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A Break in the Wall - William W. Thompson

ConfessionBy Kent Heckenlively

It seems that William W. Thompson has finally come over to the side of the angels.

For those of you who might have been off fishing the past few days, or like me, spent part of the week in the hospital with a gall bladder attack, I'll briefly recap what may be one of the most consequential stories ever to come out of the autism epidemic.

On Monday, August 18, a video was released by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Brian Hooker which claimed that a major researcher for the CDC admitted that he and others had concealed evidence that moving up the date for the MMR vaccine had increased the rate of autism for African-American males by 340%.  Later in the week it was revealed that the researcher was Dr. William W. Thompson, who had in fact been one of the authors of a 2004 paper by the CDC claiming there was no link between the timing of the MMR shot and the development of autism.  On Friday it was reported that Dr. Thompson had been escorted off the grounds of the CDC by security personnel.

For those of us who have been in the fight a long time this news produces mixed emotions in us.  I reall the optimism with which I reported on the Omnibus Autism proceedings, reporting on the Hannah Poling case which many of us thought would finally break the whole damned thing wide open, or the revelation that the Vaccine Injury program had actually given awards to at least 83 children who suffered vaccine injuries which included autism.

On the one hand I want to take this guy who has concealed this information for so many years, throw him up against a wall, and go to town on him.

On the other hand I sense a real opportunity to advance our cause among a scientific community which has been largely indifferent to us, as well as frequently hostile.

As a leader in any movement it's important to understand your adversaries, their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.  What moves them, what leaves the indifferent, and what is likely to break them.

I want to share an example from a less fraught topic.  Recently I attended a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend of mine, an economics professor at Stanford University in California.  One of my friends' recent academic accolades was being one of only ten economists invited to the Nobel Prize symposium (held every ten years) to present on his work.  The expectation is that these ten economists will probably win the Nobel Prize somewhere in the next ten years.  Pretty cool that this is happening to my high school buddy.

I was also interested to meet my friends' collaborator, an economics professor from UC Berkeley, that he often talked about.  The UC Berkeley professor's father had been president of a small Central American country which is often referred to as the "Switzerland of Central America" for its relative lack of violence, literacy, and commitment to democracy.  But I knew from my friend that his colleague's father had recently been in prison, awaiting charges of corruption.

Eventually I made my way to the Berkeley professor and started chatting him up.  I asked about his father and he told me with great pride that that his father had recently been vindicated.  I asked how all of this had happened, as I recalled this his country was usually so stable, and not given to politically motivated prosecutions.  The professor told me a faction had arisen in the newspaper community which wanted to go after politicians, and that his father was one of several former presidents who had all been indicted on corruption, but each one of them had been found innocent at trial.

After finishing up the conversation I went back to my friend and shared the news.  "Yeah, who knew?" said my friend with a shrug.  "I always figured he must be guilty!"

"I hope you didn't say that to him!" I upbraided my friend.

"Nah, I kept that to myself."

And in that moment I had an epiphany about the intellectual class.  While they may be really smart, they stopped doing their homework fifteen or twenty years ago.  They get their information from news sources they trust, but then often don't go any deeper.

If my friend's family had been involved in legal trouble I would have poured over every available piece of information, questioned my friend about various aspects of the case, then come to my own conclusion about guilt or innocence.  I wouldn't have simply "figured he must be guilty."

Which brings me back to William W. Thompson and his class.

It isn't that the intellectual class has read all of our work, our criticisms of studies that show no links between vaccines and autism, and drawn their own independent conclusion.  They've only read the "approved" version of the truth.  In many ways they are both over-confident and underinformed. 

But I'm not going to try to change the curiousity quotient of the intellectual class.  I'm going to work with the world as I find it.

It will come as a terrible shock to them if this information makes its way into the mainstream media.  I mean, William W. Thompson, he's one of us, a high-ranking CDC scientist, they'll say to themselves.  They really believe what they've been told.  They're like children who believe without question everything their parent (scientific community) has told them.

They believe we are wrong, angry, and vindictive.  So, if the first barrier can be breached and we can convince them that important data was indeed withheld, they'll still be worried about us being angry and vindictive.  And for good reason.  But we want to encourage other defections.

