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American Thinker: Where Conservative Skepticism Falls Short

Managing Editor's Note: Below is an excerpt from Lawrence Solomon's article in American Thinker. While we have seen Liberals turn their backs on the vaccine injury community, Solomon speaks to Conservatives who have exempted (pardon the pun) vaccination from their thinking.

American-flagBy Lawrence Solomon

Conservatives much more than most others stick to their principles —individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom of the press — while also maintaining a healthy skepticism of government pronouncements.  That combination has in the past saved the U.S. from grief, such as in the 1980s, when President Reagan rolled back the statist tide, and in recent years, when the House of Representatives prevented President Obama from implementing his statist and economically ruinous global warming agenda.

But when it comes to one issue in particular — government mass vaccination programs — many conservatives forget their principles and accept as dogma studies from government bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This deference to government-promoted science is especially perplexing because of the parallel to global warming, another controversial area of government-promoted science, where conservatives have challenged studies from governments and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Many conservatives have had a blind spot when it comes to vaccination, buying the government line.  In fact, the list of scientists who have been skeptical of the merits of various mass vaccination programs reads like a Who’s Who; it includes, for example, the former head of the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. and the former chief scientific officer for the U.K., whose job involved assessing the safety of vaccines.

Read the full article at American Thinker.



It's interesting that one of the commenters mentions that she is not keen for flu shots or Gardasil shots for her children and yet does she not realize that in certain places (like NY) the right to refuse certain shots is being stripped.


I don't agree with Mr. Solomon on every point he makes, and I don't have to. I admire his determination to report on a topic that has been designated as taboo. I admire that he has refused to buckle under the vaccine industry's attempt to intimidate reporters into parroting industry talking points or silence. I hope that he continues to delve into this critical issue that his cowardly colleagues are avoiding or doing injustice to.

Jeannette Bishop

The comment section wasn't working for me at the article, but this is a very important piece. Deference on vaccination has been placed above rational discussion and even rational observation, despite all the evidence of immune system related injury around us. Most don't seem to connect the dots that far. I sure didn't. And most seem to just swallow all the statements of mystified non-answers, it's too hard for us to figure out, etc., I think because where observation is leading is pretty uncomfortable and they don't yet see how imperative it is to change course or put on the brakes.

As a "conservative," when I'm not completely anti- any association (and when "conservative" doesn't mean maintaining the centralizers status quo, which maybe by now it does), I just wish more would think about the "bi"-partisan NCVIA that went into effect in 1986, and about what such a combining of executive, legislative, and judicial powers concerning vaccination in a large centralize captured bureaucratic "health" entity would likely lead to (HAS led to, if one can go that far, and I think we urgently need to go that far).


Being a staunch conservative, i too find it irratating that many on my side want to accept the gov't line without questioning. Besides the reasons probably given in the article, I also suspect that conservatives are wary enough of the mockery they get on their conservative views re. evolution, anthropologically caused global warming, and other issues. So to save some face, they decide to just go along with the gov't vaccine narrative.... after all, one can only take so much mockery and ridicule.... right?? Why look totally backward and "anti-science".... right?

Instead they need to do their own research on this issue like they do for the others.... and stand up for the truth as it is found in all issues.

If you can ignore the laughter on the other issues...... what's one more? Epecially if you find you are correct, and the others aren't.

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