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The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines

Danger VaccinateManaging Editor's Note: As we continue to discuss vaccine safety, remember that vaccines have been designated as "unavoidably unsafe," “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” §300aa–22(b)(1).    See Cornell Legal Information for more. The following post is a response to this article on the SafeMinds site Dear Parents, you are being deceived about vaccines and autism.

By Laura Hayes

I still think it is of paramount importance for people to understand that the term "safe vaccines" is an oxymoron, and therefore, I would argue that even those who might call themselves "pro-science" would not agree that there is any "smart approach to vaccination".  By their very nature, vaccines cannot be made safe, as they artificially and unnaturally stimulate the immune system (by injecting these toxic cocktails, versus inhaling or consuming them, the first part of the immune system's response is bypassed, which is essential to trigger the next parts of the immune's analagous to intervening during a woman's pregnancy and forcing the process to go out of order, missing some of the critical steps, and thinking that won't matter for the end product), with unsafe ingredients (e.g. adjuvants such as neurotoxic aluminum, proteins which cannot be broken down in the circulatory system as that needed to be done in the GI tract, and known neurotoxins such as mercury and aluminum, which are injected at a time when the blood-brain barrier is still wide open), in a way that is foreign to the immune system (i.e. via the vascular system and muscle tissue versus via airways and the GI tract), etc.  Thus, "safe vaccines" is an oxymoron of the first degree.  Then, multiply that unsafe effect by giving multiple vaccines at once, without consideration of family history or body weight, and before any allergies or metabolic problems have been discerned, and that is a recipe for absolute disaster.

Therefore, since there are no "safe vaccines", that leads to the discussion of medical choice freedom, which must ALWAYS be an essential component of any free and moral society.  However, it is especially important when there is absolutely no liability for the product manufacturers or for those who administer the product, as is the case with vaccines thanks to the egregious 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (just consider the name of that act and again you will note that "safe vaccines" is an oxymoron).  In 1986, at a time when vaccines should have been scaled back (I would argue halted altogether) due to all of the vaccine-induced injuries and deaths, and subsequent lawsuits, they were dialed up and tripled once indemnification took place.  Talk about CRAZY! Presently, exemptions for vaccines are being attacked, restricted, and eliminated across our country.  This must be stopped and medical choice freedom must be protected and properly practiced in all 50 states, with regards to all medical procedures and treatments, including vaccinations.  A "pro-science, smart approach to vaccination" must always include the option to say no, without any government interference, coercion, or cost.

Informed consent, which includes the option to say yes or no in a coercion-free manner, is intricately related to medical choice freedom and must also ALWAYS be an essential component of any free and moral society.  With regards to vaccines, it actually can't truly happen because vaccines have never been properly studied, either individually, or in the myriad combinations in which they are given, or as a complete whole over the first 18 years of a child's life.  Thus, any information a doctor gives as to the benefits of vaccines is not only uninformed and not actually based on any factual information, it is strictly personal is absolutely not based on any sound science.  This is especially true when doctors and the government proclaim that there is no link between vaccines and autism, given what we now know about Paul Thorsen, upon whose study many base their claims of no link between vaccines and autism.  The man STOLE the money he was given by the U.S. government to do a study about the relationship between vaccines and autism (in another country, by the way, why not in the U.S. we must ask?). He's a wanted fugitive, yet his worthless study is cited all the time.  Again, talk about CRAZY! A "pro-science, smart approach to vaccination" must always include true informed consent, which of course includes the right to accept or decline any or all vaccines without any interference, coercion, or cost.

Informed consent with regards to vaccines is also compromised, making it impossible to implement, because our own government agencies have been extremely busy covering up inconvenient truths for a number of decades now. This cover-up includes the fact that the toxic amounts of thimerosal in vaccines from the late 80s through the early 2000s (and today, thanks to flu vaccines, and vaccines with "trace amounts"...who do you really think is monitoring such things?) was highly statistically linked to autism, not to mention to a host of other debilitating childhood epidemics we were and still are witnessing in our children in this country.  For those who aren't aware of what I'm talking about, Google "Verstraeten", "Simpsonwood", and "Brick Township, NJ".  

Furthermore, there cannot be true informed consent when the companies making and profiting from vaccines are doing the studies, versus an independent testing agency that doesn't stand to lose BILLIONS if the tests don't come out as they'd like.  Talk about the fox guarding the hen house.  Not one industry study can or should be trusted.  Furthermore, their studies are deceptive and worthless, as they are short-term studies that test a new vaccine against another vaccine or against a dangerous and highly-reactive adjuvant like aluminum, versus against a placebo. That is like saying that crack cocaine is safe and non-addictive because it is no more dangerous or addictive than heroin!  The type of studies that the pharmaceutical companies have put forth as being valid are fraudulent, and the companies should be charged with criminal negligence, and worse.

