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Unintended Ecological Consequences of Vaccination

Andy AustinBy Anne Dachel

You can't bring up the link between vaccines and autism without hearing about a paper published in The Lancet, a British medical journal, in 1998.  The author was the much vilified doctor, Andrew Wakefield, and for the sixteen years, the media has blamed the controversy over vaccines and autism on Dr. Wakefield, (and of course, "former Playboy bunny," Jenny McCarthy). 

(I just finished my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, and the second chapter is all about how the press made Wakefield into the fall guy for linking vaccines and autism.)

The media loves to tell us about how Wakefield produced a fraudulent study and lost his medical license, conveniently leaving out the details--like the fact that parents came to him for help because he's a gastroenterologist and their kids had bowel disease--which they developed along with autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. I have never seen coverage where a member of the press actually talked to even one of the 12 parents Wakefield wrote about.  No one wants to hear the truth about his work.  No reporter ever mentions the fact that the British government indemnified the MMR maker, so it would be the government that would have to take responsibility for the damage done, something that would be a huge incentive for them to attack this man. 

Dr. Wakefield is a hero to the autism community. He does not quit. There are lots of doctors who know what vaccines are really doing to our children, but they remain silent. It takes a special kind of courage to stand by the truth and have your career and your reputation destroyed. Wakefield has been a constant presence at the annual Autism One Conference in Chicago since its beginning and this year's talk, the Legacy of Vaccine Injury,  was all-empowering for the parents who were there.

While the media continues the pretense that all the science is in and parents should have no fears about vaccinating their children, Wakefield is out there challenging both the claims of vaccine safety and efficacy. And he's not going away. Despite the fact that, as he said, he's a "disenfranchised" scientist, he talked about his current work in filmmaking.  He's out to educate parents who are new to the controversy, but none-the-less worried.  He has, as he said, "the most extraordinary stories to tell."  Films are a most important medium because, according to Wakefield, the story of just one person has more of an impact than talking about what happened to a million people. It "can persuade the agnostic."

Wakefield made it clear that while the vaccine makers continue to promote their products, the tide is turning against them.

"The pharmaceutical industry has spent $30 billion a year on promoting vaccines.  They should have saved their money because they've failed. They've failed. In a recent poll, U.S. adults who believe vaccines cause autism rose from 18 percent in 2011 to 29 percent today.  There's 33 percent of all parents with children under 18.  In polling terms, . . . that is a massive proportion of the American public. In a National Consumer League poll, 76 percent believe that it was their prerogative to decide how and if their children should be vaccinated.  And the harder the other side pushes, the more mandates they impose, the more things they take away, such as exemptions, the more they force the people of this country to bow to their will, the more resistance they will meet.  And they don't understand that. They do not get yet that they have wasted their time and money. . . . They've paid a fortune to public relations companies."  

Wakefield said that the CDC and the drug companies have not been honest with the PR companies they have promoting their vaccines and therefore these companies are going to fail.


It's because of the people who've experienced vaccine damage firsthand--all the children everywhere.  It's because of the "wave, the pandemic of neuro-developmental disorders" and all the other chronic illnesses plaguing our children that no one in authority can reasonably explain.  Wakefield made a reference to the "continued rate of growth of people who do not believe in the safety of vaccines."  He pointed out there was no mention of people that were undecided in the polling.  He cited another poll that asked the question, "Do you think doctors know vaccines cause autism and are covering it up?" "Twenty percent of respondents said yes,"  He added, "The important number is that 36 percent didn't know. And it's that 36 percent that I am targeting in the films that I am making."

Wakefield talked about how even peer-reviewed journals don't get the facts right when they bring up his work and the unique bowel disease he discovered in autistic children. The failure of the medical community is their inability to deal with the real health problems of autistic children.  Doctors aren't asking, "Is this child sick?  What ails them?  What should I do as a clinician to make them better?"  Pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists aren't doing their jobs, according to Wakefield.   

"This is utter, utter hypocrisy.  ...People were deterred from this line of inquiry because they feared what might happen to them. They put themselves before suffering children. Shame on them."

