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Dr. Andrew Wakefield Continues To Speak Out

Andy AustinBy Anne Dachel

You can't bring up the link between vaccines and autism without hearing about a paper published in The Lancet, a British medical journal, in 1998.  The author was the much vilified doctor, Andrew Wakefield, and for the sixteen years, the media has blamed the controversy over vaccines and autism on Dr. Wakefield, (and of course, "former Playboy bunny," Jenny McCarthy). 

(I just finished my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, and the second chapter is all about how the press made Wakefield into the fall guy for linking vaccines and autism.)

The media loves to tell us about how Wakefield produced a fraudulent study and lost his medical license, conveniently leaving out the details--like the fact that parents came to him for help because he's a gastroenterologist and their kids had bowel disease--which they developed along with autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. I have never seen coverage where a member of the press actually talked to even one of the 12 parents Wakefield wrote about.  No one wants to hear the truth about his work.  No reporter ever mentions the fact that the British government indemnified the MMR maker, so it would be the government that would have to take responsibility for the damage done, something that would be a huge incentive for them to attack this man.

Dr. Wakefield is a hero to the autism community. He does not quit. There are lots of doctors who know what vaccines are really doing to our children, but they remain silent. It takes a special kind of courage to stand by the truth and have your career and your reputation destroyed. Wakefield has been a constant presence at the annual Autism One Conference in Chicago since its beginning and this year's talk, the Legacy of Vaccine Injury, was empowering for the parents who were there.

While the media continues the pretense that all the science is in and parents should have no fears about vaccinating their children, Wakefield is out there challenging both the claims of vaccine safety and efficacy. And he's not going away. Despite the fact that, as he said, he's a "disenfranchised" scientist, he talked about his current work in filmmaking.  He's out to educate parents who are new to the controversy, but none-the-less worried.  He has, as he said, "the most extraordinary stories to tell."  Films are a most important medium because, according to Wakefield, the story of just one person has more of an impact than talking about what happened to a million people. It "can persuade the agnostic."

Wakefield made it clear that while the vaccine makers continue to promote their products, the tide is turning against them.

"The pharmaceutical industry has spent $30 billion a year on promoting vaccines.  They should have saved their money because they've failed. They've failed. In a recent poll, U.S. adults who believe vaccines cause autism rose from 18 percent in 2011 to 29 percent today.  There's 33 percent of all parents with children under 18.  In polling terms, . . . that is a massive proportion of the American public. In a National Consumer League poll, 76 percent believe that it was their prerogative to decide how and if their children should be vaccinated.  And the harder the other side pushes, the more mandates they impose, the more things they take away, such as exemptions, the more they force the people of this country to bow to their will, the more resistance they will meet.  And they don't understand that. They do not get yet that they have wasted their time and money. . . . They've paid a fortune to public relations companies."  

Wakefield said that the CDC and the drug companies have not been honest with the PR companies they have promoting their vaccines and therefore these companies are going to fail.


It's because of the people who've experienced vaccine damage firsthand--all the children everywhere.  It's because of the "wave, the pandemic of neuro-developmental disorders" and all the other chronic illnesses plaguing our children that no one in authority can reasonably explain.  Wakefield made a reference to the "continued rate of growth of people who do not believe in the safety of vaccines."  He pointed out there was no mention of people that were undecided in the polling.  He cited another poll that asked the question, "Do you think doctors know vaccines cause autism and are covering it up?" "Twenty percent of respondents said yes,"  He added, "The important number is that 36 percent didn't know. And it's that 36 percent that I am targeting in the films that I am making."

Wakefield talked about how even peer-reviewed journals don't get the facts right when they bring up his work and the unique bowel disease he discovered in autistic children. The failure of the medical community is their inability to deal with the real health problems of autistic children.  Doctors aren't asking, "Is this child sick?  What ails them?  What should I do as a clinician to make them better?"  Pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists aren't doing their jobs, according to Wakefield.   

"This is utter, utter hypocrisy.  ...People were deterred from this line of inquiry because they feared what might happen to them. They put themselves before suffering children. Shame on them."

Wakefield next discussed the staunchly held tenet of medical belief that vaccines, as one of the greatest medical advancements in history, "result in universal benefit."

He asked, "What if it's not?  What if that's not true?  What if the onset of these problems are so insidious, so widespread, so unexpected, rather like narcolepsy with flu vaccine?  Whoever expected that?  You're not just looking for things you know might occur, but you're looking for things that are completely new, idiosyncratic.  Or are you?"

Wakefield brought up the concept of "perceived benefits" and "what the long term implications are for interfering with the ecosystem."

