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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Trouble in Ecotopia

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I've been talking a lot about pesticides lately. In fact, one of our readers left this comment this week. "I'm not in any way stating that pesticide use doesn't pose health ramifications to the outside populous - it does. But I still believe that overall, the biggest 'environmental factor' re: the autism increase we're seeing today, is the continued and prolific use of the bolus doses of vaccines our kids are receiving." (So do I, bear with me just a bit longer.)

It's not the first time someone has wondered where I was going with this topic. When I spoke at Autism One in 2006, this is the impression I left on Teresa Conrick:. "He had been up on the stage in a plaid shirt, talking about mercury, seeds, and Ceresan. I didn't understand why this 'lumberjack guy' was talking to all of us parents about trees, Lignasan, and ethylmercury. Dan seemed to me to be on the wrong trail. It took me a while to connect the research and see that these clues Dan, along with Mark Blaxill, had been discussing and writing about for quite some time were the first "puzzle" pieces to autism." (Thanks, Teresa!)

But why are seeds and soil and Ceresan relevant to the current autism epidemic? Because they Ceresanwere an independent vector for the delivery of the same toxin, ethylmercury, that in vaccines triggered the current crisis, and keeps it spreading worldwide (shots are a much more efficient vector than pesticide dust). Critics toss out the "correlation is not causation" truism to try to discredit the vaccine-autism connection. (A better version would be "association is not necessarily causation, but it is a possible clue worth aggressive follow-up."). But when two totally independent delivery mechanisms -- pesticides with ethyl mercury and vaccines with ethylmercury  -- starts flashing the same signal -- autism -- at the same time -- the 1930s --  in 11 families with clear connections to both those uses ... Well, truly independent observers ought to sit up and take notice, because they are getting a glimpse of autism's Big Bang -- the roots and rise of the preeminent disorder of our age. And when you know how an epidemic started, you have the key to ending it.

This is always worth repeating even at the risk of coming across as a one-note Johnny (see our book and blog and the video of the same name on our home page). But today I'd like to mention further evidence that links pesticides with neurological and developmental mayhem, including but not limited to autism, especially along the "left coast" of the United States, stretching from the San Joaquin and Central Valleys of California up through Napa and the orchard and wine counties of Washington State. This temperate and fertile arc, sometimes referred to as Ecotopia, began blooming with fruits and vegetables when industrial agriculture, pesticides and irrigation started taking hold at the end of the 19th Century. It now accounts for a large percentage of the nation's food supply -- and increasingly, a number of unusual outbreaks that point to toxins.

In our AOA series in 2011, The Age of Polio -- How an Old Virus and New Toxins Triggered a Man-made Epidemic, we demonstrated how the first use of pesticides containing lead and arsenic in the late 19th century triggered the first outbreaks of poliomyelitis. The polio virus up till then had been a benign stomach bug, or enterovirus, but we proposed that the ingestion of lead and arsenic in children with an active polio infection allowed the virus to gain access to the nervous system, where it killed cells at the top of the spinal column (the anterior horn), leading to temporary or permanent paraylsis and, sometimes, death. Early epidemics in the San Joaquin and Napa regions as well as orchard country in Washington State are the kind of associations, overlooked at the time and ever since, that point to the true, manmade nature of polio epidemics.

Earlier this year Mark and I tracked a new outbreak, of two dozen or so cases of partial paralysis in California children, and suggested pesticides could have played a role there. Medical experts suspect an enterovirus, interestingly. We suspect that whatever else was going on, pesticides probably played a role. We reported that the parents of one child owned a vineyard (reminiscent of that Napa polio outbreak more than a century ago), and had also remembered their daughter ate fresh raspberries the morning she got sick. The doctors, she told us, didn't seem interested. (The child also got an IV at the hospital right before her arm suddenly, and permanently, went limp, possibly suggesting provocation polio, in which a needle stick can create an opening for an enterovirus to reach the nervous system). A second child who has been identified lives in an LA exurb built on farmland so intensively farmed it has an apricot named for it. (Moorpark.)

Lately, the arc of mayhem has been migrating further north, where another "mystery outbreak" has baffled researchers. According to NBC, "Mysterious Birth Defects: No Answers, Only Questions, Experts Say":

"Since 2010, at least 30 babies — now 31 — have been diagnosed with anencephaly in a three-county area of central Washington state that includes Yakima and Sunnyside. ... That’s a rate of 8.7 per 10,000 births in the region, far higher than the national rate of 2.1 cases for 10,000 births."

