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18 Years, 12.5 Micrograms, 1 Birthday Girl

By Kim Stagliano

Today we celebrate my middle daughter's 18th birthday. She is beautiful. Funny. Bright. Anxious. Vaccine injured. Autistic.  

image from had been "ex utero" fewer than 24 hours before a nurse at Doylestown Hopsital injected her with a vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease Hepatitis B.  A disease I did not have.  That vaccine had 12.5 mcg of mercury in it. I had opted for natural childbirth so as not to put a single chemical into my infant. And then I signed a piece of paper authorizing that toxic vaccine. I gave my consent, but it sure wasn't informed consent. I have the paper in a file.

Gianna's Apgar scores were high. She nursed within moments of birth. She slept. By the time we brought her home she was screaming a high pitched cry. She could nurse, but her mouth worked "funny." I called LaLeche so many times - she was biting me raw. Gnawing at me with an underbite that did not exist during her first feedings. I bled every time she nursed for months.  When I read the infant primate study my jaw dropped. Baby primates lost their ability to suck after birth dose Hep B. So did my baby human.

I baked her a gorgeous cake (above.) And decorated it with gumball machines. Why? She sleeps with a toddler toy gumball machine next to the bed every night. She named him Charlie Fisher Price. It makes her happy.  I respect her unique needs and wishes. She is a young woman. And I will meet her where she is - as best I can all while trying to move her forward to some level of independence. It's a rough road. It hurts me. It hurts her Dad. We think of what she should be doing - college this Fall. It's a constant process of grieving and that's the honest truth many don't want to hear. Are we blessed? Yes. By Gianna. Not her autism. We still want just the basic level of ability for our daughter and autism hamstrings her in just about every aspect of her life.

If anyone on IACC or supporting the current AUTISM CARES bill is reading this - ask yourself, "How can I help this woman with my current work, plans?"  Billions spent on genetics. Eye gaze studies. Prevalence. Finding the elusive adult population. Hey!  I have an adult you can count today! Her name is Gianna.

Next week her father and I will begin the process of guardianship. 

She does not have Hepatitis B.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.



I don't know about your milk aiding in excretion of mercury, but by nursing past the age of 3, you gave your son the nutrition and nurturing that his body evolved to expect. Your milk was superfood for him, high in just the right nutrients, adjusting for each stage of his development and also protective and healing, especially for his GI tract. The act of breastfeeding also involves a lot of cuddling and skin-to-skin tactile stimulation that nurtures healthy neurological development. I think it is very possible that your nursing him long-term, as would be normal, could have helped him to overcome that early insult.


Here is a question that doesn't seem to be asked enough:

If "health professionals" were injecting you or your child or your elderly parent with a vaccine which contained LEAD -- (but only the "benign" form of lead!) -- as a preservative, would you think that was OK?

In all the discussions about vaccines and preservatives, just substitute the word "lead" in place of "mercury" -- what response would the general population have?

And how about that anyway? Would LEAD instead of mercury work as a preservative?

david m burd

Jim Thompson,

You nailed it with your Simpsonwood comment/transcript, showing our so-called Government Health Guardians are indeed criminal malpractice medicos and scientists primarily concerned with coverups and protecting their own fat incomes and undeserved respect.

China, even today, sets an (arguably) appropriate example: Those who knowingly make and sell products that cause serious health or lethal-harm to innocents are actually executed.

Here in the U.S., I vote for life incarceration of such as Simpsonwood participants to labor as health-workers taking care of the victims they have knowingly allowed (and promoted) to occur.


Jean I think what you suggest concerning lactic bacteria is hugely interesting. After my son's HepB vaccine, it was two months before he could latch on. His physical development was off, he made up for it by counting to twelve while lining up twelve fp little people as evidenced at his first b'day party, which I thought was some kind of compensation for not working on physical skills. I continued to nurse him into his third year. He is not autistic like his younger brother, but from the information I'm seeing on this topic today, I believe two things . One , we are mercury sensitive, my sister has "allergic to thimerosal" written on her doc folder, several in the family are "chemically sensitive", my nephew and my son are both on the spectrum. However, my eighteen year old is not, and it is just being put together now that his tachycardia and arthritis are likely autoimmune. Could the extended nursing been the medicine he needed to get rid of some of the thimerosal? I don't know,but I do find this all so very interesting.

Carter's Daddy

Someone calculated Pharma's revenue from just that one shot. There are apparently 2 suppliers of it. Let's assume they each supply half. Multiply the # of babies born in the US per day by the price of the shot, and it apparently came to something like a quarter million dollars in sales per day. If you were making that kind of money, and had shareholders to answer to, would you think very much about any possible harm it might do to a baby, or bother with very much testing?