He cited the example of thalidomide, a drug for morning sickness that the FDA refused to license. Not every child whose mother used the drug was injured.  It depended on the timing during pregnancy. 

Wakefield discussed the differences between natural immunity to diseases like measles gained through exposure vs. artificial immunity through vaccination, which wears off.  "This is called secondary vaccine failure.  . . . Measles vaccine was sold to us on the basis of once in a lifetime.  Then it became, 'Oops, no, not quite.  Let's give a preschool booster.'  You get your preschool booster, that lasts for even less time in the majority of people, and then it decays and then you are susceptible to measles for life.  Unless of course you are revaccinated.  But that's not going to last.  So maybe you should be revaccinated every year.  These unanticipated consequences by the gung-ho attitude, let's get in there and vaccinate, has created a population that is now dependent on repeated immunization. 

"What a tremendous market.  Wow.   

"And this patented exposure is the same for the chicken pox vaccine and for other vaccines. They created a market, and I've been told by an insider at Merck that they knew this."

Wakefield went on to describe the link between the chicken pox vaccine and the epidemic of shingles we're now seeing in older people. 

 "Merck apparently knew when they launched the chicken pox vaccine, that they were creating a new market for a shingles vaccine.  And that's exactly what they did.  Ten-fold increase in the chicken pox vaccine dose then became the shingles vaccine."

Wakefield talked about the "unintended ecological consequences of what we have done" and he cited the development of disease strains that are immune to the vaccine's immune response.

Wakefield pointed out that there's a pertussis stain that has eluded protection from the pertussis vaccine.  He said that live virus vaccines like the MMR make the people who received them infectious.  He brought up Dr. Gregory Poland, a leading national vaccine expert at the Mayo Clinic who says that the measles vaccine doesn't provide lifelong immunity.

Wakefield: "You were told it would work. That was the reason you went along with it.  It does not work.

"Not just that it's not safe, it hasn't been properly tested for safety.  It does not work."

"We're seeing mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations around the world. . . . What is the response [from health officials]?  Vaccinate. . . .

"That mumps vaccine is a huge commercial success precisely because it doesn't work. How many products can you say that about?  You can just see the sales curve go up. The worse the vaccine, the more you need to get it."

 "Mumps in children is a virtually harmless disease. Mumps in post puberty males is not. ..."  He then explained how we've delayed susceptibility until the most vulnerable age for males which could result in sterility.. "We've taken a trivial disease and made it much more dangerous."

Wakefield told the audience that health officials at the CDC and in the UK had gone on the record saying that there was no need for a mumps vaccine.  "So how did it ever come into being?  . . . "I believe it was a commercial strategy" on the part of the industry.  They basically pressured health officials into okaying this unnecessary and potentially dangerous vaccine.

Most alarming of all was what Wakefield had to say about the mumps vaccine trials.  When health officials from the FDA questioned Merck about the mumps vaccine's efficacy, they produced a number of fraudulent studies to show the vaccine worked.  There was no surprise inspection, since the FDA alerted researchers that they would be coming.

Wakefield went on to reflect on how boys are failing in our education system.  We see this in autism where the rate is four times greater for boys than girls.  We also see girls excelling in school while boys are increasingly less successful. 

Wakefield talked about the impact lead can have on boys' intelligence.  

"We know that thimerosal is even more toxic than lead."  Males are extremely susceptible to mercury, just like lead. 

Wakefield talked about where all this is headed and he promised that there will be a resolution to this controversy.  "I don't want to leave you with a less than optimistic position. I do believe we will win.  I don't know what winning means.  I have no idea what winning looks like.  Perhaps it is safer to say that the other side is going to lose. . . . This has been an atrocious experience, but I for one will never quit until we have an answer."

Wakefield urged his audience to take action.  "The rest is up to you. . . .You've been given a democratic right to vote and change things.  You've got to do it.  It's no good sitting back and looking at people like the Geiers and Brian Hooker and others and saying, 'They can do the heavy lifting and carrying and it's all going to get better.'  No it's not. 

"This has to translate into you taking action.  Not casting your vote based upon the economy or what's happening around the world, but based upon who's going to do the right thing for your child and your grandchildren. And if you don't do that, it will continue."

Wakefield made it clear there can no longer be excuses for not taking action. "You have got to take this as your responsibility, your moral and ethical responsibility.  Your physical responsibility.  You have to make things change, because otherwise, the CDC will go on lying, go on covering things up, and doing things, not in your best interest or your children's interest, but their own interest and the pharmaceutical industry's interest.  It's a business decision. Vaccination has got to be your choice.  It's got to be your choice. Whether you do or don't, that's your business.  But it has to be your business-and not Paul Offit's. business. Your business."   

