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Dachel Media Update: Nothing But Anything But Vaccines!

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.  The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and their OurKidsASD brand. 

The American media will NEVER HONESTLY ADDRESS AUTISM'S CAUSE. makes it clear that ANYTHING that implicates corporate America, is off the table as a possible cause---MOST NOTABLY VACCINES. ( quotes Emily Willingham from Forbes.)

Here we're told that THERE'S NO PROOF it's vaccines, pesticides, cow's milk, or labor-inducing drugs. The only "safe" claims will continue to be things that point to the parents---ESPECIALLY THE MOM: old moms, moms who marry old dads, fat moms, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms on anti-depressants, and moms who live too close freeways. closed their eyes to the damage being done a while ago.

January 16, 2011, retracted Kennedy's piece, Deadly Immunity


The Forbes piece goes further than just blaming non-vaccinating parents for outbreaks of measles.  The controversy over vaccines and autism now forces vaccine makers to conduct massive trials involving hundreds of thousands of children to show vaccines are safe.  This causes the cost to increase dramatically and some doctors can't afford to buy them for their patients.  Forbes will not allow me to post comments any longer.  (Their idea of freedom of speech doesn't include evidence that directly contradicts their claims.)

July 6, 2014, Autism blame game: The dangerous rush to blame everything from vaccines to dairy

July 3, 2014, Forbes: Vaccine Refusal Myths Drive Up Development Costs, Prices


A new study put out by the University of California, Davis, found that there could be a link between certain pesticides in the air and the development of autism. This is at least the third study in recent years to explore such a possible link: A 2007 study looked at residents of Central Valley, California, and found some correlation, but could not prove causation and called for further study. And another study that same year focused on pesticides and developmental disorders. . .

In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British surgeon and medical researcher, published a paper that directly linked autism to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. So began the modern anti-vaccination movement.


Part 8 of the series appeared this morning on the frontpage of the Times, entitled, "The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs Are Soaring," Rosenthal opens with the story of a San Antonio pediatrician whose modest stockpile of vaccines-$70,000 worth-required that she remortgage her home to ensure access for her patients.

Although specific profit numbers are nearly impossible to obtain, Rosenthal remarks that vaccines have become profit centers for pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing companies after years of having been loss leaders. She cites CDC data that the out-of-pocket costs for fully immunizing a privately-insured child up to age 18 went from $100 in 1986 to $2,192, although it's not clear how much of this reflects the increase in the number of immunizations over that time period. . . .

Why have costs increased?. . .

Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and their OurKidsASD brand.  Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is one of the largest and most respected compounding pharmacies in the country. They use only the finest quality chemicals and equipment to prepare our patients’ compounded medications and nutritional supplements. Customizing medication and nutritional supplements for our customers allows them to achieve their unique health goals.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


for Joy/Jenny/all

Nat Geographic (which as you know is owned in majority by Rupert Murdoch) was involved in a bribery scandal between Zahi Hawass and NGS. A reporter on the matter was silenced by a lawyer, David Hensler (with Hogan Lovells). Editor Chris Johns (in charge of content - publishing, magazines, online) has been recently replaced (not having lasted long in his position as chief editor at all) by Susan Goldberg.
National Geographic seems to have many who are unhappy with their direction. See "Society Matters" -although it has been shut down there are still posts. I think Nat Geo may think some of their content and publications are edgy and cool but many obviously see them as bull$€it and biased.

Joy B

National name only - this out fit is a completely different thing than its brand.

I definitely think they are in cahoots w big pharma, their TV programming is all drugs/SWAT/etc. all the time. Lots of demonizing of marijuana in a direct manner, not just in these SWAT raid shows.

Not surprising at all that they would fund a pharma blog.

FOX owns it btw. (Doomsday Preppers et l)

I mean there are like 2 or 3 owner s of all media, and now can we finally admit that this includes the internet as well?

Jenny Allan

ChildHealthSafety tells us:- "Gorski's disciples actually cite links to what he writes."

Yes indeed and it doesn't stop at Science Blogs. On the Forbes and Lipson blogs' comment threads, Dorit Reiss and her stable of trolls, consistently link to such bastions of scientific knowledge as Brian Deer's web site, and Matt Carey's LB/RB so called 'autism science' site. It's all an incestuous 'merry-go-round'. 'Dr' Carey got his PhD some years ago on computer hardware, nothing to do with medicine. The scientifically and medically unqualified (and it shows) Brian Deer is still stuck in the same old, same old, 10 year old discredited Murdoch Times groove. Carey insists on referring to Dr Wakefield as 'Mr', showing his ignorance on 2 fronts:-

1. Dr Wakefield is a qualified surgeon. In the UK practising surgeons are usually accorded the 'Mr' title.
2. The GMC has no powers to 'unqualify' doctors. They can only remove their licences to practise medicine.