Yes, we will demand a full accounting from William W. Thompson, not a single question left unanswered, but then we will praise him.  Praise him for being the first to escape through a break in the wall and tell us we were right.

And we will put our arms around William W. Thompson, then turn and face those on the other side of the wall with wide and welcoming grins.  Who else wants to join us, we'll ask?  Because we know there are more scientists on the other side who are similarly conflicted, or just could not simply imagine the enormity of the lie.  Let them come across and join us.

And then I think there will be the die-hards.  The ones who created this mess, who directed it, and stand to lose the most from the truth being revealed.  With an army of good scientists on our side, scientists who have rediscovered their conscience, we will open up that breach in the wall, take our prisoners, and put them in front of Congressional panels and public prosecutors.

For those scientists who know incriminating information, the question you need to ask yourself is, what do you want your legacy to be?

If you would like to call for a retraction of the 2004 MMR study by the Centers for Disease Control and published by the journal Pediatrics, then please go to this web-site and sign a petition.

Kent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and author of Plague: One Kent Book PlagueScientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases, being published on September 15, 2014.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can pre-order the book HERE.



Several years ago, I had an idea. There are tons of people, myself included with children with autism. The circle around these children includes immediate family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of the family. All of whom love and cherish these children. These circles are repeated hundreds of thousands of times, resulting in millions of people who love someone with autism.

Harness this love and you have a mighty force.

How can you do this? I propose setting up a fund, tentatively named Bounty For The Cause. This fund is to be paid to the individual (or individuals) who are able to provide the smoking gun, irrefutable evidence regarding a primary cause of autism. Be it the MMR vaccine, be it GMOs, be it whatever.

There will be a defined definition of what constitutes 'the cause'. Something responsible for 1% of autism cases is not sufficient. Something responsible for 100% of cases would certainly be sufficient. Likewise, there will be a defined definition of what constitutes the 'smoking gun'. The data will need to be verifiable, traceable back to a root source, etc. Emails, copies of documents establishing a coverup, copies of suppressed reports, etc are generally what I would expect the 'smoking gun' to look like. I would expect the source of the 'smoking gun' to be a top scientist, executive, or someone tasked with information management.

Individuals can contribute to the fund in the following fashion. Essentially, you are able to pledge an amount which you will pay to the fund upon the organization announcing that they have obtained the smoking gun. 10% of your pledge is due immediately, and is placed into a holding fund. Individuals who pledge funds will also sign a binding contract, agreeing to fulfill their pledge within some period of time (90 days / 6 months / 12 months) following the fund announcement.

The fund will be administered by a group which takes no money from the fund. 100% transparency of the fund finances is a must. Side donations will be available to finance the operations of the fund. Legal representation will be provided to the fund by a badass lawyer, who will also represent the fund once the 'smoking gun' has been obtained.

The idea is to make it possible for a valuable whistleblower to emerge, without fearing that their livelihood will be destroyed. Indeed, it will be destroyed, but this will be the golden parachute for them. Once irrefutable evidence is in hand, the fund turns into a litigation machine. The root cause, now known, will be relentlessly sued out of existence. Those deserving of merciless prosecution will be hounded, jailed, and destroyed. Their personal and corporate fortunes will be turned over to the children who have suffered, as well as their families. Individuals who have pledged to the fund will be the first to receive return compensation from the fund, assuming success in lawsuits. After the fund has disbursed back the pledge amounts to those who sourced the bounty, remaining funds will be distributed to children with autism, their families, and the individuals tasked with their care.

If this sounds like an idiotic idea, please say so. If this sounds like something that the autism community will get behind, please say so as well. I believe that it is an idea worth pursuing. I would personally pledge $1000, pay the $100 up-front installment, and sign the agreement. Would you?

cia parker

You hypothesis is wrong. I had rubella as a small child, and still had antibodies to it during pregnancy. My baby reacted to the hep-B vaccine with encephalitis, as so many do. She lost her only two words at 18 months as soon as she got the DTaP booster at that time. She was diagnosed with autism two months later.