Lastly, there is absolutely no proper data for the incredible number of adverse vaccine reactions, including vaccine-induced deaths, as our Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is a passive, voluntary system.  I find that almost impossible to believe, but it is a fact. Not only are doctors NOT required to report vaccine injuries/deaths in their patients to this system, most don't even know of its existence!  Until such reporting is mandatory, until doctors are actually trained to look for vaccine injuries and follow-up on all patients who've been vaccinated for at least one year, and until there are severe sanctions attached for doctors who don't report, including losing their medical licenses permanently, no one knows just how far-reaching and devastating the effects of vaccines and our nation's vaccine program are.  We don't have that data because those in power, and those profiting, don't want that information out there for the public to know.

I think that we as a community of people who have either personally experienced vaccine injury/death, and/or who have seen our children and loved ones experience it, must continue to shed light on all of the aforementioned issues.  Personally, I have no problem being called anti-vaccine, because I am.  I think vaccination is a barbaric practice that is not founded on any sound science, and as a matter of fact, we now have mountains of evidence showing us that it is a practice we should immediately halt.

Laura Hayes is the  mother of 3 who has learned the very hard way about the severe dangers and longterm repercussions of vaccines. It is her passion to share what she has learned with others in the hope that they won't experience vaccine injury in their families, and also in the hope that they will join in the fight to ban vaccine mandates in our country.



Makenna, I suggest you read an excellent book by Thomas Cowan, "Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness". He describes the difference between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and how vaccines target only humoral immunity even though both are important for true immunity to disease. In addition, without the cell-mediated immunity (what we call being ill), the body has no effective way of eliminating the pathogen. For example, when you get the measles, the virus invades the respiratory tract and the cells of the body go into overdrive to eliminate the virus via fever, rash, and cold symptoms. When you get the MMR, the body is artificially stimulated to create antibodies but THE VIRUS NEVER GETS ELIMINATED. Where does the virus go? What harm can it do? Science is well aware of the existence of sleeper viruses that resurface later to do harm. Bottom line--playing with nature is usually dangerous.

Susan Welch

Makenna, I forgot to mention Sudden Infant Death (SIDS). Again, this did not happen through most of the 1940s -1980s. The first time I ever heard of a baby dying for 'no reason' was early in 1990s. In those days it was called cot-death and made the news headlines.

The fact that the US has the highest incidence of SIDS in the western world and, also, has the highest number of vaccinations should, again, make you think and, maybe, research both sides.

Susan Welch

Makenna, I'm sure you believe what you say regarding natural immunity is less safe because one would have to have the 'disease' first.

However, the fact is that those of us who are old enough to have no/few vaccines did have the 'diseases' or, at least, came in contact with them and we are by far healthier then the young generation today. Ear infections, allergies, asthma, seizures, autism, auto-immune diseases etc. were unheard of when I was young.

The other important fact to understand is that we considered measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and mumps normal when we were young. We did not fear them and, as time has shown, had no reason to.

You may say, as so many do, what about 'polio and smallpox?'. I was born in mid 1940s and smallpox was never mentioned so, presumably that threat had long since receded. In fact, look up Leicester, UK 1885, smallpox vaccine and you will see why my father's generation would not even consider a vaccine safe. As far as polio is concerned, I believe there were a few cases but I did not come across any and, as I understand it, DDT had a lot to do with the few cases that did exist. There is plenty of info on this site regarding polio.

There is so much more to vaccines than you will ever read in mainstream media as financial interests promote the propaganda that 'vaccines safe and effective' and censor any information regarding potential side effects.

The fact that autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 in 1970s to 1 in 36 today should, at least, give you pause for thought

Laura Hayes


Please watch/read the following 2 presentations I have given, which I think will shed important light on your comments:

"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

If you watch both presentations from start to finish, I think you will understand that "vaccinations are actually way safer than natural immunizations" is not accurate or true.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Makenna | December 12, 2018 at 10:02 AM

It sounds like you a beginner in the field of vaccination-assassination.
You have a lot of catching up to do.
If you trawl thru this website, the truth about the lie they call vaccination should become abundantly clear (despite a few very strange people who insist on coming here to fight us).
This website is Autism focused but the sinister subject of vaccine is far far wider.

