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Dachel Media Update: AuTV?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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July 9, 2014, WPTV West Palm Beach: The Autism Channel in West Palm Beach is trying to reach an international audience

July 9, 2014, Chicago Daily Herald: How should police handle people with autism?

WPTV West Palm Beach

"Scene two, take, action," shouts a member of the floor crew at the Flying Pig Ranch Studios.

At the small facility in suburban West Palm Beach, they're trying to do something that's never been done before.

They're trying to provide daily programs to the international autism community through their creation of The Autism Channel.

Twenty years ago when my son was diagnosed at seven, I was told by a psychologist that autism was "so rare" John was probably the only child in our little town with autism. Today, there's an Autism Channel that intends to reach "100-thousand by the end of the year and eventually millions of viewers worldwide."

What else can we do? The demand is there. Autism is everywhere and we have to learn to adjust

Chicago Daily Herald 

With substantial growth in the numbers of people diagnosed with autism, and police training on how to deal with them optional in many instances, Kramer's case underscores a delicate issue for police: How to question someone who might not handle it well?

"Even if they did everything right, she still could have thrown something at them," said Mary Kay Betz, executive director of the Autism Society of Illinois. "But studies show if you use the de-escalation methods, you have a better outcome.". . .

Police officers today are likely to encounter more people with autism.

One in 68 American children has an autism spectrum disorder, 30 percent more than two years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....

Stories like this should be a wakeup call to us all. Autism has never been here like this in the past. It if had, police, EMTs, firefighters et al. would already be able to deal with autistic individuals.

How many times will news sources casually tell us there's been a "substantial growth in the numbers of people diagnosed with autism," without someone asking where they're all coming from?

There is something truly frightening about stories that tell us "one in 68 American children has an autism spectrum," with no explanation why they don't have the same rate for adults.

Why don't member of the press realize how strange all this sounds to anyone who thinks about it?

Here was one comment already posted:

I am sure that being autistic is difficult. However, why not carry some form of identification or a card, which identifies you as having that condition? That would help in situation such as this. I have a hearing disability and carry a card which alerts emergency responders to that fact.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Shell Tzorfas

At this point I am not sure if some of the police are not on the spectrum themselves especially those born in the 80's.

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