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Washington Post: Report on Irish Baby Homes Documents use of Infants for Med School Cadavers, Vaccine Testing

WeepThis story is from a different era - or is it?  Read the full story at the Washington Post.  Thank you to our reader, "F" for sharing the link.

The investigation also discovered at least 123 children at the homes for unwed mothers were used for testing vaccines manufactured by a company called Wellcome Laboratories –which after merging with Glaxo, became  Glaxo Wellcome. The tests provided fodder for two published articles in peer reviewed journals, the report said. It’s unclear how often researchers obtained consent — and from whom.

By Terence McCoy

“Inanition,” his death record read, according to RTE News. “Failure to thrive.”

But RTE News said the record carried a mystery. John for some reason wasn’t buried until 1950 — three years after his death. The oddity was first discarded as a clerical error.

But it wasn’t. John’s records had the designation “AS,” or “anatomical study.” His infant remains had in fact been given to researchers at Trinity College Dublin, who used them for medical research — though it’s unclear whether his mother had given consent for this.

Mulready eventually tracked down his burial plot, she explained to the Irish Times, but found it marked by a “stick with a number on it. … I cannot imagine that happening to children or young babies who died in … well-to-do-families, families with influence.”

But it did happen to babies beside John, according to a recent Irish government report confirming and augmenting earlier reports in an RTE investigation called “Anatomy of a Scandal.

The report, a preliminary review, was designed to set the framework for a full formal investigation ordered by the Irish parliament in the wake of another story: one historian’s claims that hundreds of babies may have been buried beside a home for unwed mothers at Tuam. The government, said the parliament as it established the inquiry, “believes that this latest shameful episode in Ireland’s painful social history must be fully and accurately documented in order that a comprehensive account of these institutions is available.”

“Records show,” the report said, “that between the years 1940-1965, 474 unclaimed infant remains were transferred to Anatomy Departments in Ireland.” It cited old records of the Anatomical Committee of the Irish Medical Schools. “The purpose was for the study of anatomy; the study of the structure of the human body.

Some of the babies — an undetermined number — came from the homes. “Mother and Baby Homes were amongst the institutions from where such remains were transferred,” the report said, confirming earlier Irish news accounts of the medical research. Others may have come from hospitals in a “practice [that] took place up to the mid-1960′s.” The issue was broader than just the homes and “appears to have been part of a wider practice at the time regarding the use of anatomical remains,” the report said.

The report, prepared by the Irish Department of Children and Youth Affairs, found that babies’ bodies were studied by the University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin and the National University of Ireland Galway — an act enabled by an unusual law called the “Anatomy Act” of 1832. The act “was designed to regulate schools of anatomy and provide a legal supply of cadavers for medical research and education, in reaction to public fear at the illegal trade in corpses,” the report said.

The investigation also discovered at least 123 children at the homes for unwed mothers were used for testing vaccines manufactured by a company called Wellcome Laboratories –which after merging with Glaxo, became  Glaxo Wellcome. The tests provided fodder for two published articles in peer reviewed journals, the report said. It’s unclear how often researchers obtained consent — and from whom....  Rad more here.


Grace Green

John, thanks for your comments. Some of that had occurred to me as a possible factor, although there were signs of autistic tendency in my father's aunt and other more distant relatives who wouldn't have come into contact with him. As for my two sons, I think they got a good dose of mercury in the womb, from my dental fillings, as well as from breast milk. But in retrospect, and with the help of information on symptoms on this and other websites, there was a definite detrimental effect on them after their first vaccinations.

John Stone

Hi Grace,

Very interesting story.

Bear in mind also that if your father worked with chemicals that may cause long-term genetic harm.

It is also awful to say but we know how ruthless governments are in abrogating responsibility for disability: those with gross problems may well fare better than those with subtle problems who are just caught in between. It is one the most tragic positions in modern society. And, of course, damage goes on being inflicted though the risks are known.

John Stone (UK Editor).

Grace Green

Sorry, I read it in the Mailonline. Interestingly, the BBC failed to mention this part of the scandal.

Grace Green

After reading this on the BBC I remembered that my father had been a researcher on vaccinations in the 1940s in the company called Boroughs Wellcome. Although I disagreed with his views on drugs and vaccines, I knew him to be a man of integrity and high ethical standards, who had gone into his career with the desire to alleviate suffering. He would certainly have raised concerns if he had known of such things being perpetrated by the company, and if that's what they were doing in the 30s and 50s in peacetime they probably had government backing for even worse during the war years. By 1949 he had left the industry for a life in academia (not, I suspect, for a pay rise as academic salaries in this country at that time were extremely low.)
The purpose of my tale is that I and my family are all Asperger sufferers to a greater or lesser extent, which is why I started researching the subject. Much more sinister is the fact that, as well as being refused all healthcare, benefits and services, I and my sons have been violently persecuted by the UK government since as far back as I can remember. This news article makes me wonder whether my father, unknown to me, was actually a whistleblower, and Borroughs Wellcome made a false allegation against him in order to discredit him should he decide to go public. I wouldn't put anything past these people.