Where should you start you ask ? This is by no means it all but look at any of these :

1. Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Vero Cells Foreign animal species viruses sv40 (Maurice Hilleman) - cancer
2. Deadly Porcine (Pig) Virus called Circovirus (in highly experimental Rotavirus jab – Offit) - cancer
3. Fetal Cells from Human Abortions RNA\DNA fragments (readily recombines with a childs own stem cells Dr. Theresa Deisher - cancer
4. Peanut Oil (the main cause of childhood severe peanut allergies – anaphylactic shock)
5. Latex (some syringes are poked through latex vial stoppers, hence severe childhood latex allergies )
6. FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye (why do we need vaccines to be colorful? – autism, alzheimers)
7. Squalene (main cause of auto-immune disorder) MF59 squalene - Gulf War syndrome
8. Over 50 Parts Per Million of Ethyl Mercury (still found in certain flu shots & trace amounts elsewhere – toxic at nanograms 1948 Dr Frank Engley autism, alzheimers)
9. Genetically Modified DNA from other Humans (foreign proteins cause unnatural immune reactions)
10.Polysorbate80 opens that Blood Brain Barrier and lets the poison right in
11. Retroviruses XMRV - ME, Lyme
12.The Gatti contaminants (all sorts of foreign contaminants, Tungsten, Titanium, Zirconium, Silicon, Chlorine etc)
13. Mycoplasmas Aids ? Gardasil ? mass Sterilisation ?
14. Formaldehyde - leukemia being censored with the FDA right now
15. Glyphosate contamination in vaccinations (Samsel-Seneff) cancer
16. MSG in vaccination – as a stabilizer (An Excitotoxin Like Aspartame)
17. L-Histidine used in the maintenance of the myelin sheaths which protect the nerve cells (causing an auto immune reaction in vaccine – MS, Gardasil syndrome)
18. hCG in laced Tetanus vaccination in Kenya 2015, Phillipines 1995, Mexico 1974 , Nigeria, Mexico, Nicaragua (sterilisation)
19. & aluminium salt adjuvants (found in the brain specimens of both autistic, alzheimer & MS sufferers)
20. The cancer or kill signaller nagalase and all the rumours surrounding that.
21. Faked science (mumps rabbits blood efficacy), & fake placebos used to test against Gardasil (AAHS v AAHS)


You said in the beginning of your article that, "they artificially and unnaturally stimulate the immune system". One flaw with your logic is that vaccinations are actually way safer than natural immunizations. Natural immunizations occur after you have already had the disease, and if you have the disease/virus it could be deadly or very detrimental to your health.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

So f,

From your statement, it sounds like you believe that all children can eat peanuts or that everyone can take Penicillin with no worries, right? Everyone reacts to drugs or immune system challenges in exactly the same way, going by what you would laughably call logic.

Now, on to Satsuai...thanks for commenting! I do so take enjoyment in picking apart vapid, foaming-at-the-mouth, pseudoscientific/false skeptic garbage like you just regurgitated.

"A doctor has to be able to trust that the vaccine he gave you has been held to the same standard that your benzodiazepines and SSRIs all of you idiots gobble like candy and have no problem with, all of which have FAR greater health risks."

Here we have a generalization fallacy. Because one person might take benzodiazepines and SSRIs, that must mean that everyone who has a vaccine injured child must do so. Not to mention the poorly veiled insult that all of us are taking anti-psychotics.

"Its funny how you're all willing to blindly trust a blabbermouth like this with a zero medical or scientific background,"

You mean like you?

"or a brainless bimbo like Jenny McCarthy (Whose child is NOT autistic, by the way) rather than people who have devoted their lives to this research."

Ah, so all of us who witness our children have vaccine reactions (seizures, loss of speech and milestones, etc.) got the idea from Jenny? That's brilliant! Not only is she beautiful, but she has the ability to implant thoughts, memories, and medical records to people who've been involved in this discussion since the early 90's...BEFORE she even had a child. If she didn't impress me before, she most certainly does now. Oh, and your blatant lie about her child not having autism? Yeah, talk about believing things you hear on the internet.

This lie was started by a doctor online who had never seen Evan and who has never once reviewed his medical records. Evan was given a diagnosis of autism by several doctors. In other words...he has autism.

"You all should be ashamed."

This coming from a liar and false skeptic who self-righteously believes they are better than those of us who have a child who was injured by vaccines. Yeah....

