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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Metals on the March

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Everywhere I look, one kind of metal or another seems to be implicated in modern environmental illnesses. You’ve all heard the discovery Mark Blaxill and I made that places organic mercury via both vaccines and pesticides at the start, and heart, of the autism epidemic in the 1930s. Clearly, ethylmercury is deeply implicated in the roots and rise of autism.

It’s important to remember that vaccines and pesticides are merely vectors, not causes. What they deliver – the toxic exposure -– is the heart of the matter.  For instance, metals delivered in quite another way – through emissions from coal-fired power plants and other sources of environmental mercury – showed up as a powerful connection to autism in the two Palmer studies at the University of Texas. And coal contains not just mercury but arsenic and lead – both metals.

“We suspect low-dose exposures to various environmental toxicants, including mercury, that occur Metals symptomsduring critical windows of neural development among genetically susceptible children may increase the risk for developmental disorders such as autism,” according to the authors.

Another study, by Windham and colleagues, found a similar correlation by linking “the California autism surveillance system to estimated hazardous air pollutant (HAP) concentrations compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. … Our results suggest a potential association between autism and estimated metal concentrations, and possibly solvents, in ambient air around the birth residence, requiring confirmation and more refined exposure assessment in future studies.”

Noted autism researcher Isaac Pessah, who wasn’t involved in the study, told the L.A. Times, "Clearly this suggests that there may be correlations between autism onset and environmental exposures, especially as it relates to metal exposures."

Combined with the Palmer studies, and our own research on the first cases and their links to mercury, any honest effort to figure out what’s causing autism would by now have zeroed in on metals and their mechanisms of delivery, whether through coal, air pollution in general, pesticides, vaccines, or what have you. But because one of the delivery mechanisms – vaccines – is protected by a moat of official denial, the entire field is blocked and diverted into unrewarding Groundhog-Day style churning of topics like genes and strictly pre-term exposures. Post-natal? Metals? No way!

One thing I’ve always remembered from that Windham study is that the highest correlation with autism came from three different metals: mercury, cadmium and nickel (as well as two solvents, trichloroethylene and vinyl chloride).

Cadmium-hazardjpg-417b5d675d1518dbCadmium. Interesting. This week I’m back in my home state of Illinois, and the Chicago Tribune (hardly a friend to the environmental theory of autism) reported on a new study comparing organic and regular produce. The conventional wisdom is that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them, except that organic costs more. This study did find important differences – including the fact that organic foods offer more antioxidants, which is the main reason to eat your kale in the first place. Plus, the researchers found more pesticide residue on regular produce (duh!) and much higher levels of … wait for it … cadmium. The level was still below official limits, but cadmium, because it’s a metal, is one of those things that can build up in your system. (Kind of like mercury and lead and arsenic.)

Cadmium, number 48 on the periodic table, is chemically similar to two other group 12 metals, zinc and … wait for it … mercury. Cadmium (like mercury) is no longer allowed in pesticides in the United States.

But it’s sure interesting to see mercury pop up in a study of coal emissions and autism in Texas, mercury and cadmium in air pollution and autism in California, and cadmium in a study of produce in general. And recall that pesticides have recently been linked to autism – in mothers who live near pesticide-sprayed fields in California. This conclusion is being resisted mightily by the mainstream autism epidemic deniers; as I argued last week, it is dangerous because it ultimately points to the heart of the matter – a non-genetic, man-made, environmental disaster in which food and medicine are deeply implicated via pesticides and vaccines.

And then there’s nickel. Interesting. Another stray article I read this week reported that a California boy developed a persistent rash whose cause was determined to be … wait for it … nickel poisoning from holding his iPad. The incident implicates "metallic-appearing electronics and personal effects as potential sources of nickel exposure,” according to Drs. Sharon Jacob and Shehla Admani, dermatologists at the University of California, San Diego.  (There’s that word again – metallic.)

