children.
And just where is Obama?! Shouldn't this be worthy of his attention?!
Thank you Age of Autism!


Dorit makes zero sense as usual in her feeble attempt to make this about Dr. Hooker. None of the trolls are mentioning Dr. Thompson. Unfortunately for them, Dr. Thompson has come out and confessed to what we've been saying all along - that there is corruption behind the studies claiming that vaccines do not cause autism. There is no way for Dorit to escape the fact that one of the lead authors of her favorite studies that she has been using in her rabid-rigid-pro-vaccine-schedule-that-all-must-follow-exactly-as-written-as-though-it -came-to-us-inscribed-in-stone-or-be-shamed-or-sued-or-worse arguments, together with her fellow crusading paternalistic mentors - the holier than thou high priest of medical ethics and doctor of philosophy Arthur Caplan and his side kick doctor of pediatric infectious disease medicine Paul Offit - DR. THOMPSON HAS SAID THAT THE CDC LIED. They lied, Dorit. Understand? It's not about Dr. Hooker.


Jeannette Bishop

I have such high expectations (sarcasm) now that I wonder if the mainstream will cover this in attack mode, minimize mode, or blackout mode?

I want this to really blow up! I watched a program as a teenager on vaccine injury in the 1980s (probably in promotion of the NVICP though I don't think that was spelled out) where even then I had the impression that the coverage was biased and essentially leading the viewer on how to thinik, but that wasn't enough to overcome a false belief that by and large the vaccine program had to be safe. Most IMO need to see that this and more has been going on for decades.


CDC Whistleblower Causes Uproar in Autism Community. Too funny that Lielady posts this and presents the Scienceblogs angle as though it's the bottom line. Newsflash bitch: it isn't.

Margaret R Dodge

the Congress and Senate are also to blame, as they are in on deals from big pharma, and thus are profiting from this mess.

cia parker

I asked Dorit what she had meant on Skeptical Raptor, and this is what she replied:

"A. Hooker's claims are so methodologically flawed that they don't stand.

B. Even if they stood - this wouldn't help most of the people who claim vaccines caused their child's autism, and in fact go about their claim. If you want to use Hooker's paper as your basis, it found no link between MMR age and autism for white boys. If you accept it, you accept all of it. So if we were to accept this fatally flawed paper, most of the people claiming MMR caused their child's autism would have to retract.

I was not saying that such a finding would not be something to act on; it would have been. But Hooker's flawed paper doesn't really support it. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the anti-vaccine movement: jumping on this paper, while ignoring that it means that if true, most of them should admit they were wrong about the link.


I replied:

"This is what I read that you had said: "Even if his [Brian Hooker's] claims about the study were correct, which is doubtful, it would show that for most of the population, MMR does not cause autism." It would appear prima facie that you were saying that even if the MMR did often cause autism in little black children, most of the population would have nothing to worry about in getting the MMR. Really? If you could clarify this, it would set my mind at ease. And what happened to all the curs who were here earlier? Have they taken their violent act out to the streets for a wild Saturday night?"


It said she was typing a reply and I waited several minutes to see it, but the message disappeared without any reply appearing. I guess I'll have to check back tomorrow, same time, same station.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

The fact that little Dorit Reiss even exists in the media is a shameful proof of the fact that the national public health authorities and our Dept of Education have created a situation in which the populace is thought to be so gullible as to swallow any printed nonsense with the imprimatur of the NIH or CDC on it.But these people have painted themselves into a corner with their disrespect for science and truth..

BoB Moffitt

Thinking further on the whistle-blower's allegation .. if true .. it would serve as incontrovertible .. proof positive evidence .. there is no such thing as a "one size fits all vaccine".

for Pam

NCEH picked up when I called earlier today and a man said he would pass on the message of concern regarding the Dr. Thompson matter. He sounded like he definitely knew about it, was not surprised.

Sandy Lunoe

Thanks to the person who stated to CNN: "Even if his [Brian Hooker's] claims about the study were correct, which is doubtful, it would show that for most of the population, MMR does not cause autism".