Jenny Allan

Without commenting on the -far too common on certain blog sites- abusive nature of Satsuai's comment, I feel I must put the record straight on rheumatic fever, something I have personal experience of.

Satsuai states:-
"Keep blaming the people trying to make sure your kids don't get sick with awful things like rheumatic fever which can have permanent and lasting effects on their heart function."

There has NEVER been a vaccine for streptococcal throat infections, including scarlet fever. Modern antibiotics have virtually eliminated these diseases and their complications including rheumatic fever. Believe me, having lived through the 1950s when streptomycin and penicillin, initially very expensive, began to be prescribed by UK doctors, and vaccines for those feared killers, polio, diptheria, smallpox and TB were introduced for children under the NHS, our parents were very grateful for these health innovations. My husband survived diptheria and my sister was very ill with rheumatic fever.

However, it is important to always be aware of the 'downsides' of ANY medical interventions, including vaccines and medications. Streptomycin was withdrawn after it was realised it caused some nasty side effects. Widespread use of antibiotics has resulted in resistant bacteria. In the case of pertussis, (whooping cough), the vaccine is becoming ineffective due to evolution of a nasty resistant strain.

Thank you AoA for publishing Satsuai's comment. It is a favourite troll's ploy to put comments onto threads which have become 'buried' by subsequent articles. Mods and Admins are kept very busy disallowing abusive comments, which means we never see the worst of them, although polite reasoned comments which disagree with AoA's views are welcomed. I think comments like Satsuai's actually expose the nasty abusive bullying 'underbelly' which blights internet social, press and media sites.

It is time for internet service providers to do something about abusive cyber bullying of persons like Jenny McCarthy, who have dared to express an opinion, in what is supposed to be a nation which allows citizens free speech.

Jeannette Bishop


I personally suspect both SSRIs and vaccines have injured several members of my family, and I took no pharmaceuticals during my pregnancy with my daughter, though can't say that any pharmaceuticals I had prior didn't adversely affect her. Most if not all of them have taken a toll on my health.

If you look into the methods of "research" that were used to manufacture the impression that SSRI's were effective, the whole promotion based on a now quietly discredited "chemical imbalance theory," research that often tested patients in withdrawal from other "anti-psychotics" themselves never established to be better treatments than placebo, you would wonder about the safety and efficacy of everything pharma-based medicine does.

A similar process occurs in vaccine "safety" research. Perhaps, as someone interested in seeing informed decision making occur, you would support researching the overall health of a never-vaccinated, i.e. control group, to determine at what if any rate suspected vaccine risks are valid concerns?

For Satsuai


Your comment is rather low on content and high on abuse. BTW the FDA license the SSRIs as well.


The logical leaps you take in this article, and total lack of understanding in the entire FDA qualification and approval process is nauseating.

A doctor has to be able to trust that the vaccine he gave you has been held to the same standard that your benzodiazepines and SSRIs all of you idiots gobble like candy and have no problem with, all of which have FAR greater health risks.

There's a HUGE positive correlation between people who have used SSRIs (ever, in your lifetime) and Benzodiazepines (immediately preceding pregancy) and being overweight having autistic children. So keep gobbling your pills, morons.

Keep blaming the people trying to make sure your kids don't get sick with awful things like rheumatic fever which can have permanent and lasting effects on their heart function. Autistic or not, if your kid's heart doesn't work, they don't live.

Its funny how you're all willing to blindly trust a blabbermouth like this with a zero medical or scientific background, or a brainless bimbo like Jenny McCarthy (Whose child is NOT autistic, by the way) rather than people who have devoted their lives to this research.

You all should be ashamed.

For f


Maybe the definition of a genuine idiot: someone who believes what the government tells them.


I was vaccinated and I don't have autism. Thanks mom and dad for making an informed decision.

Shawn Siegel

I like numbers. The changes made by the CDC to the definition of polio in 1955, following on the heels of the release of the vaccine, have resulted in a million cases of what would have been labeled polio in 1954 being given other labels. That's not disease eradication, that's deception. That's a con game.

Realistically, at this point the only way this whole scenario makes sense - the massive power behind the paradigm and its seemingly inexorable expansion - is if the goal is the resulting debilitation.

Leslie Manookian

Absolutely Taximom - share away!

Laura Hayes

To Taximom5: Absolutely! Please share away...far and wide! Thanks :)


@Laura Hayes and Leslie Manookian:

May I share your insightful comments (as well as your article, Laura)?

for Beth

Beth, yes! Please write up your experience (it wouldnt have to be too long) as a whole article for here. Many of the pro vacc do not want to see this ugly truth but it needs to be exposed. So not only could vaccine related events go unreported but doctors are behaving in an abusive, irresponsible manner.