Wakefield next discussed the staunchly held tenet of medical belief that vaccines, as one of the greatest medical advancements in history, "result in universal benefit."

He asked, "What if it's not?  What if that's not true?  What if the onset of these problems are so insidious, so widespread, so unexpected, rather like narcolepsy with flu vaccine?  Whoever expected that?  You're not just looking for things you know might occur, but you're looking for things that are completely new, idiosyncratic.  Or are you?"

 Wakefield brought up the concept of "perceived benefits" and "what the long term implications are for interfering with the ecosystem."

He cited the example of thalidomide, a drug for morning sickness that the FDA refused to license. Not every child whose mother used the drug was injured.  It depended on the timing during pregnancy. 

Wakefield discussed the differences between natural immunity to diseases like measles gained through exposure vs. artificial immunity through vaccination, which wears off.  "This is called secondary vaccine failure.  . . . Measles vaccine was sold to us on the basis of once in a lifetime.  Then it became, 'Oops, no, not quite.  Let's give a preschool booster.'  You get your preschool booster, that lasts for even less time in the majority of people, and then it decays and then you are susceptible to measles for life.  Unless of course you are revaccinated.  But that's not going to last.  So maybe you should be revaccinated every year.  These unanticipated consequences by the gung-ho attitude, let's get in there and vaccinate, has created a population that is now dependent on repeated immunization. 

"What a tremendous market.  Wow.   

"And this patented exposure is the same for the chicken pox vaccine and for other vaccines. They created a market, and I've been told by an insider at Merck that they knew this."

Wakefield went on to describe the link between the chicken pox vaccine and the epidemic of shingles we're now seeing in older people. 

 "Merck apparently knew when they launched the chicken pox vaccine, that they were creating a new market for a shingles vaccine.  And that's exactly what they did.  Ten-fold increase in the chicken pox vaccine dose then became the shingles vaccine."

Wakefield talked about the "unintended ecological consequences of what we have done" and he cited the development of disease strains that are immune to the vaccine's immune response.

Wakefield pointed out that there's a pertussis stain that has eluded protection from the pertussis vaccine.  He said that live virus vaccines like the MMR make the people who received them infectious.  He brought up Dr. Gregory Poland, a leading national vaccine expert at the Mayo Clinic who says that the measles vaccine doesn't provide lifelong immunity.

Wakefield: "You were told it would work. That was the reason you went along with it.  It does not work.

"Not just that it's not safe, it hasn't been properly tested for safety.  It does not work."

"We're seeing mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations around the world. . . . What is the response [from health officials]?  Vaccinate. . . .

"That mumps vaccine is a huge commercial success precisely because it doesn't work. How many products can you say that about?  You can just see the sales curve go up. The worse the vaccine, the more you need to get it."

 "Mumps in children is a virtually harmless disease. Mumps in post puberty males is not. ..."  He then explained how we've delayed susceptibility until the most vulnerable age for males which could result in sterility.. "We've taken a trivial disease and made it much more dangerous."

Wakefield told the audience that health officials at the CDC and in the UK had gone on the record saying that there was no need for a mumps vaccine.  "So how did it ever come into being?  . . . "I believe it was a commercial strategy" on the part of the industry.  They basically pressured health officials into okaying this unnecessary and potentially dangerous vaccine.

Most alarming of all was what Wakefield had to say about the mumps vaccine trials.  When health officials from the FDA questioned Merck about the mumps vaccine's efficacy, they produced a number of fraudulent studies to show the vaccine worked.  There was no surprise inspection, since the FDA alerted researchers that they would be coming.

Wakefield went on to reflect on how boys are failing in our education system.  We see this in autism where the rate is four times greater for boys than girls.  We also see girls excelling in school while boys are increasingly less successful. 

Wakefield talked about the impact lead can have on boys' intelligence.  

"We know that thimerosal is even more toxic than lead."  Males are extremely susceptible to mercury, just like lead. 

Wakefield talked about where all this is headed and he promised that there will be a resolution to this controversy.  "I don't want to leave you with a less than optimistic position. I do believe we will win.  I don't know what winning means.  I have no idea what winning looks like.  Perhaps it is safer to say that the other side is going to lose. . . . This has been an atrocious experience, but I for one will never quit until we have an answer."