Given that the Windham study was in the San Francisco Bay area, you have to wonder if nickel popped up as a correlation with autism because of the proximity of Silicon Valley. And you have to wonder – well, you don’t have to wonder anything, but I do – whether the so-called Geek Effect has more to do with metals exposure than the ridiculous “assortive mating” ideas of Simon Baron Cohen and Wired magazine.

And, as I so often point out, it’s not just autism we’re talking about here. Pesticides have been linked to Parkinson’s; mercury to MS; pesticides to learning disorders; aluminum to Alzheimer’s.

Katie Weisman, who has spoken to the IACC about mercury in autism, sent a note recently about Alzheimer’s. “I have done some digging in the Alzheimer's lit,” she wrote. “They are even behind autism in terms of looking at environmental contributions - but what comes up consistently is metals - aluminum, cadmium, mercury, iron, manganese, etc.”

It’s too bad, but the blockade against meaningful research on autism may be slowing down the entire field of research into similar environmental factors – especially metals – behind the new wave of man-made illnesses. Think about that the next time you hear someone you care about is diagnosed with autism – or Alzheimer’s.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



When I see article about metals and illness, I think of this piece by a brilliant reporter, Lisa Zigman, from Oct 25 2012, in the ksdk archives.


Zinc cadmium sulfide sprayed from the top of the Pruitt Igoe housing project. No informed consent.

Sprayed in other areas of the country from planes. There was speculation that radioactive particles were used, not proven.
The military denied any health effects.

Jane williams

You are all so correct...exposures to metals, which are bioaccumulative toxic chemicals, is a very serious public health problem. I work on a program which is trying to reduce the emissions of metals and other toxic chemicals from industrial sources. Our attorneys at Earthjustice work hard with us to force the EPA to pass new regulations which push down on the amounts of hazardous air pollutants which industries can emit. You can check out their website at Earthjustice.org....put air toxics into the search engine and you can see what we have been doing.

We have also worked hard to reduce mercury emissions, including getting an international treaty on mercury signed in Minamata, Japan last October. The fight to reduce mercury emissions globally has must begun....keep track of our progress at zero mercury.org.

The MIND Institute also keeps track of autism and metal exposure and what the latest studies show. Bottom line......we are all way too overexposed to metals in our society and it is having a devastating toll on our health, especially our minds.

Don't just curse the darkness...light a candle...... Get involved in efforts to reduce metal emissions in your community, and keep metals outnof your kids bodies.

Jane Williams
California Communities Against Toxics


A sad week for those in airplanes half way around the world.

With a new case of Autism every 11 minutes in the US of A, we lose a jumbo jet full of children each and every week.

The big difference is no effort is made to investigate anything here...


There's no doubt our environment is dirty..the exposures are everywhere.I have five out of six kids with ill health. There are those of us who have one unvaccinated child these days, kids that breathe the same air, suffer the same exposures , and are just fine. There is a growing number of unvaccinated children that have never had an ear infection, aren't too thin or too plump.. do not have speech impairments , most of all they clearly do not have autism. Injecting these metals is at the core of this epidemic. All of the set up factors, the exposures to air ,water and dirt may need to be in place, but without that injection there would be no autism epidemic.jmo

Jeannette Bishop

I read a book a few years back--I can't pull up the title from my morass of mercury mangled brain cells--that discussed the changes industries were making to meet new EU environmental standards. Electronics had a whole chapter. I think about how dental amalgam is known to leach more Hg when a hot drink is consumed. I understand we have lead, Hg, arsenic (in older cathode tubes), hexavalent chromium, aluminum, flame retardants in electronic devices and think about how these are being heated up during use with fans blowing out whatever might be vaporizing to prevent overheating. I don't know if any measurements of air quality in a room of computers or a couple of feet from a computer for instance is ever taken, but I would be curious to know what I might have been breathing for at least a couple of decades. There is also possible stress from long term exposure simply to the EM fields around these devices. Maybe from the continual "white" noise also. Some speculate and that these EM fields might also increase dental amalgam emission. With increasing use of wireless emissions, I now seem to be sensitive to all it.