According to basic statistics "Most of the population" implies more than 50 per cent. We therefore thank the said person most profusely for informing on CNN that vaccines may cause autism for up to 50 per cent of the population.

cia parker

Is there no Rescue Post available to put up Dorit's faux pas? I'm really disappointed, I'd never let her hear the end of it. Does she have a PubMed study establishing the mechanism by which the MMR causes autism in so many black children, but "no" white children?


The Bioterrorism number is no longer in service, and the National Center for Environmental Health when I called today on 8.23- Saturday picked up and then hung up. When calling the Poison Control number it sent me immediately to a recording in my state. As a mom a vaccine injured child from the 1980's, i want justice to prevail. Thirty years is much too long and by the way it seems my blonde hair blue eye daughter was just an experiment also, and insurance even covered it!
Bioterrorism: 1 404 639 0385
National Center for Environmental Health: 1 770 488 7100
Poison Control: 1 800 222 1222


It may be true that any child who is not processing sunlight, or has too little exposure..be it a red head a Somalli, or any in between,has a vitamin D deficiency.. these are the kids that have genetic contraindications for receiving vaccines. It may be more significantly true that mercury poisoning causes vitamin D deficiency. Again the incredible practice of injecting mercury could well lay out the cause for the MMR causing autism.

Shell Tzorfas

With 1 in 6 US children now being diagnosed with "Developmental Disabilities" and a report showing that todays children have the highest disability rates according to a Pa. hospital, it is about time that the chemical agents shot into innocent children become uncovered and become mainstream media news..ya think? Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs shared a link.
23 hours ago

Childhood disability rates highest recorded, children's hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC finds
The percentage of children with disabilities due to neurodevelopmental or mental health conditions continues to rise, particularly among children in more socially advantaged households...
LikeLike · · Share


I guess they had to take the CNN ireport down after Dorit made that terrible statement..lost confidence in her "belief"..then lost her footing...

IF>> yep she said IF the MMR causes autism in the black kids, I think she called these children "a racial category" it would become an issue..or it was an issue..or then it would be an issue..and IF this was true..the MMR was not causing harm to those she is calling anti vax...wth..if we aren't black and it happened we must be liars? Hey my kid's a strawberry blonde, maybe his "category" wasn't studied?

BoB Moffitt

@ Linda1

"A free press in a true democracy would, in the face of allegations against a major (or any) government agency, investigate the charges"

It does seem rather odd .. a virtual army of main-stream media sources have been "reporting" .. almost non-stop for two weeks straight .. on two tragic deaths of black men that died in confrontations with white police officers.

While I am not suggesting these two tragic deaths are not worth the time and efforts that mainstream media has spent reporting on them .. I would like to ask why this particular "whistle-blower's" allegation of fraud committed by the CDC .. that potentially allowed tens of thousands of innocent black children .. over a decade .. be at a high risk of autism .. has been IGNORED by that very same media?

Am I missing something here?


Interesting timing: The Greater Good movie on 'vaccine debate' is airing on television today (look at Schedule --- documentary for times)



A free press in a true democracy would, in the face of allegations against a major (or any) government agency, investigate the charges. In the case of a whistleblower, a functioning press would immediately seek the whereabouts and statement of the whistleblower, and if not able to find that person, would work around the clock pounding on doors trying to find him. If they couldn't find him, certainly they would at the very least ask the man's family where he is. What is missing from this story IS THE PRESS. They are no where to be found, present company excepted, and they are major accessories in this crime. As they do what they can to bury this story, they are responsible for harm that comes to children being injected with this drug inappropriately because they didn't report the story and they are also complicit in any harm that may come to Dr. Thompson.

Dan Burns

Thanks, Dan. Jon Rappoport's observation --"This [exposure of CDC malfeasance] is no longer an orderly process" -- rings a bell with me. Tip, tip, oops! CRASH. But we must move forward.