Wakefield urged his audience to take action.  "The rest is up to you. . . .You've been given a democratic right to vote and change things.  You've got to do it.  It's no good sitting back and looking at people like the Geiers and Brian Hooker and others and saying, 'They can do the heavy lifting and carrying and it's all going to get better.'  No it's not. 

"This has to translate into you taking action.  Not casting your vote based upon the economy or what's happening around the world, but based upon who's going to do the right thing for your child and your grandchildren. And if you don't do that, it will continue."

Wakefield made it clear there can no longer be excuses for not taking action. "You have got to take this as your responsibility, your moral and ethical responsibility.  Your physical responsibility.  You have to make things change, because otherwise, the CDC will go on lying, go on covering things up, and doing things, not in your best interest or your children's interest, but their own interest and the pharmaceutical industry's interest.  It's a business decision. Vaccination has got to be your choice.  It's got to be your choice. Whether you do or don't, that's your business.  But it has to be your business-and not Paul Offit's. business. Your business."   




Recombinant birth control vaccine
United States Patent 5733553

A recombinant birth control vaccine comprising a beta subunit of chorionic gonadotropin, a recombinant luteinizing hormone or a mixture thereof has been developed. This recombinant birth control vaccine may also act as a vaccine against a protein or peptide unassociated with the mammalian reproductive system, such as a protein or peptide associated with a disease organism such as hepatitis B.

(? IRF antibodies,, human and mouse IRF antibodies for immune regulation research)


Can you imagine if Justina had not been already diagnosed by and in the care of Tufts? If her parents took her to Boston Children's and disagreed with their diagnosis, wanting a second opinion from that point? If they didn't have another institution on their side already, would Justina ever have been freed?


@Nick's Mom, I hope you saved a screen shot of the patent. That page has now been removed.



Justina Pelletier says she would like to testify On The Hill re: what happened to her. It is heartwarming to see her now back home, with the family she so obviously loves.

Lou Pelletier states he will not stop until there is a "Justina's Law" in place so that no hospital can ever take a child away from his/her parents simply because of a diagnostic disagreement between two (or more) medical institutions. This entire matter really hinged on the rights of the parents to determine for their own child what diagnosis/treatment was appropriate. Justina is now wheelchair bound, but under the care of her parents and physicians at Tufts, Justina had been a busy, active young girl who ice skated and enjoyed her life just as any other young teen.

This legally sanctioned kidnapping of children under the auspices of 'medicalized child abuse' is occurring in every state in the United States and across the globe.

Hopefully, what's happened to Justina Pelletier will be a wake up call to those that feel this could never happen to them. Think again... has a documentary about this very issue; it's been up on their website for quite some time. The Justina Pelleter matter has EVERYTHING to do with the issues we speak of, here, as well.

My eyes have been laid wide open these past eight years as to what really makes this world wag. The sad thing is, is that it often take something like losing a child to a vaccine or taking a child unjustifiably from his/her family, before people wake up.


And actually, I just want to point out that a few of those in the medical fields of healthcare/sciences, have remarked in similar vein the truth about the vaccination progragram - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, to name but a few.

Personally, I think folks need to become bolder with their language when they warn of the dangers of vaccines and call a spade a spade - that this is nothing more than a genocidal program. I realize that would ruffle a lot of feathers, in more ways than one, but it's the simple truth.


Thanks so much for reporting that Justina has been reunited with her family. I hope that the crimes committed against them will not go unpunished and that steps will be taken to stop hospital kidnapping. I hope that the real story will not be swept under the rug.


Thanks, Barry.

At times, I feel like the proverbial Lone Wolf when it comes to this issue, but I keep on speaking whenever, where ever I can, i.e., that this entire vaccination paradigm...

IS ONE HUGE MONSTROUSLY EVIL PROGRAM; it is NOTHING more than a genocidal program (and it always has been). I would beg folks to perform their own due diligence re: the history behind vaccination; to understand the war that occurred and that is still ongoing, between the homeopathic and allopathic medical communities. When you do this, you will better understand the true nature behind the incestuous beginnings of the allopathic medical model, their ties to Big Pharma, and why this has occurred. (Dr. Russell Blaylock has a wonderful lecture about all of this up at YouTube).