Doctors do not put this together, there should be a HepB , birth experience form required. YES, my son nursed within minutes of birth, after HepB, he was sent to the days on gavage feeding,and scalp iv's, sent home on syringe feeding, had to be physically stimulated to be awake enough to swallow. YES this is an assault to the brain, and brain damage. He celebrated his eighteenth birthday in March, just months after being hospitalized with arthritis . He's had tachycardia since "birth"? NOOO..he's had tachycardia that was diagnosed at four months..after vaccines.


I remember signing all those hospital admission papers with gobs on end of tiny print. No, I didn't read them, I was in labor, not caring to read, just wanting to deliver. My mom was a nurse. She told me to not have my children in a hospital -- only saying it is dangerous, but not any details. I didn't believe her the same way most don't believe us when we tell them. The cycle continues.

steve b

Can anyone link to the primate study?

Jim Thompson


This comment was started, motivated by the discussion of Thimerosal and mercury brain injury, by looking at recent studies showing brain cell injury and brain cell function and growth inhibition at nanomolar exposure levels of mercury from Thimerosal in vaccine exposure.


And I remembered the documented discussion at Simpsonwood where a linear model, with no threshold of neurological injury to children from Thimerosal in vaccine exposure, per the following.

“I'm Tom Verstraeten, EIS Office at National Immunization
Program [CDC]. p. 8

Tom Verstraeten: “For the overall category of neurologic developmental disorders …That's an increase of .7% for each additional microgram of ethyl mercury. For an example, if we would go from zero to 50 micrograms of ethyl mercury, we would have to multiple these estimate by 50, so that would give us an additional increase of about 35 %, which is pretty close to the point estimate for this category.” pp. 41-42. See Simpsonwood transcript at .

So it basically comes down to this question. How can any scientist in the CDC, FDA, or Pharmaceutical industry look at this birthday cake and your beautiful daughter just turned 18 and not be ashamed?

Shame on them. They know that Thimerosal causes brain injury and that it does not have a documented threshold for injury. But they are apparently too timid, too selfish, too concerned about their position in life to say or do anything about it. It is still used in flu shots for children and pregnant women. Shame, shame on them! They should have not entered into the field of science but gone into another field like investment banking.

But your daughter, you, and your family still have each other, your love and your ability to share birthday cakes and celebrate birthdays. Kim you are a mom warrior and it has been a humbling experience to have met you. God bless your daughter and you and your whole family. Happy birthday Gianna!


Happy Birthday Gianna. God Bless you and your family!

I wonder if this article might be another useful clue/direction in continued efforts to reverse ongoing poisonous effects of mercury:

Combining strains of lactic acid bacteria may reduce their toxin and heavy metal removal efficiency from aqueous solution

Significance and Impact of the Study:  Lactic acid bacteria have been identified as potent tools for the decontamination of heavy metals, cyanotoxins and mycotoxins. The results of this study should be considered when selecting combinations of bacteria for the simultaneous removal of several toxic compounds.

Godfrey Wyl


"Mercury is very heavy. Getting it to mix with the contents of a multi-use vial takes some *serious* shaking."

Thimerosal is soluble in water, so it does not settle out once dissolved. Consider that ethanol is 2.5 times as heavy as water, but it is not necessary to shake a bottle of Scotch.

Donna K

Happy Birthday to you Gianna!


Happy Birthday Gianna. I also have an adult son with autism and I am still grieving for the person he should have been. I agree that this should never happen to any family and the tragedy is that it is happening to thousands of us.


Maybe that Hepatitis B shot contained more than 12 1/2 micrograms of mercury. Maybe a lot more.

Mercury is very heavy. Getting it to mix with the contents of a multi-use vial takes some *serious* shaking.

If the nurses don't shake those vials really well, then the last shot drawn contains most of the mercury. A lot more than 12 1/2 micrograms.

Same thing can happen to people who get a flu shot. Hasn't everyone heard stories that end with "and he was never the same again" . . . (or "she was never the same again") ?

The literature says each injection (drawn from a multi-use vial) contains 12 1/2 mcg -- but don't take that without a grain of salt. Could be a lot more.



Happy Birthday, Gianna!

I want you all to know that your efforts are not in vain. I have two children, both neurotypical, both unvaccinated. Because you tell your stories, and I heard them. Every so often I wonder if I'm crazy or a terrible parent for not vaccinating, when it feels like everyone else on the planet does it. Then I come here and I know I'm not the crazy one. Thank you all for all you do.