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



This is still my favorite Wakefield talk, Boulder Public Library in 2010: http://www.screencast.com/users/JerryZimmer/folders/Autism/media/4918a2cb-40eb-4522-aca3-a534585d07eb/embed

I noticed that one piece of information is out of date, but it still rocks. If the video can be found in another place, that might be nice. Otherwise, thanks, Jerry!


Carol and Angus,

It may be a good move for National Geographic to dump such a vile holding, especially now that it doesn't seem so popular anyway.

Angus Files

Wishing Dr Wakefield well and all the rabid trolls the opposite...




Yes, much carpet chewing goes on over there. In sharp contrast, Andrew Wakefield doesn't say anything that could even be construed as rude about those who persecute him. That says a lot about his character.


yes you could be right. It is absolutely astounding the crudeness that is tolerated on that "science" blog. Talk of desecrating graves etc. is well beyond human decency. No wonder so many people seem to have left it. Even the way Brian Deer speaks publicly in his words there. It really makes you wonder about his judgement. I mean, one may think certain things but that doesn't mean one would say them in print. Very desperate indeed.



I assume Deer would claim that it is a mistake.


Carol: I am not a lawyer but to be more clear, wouldn't changing the wording deceitfully, on purpose, be a form of malicious intent? Brian Deer is pure slime.


Carol: not only sly but illegal?



The affidavit of Dr. Wakefield above, a detailed refutation of Deer’s BMJ articles and his anti-SLAAP declarations, makes fascinating reading. One particular example of how Deer operates caught my eye. Deer alleges that Dr. Wakefield underreported the number of children whose parents associated MMR with regression from 11 to 8 to sharpen the apparent time link between vaccine administration and first symptom. Dr. Wakefield says that he included in this group only the children whose parents made a contemporaneous association between vaccination and regression.

Dr. Wakefield goes through each child and shows how and why the decision was made. Wakefield says the realization about the link came to the parents of Child 5 when they read a newspaper article, and that article led them to seek a referral to Royal Free. As evidence of this, Wakefield cites a letter from their doctor, Dr. Shillam, to Dr. Walker-Smith.

That would seem to be that, but here's where Deer gets clever. To make his argument about the parents of Child 5, Deer changes just one little word in a clinical note. As evidence of Wakefield’s fraud, Deer quotes Dr. Harvey as writing “no doubt about relationship with MMR at onset” when according to Dr. Wakefield the note actually reads “no doubt about relationship with MMR to onset.”

"To" changed to "at." Sly, huh?

It's on pg. 123.

John Stone


No, what you say is absolutely correct. I didn't mean my comment as a put down. It is a taboo (and also a totem) and journalists, and particularly their editors are scared to death to say anything out of line with official policy. They ought to see through it but they don't.

Incidentally, I have just been reading an article in the Daily Telegraph (UK) that we are all to be given statins as official policy. No mention that the science is extremely controversial. Journalist can no longer be bothered to do a professional job, though in this case she wouldn't have to look very far - indeed, if she is coverng the area she should know it.


john stone
i meant online comments, sorry. in real life i find people mostly confused if i dare to broach the subject. because it is a bit of a taboo, isn't it?

Elizabeth Hart

This article states: “Wakefield discussed the differences between natural immunity to diseases like measles gained through exposure vs. artificial immunity through vaccination, which wears off.”

Where is the evidence that measles immunity after vaccination wears off?

(Keeping in mind that immunisation after vaccination is seldom verified...)


Here's an affidavit of Dr. Wakefield relating to his lawsuit against Brian Deer. Good reading.



Imdeed, Dr. Wakefield is a true hero to the autism community. Thank you Andy for all that you do! I can also think of another hero. Thank you Anne Dachel for your tireless efforts in posting the truth, and even if at every turn you are hounded by the rabid shills.



One anonymous commenter today at National Geographic's Respectful Insolence has suggested that Dr. Wakefield might be a pedophile. This kind of comment should be deleted as it is completely baseless and crosses the line. And anyone wonders why other researchers mat be afraid to work in this area. They need only look at themselves and their disgusting and vile tactics.

Intestingly there was a CDC woman employee charged with beastiality or child abuse? I actually wonder if there is any kind of dark activity of this nature that surrounds some of higher ups in terms of government health positions. That may explain why some people lie; perhaps someone has something on them.