Tina Brave

Autism is caused by a virus. The Rubella virus. If a woman doesn't make immunity to the virus (via the vaccine) she becomes a carrier. If you carry the virus, it passes to the fetus. It's simpler than you think. That is why you can find children who have never been vaccinated, yet still have autism.

All females 12 and over should be tested to make sure that they have titers, (immunity) to Rubella before becoming pregnant. If they don't, they shouldn't get pregnant.

If you don't have immunity, you have carried the virus if you have had the Rubella vaccine. (The vaccine we received after 1969). When a woman gets Rubella during pregnancy she has a 40% chance of having a child with autism, including a child with eye, ear, and mental disorders, and learning disorders.

It's Occam's Razor in it's purist simplicity. If you don't make immunity to Rubella, you carry it. It passes to your fetus. When your child gets an MMR, their immune system can't handle this virus. Then it triggers autism. It is not a vaccine, necessarily, but the Rubella virus. We need to focus on this virus, and test young, fertile girls to make sure their bodies has made immunity to this virus.

But who will listen to one mother with a son with autism? Lorenzo's Oil, anyone? The Institutes of Medicine was contacted with this information in 2004. Bernadine Healy wanted them to focus on this. She respected them, but was frustrated with their lack of response. Even she could not sway them.

Test your daughters for immunity to Rubella. It's that simple. Good luck.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh


What's really funny is that they linked back to Gorski's drivel as "proof" that there is no whistleblower.

Gorski is hardly a legitimate and unbiased source. He's the medical industry version of the Weekly World News.

Poor Snopes...all credibility lost.

Kinda funny, actually.

Noticer of a "lurker"

The Scienceblogs has a "lurker" (could very well be Orac himself) who is very concerned about the racist element in this situation. It's interesting. I don't believe for a minute that they care about any infants or children. Most of them are childless.

just saw that it's on snopes and not supporting claim of fraud at the CDC

for Sam Spade

So it isn't enough for the "science" community that African American children seem to be very affected by this, but they also have to contend with the fact that Somali children in Minnesota point to the same troubling result, as a cluster.


****"Bullshit. You people will murder a lot of children with this false story."****

LOL!! Sick to your stomach to see your dogma crumbling down before you? LOL!! Wouldn't you think that scientifically educated people would intuitively see that injecting children with toxins would naturally result in neurological damage? But they deny it for money. Sick, sick, sick people. And at the end of this all some of them should end up jail.


"Sam Spade," you're wrong. Diseases are random. Vaccines are deliberate.

Iatrogenic deaths are resolved in court... sometimes. Victims' families never recover.

Too many detailed medical reports exist detailing how children became ill and/or died shortly after receiving one or more vaccinations. Not a coincidence -- as the autopsies show.

Dramatic rhetoric should be reserved for people who live with vaccine-induced health damage 24/7.


What you said about the intellectual classes is's like their brains turned off once they get their prestigious positions. Or maybe they have to turn their brains off to get those prestigious positions. Let's hope this study, that if ignored is racist to the core, will blow the lid off the MMR. Or maybe they'll just give everyone more vitamin D. But I am very sure that sooner or later some other catastrophe will strike (unfortunately) and more children will be injured and with every "crack in the wall" more people wake up until eventually everyone will know. That is everyone will know except the CDC who will probably continue to know nothing. I say, get Congress to overturn the vaccine injury act and open up the channels for real lawsuits and then no one will be pushing vaccines so hard because they'll risk a lawsuit.

for Sam Spade

Sam, apparently Dr. Thompson told the "story" as you called it. I think his words were, "I basically stopped lying." There also appears to be a letter imploring Dr. Gerberding to behave more ethically. CDC appears to have shown complete disregard for not only the specific (black) children in this study but all children.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

Evidence, Spade?


Sam Spade - I visited this weekend some friends that have not seen since the birth of our two daughter 32 years ago.

Their daughter died of a drug overdose 10 years ago. They are good, hard working, decent people that have tried to fill the hole with a big garden, their jobs, the pride in their son that works for Wal Mart -- and their church.

They are completely lost as to why their daughter made the decisions she made. They are angry at her and hurt about her.

And so I turned the discussion to mental illness -- and where it might come from .