Kim Oakes

Thank Kim! It is a continuous (with waves and valleys)process of grieving. Thank you for being so honest and validating the feelings NO ONE wants to acknowledge. I know you probably have a ton of support, or maybe not...but if you ever need any (or want to support me)just let me know. Even if it's just electronically. Just message FB. Thanks again! for sharing your precious family! Kim Oakes

Holly Riley

Yes, we also had the hep-b nursing experience. Right after birth he nursed like a pro (my second baby so I was soooo impressed. In hindsight, I know that my duaghter also had the hep-b damage on day one but I never got to nurse her before she was injured). On his second day of life, he got the shot (with my permission because I didn't know any better, but like you, uninformed consent). His nursing changed after the shot-he couldn't latch on correctly, just like the primate study.

My sister, having learned from our experience, put in writing in her birth plan to NOT have my niece get the birth dose of hep-b. She had a difficult birth and was swept off to NICU immediately after begin born blue and floppy. She bounced back but had elevated white count, so they put her on iv antibiotics for the unknown infection. A few days later she was out of NICU and at the end of the week, ready for discharge. BUT, they insisted that she should get the hep-b. My sister refused to do it, but was forced to sign a document that she was being released against medical advice (you know, basically stating "I know I'm a bad parent" in a legal document). She was still recovering from the infection-a sick newborn, and the hospital still wanted to shoot her up with this rediculous vaccine. My niece is five years old and has a number of sensitivities/allergies but other than that is as healthy as an ox. Zero vaccines. Hasn't caught hep-b. Has caught chicken pox (lucky girl). I'm sure she would be chronically ill and neurologically damaged had she been vaccinated.

My son is recovered from autism but still recovering from immune issues that I directly link to that first dose of hep-b and every other poisonous needle that followed.

Anita Yvonne Donnnelly

I have a question, that should be discoverable.

If we can link the number of nursing consultant positions at hospital and in general to the increase in the HEP B vaccine, maybe that is one way to prove this.

I want insurance companies to finally get that paying for these insane day-of-birth vaccines ends up costing them far, far more than they think.

This happened to me, too. A beautiful baby, they gave him the hep-B despite me being negative for it (noted in the CHART!) he ended up in the ICU for 'unknown causes' they never determined, and he couldn't figure out how to nurse . . . really? has that always happened and we just didn't notice it, too? Then why didn't we hear about it? Have you ever seen a puppy that couldn't nurse or a kitten? Me either. . . . Are nursing consultants now an exploding job vs before the heb b shot? When it first came out, it was okay to protest it . .

Jeannette Bishop

Happy Birthday and hugs to Gianna! Beautiful cake for a particularly beautiful young woman.

The hepB vaccine at birth "because we can," to get parents accustomed to getting their children vaccinated from day one! And now that some of us have learned the value of vaccinating according to their "recommendations" without question, they are mystified by the "growing anti-vaccine movement." And a couple today has to crowdsource for funds to sue for being extorted into getting this vaccine just so they can take their son home with them, hoping to stop this from happening to more infants and parents! I wonder if the doctor involved was presented with a large syringe containing 20 something doses of the same stuff, scaled up approximately to a matching body weight exposure, maybe with 250 mcg (20X12.5) organic mercury thrown in as a preservative for good measure (because it was only taken out to appease parents), something like what she is actually willing to force into infants everyday, if she would think someone was trying to assault her if told she "had" to let them inject her?

I think I've given up on the medical profession's general ability to recognize the whole spectrum of harm early and often repeated bolus dosing of toxic substances has done. I would think a pretty standard imagination would confer the ability to expect it would look a little like the spectrum of adverse effects attributed to lead exposure, loss of IQ, increased risk for learning disability, depression, increased proclivity to violence, immune problems, and such, but possibly more profound in outcomes due to the somewhat variable bolus dosing bypassing normal protective barriers, ignoring individual variations of vulnerability, and especially considering the combining of untested synergistically acting vaccine components. It might look something like what we are surrounded with everyday in our highly vaccinated youth! I am pretty sure pediatricians don't get out of their office and among their patient population in day-to-day life settings enough...

cia parker

Same here. I went to the pediatrician a month before Cecily was born, only to tell him I did NOT want her to get the hep-B vax at birth. I had, of ocurse, tested negative for it, and I had read even in 2000 that the vaccine often caused autism. She also nursed well, not the day of birth, but the days after: she even craned her neck backwards to swoop down to nurse like a little hawk, I was astonished, I didn't think a newborn would have that kind of strength and control of her neck. Started screaming nonstop Tuesday evening, nearly four days after they gave her the shot at midnight in the hospital at less than a day old, without asking permission, of course. She has to this day over fourteen years later not gotten hep-B, would not have gotten it even without the one vax for it, but she also will never have a real life or be independent.


