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Dachel Media Update: Time Teaches More Fear to Parents RE Vaccine Compliance

Two Senators Call for Hide No Harm Act for Execs Who Conceal Product Dangers

Blumenthal FB

Senator Richard Blumenthal is my Senator here in Connecticut. My first reaction to this article, which appeared on my FB wall, was proably the same as yours: does this include vaccines? Then the beer I was drinking shot out my nose and I had to take a break from reading.....  Vaccines, as we know, live in a magical land of twirly swirly candy canes and unicorns who fart rosewater.  YOYO friends, and I don't mean Duncan. You are ON Your Own if you or a loved one is vaccine injured.  You could educate a few folks by commenting with facts and figures over at Automotive News, Vaxfaxwhich ran this announcement.  Below is what Senator Blumenthal wrote on FB (you can follow him at FB here) and the article he references.  Here is the comment I left on his wall:   You must include vaccines - they are exempt from American tort law. CT is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the schooling of vaccine injured children, and will continue to pay throughout their lives. It's called autism in many... Including my own children. PLEASE. KS

From the Senator on FB:

Concealment can kill – and corporate officers should be held accountable for it. That’s why today, I’m introducing the Hide No Harm Act along with Senator Casey. Unfortunately, prison time may be the only deterrent to misconduct that a corporate officer understands. This bill would make it a crime for a company to knowingly conceal the fact that a product poses a danger to consumers or workers, and corporate officers would face criminal charges of up to five years in prison for deliberate concealment.

Hiding harm can be horrifically costly:

The Automotive News article:

7/16/14 1:45 pm ET -- updates announcement

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Two U.S. senators today unveiled a bill prompted by the General Motors Co. recalls over defective ignition switches that would make it a crime for corporate officers to conceal dangers posed by their products.

Democratic senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said their proposal calls for up to five years in prison and fines for officers who know their products could cause death or injury to consumers or workers and hide that information.

"Corporate concealment can kill, and corporate officers who engage in concealment must be held accountable," Blumenthal said at a news conference.

Federal prosecutors are building a criminal fraud case based on whether GM made misleading statements about a flawed ignition switch in some of its vehicles, which has been linked to at least 16 deaths and 61 crashes.

It is not clear whether prosecutors will bring cases against any individuals.

The lawmakers said GM officers knew as early as 2004 about the defects but failed to issue recalls until 2014. GM Chief Executive Mary Barra has said she did not know the scope of the problem until January of this year.

GM's internal investigation, prepared by Anton Valukas, chairman of GM's outside law firm Jenner & Block, largely exonerated top executives. Instead, Valukas blamed lower-level lawyers and engineers for failing to properly flag the issue and not connecting air bag failures to the ignition switch defect.

Valukas, Barra and GM General Counsel Michael Millikin will testify about the recalls before a Senate committee on Thursday.

Other companies have come under similar scrutiny. Toyota Motor Corp. settled with the U.S. Justice Department for $1.2 billion after it was revealed the carmaker knew about problems that caused vehicles to accelerate unexpectedly but downplayed the information to safety regulators.

Blumenthal said even if Congress approved his bill, the tougher penalties would not apply to GM executives. He said he thought existing criminal law covered GM's activity, and his new proposal would serve as a deterrent to future wrongdoing.

"Corporations paying fines are an insufficient deterrent. We should have learned that corporate fines simply fail to provide the strong, effective message that some corporate officers need to hear and feel," he said.

The bill, which was co-sponsored by Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin, also provides some legal protections for officers who notify their regulators and consumers about the problems.

Read the full article and comment at Automotive News.



I don't know if laws were passed forbidding kickbacks to doctors or if it was only policy changes/recommendations not to accept gifts, but this has been done. Not sure if it's nationwide or local. They definitely get around it though. Re the awards, did you know that the government gives extra credit in the form of high ratings and/or funding to insurance companies, hospitals and doctors who have higher vaccination rates (conversely, they are penalized for having rates that don't meet a government set high percentage).


This may be a little off topic but how about stopping the pharmaceutical industry from giving doctors perks?
My son's Pedi had a slew of "awards" on her wall for getting such a high percentage of her practice vaccinated. Doctors should not be getting extra $$$ or any other thing for the number of vaccinations they give. Honestly can you imagine giving an award for getting the most women on the Pill or getting the most people to opt for the now dreaded "pelvic mesh." The insanity is rife!


Jen; I am with you..
And there probably is a law.
I am beginning to think that instead of reinforcing old laws - they act like there is no law and they are trying to pass one.

Could that be it?


Meanwhile, the CDC is selling to the American public protection from disease. Offit, Caplan and Reiss et al are working very hard to make it impossible for anyone to refuse the CDC's paternalistic mandates on disease prevention with vaccines that their friends sell. The CDC likes to remind the public at every opportunity that vaccines have saved the world from smallpox. Then the CDC gets caught leaving smallpox virus in a cardboard box, out in the open, for decades. Not even impervious plastic, not just a short while - decades.

The CDC is knowingly selling two defective products - their recommendations and their vaccines, and they have endangered the public with their careless irresponsible handling of the pathogens that they fraudulently claim they have been protecting us from. All that ought to be worth at least 5 years.


"This bill would make it a crime for a company to knowingly conceal the fact that a product poses a danger to consumers or workers, and corporate officers would face criminal charges of up to five years in prison for deliberate concealment."

Up to five years for murder? Multiple murders? Knowingly putting the public at risk for mass murder? What is that, justice lite?

Bernard Madoff stole people's money. He didn't kill them. They locked him up for several lifetimes. If Madoff instead of "just" stealing from them, stole from them (by taking their money for a product that he knew didn't work) and then killed all of them with that product, then he would have gotten a slap on the hand (maybe) and a bonus. If he stole and killed them with this law in effect, then he would have gotten "up to" five years. Poor Bernie, he picked the wrong crime.


My God, now there's another example of some kind of protection that you would assume was already in place for everybody's safety. This should be "Hide No Harm" act for corporate concealment in the health industry- in all industries. It's a no brainer.

Not an MD

How about holding pediatricians who refuse to postpone vaccines or stop vaccinating children who are having seizures due to the multitude of vaccines they are injected with at well baby visits, accountable for child abuse and for causing intentional grievous bodily harm? Once a baby is noted to be in severe distress right after receiving vaccinations, it is clearly time for a moratorium on vaccines for that baby. Anything less should be deemed a crime. A helpless baby's life is in no way less important than the strict, unwavering adherence to a recommended vaccination schedule.


We need laws that protect our children from this one-size-fits-all insanity.

Eileen Nicole Simon

How about also holding leaders of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology accountable for the protocol to clamp the umbilical cord immediately after birth? The obstetric profession is trying now to encourage delay of a minute or more in clamping, and conducting randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to ensure safety of “delayed” clamping.

Textbooks of obstetrics before the mid 1980s all taught that the cord should not be clamped until blood flow to and from the placenta had ceased. Blood flow continues until the fetal valves in the heart have completely closed. The will to live is never stronger than at the time of birth, and most infants appear to somehow adjust to the barbaric protocol that terminates ongoing placental respiration.

Research on complications at birth has for decades shown that autism is associated with respiratory depression at birth. Evidence of brain damage caused by oxygen insufficiency at birth was published more than 50 years ago. Shouldn’t obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, and neurologists be held accountable for refusing to acknowledge that brain injury results from oxygen deprivation at birth, and that clamping the umbilical cord has the potential to cause harm by disrupting the transition from placental to pulmonary respiration?

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