John Stone

The problem here is that we have an oppressive denialist culture, driven by policy, cronyism and greed. I am certainly anti the culture, its machinery and its ideology, the ever extending mandates, the lack of liability, the bureaucratic assertion of effectiveness and denial of harm which is the only way the proponents can maintain public confidence in what they are doing. If any system ever deserved to be mistrusted this is it.


Regarding Scott Lassiter's essay, would you be o.k. with him saying something like:
But many of the people calling for vaccine safety are pro-vaccines, want a national vaccine schedule, and believe that vaccines are an efficacious and important way to insure public health. Yet even those who are simply calling for a safer, more scientific, and more evidence-based vaccine schedule are still labeled “anti-vaccine fanatics” and dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

I don't suppose anyone has done a large scale survey to find out how many people are against all vaccines and how many people think that vaccines can be useful but that our current program is way out of whack. So I suppose he has no basis for using the word "most". But he is still making a good point: anyone who raises any concerns about vaccines is labeled "anti-vaccine".


Beth, that is such an important story which needs to be told far and wide and goes to the heart of one of the biggest problems with our vaccine program. The denialism is infuriating, and then the vaccine defenders insist that vaccines are well studied.


Beth gets best comments for the month.

A typical pediatrician is probably $300,000 to $500,000 in debt with school loans, office loans, house loans, car loans...

and needs to secure vaccine revenues to even have any chance of surviving. It has been stated that it is 80% of their revenues.

Susan Lee

The root of the problem is corporate influence and control in our government. This country has a flawed political process where corporate influence and control extends not only to the pharmaceutical industry but to the food and energy cartels as well. Using tactics like deceit, coercion and filtered reporting of information, business interests trump the greater good of society. This influence and control stunts and damages the sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants for future generations. The solution is the collective power of the people to advocate for change to our government. Our broken government is not working properly in the way it is suppose to function. During this time, I stress the dangers of political apathy. Who will be left to speak as the damage continues?

david m burd

Laura, I appreciated your response/comment.

Bottom line, it is FUNDAMENTAL (and demonstrably TRUE as I have related), that generations of families before the late 1980's (here in the U.S.) have had excellent health without any, or very few, vaccinations! But, the Medical Regime purposely hides these facts.

With proper nutrition including mother's milk, so-called child diseases are in fact a maturing, tempering, and strengthening process, not at all to be feared per today's autocratic fear mongering propaganda.

Today's America Health Leaders belong in the Medical World of Shame with their insane promotion/advocating of such poisons -- as objective historical review shows (and this includes polio that has never in the last hundreds' documented years had any honest measurable effect, as well documented by Olmsted & Blaxill in their extensive writings).


I am so sorry Beth You are not alone -- I too.

Dr. Blaylock in one of his U tubes addressing a group of parents - says that a ped is suprised a baby even has a brain and indicated that the ped was rather brainless. The whole room erupted in laughter -- You see you are not alone.

I as a teacher - regret some things I have said and done to my students -- perhaps I was not sensitive enough -- perhaps I did not do enough for them in a hard time -- but at least I don't have this on my soul.


Thanks Jen and Bendetta. It was a horrible experience. The pediatrician had so much faith in vaccines and in her education and training. I remember her citing specific names of prestigious infectious disease MD's who taught her in med school - one even had some hand in the hepB vaccine development. Real experts. She suggested I call one myself - as if that would get me over what happened to my daughter. Talking to a vaccine developer and promoter - well there's a helpful resource for a distressed parent who witness her child deteriorate fast and furious after her shots, right?!!

Regarding the VAERS report, our then pediatrician did not in any way shape or form want to have her name associated with any report of vaccine injury. Clearly based on her body language and words it would be offensive to her and would not in any way represent her thoughts about vaccines.

Again I say, this is the kind of support you can expect if your child does have a reaction. And then on top of this the pediatrician will continue to be relentless wanting you to vaccinate full steam ahead. That sure was my experience, and it made no sense.

If a child has an allergic reaction to peanuts, a pediatrician will advise that child to steer clear of peanuts. If a child has a brain inflammation reaction to vaccines, that same pediatrician will say, roll up her sleeve and let's give her more vaccines because we've got to keep her on schedule!



That stupid question -- Did your child recover.
Since we nodn't know what the vaccine reactions are all about how do we know.

