Dachel Media Update: Time Teaches More Fear to Parents RE Vaccine Compliance
An Open letter to Tom Insel, Director of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC)

Still Crazy?

Crazy are youBy Bill Welsh

I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers

Still crazy

Still crazy

Still crazy after all these years.

(Paul Simon, 1975).

“Bill Welsh is a fruitcake”.

The above remark, was posted on the internet in 1998 by an American troll shortly after I had contributed to a UK newspaper item on vaccine safety (or lack of it). I was reminded of this episode only recently when I was informed by another anonymous troll “You are out of your mind and dangerous!” It made me think that my long held strategy* is not working.


  A) Never get angry (passionate Yes, but angry No)

  B) Ignore the ill informed

  C) Deal only in hard facts.

Sounds a great strategy, dontyathink?

Frankly, it has not worked, so it’s back to the drawing board for me. But first let us look at one main strand of the original strategy:

A)  Hard facts.

1)    The autism epidemic CANNOT be genetic in origin.

2)    Epidemiology is NOT appropriate as a tool to prove vaccines are safe

3)    In the UK there are now over 100,000 schoolchildren with an autism diagnosis. (From rare to common in 20 years!).

4)    Recent official research puts the annual cost to society of autism in the UK at over £34 billion.

5)    10 Years from now the number of UK schoolchildren with ASD will have doubled if present rate of diagnosis merely stays the same (based on Scottish government figures).

6)    This rise in incidence is not and never has been as a result of “better recognition”.

And, puzzlingly-

7)    No one in officialdom is earnestly seeking to identify the environmental factor causing this public health tragedy.

I recently published on the internet my personal hypothesis on the likely cause of ‘regressive’ autism and why so many parents associate their child’s withdrawal into ASD with the vaccination programme. The more I researched the issue the more I have come to believe that the manufacturing process using ‘Cell Culture Technology’, introduced in the thirties in the USA, (Autism was identified as a new condition in 1944), the more I am convinced that this is where the answer to the autism enigma lies.

Parents from over 46 countries have visited my web page and read my theory including parents in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Burma,  Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Federated States of Micronesia, Estonia, Finland,  France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, the UK and the USA.

Why would parents in all these countries be interested in my hypothesis on why so many children are developing ASD symptoms? Could it be that they too are looking for answers? And what common factor could possibly be at play in such a wide variety of international locations?

(Answers on a postcard please, addressed to: World Health Organisation. Geneva, Switzerland.)

There is a culture of cover up and denial in the higher echelons of the medical profession often supported by the bogus argument that it would not be “in the public interest” to pursue a thorough investigation into the evidence and witness of parents on the issue of regressive autism. It is somehow, in the perverted world of the establishment ‘in the public interest’ to deny the damage done to children and to ignore the consequences of its own appalling ineptitude.

The real scandal is that the lengthy denial by the medical profession is the root cause of hundreds of thousands of children worldwide losing their childhood and beyond. The time-span between a child beginning the process of withdrawal into ASD and receiving targeted treatment is significant. I have given consideration to this aspect and the phrase that comes to mind is “criminal medical negligence” with the emphasis on the word criminal.

Apparently it has been decreed that the ‘system’ must be protected no matter the damage being done. Seemingly it is more important to protect the ‘system’ than to contemplate the reality of what is happening worldwide.  

This cannot go on. Too many damaged children in too many countries must surely bring politicians to their senses. The dam must burst soon.

Then again, maybe I am still crazy after all these years

Bill Welsh is the Former President of Autism Treatment Trust, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.




The voice of reason - no you are not crazy Bill - not are the tens of thousands of parents who agree with you. We may not have degrees, or education, or training in medical subjects, but we ARE parents – those boringly, obsessed people who eagerly and excitedly watched every sign of developmental progress in our babies – who insisted on bringing the topic into every conversation whether or not friends also had children. We carefully noted the first giggle, the first word, the first step – and we KNEW when something happened, something changed, something went wrong. What scares me witless, is the power of the establishment and the ‘system’ who deliberately ignore, deny and lie about what is happening, and will continue to happen.

Jill Southgate

Well said Bill Welsh !! From a 'Crazy' grandmother whose grandson regressed into autism after the MMR. Sharing this and anything else I can find in the hope that future parents will think again about vaccination!!

Mel T

Mr. Welsh your not crazy and neither is the over 95% of the pops infected with gene sharing stealth they gave us for decades that could have all been treated to PREVENT and CURE Autism and all the Syndromes, Psych, and Cancers infectious vaccines they gave us for decades has caused.

Angus Files

The slaughter cant go on Bill the Government budget wont cope...as for loss of life the Goverments don't care all of them that have been in power throughout the UK and the world over the past decades...

For the sake of the population we fight to beat the evil beasts walking amongst us...



I agree with almost everything you wrote, except one detail:

Your strategy IS working.

That's why they're resorting to anonymous name-calling. They have nothing else.

Please carry on with your strategy!

Betty Bona

Years ago, when cell cultures weren't responding to treatments as expected, and when all visible signs of problems (visible with microscope) were ruled out, people would begin to suspect mycoplasma. Testing was onerous and not very exact. People would frequently trash that culture, scrub the incubator, and pull out an older version from liquid nitrogen that was known to be clean. These days, testing is much less expensive and quicker, and, although some still complain about false positives, some journals request a negative mycoplasma test before publication. Many shared incubators require mycoplasma testing before a cell culture is allowed in because mycoplasma is easily spread from culture to culture in an incubator. Mycoplasma contamination is a known hazard of cell culture based experiments. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that some vaccines contain mycoplasma. His theory is very interesting, although I suspect there may be various other contaminants in vaccines as well.


Are you talking about the cell line from the aborted fetus of a little girl -- whose mother was suffering from depression?

Do you have any idea the mechanism involved?


Where can one read more about the cell culture technology/autism link?

BoB Moffitt

Bill .. whenever those responding to your comments resort to "name-calling" .. it is a clear indication they simply cannot debate the facts as you have presented them.

Indeed, the moment someone hurls an epithet (fruitcake?) .. or .. the more commonly used .. racist or bigot .. to name just two of many more .. the debate ends .. which is precisely the reason the tactic works so well for those unspported by the facts.

This same tactic to avoid a true discussion or debate occurs daily thoughout our country .. and .. because of it we have become a nation "divided" .. men v. women, old v. young, race, ethnicity, religion, haves v have nots, on and on.

As Lincoln once famously said .. "A nation divided cannot stand".

On the other hand .. when the tactic to "demonize" rather than "debate" .. becomes so over-used it becomes useful .. such as .. regardless what the source .. no matter how prestigious .. mere mention Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy will cause me to immediately stop reading and find more useful time for myself.

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