If you believe that corporations have worked to muddy the scientific and pollute the political waters with regard to man-made climate change (because they want to keep selling oil), doesn't if follow that corporations who have a financial interest in vaccines would do the same if they needed to rescue that product?

That's not conspiracy theory; that's just common sense based on experience.

John Stone


Many people also are simply scared to speak out or not allowed to - I suppose some of them might belong to a different gorup from those that deliberately spread lies.


to ausimum
sadly i come across a lot of people who perpetuate the '' bad wakefield '' story, maybe they are badly informed, or they are shills.
it's discouraging.


Dr. Wakefield has one of the really great voices and I hope he will use it in his film. Right accent, right amount of testosterone...work it, man!


I read an article in one of our newspapers a couple of weeks back, it was reporting about the vaccine debate and the disgraced doctor (guess who?).

However, they did not report that Dr Wakefield was fraudulent the article stated that he was before the GMC for "misconduct."

I wonder if [they] realise that the public are no longer fooled by [their] blatant lies.

Of course the article failed to mention that Walker-Smith was exonerated. Perhaps it is too much to ask.

Elizabeth Gillespie

P.S I wish I kept the article.


What does Dr. Wakefield have to fear ???

That someone will locate the "Autism gene"

...that is causing vaccine strain measles virus to locate in the gut and colons of soon to be dxed Autistic children ?



Hi Betty Bona and et al,
Dorit Reiss is a scum-bag!! She has sold her soul to the devil!! And guess what she, knows it. When challenged she refuses to disclose any “Conficts of Inteest”

If she ever has any children: I betcha’ dollars to donuts they may be selectively vaccinated. Paul S, Cycle3man

david m burd

Dr. Wakefield has been condemned and vilified by Wikipedia whose editors have long been in the pocket of vaccine makers, and the CDC that showers roses on the vaccine industry.

Wikipedia, in the same vein as vilifying Dr. Wakefield, says this about U.S. Rep. Dan Burton:

"Burton has been an outspoken critic of what he terms the failure of government to determine the cause of an alleged autism epidemic. When his grandson began to show the signs of autism shortly after receiving inoculations, Burton inferred the relationship to be causal: "My only grandson became autistic right before my eyes – shortly after receiving his federally recommended and state-mandated vaccines."[22]

Burton was instrumental in pressuring the National Institutes of Health to launch a five-year, $30 million study of chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease."[23]

In an October 25, 2000, letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, acting in his role as chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, Burton asked the agency's director to get the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall all vaccines containing the preservative Thimerosal. "We all know and accept that mercury is a neurotoxin, and yet the FDA has failed to recall the 50 vaccines that contain Thimerosal," Burton wrote, adding "Every day that mercury-containing vaccines remain on the market is another day HHS is putting 8,000 children at risk."[24]

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not agree that vaccines containing mercury caused autism, and the US FDA refused to ban the vaccines. Most manufacturers removed the preservatives from their vaccines anyway, with no resulting decrease in autism rates." END OF WIKIPEDIA QUOTE.

Of course Wikipedia purposefully ignores the vastly increased Immunization Schedule with myriad shots at age 2 months on, having terribly toxic aluminum compounds, emulsifiers, antibiotics, etc., AND with flu shots (having high ethylmercury content) slammed into pregnant mothers and infants from 6 months, 7 months, ever-after every year!

I just wanted to emphasize how dishonest Wikipedia is when it comes to Dr. Wakefield; but is also how dishonest (or sold out) they are on so many other crucial vaccine issues.

Since so many of our otherwise sensible neighbors might rely on such as Wikipedia, it's best to be prepared to about where they get their "knowledge."

Louis Conte

With all that he does, I also note that Dr. Wakefield never forgets the child, never disregards suffering and never stops doing his best.

I got to spend some time with him once in Manhattan with a child with autism. The child was in a wheel chair and Andy made sure that the child and his mom were taken care of.

He lives in accordance with the oath he took. He is right to call upon us to live up to ours.

Birgit Calhoun

I suppose science has been corrupted for monetary gain all through history. What is new is the knowledge that it can be used so effectively to aid corporations in their quest to change previously known axioms (e.g. that mercury is not really toxic, that vaccines have been thoroughly tested and are "good" for you and that that "unavoidably unsafe" really is just a legal term to help the "special masters" judge with impunity). The most shocking thing is that the majority of the public still blindly trusts that everything is being done with the people's best interest in mind. Dr. Wakefield I hope you are right that we will win. It is the only hope.


"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Winston Churchill


we will win..