If we were not so naive and young -at the time they ask that question- we could reply - we will let you know when they reach puerty and see how they are then.

Debbie Voss

I could feel the confidence, knowledge and passion from this blog post! Goose bumps. Thank you!!


In fact Beth, she should be reported - there would be an ombudsman or such complaints system in place. Some of these despicable types who call themselves doctors should be filmed giving this sort of reaction and then well see how that plays out. It's highly unethical behavior for a doc, in any case.


Beth, I can't believe you experienced a Peditrician behaving that way when you pulled out a VAERS report after the horrific and frightening health episode with your daughter. She refused to sign it and looked angry??!! That is just astounding. And people wonder why there is mistrust of medical or research persons.


Wonderful information. I wish all could understand these facts.


"Not only are doctors NOT required to report vaccine injuries/deaths in their patients to this system, most don't even know of its existence!"

So true. And the other thing that happens when vaccine reactions occur - and I'm sure I'm not alone on this - is the abject refusal of the MD/pediatrician to cooperate with the VAERS reporting process.

After my daughter suffered an immediate, horrendous, unforgettable encephaletic scream cry reaction (brain inflammation) to her shots, we took her back to the doctor 6 hours later still screaming a wild animalistic scream of pain. Of course we had to go to an after-hours office where the MD on call documented the vaccine reaction. And there was NOTHING, and I do mean ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, ZIPPO, NOTHING that he or any doctor could do to reverse that damage and stop my daughters pain. (I now know there are homeopathic remedies and detox products that can help mitigate the damage - but back then I just was left with a screaming baby and did she ever scream on and on for weeks and months.

So at a future "well child visit" (code for get more vaccines in her body) I had learned about VAERS and printed out the forms and filled them out as best I could. I just needed the lot numbers and I could submit the report to VAERS.

I remember well my thinking then. I genuinely thought the pediatrician and everyone in public health would agree with me that it was the highest minded parent thing to do. To dutifully report that vaccine reaction per protocol. To document the lot numbers and describe as accurately as I could what happened to my daughter.

I naively thought that someone in authority would want to study my daughter, to learn from her so that no other child, no other baby would ever have to experience that again. I thought "they" would agree that vaccines may not be a fit for some - like my prematurely born daughter.

Boy was I ever wrong. WRONG. W-R-O-N-G, FREAKING WRONG!!

As I pulled out the VAERS form to show it to my pediatrician, she had a visceral reaction, pulling away immediately and changing from a polite demeanor to one of impatience and perplexed anger.

"I AM NOT SIGNING THAT!" she huffed.

Fortunately I knew she didn't have to and I informed her all I needed from her was the vaccine lot numbers.

So there you have it. Parents and children who experience vaccine reactions are SO. VERY. ON. THEIR. OWN. No support from the pediatricians.

And the follow-up from VAERS if you can call it that is a simple periodic form questionaire that says something like, "Did your child recover?"

No physical examinations, no blood draws, no studies. No studies ever on vaccine-injured children.

It all comes together in a picture that can be titled, No Justice or Concern for the Vaccine-Injured makes Vaccines: Dishonest Medicine.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Fellow Warriors and Valued Colleagues, for your kind comments to my post :) I have learned much from you here on Age of Autism!

David M Burd, I am so glad that you reposted and repeated what you have written before about the good health experienced by your generation, without vaccines, with the exception of the smallpox vaccine as you stated. In my first comment to Scott's SafeMinds article, I brought up the same points that you do...that there are safe and effective ways to protect, maintain, and enhance the health of our children (although I accidentally and unfortunately left out breastfeeding...big oops!). Why our doctors and government agencies don't focus on these elements and practices astounds me. I thought you might appreciate reading my first comment to Scott, and to his credit, he did revise his original article :)

Hi Scott,

Well-thought-out and well-presented article. However, because of this 1 paragraph, I won't be sharing it:

"But most of the people calling for vaccine safety are pro-vaccines, want a national vaccine schedule, and know that vaccines are an efficacious and important way to insure public health. Most of us being labeled “anti-vaccine fanatics” and dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” are simply calling for a safer, more scientific, and more evidence-based vaccine schedule."

