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Flow: How to Help Detoxification

Active Healing LogoManaging Editor's Note: Active Healing joined AofA as a sponsor earlier this year. I would be remiss if I did not share that Sarge Goodchild was the very FIRST professional to explain to me that my girls had treatment options beyond the early intervention and speech therapy recommended by the Neurologists who diagnosed them.  He has spoken at Autism One and sees clients from coast to coast. He told me about diet, biomed and has been an active advocate for my girls for over a decade. (We're old, Sarge!)  He has teamed up with a company and.. well I'll let him tell you below.  Kim

By Sarge Goodchild

It’s summertime! Before we re-opened the pool for the season, we  had to deal with any water which has remained from the past season. It is always shocking to see what has become of that water left without maintenance. It has stagnated and become filthy. Of course, this doesn’t happen during the season of use because we make sure to maintain proper flow of the pool water. If the water is circulated through filters the water maintains its health. In essence, where there is healthy flow there is health.  I mention this because the same thing happens within our bodies.

To maintain the health of the body it is crucial to maintain proper flow. Flow consists of absorbing nutrients and expelling of waste products. When the body fails to maintain flow waste products and toxins sit in the body where they are absorbed deeper into the cells. Of all the interventions pursued by parents of children with autism detoxification ranks highest in efficacy with 74% of children improving according to the Autism Research Institute - ARI Publ. 34/March 2009.  Homotoxicology has done a great job laying out why detoxification is so important. If we are unable to expel waste products the following sequence occurs.

  • Excretion Phase = Expulsion of Toxic Products
  • Intense sweating, difficulty concentrating, tears, joint pains, myalgia, coughing, sneezing, heartburn, diarrhea, polyuria, reticulocytosis, lymphedema, electrolyte shift, susceptibility to infection
  • Inflammation = Turbo-Cleansing by the Activated Defense System
  • Acne, meningitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, epicondylitis, acute sprain, acute bronchitis, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, leucocytosis, lymphangitis, lipid metabolism disturbance, thyroiditis, acute infections, weak immune system
  • Deposition = Storage of Toxins in the Extracellular Space
  • Nevi, chalazion, exostosis, myogelosis, nasal polyps, silicosis, arteriosclerosis, intestinal polyps, gallbladder or kidney stones, polycythaemia, lymph-node swelling, gout, obesity, goiter
  • Impregnation = Invasion of Toxins into the Cell
  • Allergies, asthma, rosacea, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic gastritis, chronic urinary tract infection, insufficiency of the lymph system, metabolic syndrome, adrenal exhaustion, dyslipidemia, menopausal symptoms, recurrent vaginitis, hyperthyroidism, glucose intolerance, chronic infections, autoimmune disease
  • Degeneration = Destruction of the Cell by the Toxins
  • Scleroderma, alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, atrophic gastritis, renal atrophy, anemia, fibrosis, diabetes
  • Dedifferentiation = Neoplastic Changes in the Cell
  • Tumors, cancer

Institute for Acupuncture and Herbology, Inc. 415.924.2910 [email protected] Corte Madera, CA 
The toxic load of our children has become a burden with which many are unable to cope. Those toxins sit in their bodies and stagnate where they do damage to the child on a systemic level.  Toxins interrupt typical growth and development impacting neurological function. Parents with children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, when surveyed, overwhelmingly report the single most important factor in their child’s recovery is the detoxification process. There are many ways to detoxify a child who has a toxic build up, but a simple and effective method which can be used at home is foot detoxification using an IonCleanse system from A Major Difference.

Thanks to a generous donation from Colorado-based A Major Difference, Active Healing, Inc. has been able to bring the IonCleanse foot detoxification method of cleansing to our clients - for FREE. This is a service I am proud to provide to both parents and their children. Clients leave our our office feeling more relaxed after enjoying an IonCleanse detoxifying foot bath. During a typical session our clients eliminate stagnant lymph, heavy metals, as well as liver and gall bladder impurities. Parents report better sleep and a general feeling of wellness. In their kids, we often hear reports about children sleeping better and having less aggression and fewer tantrums for days following a sngle session.
Whether we are swimming in a pool or a pond, none of us want to be swimming in stagnated water full of chemicals. If you would like to try a comfortable and pleasant way to cleanse,  we encourage you to look into the ionCleanse detoxifying foot baths. If you are a practitioner who works with children with autism A Major Difference may give you a free IonCleanse system for 6 months.  Details and additional info are available at  www.amajordifference.com.

Sarge Goodchild is Execuitive Director of Acrtive Healing, a center for neurological re-organization through functional movements,  located in Magnolia, Massachusetts.   Himself a brain injured child who suffered from seizures, and whose parents were told he would need institutionalization,  he graduated from Syracuse University is an avid mountain biker and has dedicated his career to helping other families with brain injured children.



We just started using the Ion Cleanse for our son's autism. I am very hopeful we will see the benefits many others saw as well. If you're interested in learning more about the science behind the ion cleanse and the studies completed, check out a recent blog post I wrote.

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