Among the possibilities are a nearby nuclear plant and "pesticides, grain molds, nitrates in water supplies and other concerns previously tied to the problem. ... One factor that’s certain to get attention is the low rate of folic acid use in the region. Low levels of the B vitamin in early pregnancy are known to increase risk of anencephaly, spina bifida and other neural tube defects. Sixty percent of women in the three-county area don’t take folic acid as recommended — a figure that climbed to 80 percent to 90 percent in those whose babies were studied."

Seriously, not enough folic acid? My money is on toxins, particularly pesticides. Another recent article pointed to illnesses caused by a phenomenon known as pesticide drift in the same ares. According to oregonlive.com in May:

"OLYMPIA, Wash. — A sudden rise in pesticide drift incidents in Eastern Washington orchards has sickened 60 people since March — a typical number for a full year, the Washington State Department of Health said Monday."

Back when polio was the threat, and horses grazed in Yakima orchards treated with lead arsenate, they would get a paralytic condition called orchard disease. And some researchers noted that when polio epidemics broke out, farm animals -- chickens, pigs, horses, even dogs -- would develop the same symptoms. The dots lay unconnected, and real people still pay the price. Now when we hear about such events in Yakima, we blame mothers for not taking enough supplements; when we hear about students developing tic disorders in New York State, no one notices the crop dusting plane buzzing right next to the school (a story we first reported) or the fact that most of these classroom clusters occur in rural districts during planting or harvesting season; instead they blame young women for developing "hysteria," one of the oldest, stupidest and most sexist tricks in the orthodox psychiatric playbook.

So, yes, pesticides cause paralysis, neurological disorders, birth defects, poliomyelitis, ADHD, the first cases of autism ...

This all comes full circle when we consider the new study that in effect connects pesticide drift in California farm fields is associated with autism. CBS: "Pregnant women who live within a mile of spaces where commercial pesticides are applied appear to have an increased risk of having a child with autism, a new study suggests.

"The risk that a child would develop autism appeared to be highest for women who lived near farms, golf courses and other public spaces that were treated with pesticides during the last three months of their pregnancies."

As our Anne Dachel has pointed out, the vaccine deniers at Forbes and Salon are pouring gallons of undiluted Roundup all over this story, because they know where it is going -- straight back to the idea that autism is not genetic in origin, it's toxic. Anything that points to a clear-cut toxin, not just vague "environmental factors" interacting with a gazillion mutant genes is, so to speak, toxic.

That's why pesticides matter to those of us who actually believe vaccines are the main driver of the autism epidemic. They point to its man-made and modern origins; they point to ethylmercury as the  trigger; they single out pesticides and vaccines as the primary vectors; and they show how dangerous, foolhardy and ultimately criminal it is to keep putting ethylmercury in vaccines for babies and pregnant woman.

That's why trouble in Ecotopia is such as import clue not just to the beginning, but also to ending, the age of autism.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




avoiding "ALL" vaccines for two whole generations. Wow! That is a feat that would equal putting a man on the moon.


Except Robyn,
You still haven't said anything about your daughter's autism other than that it is regressive and that it wasn't caused by vaccines. You haven't responded to anyone's respectful questions about your experience or about what you think could have been a cause. No one here is claiming that the only cause of autism is vaccines. I think it's fair to say that most hold the opinion that vaccines are a major cause.

You just don't come across as genuine. A parent of a sick child will most always want to tell others about their experience and will have thought long and hard about what might have caused the child's illness. You have only made one point and that is that it wasn't caused by vaccines. You don't have a story to tell. For those reasons, you don't sound like a parent of a child with autism. You sound like someone who wants to take the blame off vaccines by posing as a parent of a child with autism that wasn't caused by vaccines.


This needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

"But when two totally independent delivery mechanisms -- pesticides with ethyl mercury and vaccines with ethylmercury -- starts flashing the same signal -- autism -- at the same time -- the 1930s -- in 11 families with clear connections to both those uses ... Well, truly independent observers ought to sit up and take notice, because they are getting a glimpse of autism's Big Bang"


See, I actually said I agreed with you all on not vaccinating. Release the hounds! holy reaction folks! I didn't vaccinate her nor am I. My daughter has autism, yes. It's not caused by vaccines in my case, nothing you say to me will make it be from vaccines. Is it that hard to understand? I'm not saying other kids aren't vaccine damaged. It's toxins in the vaccines AND the environment, is all I was saying. Ugh, I've had it with all these comments, we're all supposed to support each other, and learn something perhaps. By me saying "MAYBE you don't see the forest for the trees" it's not an insult, YOU have your reality, this is mine. I just mean, open your eyes to the big picture. It's not just vaccines...and listen, I've been one of those people out there speaking out against vaccines, commenting on all the articles and press stating there is no correlation between that and autism, so believe me, I am on your side, I am not some pharma fake commenter (as if!) . I am a mom and I want to let people know that there are other things we could be looking at to help these kids too. That is all.




(Comment from Cherry Misra):

..."The fake autism parent never talks about what risk factors may have been there in his case- Did the mom get dental work done during pregnancy, take flu vaccines? Eat a can of tuna every day? They never tell how they avoided the Hep B at birth or how they could be sure that it was not given behind their back..."

Of course, apologies to Robyn if indeed her child truly is autistic. But in all my 20 plus years doing research into vaccine damaged kids, I have not once seen a post wherein a parent will state his/her child is autistic and not see language inserted within the comment asserting the child has autism, which discusses the particulars involved with the child's illness.

So - Robyn, truly, if your child is autistic and you're looking for help, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE for support/help.

But if you're one of the pro-pharma shills looking to plant disinformation onto this board (or any other), all I can say is I feel sorry for you. Until you have a child who suffers with horrendous vaccine reactions, as we all have had over here, you'll never know how devastating the consequences.

Martin Walker's book details some of the organizations and their tactics in trying to 'defeat' so-called anti-vaccine websites' message:


Sue Morgan

Robyn, do you or did you ever have mercury amalgam (silver) dental fillings?


I just want to add...I respect your report that your unvaccinated daughter developed regressive autism, but I don't appreciate that you are hostile ("can't see the forest from the trees") to the reports of thousands of parents who say that their children developed regressive autism after vaccination. The etiology of your daughter's autism doesn't need to match anyone else's nor can your report invalidate anyone else's.



DO you have a child with autism? I really don't mean to push any buttons here - with anyone - but I also know that AT TIMES, pro-vaccine folks have been told to claim they have an autistic child and that they've not been vaccinated, neither has the child, etc., so forth. It's another tactic employed to try to level disinformation at the anti-vaccine crowed that vaccines can't possibly be connected to autism because 'my child was autistic at birth.'

I've provided a very useful link above, Robyn, for you to view. Dr. Russell Blaylock does, indeed, state how SOME babies can be born on the spectrum, but he goes into far more complicated medical terminology than I care to get into, here.

What I find interesting is that you've not mentioned ANYTHING in the way of PERSONAL INFORMATION as regards your child's autism, i.e., WHEN she/he was DIAGNOSED with autism, what the symptoms were (at birth and afterwards), what you've done in the way of treatment, and at what level of health your child seems to be at, now.

The above would all be extremely useful re: receiving any help/comments over here from some folks who would be more than willing to help you find some answers for your child's issues.

Sorry to be somewhat of a skeptic about Robyn's claims, but I've spent more than my fair share on vacc boards, debating the pro-vaccine crowd in the past. Unless/until Robyn comes forth with information about her child's autism, I remain a bit of a skeptic regarding her claims.


Would you share more about your daughter's regressive autism? Did you take meds or have any illnesses before or during pregnancy? Were you exposed to a lot of antibiotics in your life, radiation from medical tests or electrical devices (including wireless RFR), etc., pesticides or herbicides recently or in the past? What other toxins do you think might have played a role in her autism?


Robyn-- You not being vaccinated - how old are you?
-How in this day and time could you not be vaccinated. My kids were reacting with 105 temps - Kawasakis-- - one of my kid developed a heart murmur right after and they took an X ray and his left venticula, the bottom part of the heart was all swollen -- looked like a boot and they just kept vaccinating - acted like it was never caused by vaccines - and when they started public school -- they had school nurses checking records.

Where you home schooled?


How about your husband?
How is his health.

He reacted at age 28 to a DPT shot - although he had all of his shots as a child. He however; for many years working for the forest service had way more than he should of tetanus shots, and every year -- a tick shot vaccine.

My husband's side of the family -- had many more auto immune health problems than my side --

I also notice that a lot of people mention on here that they think vaccination of the men while in the military was the root of the immune problems that happened to their children.