Lots of data to review at the CDC, but I assume the shredders are running this weekend,

probably with the help of Lois Lerner who has started a her very own data service..

From the book "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby pages 280 - 283

Visit to the CDC

In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

The CDC has a annual budget of nearly 4 billion dollars. After an 18 month application process, the Geier's arrived with a $3,200 fee to search the vaccine database... they were provided with a....DOS based version...of the search software.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "the 3-dose DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "the 3-dose Thimerosal / mercury free" DTaP shots.

From the CDC vaccine injury records of thousands of children, the Geier's found Autism rates 27 times higher in the 3-dose Thimerosal / mercury group.


Similar "off the chart vaccine issues" were noted by CDC epidemiologist Dr. Verstraeten, which led to the June 2000 CDC vaccine industry meeting in Simpsonwood, Georgia.

The CDC then decided to hire a private company to manage the "vaccine database" for them. It is now off limits to the Freedom of Information Act and anyone who would like to look at it.




I am very worried about Dr. Thompson. If what Drs. Wakefield and Hooker said of him is false, he would have come out vehemently against it already. Where is he? Is he being held against his will? We need to demand to see this man who has revealed that the CDC has committed criminal fraud to make sure that he is not in their hands. This is an agency who colluded to harm at least a generation of children. What will they do to this one man?


Maureen said, "all local stations must get approval first from the mother station...


Laura Hayes

Great summary, Dan! Looks like you and I were up doing the same thing last night. I sent my summary to Governor Brown's office in CA, though (you know, the state where Governor Brown signed into law that those as young as 12 years old can get vaccines related to STDs without parental knowledge or consent, paid for by taxpayers, and parents now how to have a specified healthcare practitioner sign-off on their PBE after submitting to a lecture of uninformed personal opinion by that person). Looks like I could have gotten a good night's sleep instead, and just sent yours this morning!

Excellent and thorough job...as always. You are amazing! Thank you.

BoB Moffitt

When you stop and think about it .. how many other potential "whistle-blowers" are having trouble sleeping at night for "keeping their mouths shut" over the last decade?

We are long past the time when "good men" remain silent while "evil" flourishes.

Call CDC

CDC main number is down for weekend but call other numbers to let them know we are aware of the situation and concerned for Dr. Thompson:

Bioterrorism: 1 404 639 0385
National Center for Environmental Health: 1 770 488 7100
Poison Control: 1 800 222 1222

Maurine Meleck

call all your tv stations. I have one this orning very interested. The hard part is that all local stations must get approval first from the mother station, wherein lies the problem. But it doesn't hurt to try. call, call call. we need to get this out.


Taking it off CNN is no shock to most of us that have been following this, actually they the(media)is the main problem since they have been bought out. Now the truth is out though, and will eventually spread as it picks up traction.

A Mom

Last time I checked it had:



(many begging for the news to be broadcast - I wonder how they feel about the censorship because that's what it is, it was not because it was it was flagged by the community AND found to be in violation of the iReport Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Flagged, no doubt)


It is still on yahoo finance, but probably not for long. Been there since yesterday evening, maybe longer.


Memory Hole


This statemement appears:

"This iReport has been removed because it was flagged by the community and found to be in violation of the iReport Community Guidelines and Terms of Use."



CMN I report taken down
This is not good

Dan Burns

Yep, a tidal wave. Parents are doing the investigating reporting we used to expect from the likes of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. More to come. Surf or flee.

Jim Thompson

Colleen Boyle should be asked to testify before Congress again, this time to defend her fraudulent work as co-author of:

DeStefano F, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Boyle C: Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan atlanta. Pediatrics 2004, 113:259266.

See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14754936


WOW !!!! Thanks so much. I am just a mom following the story. I am so ready for these monsters to go down.

david m burd

Dan, Nice summary of leaks - a complete list would take pages.

CDC most appropriately stands for Centers of Disease Coverup (and protect our asses). Or pick your own label for the most disgraceful government health agency that has for far too long cared only about its own evil empire, with fear mongering as its most important agenda.

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