I disagree with every sentence in that paragraph. My children were injured by their routine childhood vaccinations, one to the point of suffering catastrophic brain damage which has left him permanently disabled and dependent on others for the remainder of his life. I know many other parents of vaccine-injured, and vaccine-killed, children. The vast majority of us, not to mention many with whom we've shared our vaccine experiences and research, would never allow another vaccine to enter our own bodies, our children's bodies, or our grandchildren's bodies (if we can help it re. the grandchildren). After careful and thorough research, we no longer believe in the theory behind vaccination, we don't believe that vaccines are responsible for the decline or elimination of any infectious disease, and we certainly don't believe there are benefits to disrupting and destroying so many bodily systems all in one fell swoop, much less benefits that outweigh the tremendous, lethal, and sometimes fatal risks. Rather, we believe there are many safe and effective ways to protect, maintain, and enhance the health of our children that begin with a pesticide-and-GMO-free, nutrient-dense diet, plenty of exercise and sleep, a healthy family life, and the reduction of exposure to the many toxins that are now part of our everyday lives.

This is not the first time I've read such a paragraph as yours. Perhaps you, and others, who do still believe in the theory of vaccination and that there are benefits to some vaccines, could work on rephrasing how you cast those of us who are all working toward informed consent and complete medical choice freedom when it comes to vaccines...or any medical treatment or procedure for that matter. I do believe there is a way to place all of us under the same umbrella without making statements that exclude a huge percentage of us.

Perhaps you could simply state that there is a quickly-increasing number of people who refuse to support a program filled with products that have never been properly tested, for which no one or no entity is liable, that contain known neurotoxins and immune and nervous-system damaging ingredients, that have devastated millions upon millions of children and people of all ages, that are a form of experimental medicine that is forced upon an improperly-informed public to its great detriment, all while being promoted under the lying facade of being in the name of "the greater good" - which is yet something else to which I don't subscribe. "The greater good" is best achieved when each parent does what is best to promote the health, development, and well-being of their own child and family. That is what has beneficial ripple effects for all concerned, not the forced drugging of people from fetus to grave, as is now the standard.

Should you choose to reword your one paragraph so that it does not exclude a great number of us, I would be happy to share this article with others. Thank you for your efforts, Scott.

Leslie Manookian

Fantastic Laura - I concur and would add one more point.

It is decidedly anti-science to be pro-vaccine in vaccine's current form. Why? Because vaccines have not been properly studied as you so aptly point out.

Until every ingredient in vaccines is studied individually and in combination with all other ingredients to ascertain true short, medium, and long term health outcomes of injecting them, vaccines are quite simply a large experiment on everyone.

Would a parent knowingly give an antibiotic or any other drug to a child (or take it themselves) that had not been properly studied as is the case with vaccines? Of course not. Only a fool would knowingly permit their child to be administered a pharmaceutical product that had not been properly studied.

Until genuine research is done, we have no idea of the comprehensive collateral damage being caused by untested vaccines and anyone who argues that they are pro-vaccine and pro-science is uninformed of the true state of vaccine science.

We do know that 90% of clinical drug trials do not use a proper placebo.
We do know that vaccines safety studies often last a few days or weeks.
We do know that vaccines are studied individually but given in combinations.
We do know that it can take 10 years for the aluminum in vaccines to migrate from the injection site through the lymph system until it lodges in distant organs like the brain, liver, spleen, and elsewhere where it wreaks untold damage.
And we do know that independent science has linked vaccines to SIDS, brain damage, paralysis, seizures, autos, learning disabilities, a spectrum of autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, digestive ailments, asthma, allergies and more.

What could be more scientific, and rational, and wise, than expecting proper research to be done before a pharmaceutical product is injected into your body?

Those who claim to be pro-science and pro-vaccine, simply have not examined the evidence. And labeling those who have examined the evidence as anti-science is nothing more than an ad hominem attempt to discredit and undermine.

Adam M

Expanding on earlier point, we can't say just take the mercury aluminum and formaldehyde out and everything will be fine. Jenner's first cowpox pus vaccines didn't have any of that and they were causing trouble. Imagine that, injecting pus from someone else into open wounds on yourself!!!! This is the basis for the last two hundred years of vaccination. How on earth could that ever make someone healthier? Dr Suzzanne Humphries MD Exposes this fraud very well in her book Dissolving Illusions. A must read.

Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed. - Dr Weston A. Price.

Health does NOT come through the end of a needle but on the end of a spoon. We've been digging our graves with our spoons for far too long. Then we want our doctors to put the scrambled eggs back in the shell with their latest magic bullets. This has got to stop.

Jeff R.