Long ago in a text book in Immunology -- I found it interesting that Fathers can transfer their immunity -- what they have been exposed to - changing their immunity -- to their offspring. That is well researched -- and that was 20 years ago.

Eileen Nicole Simon

How the brain is affected by toxins should be the most important thing to consider.

Autism is a neurological disorder. Most serious is failure of full language development. Repetitive movements (chorea, athetosis, tics) are also signs of neurological impairment. The neurological signs of autism are distinctive. They result from damage of specific structures in the brain, not “the brain” viewed as a uniform organ.

Toxic substances affect sites in the brain of highest metabolic activity. This is because toxic substances disrupt energy metabolism. Nuclei in the auditory pathway and basal ganglia are most vulnerable to toxic injury. These sites are also damaged by asphyxia at birth.

Prenatal exposures to alcohol or drugs cause visible deformities. Postnatal exposures prevent maturation of the cerebral cortex. Circuits between the temporal and frontal language areas continue to develop for at least 4 to 5 years after birth.

The child of the plant pathologist had a supernumerary nipple in the left axilla (Kanner p224), perhaps from prenatal exposure to Ceresan. The other children were physically perfect, with intelligent facial expressions even, thus less likely to have suffered prenatal deformity of the brain. Cases 2 and 7 were born by C-section, case 8 was born 3 weeks early; a lapse in respiration may have occurred in these cases.

Clamping the umbilical cord to obtain placental blood for transfusions had its beginnings in the 1930s (see Douglas Starr’s book, Blood, 1998). Could the avant-garde parents of Kanner’s first cases have “donated” placental blood for this new cause?



I'm not vaccinated either.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Robyn,

I think we do cover what you are describing and what Dan is unraveling here. Toxins, in vaccines and out, look like candidates to cause the spectrum of autism. Looking at those first cases, mercury exposure is written all over them, especially ethyl, the newest and very toxic kind. My fascination with the microbiome and what can make it dysfunctional is a big part of this.



PLEASE research Dr. Russell Blaylock's information/lectures. He details why some babies/children are autistic, even though they remain in the non-vaccinated group, during the following lecture:


(And yes, some of us can see the forest through the trees...)


We know what toxins are, we know toxins are causing autism. Logic tells us that vaccines with toxins in them will harm our kids, and also toxins from our food, medicines and environment. It's the politics of vaccinating or not, and the specifics that people get into that are distracting us from the bottom line...keep toxins out of our kids!

My daughter is not vaccinated, but has regressive autism. I wish there was a website that would cover the causes of her autism with as much vigor as Age Of Autism covers the topic of vaccines. I didn't vaccinate because I believe you, they can contribute to autism, but there is more to it...maybe you can't see the forest for the trees.


...and I might add that the coal emissions, pesticides, herbicides, etc., are NOT being INJECTED into human muscle tissue, thus affording a direct passageway into the infant bloodstream, as with vaccination. This is a huge key, to my mind, as to why vaccines have been the toxic tipping point vis-a-vis the rising epidemic levels seen with autism and other neurodevelopmental disease issues.

Angus Files

We buy organic when we can,on the deal pesticide free...


Study of Organic Crops Finds Fewer Pesticides and More Antioxidant..

We also grow what we can in Scotland Whisky, Haggis, Tourists etc which means any foods slugs like forget growing it..just about everything healthy is bought in ..

Then you have the GM issue .Is the organic GM free..

Only thing certain is no vaccines anymore..



Dr. Russell Blaylock's statements along this regard:

..."On page 164 Dr. Robert Davis, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the University of Washington, makes a very important observation. He points out that in a population like the United States you have individuals with varying levels of mercury from other causes (diet, living near coal burning facilities, etc.) and by vaccinating everyone you raise those with the highest levels even higher and bring those with median levels into a category of higher levels. The "vaccinologists" with their problem of "concrete thinking" cannot seem to appreciate the fact that not everyone is the same. That is, they fail to see these "uncertainties."

To further emphasize this point lets take a farming family who lives within three miles of a coal-burning electrical plant. Since they also live near the ocean they eat seafood daily. The fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used on the crops contain appreciable levels of mercury. The coal-burning electrical plant emits high levels of mercury in the air they breathe daily and the seafood they consume has levels of mercury higher than EPA safety standards. This means that any babies born to these people will have very high mercury levels.