On a global scale, the masses have been conditioned into the false belief that vaccines were developed to protect us, to keep us from dying, when absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Powers That Be started us out slowly with this conditioning process, first with the smallpox vaccine, then ultimately with the many vaccines now in use (especially in the U.S.), with more to follow. The Powers That Be won their lawsuit, which effectively absolves them from any blame and/or retribution from vaccine 'failure and/or harm,' and now more vaccines are in the pipeline, designed not just specifically for the pediatric populous, but for ALL.

At the same time, these same Powers are actively restricting the exemptions we have had on the books for, in some cases, over one hundred years.

PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP. I completely understand that many kind hearted people really don't want to accept the incredible evil that exists out there, but I tell you - IT DOES.

I have been active with the Justina Pelletier issue (she's now home once again in the loving arms of her family); we are witnessing - globally - a determined effort by global elites to strip us of our individual sovereignty. Parental rights issues are tantamount to losing one's right to not only determine one's own medical needs, but those of our children.

I know, believe me, how hard this is to accept, but the truth isn't always easy to swallow. Hate to sound like a preacher here, but I feel so passionately about this. I've had things happen to me in my own personal life that have almost shattered me as a whole individual. These things shattered the entire reality I thought was TRUTH.

For the better part of eight years, I've struggled to comprehend why these things happened to me and to my family. I no longer question these things; I've learned to accept what I've been shown.

Time for folks to wake up. Realize what is happening and never, ever accept that these elites even have so much as a glimmer of benevolence toward you or your family.

It's taken me a long, long time to come to this conclusion, but as they say, you can't unring that bell. I keep praying and hoping that others will awaken, before so many others are harmed by this horrid vaccination program.


Nick's Mom and Bayareamom,

You both have nailed it. And I for one appreciate you having the courage to share the truth on this matter.

Its hard to admit that our lives are under siege by such a small collection of incredibly evil individuals, who like to work from the shadows. People who who feel nothing whatsoever about the planned poisoning of millions of innocent children. It's pure insanity

The bright side, if we can call it that, is that the awakening in well underway. It is happening slowly right now, but there is no stopping it. And the harder these psychos try to hide what they've done, the faster the awakening will progress.

My personal theory, is that nature has a way of eliminating it's mistakes. The evil people behind this plan are all mistakes of nature, who unfortunately have managed to combine forces.

The awakening will eventually reach the point where the parents of millions of vaccine poisoned children are going to know what was done to their babies. And if you've ever seen a grizzly bear defending her cub, you have some notion of what nature is going to stir up in each and every one of these millions of parents.

These mistakes of nature will have nowhere to hide, and will finally meet the end that they so rightly deserve.


Dr. Kalokerinos' last statement in the interview I've just posted:

IVN: "So what is your final conclusion from your experience after so many years?"

Kalokerinos: "My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organisation and the unofficial policy of ‘Save the Children’s Fund and almost all those organisations is one of murder and genocide. They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t.

I am talking of those at the very top. Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers, like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing. But I cannot see any other possible explanation: It is murder and it is genocide. And I tell you what: when the black races really wake up to what we have done to them they are not going to thank us very much. And if you want to see what harm vaccines do, don’t come to Australia or New Zealand or any place, go to Africa and you will see it there."


Nick's Mom:

You've awakened. So have many others. But many are still finding this hard to accept/believe.

But you are right on the money. I've shed many a tear over this once I realized what you've just stated, above.

Dr. Archie Kalokerinos (hope I spelled that correctly) really opened my eyes on this one. Here's a link to an interview he gave shortly before his death:

Nick's Mom

I can't help but think these consequences are not only INTENDED, but are connected to the whole depopulation strategy backed by the Gates Foundation, WHO and vaccine manufacturers. Recently, the Gates Foundation announced it was no longer going to fund abortions, and received many accolades for their "charity". However, if one looks closer, you will see that abortions are no longer necessary. Not when you have the vaccine to give to women and girls that causes spontaneous miscarriage. Here's the patent for it Link:
We live in a sick world of rich, powerful people, who are slowly, but surely going to take us all down if we don't push back and demand we take control over our own bodies and what medical procedures we will and won't agree to. There is more to this vaccine controversy than meets the eye.