Then we take an infant born in an increasingly "high tech" metallic world and inject him or her with three or more times bolus doses of metals plus whatever else makes up these "unavoidably unsafe" injections than given to prior generations, many who have mothers with the newer amalgam formulations, and say there can't be much harm from it because we never observed much before even as we congratulate ourselves for being better at recognizing autism, which may not actually be increasing, and we have no idea why all the immune and neurological problems we admit are on the rise are on the rise, but autism isn't immune or neurological injury, just diversity. But a diversity of outcome from an environmental exposure, especially if the diversity is just more of something (or several things) bad than someone else got? That doesn't happen. (I have trouble not devolving into sarcasm.)


You know nothing seems to be any hurry - no panic about autism.

But let us be fair;
There is no panic over the diabetic numbers
There is no panic over dementia
There is no panic about us being fat - fat- fat
There is no panic with any auto immune diseae

There is no panic over the thyroid epidemic and it is no picnic either.


Look thyroid has it's own song now.

Again I tell you - Freiden is showing up at Eastern Kentucky University to talk about the drug abuse of our region.

Oh, I had a second cousin - that over dosed last night.
But it is not an auto immune disease along with all the reast of this right?

I don't think so

Joe Sulaco

To all:

Please always remember:

The strongest, most compelling propaganda and the boldest, most cunning army of liars and spies, SIMPLY CANNOT STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME.

It's being whispered 'round from person to person by the millions. Two little words.

"We. Know."

Yes, parents know it's the vaccines. Of course we do.

So many mothers who have never, never heard of this blog...they know.

The powers that be (TPTB) are trying to protect themselves by not WANTING to know. (Please don't underestimate the power of just not wanting to know - it's a tremendous force.)

But TPTB (Insel, pediatricians, academics, CDC'ers) have learned very well which way the wind is blowing. It's called political correctness. You just can't bring up certain topics AT ALL or you'll be run out of town. You'll be labeled a kook and a fanatic. A strait-jacket uniformity now rules. Deviate from that uniformity and....die.

Please do not underestimate human beings' capacity for self-deception. It's really bottomless.

But it will all fall eventually. Deception must always give way to reality sooner or later.

Best wishes always.

And pass on those two little words.


What you said, and also BPA that has been in all kinds of products that we come into contact with, can interfere with gender identity. Unbelievable that BPA has been in food can linings since the 70's. Only a few companies, like Eden Foods, before there was public awareness, took the high road and used cans without this epoxy that leaches into foods. Even when I have to pay a few cents more for their products, I will choose them over a lesser priced product from a company that dragged their feet and had to be shamed into removing the BPA. BPA is still in most cans because despite all the scientific evidence, the FDA has refused to protect the public from this chemical.

@Nerdy mom

There is the Dr. Strang study on gender variance in children with autism that may back up what you say.


I knew about this and never did anything about it. After commenting yesterday, while shopping I looked at the various new types of cookware and came away empty handed because I had no idea of what might be safe. I have been cooking with stainless (and shame on me I still use a nonstick wok). Thanks Dan and Taximom for pushing me to take action. The best source of info re toxics in the home is Debra Lynn Dadd. I went to her site and found this page, which lists nontoxic cookware options:


But, please note that on another page on her site (below), she posts a warning about the Cuisinart Greengourmet cookware that she recommends in the first list. Apparently, after she wrote the first review in 2010, the pan didn't hold up well.


I think I'm going to try the Xtrema ceramic cookware and I'm going to check out the other items she recommends.

Maurine Meleck

The number of people allergic to nickel who get skin rashes is very high. I cannot put nickel near my skin.Two of the most common uses are wrist watches and eye glass frames.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Specific systems (or sites) in the brain are affected by all causes of autism. Problems with language development and repetitive movements are most severe. Before vaccines, research on complications at birth gained more attention than any other cause of autism. Perinatal problems continue to be discussed, as can be seen via a search of PubMed, but not how the brain is affected. This is an outrage.