Hi Jenny.

Gorksi's blog is owned by National Geographic? How embarrassing. Does National Geographic know what they own or did they buy it up in a job-lot without doing their due diligence properly?

Gorski, Myers and playmates on ScienceBlogs look like they are under contract to churn out one post per day six days a week. So ScienceBlogs achieves its rankings not on quality [and that is FOR SURE!] but quantity. If there are 6000 articles and each gets just one hit per day by accident, that is still counted as 6000 page views.

Gorski's disciples actually cite links to what he writes with no idea of the damage he does to his own side every time he writes pretty much anything.



That confirms what I am seeing. Wretched hives of scum and dishonesty like Scienceblogs Respectful Insolence are lucky to get 100 posts these days. David Gorski has even mentioned quitting to do other things recently. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Of course the failure of genetic explanations to explain autism and the possibility of industry actually trying to use genetics to attempt abortive practices will not bode well for them.

As well there has been more (though some of it is not so well done either) environmental research linking to autism such as the pesticides. They are on the wrong side of this whole problem in so many ways that it just cannot be sustained. To say nothing of the civil liberty issue involved.

Bob Moffitt

@ Danchi

"Somewhere in these rabid rants they invoke one of the following: Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Wakefield, the internet and it's influence in helping to create the "myth" that vaccines are not safe, the crazies, the loonies, the conspiracy theorist, Dr. Mercola, Age of Autism, Barbara Loe Fisher, Dr. Tenpenny and the list goes on."

You can tell more about the media "useful idiots" by what they do not print .. then what they do print.

Such as .. they constantly "wave the bloody shirt" of those the media want demonized in the court of public opinion .. especially Jenny and Wakefield .. while that very same media remains silent on the US Justice Department's failure to capture and prosecute the fugitive Poul Thorsen .. who absconded with millions of critical TAXPAYER dollars he allegedly stole from the CDC.

Ah, yes .. Lady Justice is really blind when she wants to be.

Jenny Allan

A few weeks ago, after the Willigham and Lipson Forbes blogs, both of which (incredibly!) blamed Andrew Wakefield for the LACK of research into autism related gastro problems in children, I was engaged in googling the Forbes tangled financial structures, and I found out about their 'blogs for hire and profit' arrangements.

The following Forbes Blog, by a young lady called Susannah Breslin, tells us how the 'system' works. Please note that by simply accessing this blog you will increase Ms Breslin's pay from Forbes, which is dependent on the number of 'hits', but since her subject matters are quite different from vaccine issues, I don't see this as a problem. You might even find her articles interesting.
From above blog:-

"How to Become a Forbes Blogger
Understand the math.
I am paid to blog for Forbes. Here is how my situation works. I don’t know how it works for every Forbes blogger, so bear in mind this is simply my experience. I am paid a flat fee every month. Let’s call this X. If I reach a certain traffic goal, I get paid an additional sum. Let’s call that Y. Right now, X and Y are the same amount. So I double my money if I reach my traffic goal. The traffic goal is based on the number of unique visitors who visit my blog every month. If I exceed my traffic goal, I am paid a certain amount for every unique visitor I get over my monthly traffic goal. Let’s call that Z. Your paycheck = X + Y + Z.
In this situation, the blogger is a horse. The horse has a rider. The rider is Forbes. The rider is holding a stick with a string attached to the end of it. At the end of the string, there is a carrot. The carrot is money. The carrot is dangled in front of the horse, and the horse keeps stepping forward in order to get the carrot.
At the end of my first month, I had met my traffic goal and slightly exceeded it. Then the next month started, and we were off again."

Forbes also pays out for a large number of comments. The Willingham and Lipson blogs castigating Andrew Wakefield, attracted a considerable number of comments from A0A editors and regulars. These in turn received multiple responses from Doris Reiss, Lilady, Brian Deer and a number of other regular pro vaccine troll types. If you do the 'math' as explained by Ms Breslin, these blogs will have been extremely profitable for Willingham and Lipson.

I was quite surprised by the 'muted' response from Carey and Gorski's blogs, although Gorski, as 'Orac' complained his Respectful Insolence blog, owned by National Geographic, was not as 'successful' as the Forbes Blogs.He praised Forbes for 'standing by' Willingham after Andrew Wakefield stated he intended to sue for defamation. Gorski seemed to be indicating he would not be averse to having his own Forbes blog. I suspect folks are just tired of Gorski's rambling tirades, many of which are directed at AoA and its supporters.