Murder - yes Sam Spade let us talk about murder -- the stealing of human being's free will by causing mental illness.

Sam Spade

Bullshit. You people will murder a lot of children with this false story.


Lol, Dorit hasn't put up any recent comments. Prob doing something else for the cause (protecting industry).

Birgit Calhoun

Check this out: There may be more information already out there.

Birgit Calhoun

Was Thompson escorted off the grounds because they didn't want him to copy the original data? I hope he has them. They would be invaluable to him to prove what he knows.

Jeff Stone

While it is an improvement that CNN iReports is now carrying the story, please note that iReports are reader posted and neither supported or denied by CNN. So, this is a small step; however, the story still has not been picked up by any major news outlet. I advocate contacting your local news stations and asking them why they haven't covered it.

Jeannette Bishop

I want to believe that many who have some idea of the problems being caused by the vaccine program want out of the system or possibly better, to work to stop it. I suspect that many feel they don't dare risk the potential price and some may be or feel compromised to the point they are captive.

I can imagine that having participated in such research as the MMR timing study, either without allowing oneself to face fully what is being done, or possibly not capable of fully grasping without some passage of time, that whatever justifications employed do not hold water in reality, can be one way to become entrapped to continue going along with a lie or a measure of corruption. In D.C. and the health agencies particularly there seems to me to be a powerful level of dogma and some degree of elitism as well as the financing which is channeled really by only a powerful few to encourage keeping the blinders on.

I've also heard of worse methods employed to entrap and control politicians and bureaucrats to keep them going along with agendas of the powerful and lawless. I don't know if those have been employed significantly in determining our "health" policies, but we do know of at least some measure of the appalling tactics that have been employed against researchers like Dr. Wakefield who speak out.

I agree whistleblowers would be aided by knowing the public will stand up for them, will even forgive participation when someone makes an attempt to correct a situation, that knows better than to trust at face value the propaganda, and to not rush to judgement when the system is used in attempt to destroy an individual.


The older I get the more I see I know noting. Years ago as we prayed for the food to bless our bodies -- I thought why would it not --- well I kow now don't I

The part of the prayer that begs God to lead us not into temptation -- Never to even put us in that situation -- as a medical provider knowing what they are probably doing - but do it anyway. or Mr. Thompson's case -- he goes to work to do important work with the brain that God gave him to find himself into that situation.

Which leads to another part of a prayer -- For God to forgive us for our wrongs -- as we forgive others.

Mr. Thompson has given up a lot - and will be punished in the future - for his redemption -- My dear Lord Bless Mr Thompson -- May we stand with him just like we stand with Dr. Wakefield - help him as much as we possibly can. Support him as best as we can although we stand ourselves on a ground that is slippery with the blood and brains of our children.

And pray as hard as we can -- that understanding of the masses - that autism is just the tip of the iceberg -- May those that have lost their children to drug addiction - because of depression which was not recognized all started with the childhood vaccines. The number are great - the the hearts of each home is full of anger toward the wrong people -- the victims.


Contact your congressman and ask that a new series of hearings be scheduled to get some national attention on this subject.

Jenny Allan

Oh Joy!! CNN are now questioning ALL CDC's papers on MMR safety. Reiss is 'crying in the wilderness'. Where are her troll cohorts? Noticeable by their absence:-
From CNN
"Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% increased risk of autism hidden from public"
"The CDC also states that “Additional studies and a more recent rigorous review by the Institute of Medicine have found that MMR vaccine does not increase the risk of autism”. The Studies that the CDC uses to confirm no link between the MMR and autism are 4 that they list on their website at ( ). A quick look at these 4 studies raises several questions.

One is the study talked about in this article showing a significant connection

A second was done by the infamous Dr. Thorsen who is awaiting extradition to the US on Fraud and is listed on the CDC’s most wanted list putting any of his work into question and this is outside of other potential problems with the study that have been brought up.

A third is an exploratory study of very small sample sizes, 28 children total, making this unreliable.

The last one also used a small control sample size of only 31 children and relied on parent interviews to provide medical and behavioral information. Beyond that they did find that oer half (50%) of children with autism did regress shortly after the MMR vaccine (<5 months) even though they then concluded there was no connection.