The neuropathology caused by asphyxia at birth was demonstrated decades ago. Nuclei in the brainstem auditory pathway are most prominently affected. Damage of the basal ganglia was also prominent. I will continue to try to point this out, especially involvement of the “inferior colliculus.”

Now put “inferior colliculus” in PubMed, then add mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and manganese. Consider also that more important than “genetic predisposition” may be damage caused by the obstetric protocol of clamping the umbilical cord before breathing is established.


Linda1, what do you cook with if stainless steel is out and non-stick is out?

Nerdy MomofAsdKid

I remember when I worked at a huge and famous high tech company in Silicon Valley in the late 90's, there was a rumored cluster of miscarriages around women employees. I was one of them. I am not saying anything about this, I realize this is the worst kind of anecdotal evidence and I could not begin to back it up. . But still --one thing I also remember was my shock--no one in my Mom's family or my Dad's 7 sisters had ever had a miscarriage. SO what I heard was, even though mine was detected at 10 weeks "there is now more early diagnosis" and that "there've ALWAYS been 1 in 3 pregnancies ending in miscarriage. we just didn't know about it before" . I didn't hear that "better detection" argument again to defend a medical tragedy until autism. . . Even at the time, I wondered if it was because of all those computers in such close proximity and I wondered what was in them. . . But here's the thing: Why do you think it's called the San Jose Mercury News? there are abandoned mercury mines all over the place in Silicon Valley . And the gold mines of course needed mercury to free the gold ore. And darn mercury can cause gayness in flamingos, and maybe it makes the flamingos nerdy if it doesn't make them gay, or it makes them both nerdy and gay . . ? presumably long before it causes other types of harm. So could exposure to mercury prenatally or at a specific phase of development be why San Fran happens to be one of the leaders in Gay Rights with a higher than average Gay population (and a proudly tolerant population of others) As well as SF being one of the leaders in uniquely brilliant techies?

Angus Files

As a volunteer HBOT operator the highest profession with M.S. is Medical nurse's who no doubt were exposed to mercury on a daily basis.

argument that isn't an argument is mercury is a good guy..

Trolls unite...


Jeannette Bishop

re: "as well as two solvents, trichloroethylene and vinyl chloride"

I understand that some chlorine/chloride compounds are manufactured with mercury...
"...Inorganic mercury is used in the chloralkali industry. ..."

This paper describes vinyl chloride & PVC manufacture:

So I wonder if observed links to neurological harm may be due at least in part to contamination.

Or synergy? This popped up on top of one search:

"Coexposure to Mercury Increases Immunotoxicity of Trichloroethylene"


There is another source of nickel - stainless steel cookware. I remember reading some time ago that a scratched or pitted stainless steel pan will release nickel into the food (I thought this is why chefs on TV will usually use a wood or silicone spoon for mixing in a metal pot and also why they teach to wait until water boils before throwing salt into the water in a stainless steel pot - because if the water isn't boiling, the salt will cause pitting of the pot's surface).

However, I just looked for a reference and found a study that showed that even (and especially) new, never scratched, stainless steel cookware releases significant amounts of nickel (and chromium):

Louis Conte

And you raise an interesting point: If we simply faced the truth and followed the leads we might find the drivers behind other disorders.

BoB Moffitt

"It’s too bad, but the blockade against meaningful research on autism may be slowing down the entire field of research into similar environmental factors – especially metals – behind the new wave of man-made illnesses."

If the EPA .. and .. many politicians .. were as worried about exposures to metals in our everyday environment .. as much as they are worried about "global warming" .. we just might see an immediate re-allocation of bureaucratic effort and resources to address our dramatically increasing "new wave of man-made illnesses".

I am not suggesting that "global warming" is not a worthy topic of great concern .. but .. it ought not be viewed as the "only topic of great concern" .. which is how it appears to me.

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