Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism
Action Alert: Ask Dr. Thompson to Remove Name from Pediatrics Study

Action Alert: Ask Dr. Thompson to Go Public on CDC Vaccine Fraud

Action alertFrom Autism Action Network:

We have sent more than 1000 messages to CDC scientist William Thompson in the last two days. We need to keep up the pressure. Please click on this Take Action link  to send an email message asking Thompson to share his allegations of the CDC covering-up a study showing a clear connection between the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) shot and autism.  Please alter the prewritten message to tell your family’s story. Thompson’s information could potentially save hundreds of thousands from a life of severe disability. But that will not happen unless vaccination policy is changed. And vaccination policy will not change unless Thompson comes forward publicly and present what he knows know to major media sources. No major media source has covered this story, and they won't until Thompson goes public with what he knows.

Thompson has shown great moral integrity and courage already. Let’s help positively encourage him to do what is absolutely necessary to stop the epidemic. Thompson must go public with his information vis major media outlets. Thompson’s email account is still functioning at the CDC as is his voice mail, but all messages will be routed to him via a pathway outside CDC control as well.

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, William W. Thompson, Ph. D., a senior research scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided information to several sources alleging that he and his colleagues, who are all senior people at the CDC, altered a 2004 study to cover-up the finding that African-American boys who received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) shot under the age of 36 months had 340% more autism than those who got the MMR older than 36 months. The alteration to the study was allegedly done to hide the relationship between the MMR and autism.  Even after the alleged deception, the study still showed that children who received the MMR at a younger age had a higher autism rate than those who received it later in life. Yet the study was marketed as showing no affect. There are also reports that other studies done by the CDC were also allegedly altered to cover-up associations between other vaccines, vaccine ingredients and autism.

Please share this message with friends and family.

Autism Action Network is a national, non-partisan, grassroots, political action organization formed by parents in support of children and adults with autism,vaccne injuries, and neurodevelopmental and communication disorders. We are dedicated to advancing public policy issues affecting people with autism and related disorders, protecting their human and civil rights, educating the public and media, supporting candidates sharing our goals in state and federal elections, and holding accountable those in government who do not act in the best interest of people affected by autism and related disorders. Our vision is that all people with developmental and communication will grow and successfully participate in their community. Our mission is to be a strong and unified voice for children with neurodevelopmental and communication disorders so that each person will be provided the support necessary to live a full and productive life. Our goals include developing and organizing a strong advocacy support resource for people with neurodevelopmental disorders, their families and communities, advancing education, health insurance coverage, research, legal and legislative issues affecting people with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

We began as A-CHAMP (Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning) in 2005. Our initial focus was on legislative efforts to end the use of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in vaccines. We were partially successful in that effort, and it is still a goal we continue to pursue. In 2008 we changed our name to Autism Action Network to reflect the wider range of issues we seek to influence.


D Nantz

Dr. Thompson, Have u seen the video's piling up on You Tube (Hear This Well)? You know the truth along with your Colleagues. I'm praying you do the right thing. My heart is being broken again every day that this FRAUD is continuing. Who will care for my ASD Son when I'm gone? PLEASE DO RHE RIGHT THING. God knows your heart and led you to your confession for a reason.

Raymond Rice

Dr. Thompson please reveal all the information, to the best of your knowledge, in regards to the MMR vaccine and any other vaccine that could or may be detrimental to our children. I know that you probably did not want to get involved in this dreadful situation but you are. Millions of us will be forever thankful to you if you will just tell only the facts that you know. We are counting on you.

Respectfully, Raymond Rice

Anne J.

Dr. Thompson has come this far, and I am so grateful he reached out to Dr. Hooker. I hope he finds the inner strength to go public, so the world can see him tell his story in his own words . It seems like a difficult decision initially, but if you think about what's at stake, I'm sure it's clear to him what he needs to do for the sake of children everywhere. The question is, does he have to courage to actually follow through? I hope so! I'm sure he never envisioned himself being in the spotlight, but none of us ever envisioned being full-time caregivers (for life) to beautiful, normally-developing children who regressed after their vaccines either. You do what you have to do!


"No major media source has covered this story, and they won't until Thompson goes public with what he knows."

Absolutely hundred percent spot on! Unless Thompson goes public major media will either play dead or they will spin the story to make it suit the current nothing-to-see agenda.

The only way the wall of bullshit would break down is for Thompson to speak on camera.

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