Just a little anecdote: I was in a New York taxi yesterday with a TV. A mini-Jeopardy program came on with three questions. The third was something to the effect that a recent study proved that there is no scientific link between vaccine and this illness. Bing, bing. That's right! What is autism?
Somehow it seemed both crazy and also clever propaganda to have that bit of brainwashing running continuously in a taxi. What would A of A's questions be, I wondered. A preservative used in vaccines has been linked to what disease? etc etc etc


You will never hear Dr. Wakefield say "I am debunked..."

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Anne, for this excellent peek into Dr. Wakefield's presentation at this year's Autism One conference.

Here are the words that come to my mind when I think about Dr. Wakefield:

honorable, brilliant, caring, valiant, courageous, bold, unflinching, uncompromising, dedicated, inquiring, determined

Those who have slandered and defamed him will have to answer for their actions one day.

Thank you, Dr. Wakefield, for staying the course! You are dearly and deeply appreciated!


re: "I have never seen coverage where a member of the press actually talked to even one of the 12 parents Wakefield wrote about."

That is such a good point. Back in the day, some reporters would investigate stories rather than just regurgitating PR spin from the govt and industry. But these days, in relation to Dr. Wakefield and vaccines, there is unanimous regurgitation.

I hope this lecture is available to see online?


My feelings, exactly, Bob Moffitt. He's a scholar and a gentleman and will eventually be seen in that light. He never wavers, he doesn't hesitate and his primary motivation is a desire to do good, despite the evil that is thrown toward him by those who are either too stupid to understand or too greedy to admit it.

Maurine Meleck

Me: I came to pick up a medication.
K-Mart pharmacist helper; OK, here it is. By the way, have you had your shingles vaccine yet?
Me: Excuse me?
helper: the vaccine to protect you from the shingles.
Me: I already had the shingles.
Helper: Oh, well, you can get it again.
Me: Don't I know it.
Helper: Well.
Me: No, the vaccine won't protect me, it could cause other problems and I certainly wouldn't do it in a department store.
Me: I should tell you that I got the shingles from someone who got the CP vaccine. Years ago, shingles was very rare. Today even the very young get the shingles. That used to be unheard of.
Helper: Oh------
Me: I should also mention that my grandson got the chicken pox from being exposed to my shingles.
Did I mention he had the chicken pox vaccine and still got the chicken pox?

Thanks Dr. Wakefield and dearest friend Anne.

 Bob Moffitt

Anne rightly describes Dr. Wakefield thus:

"Dr. Wakefield is a hero to the autism community. He does not quit. There are lots of doctors who know what vaccines are really doing to our children, but they remain silent. It takes a special kind of courage to stand by the truth and have your career and your reputation destroyed."

Though the song "STRONG" by Will Hoge

was not written for Dr. Wakefield .. I cannot help but think of him every time I hear the inspiring words describing someone who's

"it ain't what he can carry or what he can lift .. it's about holding your ground and how to live .. he's not just tough .. he's strong .. he'll pick you up and won't let you down .. rock solid inside out .. somebody you can trust .. steady as the sun .. ain't nothing gonna knock him off the road he's rolling on .. HE'S STRONG".

God bless Andy .. and .. his family


"I don't want to leave you with a less than optimistic position. I do believe we will win. I don't know what winning means. I have no idea what winning looks like


What winning looks like to me, is

1.) NO more children being hurt by vaccines, period!

2.) Doctors realizing that they CAN stand up against giving vaccines, and still have a career. There are literally millions of vaccine injured children out there now, who need good medical help to undo their vaccine damage .

3.) When fake autism advocates go away, and real ones start going after the PEOPLE responsible for this horrible crime. Going after corporations and/or corrupt government agencies is a waste of time, they're just too big to take down.

This will never happen thru the main stream media, they're a huge part of the problem. But if the public can somehow find out WHO these criminals are, and what horrible things they've done to our children…. the problem will take care of itself.

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