Laura Hayes for President!!!... Great article, should be required reading for,,,, everyone.

cia parker

Thanks, Laura, great article! I agree (how could anyone not?) that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. IF polio came back, I would look at the situation and seriously consider getting the injected polio vaccine for my daughter. I would probably (not certainly) get her the DT series (not because I fear diphtheria here at this time, but because it may be safer than the tetanus vaccine alone). And even then I would be knowingly taking a risk. Beyond all the toxic ingredients is the fact that the whole idea of vaccines is based on injecting weakened or killed disease pathogens to stimulate the production of antibodies, which, I recently learned, actually weaken rather than strengthen overall the functioning of the immune system (for whatever that factoid is worth). But they are designed to stimulate the immune system, bypassing, as you observe, the frontline immune defenses in the respiratory and digestive systems, which were meant to be open to substances from the outer world. The circulatory and nervous systems were meant to be closed systems, protected from these substances by the filters of the frontline defenses. The really weak link in the whole theory is the reaction of the invidual immune system to these assaults. As minute as the pathogen load may be (and independent of the toxicity of other ingredients), if the individual immune system is unusually protective, it will react to even the most minute threats with a violent reaction often involving encephalitic brain damage and/or autoimmune disease. I agree with you that we need to move away from the whole theory, relying more on healthy living, appropriate nursing, and vitamin, naturopathic, and homeopathic treatments when disease occurs.

People talk a lot about how the Third World is different, and vaccines are much more necessary there. One point is that people in the Third World are not any happier about coping with vaccine-damaged children than we are, and the other is that reducing incidence of targeted diseases is only part of the picture. A study done in Guinea-Bissau in 2000 revealed that children who got the pertussis and polio vaccines had a higher death rate in the following year than children who had not gotten them. The measles and TB vaccines appeared to save lives in the long run, with all the usual caveats. But again, people have been so imbued with the vaccine theory, that few would even think about the possibility that vaccines might DEcrease the longterm survival of those who got them, and, of course, essentially no one is interested in learning the truth.

Stand Up!

Excellent article, passionately stated, completely informed and accurate!

I haven't read an article on this website which has stated the absolute truth--unequivocally--on vaccines in some time now, which is unfortunate because this website is capable of disseminating life-changing information on the topic of health and the insanity of major aspects of the practice of medicine.

BRAVO once again!


Bravo! Incredibly well said Laura! The current system is INSANE. To pretend otherwise, is dangerous and immoral.


Thank you Laura. Great article.

david m burd

Laura, You've cogently condensed valid and logical points about vaccines' inherent and horribly destructive nature -- thanks!

Several times I have commented here (and it's worth repeating) that my generation was born & raised 1940 - 1950 without any vaccinations except the smallpox shot when we were about 4 years old, and soon thereafter the dangers of this smallpox shot became dreadfully clear so it was stopped (unlike today's dogmatic medical mindset).

All my siblings, cousins, schoolmates, neighborhood kids, etc., coasted through all the childhood illnesses, without chronic repercussions. Vivid earliest memories include daily orange juice (made from frozen condensed cans), and tangerines(!) in our Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle.

It's certainly possible a few kids incurred permanent injury, but none have come to mind over these decades. Virtually all of us were breastfed, followed by great nutrition thereafter with quality babies' food uncontaminated with today's Agribusiness toxicities.

And (as you of course know), we all achieved lifelong immunity! Completely different from the present dismal society that is always pestered to get toxic "booster" shots since prior vaccine shots' so-called immunity has faded away.

Thanks again for your superb Post.


“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.


When NVIC has finished running its current message in Times Square, the above exemption above should be run in it's entirety for one full month.

I don't know how much it would cost, but likely not a lot per person for all the millions of parents of vaccine injured children.

 Bob Moffitt

"Thus, any information a doctor gives as to the benefits of vaccines is not only uninformed and not actually based on any factual information, it is strictly personal is absolutely not based on any sound science."

I suspect David Michaels .. author of "Doubt Is Their Product" would agree .. the "benefits of vaccines" are based more on "personal opinion than science". In his book .. he warns to be wary of confusing what "sounds like science" .. for .. what is actually "sound science".

Unfortunately, the effort to eliminate our "informed consent" rights is political .. and .. the issue is NEVER discussed when candidates are seeking our votes. Why is that? Shouldn't every candidate seeking local, state and federal office be required to answer .. during their campaigns .. a simple question:

Who decides what vaccines children will receive .. the child's parents .. or .. the child's elected representatives?

Adam M

Thank you Laura! That needed to be said. People, we can't sit on the fence about vaccines, they are poisons not vitamins with a few bad ingredients.

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