Once born, they are given numerous vaccines containing even more mercury, thereby adding significantly to their already high mercury burden. Are these "vaccinologists" trying to convince us that these children don't matter and that they are to be sacrificed at the alter of the "vaccine policy?..."


Good to see we're on the same page here, Dan. Vaccines, in my own humble opinion, have been THE toxic tipping point.

Jeannette Bishop

They used mercury in pesticides for a time. I wonder why they stopped? They did stop--except with vaccination--didn't they?!? They also use aluminum in pesticides today it appears:


Throughout the 1900s, when they were trying to find chemical combinations that were highly toxic to small pests while somehow at the same time safe for human exposure, I wonder if any combinations of mercury and aluminum compounds were attempted and documented? Everything I've come across suggests it probably wasn't possible to do safely, even within the far-reaching bounds of man's capacity to not see unwanted problems, in any commercial pesticide applications:


Yet, somehow pharma failed to see any problems with the combination for our smallest humans in DPT and all the new 1990 killed virus vaccines that relied more heavily on adjuvants. Did they perform any inhouse toxicology studies of the synergy of these substances? Or did they just make sure they didn't combine these substances in any way that might start fires in the vaccine labs?

I can't help thinking, as hard as it seems to be to simply study vaccines against no vaccines, that at least research of these two compounds at 1990s vaccine doses would demonstrate to a great extent why reform and rolling back of how we "safety test" and vaccinate is needed. The real life disaster combined with such research may lead to a general understanding of the need for reduction in many uses of both metals and hopefully more consideration of synergy in establishing exposure guidelines for all substances.


"I'm not in any way stating that pesticide use doesn't pose health ramifications to the outside populous - it does. But I still believe that overall, the biggest 'environmental factor' re: the autism increase we're seeing today, is the continued and prolific use of the bolus doses of vaccines our kids are receiving." (So do I, bear with me just a bit longer.)

Well, good to know, Dan, good to know.


Now Jenny arsenic and lead is just way on more dangerous than a little medical type mercury and medical type alum -- for heaven sakes - that put alum in pickles.

I am having trouble finding out for sure if Prevotella is good or bad.

It is in unvaccinating - healthy - cattle raising - back to the soil Amish

It is in grain eating children's guts that live in Africa - and is said to help them digest that grain.

There is a bunch missing in kids with autism.

It has been found to be too plentiful in people with irritable bowl syndrome.


I am from a long line of IRS sufferers - left side, around the bottom of the rib cage --you know where the left descending large intestines takes that big bend - downward - well that is when the pain is not spread out all over the belly.

So which is it bad or good?

Metals -- yeah -- maybe there should be some research on what a harmless gut microbe does in the presents of alum and mercury.

It has been a long, long time since the first gut bug started to cause polio.


Ask your doctor:

"If the vaccine manufacturers put a little lead into vaccines because they found it to be a cheap antibiotic, would the vaccine still be safe to use?"

"If the vaccine manufacturers put a little DDT into the vaccine because they found it was a cheap antibiotic or preservative, would you use it on your self or your children?"

"If the vaccine manufacturers put a little lead arsenate into the vaccines because it was a readily available preservative or adjuvant, would the vaccine be safe to inject directly into a 6 pound baby?"


Here Here!

How hard would it be just to make crop dusting illegal? Any pesticides used must be sprayed no more than 2 feet above the crop. Period.

Can't even believe crop dusting is allowed with all that modern research shows about the inadvertent reach of pesticides in surface water.


Since that old clich'e that I have heard for the last 35 years "Causation does not equal correlation"
is mentiioned here, I would like to some one to explain to me what they mean by that?

Causation does not equal correlation -
is a statistical term that involves a large group or numbers.

So then there are studies that show a statistical connection.

This also should not be said to a parent that witnessed a vaccine injury because another rule of investigation holds up.

There is no such thing as coincidence.

BoB Moffitt

It is hard to believe the "correlation is not causation" defense continues to protect the vaccine industry.

Here is a short .. six minute video .. The Town of Allopath Gets Skid Marks disease"


I can assure you .. people have been arrested, charged and prosecuted .. found guilty by a jury of their peers .. and .. sentenced to death .. on purely "circumstansial evidence".

Indeed .. the world would be a far less safe place if our Justice system adopted "correlation is not causation" as the standard by which CRIMINALS AND THEIR CRIMES must be judged.

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