This begs the question as to why there is only these three questionable studies and a quick search of PubMed finds A 2012 peer reviewed research paper studying over 500,000 children that found significant increase adverse effects after certain MMR vaccinations including a 22 Times increased risk of meningitis, 500% increase risk of febrile seizure, and other major side effects including a blood clotting disorder."

Thank you CNN.

@False Skeptics

I hope even people like Jenny McCarthy, Donald Trump, everyone makes noise now. There's no halfway at this point.


Cia--here it is:

david m burd


It's discouraging to see how many scientists such as Verstraten have sold their soul(s), Yet, this is truly the "nature" of most humans. In my life, scientists are far more likely to be total monetary whores, and protecting their ill-deserved reputations, than the average man-in-the-street. And, today's media journalists have almost all sold out - excepting a few such as Sheryl Attkisson (splg?).

It falls upon we informed citizens to never give up ---- .

cia parker

Do you have a link? I'm having a frustrating time looking for it

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

The CDC has released a statement. It's about as white-washed and lawyer-ized as you can get, and it mentions nothing about the whistle-blower.

I do hope Dr. Thompson, or Dr. Hooker, makes a statement soon.

Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer

The problem within the CDC goes much deeper than misstating fact regarding manmade causation of autism via vaccines. Circa 2000 they began promoting that monotoxicity risk assessment models could be used alone as solid proof of lack of manmade causation of illness and injury.

In 2005, I published a small writing on the Internet regarding how they were mass marketing the scientific fraud over the mold issue. I named who was involved including a Congressman from CA, a "non-profit" medical association, the US Chamber of Commerce, a think-tank and toxic tort expert defense witnesses (often hired by the USDOJ).

Officers of the Cal courts framed me for libel for the word "altered" in the writing to make the entire writing appear to be a lie. They also falsified court documents to conceal that a retired deputy director of CDC NIOSH was an improperly undisclosed party to the litigation.

When I refused silence of the continued public fleecing being aided to continue via the Cal courts fixing a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit against me; they filed a second lawsuit (2010) to try to shut me up. This second case had a fraudulent court doc for its sole foundation -- meaning the judges had no subject matter jurisdiction and thus no immunity from prosecution for the damages they've caused.

The direct evidence establishes that they all knew it, yet they continued on. They jailed me for two days in 2012 for civil contempt of court for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel -- which would have absolved all their criminal acts if I had too fearful of what would happen to me while in jail. Then they gave me a false criminal FBI record for alleged civil contempt of court. I was never even accused of a crime, let alone found guilty of one. Civil contempt is not criminall.

As a result, I'm going to have to file a federal lawsuit no later than Dec of this year, to stop the underlying fraud by employees in the federal government and their private sector partners; that has been aided and abetted to continue by corrupt employees of the State of California, primarily judges and justices in San Diego county.

Here's a video interview I gave on the subject in Dec 2012:

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing circa 2000 when they began mass marketing the misapplication of monotoxicity risk models as false proof of lack of manmade causation of illness, injury, disability and death. I can PROVE it and can PROVE the fact that criminal means were employed to try to cover it up.

Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
San Diego, CA


Gee, I hope there is no fraud or perjury involved with the 4 or 5 versions of the Autism / Thimerosal studies provided by Dr. Verstraten… before the illegal June 2000 CDC / Simpsonwood / vaccine industry meetings...

...before Dr. Verstraten decided to leave the USA to join the vaccine industry in Europe.


I don't want to go after a "person".

I just want it to stop. And I want our kids to be cared for as a result of the damage.


The story is back up on CNN.

david m burd

A huge factor as to toxicity of the MMR shot can stem from the interval between the first and second shot. Here is the text copied from the Immunization Schedule, distinctly saying it's OK to give the second shot just 4 WEEKS after the first shot at 12 months! As opposed the second shot "normally" given at 4 YEARS shown on the Immunization Chart.

Nobody has ever to my knowledge ever studied how many damaged infants may have resulted by the two MMR shots only 4 weeks apart (around their age of 13 months).

Also, it's astonishing two MMR shots BEFORE 12 months, the first shot OK at 6 months, should be given if taking the infant on an international trip!