Why is anyone surprised? Developmentally disabled, including Autistic people are the forgotten minority. The way the government gets away with this abuse is by bringing a high functioning down syndrome or autistic person to a White House Lunch and pretending it's all good....weeeeeeeeeeee, pass the Kool Aid.

Birgit Calhoun

Jeanette Bishop,
That's what I am talking about, too. The story is pretty gross if you ask me. The acronym supposedly stands for Chimp attenuated. Not only was it tested here in the US. It also killed a bunch of chimps in Africa.

Jeannette Bishop

Wasn't the infamous CHAT polio vaccine tested on mentally disabled children here in the U.S.? IMO they are still doing this in many ways, probably more (they seem to be doing such things to all of us via flu vaccines, "smart" meters, etc). Why are children in foster care more likely to be on several pharmaceuticals and more likely to be abused? When Jerry Sandusky said that everyone around him was doing what he was convicted for, I'm not sure he was exactly deluded. The Franklin Scandal and cover-up should have been all over the news enough that someone as sheltered as me as a teenager should have known about it then, not only just now, and there should have been a major outcry. The mainstream media was that controlled then. Possibly outside the internet, to me it seems the mainstream is worse now (though maybe I'm just slightly less clueless). With the most powerful protected in that severe of a crime, I don't think anything "medically controversial," or really anything "too bad to be true" is beyond them, as long as enough continue to believe in and support the systemic facades that empower them.

Birgit Calhoun

Vaccines testing was also done here in the US. It is disingenuous to always report on countries that are far away and so-to-speak less evolved societies. This type of vaccine testing occurred in US mental hospitals and prisons where babies were born.


It seems whenever in history that we look back fifty years or so we scream "dark ages", "omg", "we didn't know better",we can safely say "today is tomorrow's dark ages". We are creating super bugs all the while destroying immune systems.We are ignoring science and bowing to pharmaceuticals, allowing them to maim and kill our children. They no longer need orphanages to accomplish their goals, we willingly, by subscribing to the paid for designer science and the media push to believe same, are turning over our children. They are screaming, "get the damn shot", we are like bears in a shooting gallery, going this way, and that way, confused . We know these same criminals of the past, are running campaigns, supported by billions of dollars to use our children for their gain with no concern of live's lost or destroyed. As I've said, I've spent this week connecting ASIA to vaccines, and it was the easiest most solid connection , supported by rheumatology and neuro journals everywhere. Did I save my son, no, because it's the new "dark ages" , and we'll tell the story tomorrow, in about fifty years.

Betty Bona

Setting up a memorial for these babies is nice, but it's more important to uncover the governmental and/or religious power structure that allowed for such atrocities. If it's embarrassing to the church or the government, they need to acknowledge their past roll and give assurances that checks and balances are now in place to prevent such abuse of power. But I think they'll just set up an expensive memorial and move on.


Which is the worse to have a child out of wedlock - or to not take care of that child till it died. Oh, my goodness what a messed up world.

Would love to see the notes the researchers were taking on these children.

I mean for the court system -- - when did they know -- Some people must be behind all this -- to reduce the population. Lord knows - I am Bill Gates' Responsibilty since he was smart enough to make zillions and I just did not.


I suspect what happened to the babies in the Irish Homes is much more widespread. Look at the orphans at orphanages in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. At first glance they seem mentally retarded and have failure to thrive. But a closer look many look like they've been maimed. They can't walk, they cant talk, they are in diapers,confined to cribs, malnourished. There are thousands of these crippled children in orphanages in Eastern Europe. I think the reason these kids are so crippled goes beyond being due to neglect in fact I think that is a lie. I suspect the truth is that these children are damaged because they were used as guines pigs for experiments after they were born. There are simply too many of them. This should be investigated further.

Bulgaria's Abandoned Children, BBC


The title of the article on Washington Post mentions vaccine testing but the article has very little in it - I guess I wanted more -- like each and every note and observations they noticed on the poor children.

I see some died of respiratory diseases and ear infections.

So ear infections can kill.
And there is talk that - I am sure the peds are listening to -- to stop giving antibiotics to infants with ear infections.

Right now all the autism microbiome is discussing is antibiotics . I suppose they are trying to get the medical society to take them seriously -- other wise we will be in the dark ages for another 50 years.

But the truth is the truth -- and it is the vaccines that is destroying the microbiome - causing pathogens to come in and that is when we need -- oh, yes need antibiotics.

That take that away and keep the vaccines -- Hmmmm well let us hope they figure it out.

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