Washington Post: Report on Irish Baby Homes Documents use of Infants for Med School Cadavers, Vaccine Testing
The Case Against Mandatory Flu Vaccination for Health Care Workers

Dachel Media Update: In Which CNN Runs Out of Tape...

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We had hoped to share the video of Robert F. Kennedy who appeared last evening on CNN Tonight, however, it appears that CNN ran out of tape...   during the final segment in which Kennedy spoke about flu shots, mercury and Thimerosal as a preservative.

July 29, 2014, WXOW, La Crosse, WI: Add immunization to your back-to-school checklist

July 25, 2014, The Thinking Moms' Revolution: What Are MRC-5 and WI-38? And Why Are They in Vaccines?

WXOW, La Crosse, WI

"Parents are concerned that vaccines are going to cause autism," said Dr Menagh. "Which we have shown in more studies than you can shake a stick at, that that's not true. They don't cause autism."

Dr Menagh's advice for parents, "Get your children immunized." 

This is just a local reminder about keeping up on those immunizations for your kids.  ...and always the reminder..."They don't cause autism" ...."More studies than you can shake stick at" show they don't.

What Menagh says is not true.  We know it's not true. 

What about Hannah Poling?  What about all the cases of vaccine induced autism that the government has compensated?   Just saying, "They don't cause autism" won't make it true. There was no comment section here.  It's easier to publish pretend science if no one else is allowed to speak.

The Thinking Moms' Revolution:

Sooooo, if I am reading this right, two of the ingredients in vaccines that we give babies, toddlers and children, contain aborted fetal cell from the 1960s? Ummmm. I don't think I was INFORMED of that prior to my child receiving said vaccines, were you?? What is more troubling to me than that (along with the moral, ethical and religious ramifications) is that the information provided about these cells is very limited, meaning if they were "tested" to be safe and healthy in the 1960s, are they necessarily safe and healthy cells in today's world? And what is the impact on a human baby being injected with another fetus's (possiblyt of a different sex) cells? Is it possible that the baby's body may think they are foreign and attack them? Is it possible the baby's body may get confused and attack its own cells? Is it possible the fetus's DNA from these cells can recombine with the baby's cells and insert its DNA?

Of course no one is answerable for anything that is in vaccines.  Their studies show everything they inject into babies is good for them. 

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



While I very much appreciate the work these authors have done and the courage it took to become targets for the pharma echo chamber, it is somewhat discouraging that the first words that need to be said is how pro-vaccine they are and how vaccines are the best thing ever. While I don't consider myself anti-vaccine, I do believe that today's vaccine schedule is too bloated and too aggressive and that a one size fits all approach is simply outdated. What was once a noble pursuit has now become a very large line item on a corporate balance sheet. No matter how much we say how wonderful vaccines are the attack dogs will continue to disparage anyone who even questions vaccine safety or suggests that today's approach could be a reason why our kids are sicker than ever. I hope this is a first step towards starting a focused debate to look not just at mercury but our entire approach to vaccines and whether the greater good argument has limitations.

Jeannette Bishop

re: RFK Jr.,

I guess the publisher at least can provide some tape:


Re CNN, they have a lot of convenient coincidental technical problems in my limited and rather single subject experience (mostly during the presidential campaign in 2012 with a particular candidate), but before that Cooper's treatment of Wakefield darkened my view of the entire channel, and I only would be surprised at this point if the put out good coverage of vaccine concerns.

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