Krause in his article about the human microbiome in the gut - last sentence says but Dr. Walkfield will still be out in the cold.

HA, he feels like he has to say that bout a gut doctor who reported it first ----------

We will see who will be out in the cold -

Betty Bona

I didn't get to Chicago this year, but I have listened to the recording of Dr. Wakefield's talk several times. It is one of his most inspiring talks. Like Anne, I have become a "single issue voter", but there's almost never an opportunity to really vote for my single issue. Just being willing to change things by our vote may not be enough. When we consider David Lewis' book, "Science for Sale", consider what we have learned about the polio vaccine from Dan and Mark (and Suzanne Humphries), consider what we have learned from Brian Hooker, and all the other things that point to government agency corruption, I think we need something bigger than our willingness to be single issue voters. Has anyone considered approaching legal scholars from top ten law schools? I don't think they are all under the influence of pharmaceuticals yet, though I could be wrong. If nothing else, it might be strategically appropriate to educate some of them so that they don't all agree with Dorit Reiss about holding parents liable for choosing not to vaccinate. It wouldn't be hard to "out-rank" Dorit Reiss. I wonder if any of the lawyers involved in Wakefield's case might be willing to educate some high powered legal minds? Law school is not like medical school or graduate science programs where a million facts must be crammed in making it easy to indoctrinate. Lawyers from the top law schools frequently have to learn how to practice law after they graduate because all they learn in school is how to think. Wouldn't it be nice if anyone planning to do research for a living had to spend one year learning how to think independently?

Mercky Business

I see Rupert Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox is bidding to take over Time-Warner which includes CNN. Here we go round the mulberry-bush.


When I was young, Dr.Grace Ziem, told me I suffered from chemical sensitivity. John Stossle set up a sting against this Hopkins and Harvard educated woman. There's nothing new in this, the media and corporate interests have combined to defeat real science for twenty years. The real science is slow, it requires funding, the funding goes to the designer science that proclaims all of the franken lab mixtures that are ingested and injected are safe because the stock market deems it so.We have a little corner here, and there..however we are boxed in and kept at bay. The latest study, showing a real chemical sensitivity to mercury has not made it to Time, Forbes, the Atlantic, or anywhere else. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3697751/pdf/JT2013-801517.pdf

kathy blanco

“He well knows what snares are spread about his path. … He is traduced and abused for his supposed motives. He will remember that obloquy is a necessary ingredient in the composition of all true glory: he will remember … that calumny and abuse are essential parts of triumph.”


Love this. So glad he is not taking all this lying down.

Maurine Meleck

What a great tribute to a fine man and a brilliant doctor.
We owe so much to him.
I simply cannot wait until your book is out.
Here we come Augusta, Ga. Get ready!
Wishing vials full of love, not vile vaccines

John Stone

In the UK it was one of the first aims of the sister industry lobby organisations Sense About Science and Science Media Centre to shut down all reporting of individual cases: they have long since succeeded. in fact, we are now completely without journalists (or at least editors) who are prepared to report any concerns or reservations about the industry or its science at any level. Not one politician either. And the interesting thing is that it has not been done through a financial stranglehold on the media, as in the US, but purely by lies, bullying and harassment.


Thank you Andy for standing against the tide, thank you Anne for reporting.



Dr. Wakefield is such an example of true courage (rare these days!). I have nothing but the utmost respect for that brave, ethical man! I turned into a "single issue voter" several years ago (something I never thought I would be). So far, not too many to vote for, as no one seems willing to tackle this crisis properly. However, I do believe there will be some in the not-so-distant future. With so many young adults aging out of the system, I think the time has finally come where they will have to deal with this epidemic, at least at the state level. The CDC seems so corrupt, they will never address this (They've been aware of the problem for years and done nothing but cover it up). The bogus " it's just better diagnosis" theory has been proven false. I believe change will have to begin at the state level. While corruption is everywhere, it seems it may be less of a factor in certain states (and I feel it would only take a few states willing to make a stand to really get the ball rolling).

BoB Moffitt

"Films are a most important medium because, according to Wakefield, the story of just one person has more of an impact than talking about what happened to a million people."

Or .. as Joseph Stalin callously put it:

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic"

I guess I missed the decision on Wakefield's Texas suit against Brian Deer .. because .. that judge surely can't still be "contemplating" his decision?

In any event, God bless Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his entire family .. for having the courage to stand up to those pharma bullies/whores .. who have spent almost two decades desperately trying to destroy them.

At my advanced age .. I have very few people I would conisder as a "hero" .. and .. Dr. Wakefield is atop my very short list.

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