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Response to: Guest Column: Vaccination key to Maintaining Health, Fighting Disease

LetterA recent guest column in The Tahoe Daily News prompted a well-thought out response by Dawn Winkler. Below is an excerpt from the column, written by a Public Health official, and the response. We are pleased to see that the paper posted the response, allowing for cogent debate on the topic of vaccination safety.

Recent headlines declared, “Whooping cough cases rise dramatically,” “Measles outbreak in Orange County, worst in two decades,” and “Polio declared a global public health emergency.”

What do these diseases have in common? They can be prevented with vaccinations. Recently, however, we started seeing more people choosing not to vaccinate. Anti-vaccination celebrities and others have made emotional but unfounded claims that have fueled an increase in personal belief exemptions (PBEs) to school-aged vaccination.

For example, a significant percentage of parents still question if there is a link between vaccination and autism even though very large, well-done studies from multiple countries have answered that question with a resounding “No.”

As public health officials, parents and community members, we are very concerned about the rise in the number of people choosing not to vaccinate themselves or their children.

The reduction in disease from vaccination is undeniably one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Smallpox, which killed an estimated 300 million people in the 20th century, has been eradicated. The last case of smallpox in the U.S. was in 1949, and people have forgotten how terrible it was.

The world is 99 percent of the way to getting rid of polio, but this year it is re-emerging in countries that were previously polio-free. In the U.S., about 16,000 Americans were paralyzed every year from polio before vaccination. We should not forget that. We need to keep vaccinating until polio, like smallpox, is gone worldwide.  Read the full column HERE.

Here is Dawn's response: Not So Fast.



To The Editor,


I would be remiss if I did not respond to today’s guest column titled “Vaccination key to maintaining health, fighting disease” by Ken Cutler and Robert Oldham.


Had either of them taken the time to look at actual statistics of ANY pertussis outbreak anywhere in the country over the past two decades, they would have seen that the vast majority of those diagnosed with pertussis, or whooping cough, were either fully or partially vaccinated. In fact, vaccinated children may be more likely to contract the disease according to several studies.


As for measles, this once common, beneficial childhood disease conferred lifelong immunity, something the vaccine simply does not and cannot offer. Vaccination of any kind induces what is known as temporal or humoral immunity. Not the lifelong, cell mediated immunity that is gained by either contracting or being exposed to the disease. My own grandmother, who is still alive, is one of seven children all of whom had both pertussis and measles. She actually had both diseases simultaneously.


Vaccination literally bypasses a good portion of the immune system, stimulating only half of the Th1/Th2 cell response, leaving the recipient at risk for Th2 mediated, autoimmune disorders. I highly recommend “Vaccine Illusion” by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD (immunology) to better understand this issue. It is available as an e-book.


Dr. Cutler and Dr. Oldham state that “very large, well done studies from multiple countries have” answered the question about whether or not there is a link between vaccines and autism with a “resounding No”. I guess they have not read the now eighty-six peer reviewed, published studies that do support a link.


It is rather presumptuous to state that parents have become “complacent” with respect to vaccination simply because there are apparently increasing exemption rates. Those of us who have consciously chosen not to vaccinate our children have spent thousands of hours researching the vaccine issue in peer reviewed medical literature and have ascertained the truth for ourselves. Vaccination has nothing to do with promoting good health and everything to do with destroying it.


Parents unfamiliar with the subject need only read a product insert for any of the 49 doses of 14 vaccinations children now get by Kindergarten to realize that vaccination is tantamount to poisoning your child. Vaccination has never been proven safe, effective or necessary. Parents have the right to opt out of any and all vaccinations for their children when it comes to school and daycare entry and by excercising that right, do not assume that anyone has become “complacent”. If anything, I was “complacent” when I fully vaccinated my own daughter “on time, every time” and watched her health deteriorate until she died. Her “doctor” repeatedly assured me that she was fine despite numerous concerns. She would be nineteen years old now and her unvaccinated, incredibly healthy younger brother is now almost eighteen years old and an only child.


Vaccinations ensure chronic illness which is extremely profitable for doctors and pharmaceutical companies alike.


In Health and Liberty,


Dawn Winkler

Quincy, CA


Information below not meant for publication but rather as backup documentation for the editor in the hope that they can realize most medical practitioners do not know the truth about supposed “vaccine preventable diseases” while we parents actually do. We research the issue in depth in the medical literature and by calling local health departments for actual statistics.