I did a yahoo search for the best provaccine groups. On the list not one was still in existence. The biggest bullies have come and gone and every one fell by the wayside. The same will happen to the ones that you see now. Some of the websites now have less than a hundred readers a month that is why you see the same small group of people who make the same comments all the time. There are some anti-vaccine websites that are read by tens of thousands (AofA) and even hundreds of thousands ( every month. That is why they are so desperate. Go to to see the numbers.

As if

Exactly, Danchi, it's the children who the trolls are fighting. It's the children who are losing.

Anita Donnelly

Danchi that was awesome and well said!


Where's the sympathy for the parents who have had to give up THEIR careers and mortgage THEIR homes to pay for their vaccine- injured child's medical bills?!!! I seriously doubt too many pediatricians are really mortgaging their homes to pay for their vaccines. It infuriates me that our kids are just considered invisible, totally acceptable, collateral damage, and the pharmaceutical companies continue to inflict new damage, completely liability-free! Quite a sweet deal they have going (though how they sleep at night is beyond me)! Meanwhile, most of our kids can't even get their biomedical treatments covered to try to help heal them as best we can. My mainstream pediatrician, who is covered by my insurance, is completely useless when it comes to autsim. It's all such a "mystery" to him, but vaccines couldn't be involved! Thank God for those brave biomed docs!!! The good ones are worth every penny!


Ran across this ridiculous article on the Wall Street Journal:
Sticking Point: Why Do Vaccine Costs Keep Rising? Ask Pfizer. I asked the "stenographer" to explain in details how this was possible. I don't who has become more sociopathic-the people who are posting these opinion pieces or the trolls that are out trying to discredit valid information. I've stated this before, the last 18 months feel just like the ramp up to the invasion of Iraq. These sociopaths say the same thing over & over and it's all mindless drivel because it is not supported by verifiable data. It's as if they plucked it from the land of OZ and expect people not to question it. Somewhere in these rabid rants they invoke one of the following: Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Wakefield, the internet and it's influence in helping to create the "myth" that vaccines are not safe, the crazies, the loonies, the conspiracy theorist, Dr. Mercola, Age of Autism, Barbara Loe Fisher, Dr. Tenpenny and the list goes on. They spend countless hours defending articles by Dr. Pseudonym on Daily Beast-a person who is extremely opinionated, has no facts and assumes a position of authority to the degree that the Daily Beast gives him/her front page postings almost monthly. An individual who doesn't have the guts to identify him/herself publicly yet the trolls defend ever word that's posted. This could be a troll or a pharmaceutical ghost writer or the same person who wrote the" An Angry “Scientist” Finds an Uneducated Internet Comment and Delivers an Epic Response… *EDITED FOR LANGUAGE version*, that went viral online even though the person who wrote it definitely was not a scientist. All one has to do is read the article and it's clear. Trolls were posting this everywhere until a response was posted.

Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Salon, Mother Jones, Daily Beast all have a built in audience that follow the path of the sheeple. The uninformed who are afraid to wake up. Unbeknown to the audience is the only reason these articles get pass legal departments is because the pharmaceutical companies own significant stock in the MSM. Rupert Murdoch as you know owns, from what I've read over 500 media outlets, GSK owns stock in a number of US media outlets. I'm still researching the other pharmaceutical companies. The MSM is another version of Fox, a mouthpiece and propaganda machine for the pharmaceutical companies. THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE WORLD IS THE CONTROL OF INFORMATION.

The alarming part of the rabid, manic, schizophrenic, scoiopathic article postings and troll activity is-THEY HAVE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN THE CHILDREN, SICK AND HEALTHY. With trolls its about getting in the last word, distracting from cogent information, bullying and intimidating anyone who dares post cogent verifiable information against their cause calling other posters abusive names and using the tag team tactic of Dorit Reiss and her groupies. The others just name call and the celebrity doctors say we are engaged in a conspiracy theory.

I look at my involvement like this: I'm will not be the one losing-it's the children that will be losing. Pro vaccine apologist see this as some kind of war but who and what are they fighting for? They need to take a good look at look at this:

1976: 1 child in 30 was learning disabled
→2013: 1 child in 6 is learning disabled.

1980: 1 child in 27 had asthma
→2013: 1 child in 9 has asthma.

1990’s: 1 child in 555 developed autism
→2013: 1 child in 50 develops autism.

2001: 1 child in 500 had diabetes
→2013: 1 child in 400 has diabetes.

Over 50% of children have a chronic condition and 1 in 6 have a neurodevelomental disorder (aka vaccine caused brain injury). Autism and autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing. Injecting aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, MSG, diseased monkey kidney, etc. does not bring health.
Trends in the Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities in US Children, 1997–2008

A consciousness shift I believe is coming. I believe the children who have been left autistic, developmentally delayed and other vaccine injuries will be instrumental in bringing down those people, companies and political figures that forced this atrocity on them for profit.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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