Here's the text:

9. Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. (Minimum age: 12 months for routine vaccination) Routine vaccination:

Administer a 2-dose series of MMR vaccine at ages12 through 15 months and 4 through 6 years. The second dose may be administered before age 4 years, provided at least 4 weeks have elapsed since the first dose. Administer 1 dose of MMR vaccine to infants aged 6 through 11 months before departure from the United States for international travel. These children should be revaccinated with 2 doses of MMR vaccine, the first at age 12 through 15 months (12 months if the child remains in an area where disease risk is high), and the second dose at least 4 weeks later.
Administer 2 doses of MMR vaccine to children aged 12 months and older before departure from the United States for international travel. The first dose should be administered on or after age 12 months and the second dose at least 4 weeks later.

Catch-up vaccination:
• Ensure that all school-aged children and adolescents have had 2 doses of MMR vaccine; the minimum interval between the 2 doses is 4 weeks.

The ireport is back up on CNN. There are 200 comments, D has 40 of them.

John Stone

Thanks Ted and Jeff Stone (no relation as far as I know)

It is up to every citizen, of course, to keep pressurising their politicians and the media until they do do something.

John Stone (UK Editor, Age of Autism)


Thompson will be ignored unless Congress gets involed in a big way.

Annie  Donnelly

Just keep thinking about the story behind amazing Grace. That the slave trader finally saw what he was doing, repented, and became an abolitionist. It is those types of transformations and acts of leaving the community of others who profit from wrong that will turn this around. When the whistle blowers escape that culture they have no where to turn but us. We need to welcome their courage, learn how they became transformed, and hope they lead others out of the abyss that doesn't care about our 1 in 33 child because they don't want to do what they have to do if the so see it. The whistleblowers are there model for where they will be if they tell the truth and they are the best chance that those not motivated by caring will at least stop this to save their own skins. I have been praying for the whistleblowers to speak up for years knowing they must be out there. I forgot to pray for the media to actually listen to the whistleblowers. But I love that the Dorits are showing how truly devoid of conscience and compassion they really are because that will bring the sheep people and media closer to realizing they have been complicit in this tragedy.

Jeff Stone

Not a single major news outlet has reported this story. Every time someone posts the story on CNN as an iReport, the story gets pulled with CNN posting: "This iReport has been removed because it was flagged by the community and found to be in violation of the iReport Community Guidelines and Terms of Use."

Unless Dr. Thompson publicly comes forward, or is made to come forward before Congress, this news will simply become an urban legend. Our community needs to support Dr. Thompson and to encourage him to speak publically.


Here, Here!

Also, Kent, can you update us on your own efforts, when will your book be available for purchase? Every time I figure it's time to put in a new order, the date seems to move. Barnes and Noble eventually just cancelled out my preorder w/out giving me the option to extend it and I didn't want to bother going through their process again if they are just going to keep cancelling it. Do the numbers of preorders have anything to do with how fast the book gets printed?

Paul Duke

Congress has singled out Roger Clemons and Lance Armstrong for participating in illegal activity that was generally considered to be common amongst there peers. Will the actively go after one of there own so aggressively? The now have William Thompson testimony and the door is open to question all the others? How do they sleep at night?

BoB Moffitt

"And then I think there will be the die-hards. The ones who created this mess, who directed it, and stand to lose the most from the truth being revealed."

I think it reasonable to assume that Thompson is not the only scientist who knew of the "corrupt manipulation of data" over recent decades .. so .. it would appear to me there are far more "die-hards" who "created this mess, who directed it and stand to lose the most from the truth being revealed".

I have the mental image of Hitler in his final days .. hunkered down in his Berlin bunker .. surrounded by the "die hards" who had served to "create and direct the mess" that once was their beloved Furher's Third Reich.

I suspect the CDC bunker in Atlanta Georgia is not going to prove big enough .. nor strong enough .. to protect those that "created and directed the mess" that Thompson's allegations exposed.

Indeed, if Thompson's allegations can be proved beyond any reasonable doubt .. criminal prosecutions will surely follow. At that time .. the drip, drip, drip of leaks will become a virtual flood due to the proverbial "rats jumping ship to protect themselves".

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