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Will Wonders Never Cease?

Signs_of_hope_39193038By Dan Burns

It’s been a tough week, year, decade for ASD parents. Relentless attacks from all sides, including our own. Sticks and stones. Sometimes I give up. But then I don’t. Why? Consider the bigger picture …

1. Rimland-era hero Jill James is supported by Safeminds and – who da thunk it – The National Institutes of Health and the CDC.

2. Maybe U.S. Representative Bill Posey can’t pronounce “Thimerosal” but it don’t matter. He showed up at the hearing and stood up for parents like us. That’s courage, what it takes. Thank you Bill!

3. My 26-year-old pre-verbal son Ben is learning to spell.

4. The seas part. The Berlin Wall. Gay marriage. Surprise surprise! More partings to come.

5. Our dreams survive us. I may not live to see it, but Elon Musk’s new SpaceX Dragon V2 rocket can land anywhere, and he is going to Mars.

Need a lift? Here’s a true story. In 1952 celebrity Jane Froman, her body shattered in an airplane crash while entertaining WW II troops, commissioned and performed a song to offer hope and I believefaith to Americans at home. I was eight years old. The flickering shadows on our family’s 9-inch TV, and Froman’s body language and celestial voice, moved me then and move me now.

The song is “I believe.” Here’s the premiere performance. Check it out.

Dan E. Burns, Ph.D., is the father of a 26-year-old son on the autism spectrum and the author of Saving Ben: A Father's Story of Autism. Through his dba, Appleseed Ventures, Dan empowers parents to organize vocational and residential communities where their adult ASD children and friends can live, work, play, and heal.



Our dreams survive us. I may not live to see it, but Elon Musk’s new SpaceX Dragon V2 rocket can land anywhere, and he is going to Mars.


Can it stop sociopathic monsters from using vaccines to poison our children?

Mars is uninhabitable Dan, just like every other planet excluding earth. And while earth still is, it deserves to be populated with healthy, un-poisoned children.

Any chance Elon Musk can put a couple of his billions toward the pursuit of THAT goal?
If he can't , then I'm not really interested in reading about how how the super-rich waste their money..

Unless of course, he can use that rocket to take a handful of those sociopaths on a one-way trip to Mars.


I'd have trouble saying "sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate," too!

 Bob Moffitt

Ah Johnny Ray .. now those were the days my friends ....


~ Believe~ It's my favorite word.

Maurine Meleck

I remember when Johnny Ray sang that song. It brought me to tears, even as a young child.

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