We just met with an attorney yesterday to start the guardianship process. My daughter will be 18 in November. She will never sign a contract, she will never have a drivers license, she will never enter into marriage, she will never vote and she will never be able to make healthcare decisions. Those are the rights that I HAD to agree to take away from my daughter. I love her very much but my husband and I are so sad at how she is left to exist after all the damage from the vaccines. She continues to try to speak in more then one word and she tries her best to take care of herself but will never be independent and she will always have to live with us.

I will be repeating this process again in two years with my youngest daughter. Fortunately, but unfortunately she is very aware and verbal. In the last several months she has been telling me that she will be driving and going to college just like her oldest sister. I am dreading the day, that I won't be able to put off much longer, telling her that she won't ever be able to drive and No she will not be going to college like her oldest sister. She has such hopes and dreams and that has all been taken away from her. I didn't know the day I let the nurse give her the MMR was going to be the day that would end all of my daughter's future dreams. I didn't know. I didn't know.

Not an MD

Happy birthday, Gianna! That chocolate cake looks divine. Let's see, Kim-- if I left my home right now, I could be at your place to eat some cake by…..--Just kidding!

On a much more serious note, please try not to be too hard on yourself today or on any other day, Kim. I know what it is to dream about what might have been --- if only. I am constantly finding my thoughts drifting between "what is" to "what might possibly be" if I just keep on trying new things methodically. May we all find that thing that brings about "what might possibly be" for our children.


Kim, this is beautifully stated! You have a beautiful girl.
Happy Birhtday Gianna. I love your cake!


Oh yes, same story here as well. Perfect nursing before the Hep B vaccine, disaster after. What on EARTH could have changed? Serine, peaceful baby prior to vaccination. Then two days after birth, he was given the Hep B vaccine before discharge. Then restless, squirming, screaming, and unable to nurse. It was like he was trying to eat a tough steak. He had a panic about him that wasn't there the first two days of his life.
Nicholas, Gianna and so many others were attacked. If anyone had injured them so brutally with any other weapon than a vaccine, they would be in jail for 50 years. But because it was a vaccine, they are rewarded with money and prestige. It is obscene.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays Gianna. You are a strong young lady. You deserve only the best!

Shell Tzorfas

Your writing is elegant. Could parents of ASD- Vaccine Injured kids begin to count the micrograms in their children's first 20, 30 or more vaccines and list the numbers. "My child became Autistic Really Vaccine Injured after __________ (Blank) Micrograms of _______."

Just another mom

A very Happy Birthday to your daughter Kim. The cake is beautiful and glistening with love. Perfect.

Maurine Meleck

3 children with ASD and I only have 1. You cannot imagine how much I respect you and your husband and all that you do for your children and the whole autism community. You are the shining example for all that is good .


Kim! Gianna's story is my son Tristen's story! :( Immediately after he was born, they gave him to me to nurse and exclaimed at how awesome it was that he knew just what to do. I kept him with me and would not let the nurses take him. He nursed and slept with no issues. The day of our release, they told me if I didn't sign for his Hep B he would not be allowed to go to school. I signed. At home, he would not nurse...he screamed and arched his back and twisted up his little legs like he was in pain. I was sore and bleeding and gave up nursing after 3 weeks of agony. He still did not eat well and threw up continutally. Thank you for sharing your story because I too figured out what happened to my baby after reading the primate study. I hate that we have this in shouldn't have happened and it shouldn't be happening today. I am just glad that if I have to be on this journey, I am not on it alone :)

John Stone

Happy Bithday Gianna!


Constant state of greiving. - yes that is the best description, and it constantly cycles - from deep sorrow of what should have been, to deep concern of what can we do to help them now, to intense anger at the peopel that did this and then takes extreme steps to hide it.

After this - it is no big leap to know and see the evil in all the people working for the government does.

Donna Loveless

I also have an adult, 18 year old, vaccine injured, severely autistic daughter they can count too. Who never needed a Hepatitis B vaccine, but got three of them, because I asked no questions, and did not know any better. Along with dozens of other vaccines which more than likely contained Thimerosal . Born naturally, normal and healthy, high apgar scores, then vaccinated, and became a different baby. Constant pitched screaming, back arching, unable to be held or consoled, each "well care" visit, head circumference more and more off the high end of the chart (which I later realized was encephalitis). Later absence seizures, lack of any expressive or receptive language., self injurious behaviors. And still, doctors deny what happened to her, what I witnessed, and what so many other parents witnessed. This summer I will start the process of guardianship too. My daughter will never be independent. It's heartbreaking, and I wish it on no one.

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