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By Kim Stagliano

When actor James Garner decided to help organize and attend the March on Washington in 1963, he wasn’t just listening to his conscience. He and other actors who attended may have been embarking on Hollywood’s first large-scale political act since the days of McCarthyism and Hollywood’s anti-Communist blacklist.

I love this article about James Garner. What have you done in your life - to go against the grain for RFK Thimerosal Book what is right? For me? It's talking about vaccine injury and autism. That has meant being called "Anti-vaccine" and an "American Loon" and derided in the media (anyone remember my name splashed across the front page of the Chicago Trib for feeding my girls "toxic waste products" courtesy of Trine Tsouderos? Miss cupcake reviewer turned "science" beat writer?) I am proud to make people uncomfortable. Just as I am proud to support Skyhorse Publishing, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Dr. Martha Herbert and Dr. Mark Hyman and the new book Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak.

As I type, there is an ad by the State of New York running on NBC 4 featuring a man desperately trying to breath as he coughs, clearly in agony. This is an acceptable way to tell people that smoking is dangerous. But if I, we, dare try to tell anyone what vaccines did to our kids?  We're as welcome as lung cancer. 

I never ever want to be a bowl of melty vanilla ice cream - quietly acquiescing to industry and government pressure. And I will not. Autism is not a gift or a blessing in my home - my girls? They are Mark's and my joy. Autism has robbed them of their rightful lives.

Who wants to take my 18 year old to meet Peppa Pig at the mall Thursday?

STAND UP. SPEAK OUT. You can do it. And to Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martha Herbert and Dr. Mark Hyman, THANK YOU.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.




Godfrey Wyl;

Thanks for the link and paying on bit of attention to my observations about COPD in my community.

We are veterans; My husband and I - since this happened in our 30s and we are now toward the end of our 50s.

But at the end of our 30s; my husband was given coritsone treatments. That was the week he worked his 12 hour days and came home and built my beautiful stair case complete with - risers, steps, spindles and rails.

His doctor at thet time told him coritsol will work for a while, but some day it would not.

Eight yeares ago he took cortisol again - hoping to become better. He has an acquired mitochondria disease - going for his muscles but he did devleop 8 years ago low oxygen - not dignosed as COPD like the rest of the coummunity. It had no effect on his disease this time just like his doctor many years ago told him.

Your article said: " However, if autoimmunity was really related to the pathogenesis of COPD, then systemic corticosteroid therapy would be expected to be effective"

No it would not if it was an end stage autoimmune disease - just like diabeties, or hypothyroid and my husband's muscle disease.

The article you linked me too also said; " although systemic inflammation associated with COPD could result in several systemic manifestations, such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic abnormalities (4). From these observations, we think that a high prevalence of auto-antibodies in COPD might be an incidental"

auot-antibodies are never incidental!

We were able to get my husband's oxygen levels up though by a low carb - no gluten diet.

Godfrey Wyl


"The whole country right now is filled up with COPD -- what is that? That is an auto immune diease of the lungs too."

While there are lung manifestations of autoimmune disease, connections to COPD itself (as opposed to fibrosis, for example) appear to remain speculative at the moment.


Thank you Susan for that article. At the end it says:

"How can tactics like these undermine the work of so many scientists? Proctor said: "There's a saying in the PR business that for every PhD there's an equal and opposite PhD. And if there's not one then you can create one through funding. And if you put a lot of money into manufacturing ignorance, it can actually work.

"We saw this in tobacco, and we've seen it in polluting industries and global warming," he added. "There are lots of people out there who'd rather have you not know what's really going on."


That's a history professor from Stanford speaking in 2007. Why can't he see the same thing with vaccines? Oh, that's right, it's because Pharma funds his university.

Louis Conte

Thanks for pointing out that few do stand up and speak out.

Those who do endure a lot of criticism. In the past few days we've seem people attacking Mr. Kennedy for calling for the removal of mercury from drugs injected into children and pregnent women.

It's remarkable that one has to ask for that and having to do so shows how insane those who mandate drugs have become.

History will record who got it right.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield; Will not be forgotten or pushed aside for standing up - he will receive justice and in doing so will give me and my family some sense of retribution!
Meanwhile; I will get insert it into the conversation any time there is an opening.


Smoking may not be the reason for that coughing.
Asthma is an auto immune disease and I blame auto immune diseases on vaccines

There has been many around here that have not smoked sna came down with lung cancer.

The whole country right now is filled up with COPD -- what is that? That is an auto immune diease of the lungs too.

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