It is well documented that the vaccine is not working well, and legislators who don’t like the fact that parents are making informed decisions after evaluating the risks and benefits of vaccinations should be spending their time questioning the manufacturer of the product that isn’t working as advertised instead of trying to blame families who have chosen not to use it.  Here are just a handful of resources that assert these limitations with the vaccine and state the use of exemptions is not related to the upswing in cases.

"The rise in pertussis doesn’t seem to be related to parents’ refusing to have their children vaccinated for fear of potential side effects. In California, pertussis rates are about the same in counties with high childhood vaccination rates and low ones. And the C.D.C. reports that pertussis immunization rates have been stable or increasing since 1992." 

·         Children can be susceptible to pertussis even if they are completely vaccinated. 

·         The acellular pertussis vaccine’s failure to deliver durable infection protection to children aged 7-10 years led to the 2010 California pertussis epidemic. 

·         The pertussis vaccine has been found to wane after only 3 years, leaving a much larger population of fully vaccinated children susceptible to pertussis than unvaccinated children.  KPBS and the Watchdog Institute performed a joint investigation into the recent increasing pertussis rates in California and found the majority of cases of pertussis were occurring in fully vaccinated populations of children in the 8-12 year old age group.  They went on to show that the vaccine wanes after only 3 years.

In 1997, there was an oubreak of pertussis in Northern Idaho. I lived just over the border in Washington State. The outbreak spilled over into my community. I was terrified as I was not vaccinating and still researching and had a 6 month old son at the time. When the outbreak was over, I contacted the Panhandle Health District and obtained statistics and reports that were completed after both they and the CDC studied the outbreak. The CDC report states, and I quote, “the myth of vaccine refusal played no part in this outbreak”. I can scan that document and email it to you if you like


Dawn Winkler Thank you for your kind words and support!!! Please respond to this horribly uneducated response if you can, clearly, I won't be published twice.


Approximately 1,200 U.S. military personnel who received vaccinations against biological agents during the past two years developed complex, in some cases debilitating, illnesses that were assessed or treated by a specialized network of clinics, according to figures released to Global Security Newswire by the Army and a review of some cases.
The cases, corresponding with a massive Defense Department effort to vaccinate U.S. forces against anthrax and smallpox before and after the invasion of Iraq, included muscle and joint weakness and pain, chronic fatigue, intense migraines, cognitive problems, and severe diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Some of these have ended military careers. And yet ignorant people still think vaccines are just wonderful.

Carter's Daddy

That so called public health official is simply ignorant. You can't argue with that type. They know they can write lie after lie because the public at large just believes it, and the establishment has their backs.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dawn, very much appreciated!


Absolutely fantastic response Dawn!!!

Thank you for taking the time to set the record straight.

Far too many of these fluff propaganda pieces are being allowed to go unchallenged in the mainstream news.

Your response was factual and thought provoking. THANK YOU!


There was an outbreak of pertussin in Nothern Kentucky too - 95 percent of the population was fully vaccinated --

In the Lexington, Kentucky schools e Kindergardeners who had a classmate that actually came down with pertussin although fully vaccinated were also given a full dose of antibioitcs to take.

Soooo another strain of pertussis and trying to cover O'le James Cherry's butte.

Stand Up!

Thank you Dawn! I admire the unequivocal, well-informed response to "journalists" who consider themselves objective.

Immunity is simply not understood by medically-minded and pharmaceutically-trained professionals unfortunately. The reason for this is simple...they receive bad information (and indoctrination) from day one in their medical training, based on two popular, baseless, and antiquated myths:
1) Germ theory
2) Genetic predetermination

Harris L. Coulter, Ph.d, author of "Divided Legacy-Twentieth-Century Medicine: The Bacteriological Era", wrote what is believed to be the most comprehensive book on the history of healthcare and how medicine has (unfortunately) evolved to establish its dominance in "healthcare" today. I believe this should be required reading to empower anyone who is still on the fence about the role medicine should play in today's culture based on historical results. Needless to say..but I must say the many readers of Age of Autism, but certainly not all of them, the evidence demonstrates that medicine should be relegated to the role of emergency care only! Prevention and promotion of health should be left to those who understand it.

Chiropractic (emphasizing the primary role of "fine-tuning" the nervous system to optimize the innate immune response), and Homeopathy (also working to stimulate the innate immune response) are two professions who do understand this, as well as traditional Osteopathy, among others.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Dawn, for taking the time to write such an excellent response.

And thank you, Tahoe Daily Tribune, for publishing Dawn's letter in this day and age of gross censorship and one-sided reporting when it comes to anything vaccine and/or autism-related. It is much appreciated, and I hope you will continue to delve more deeply into why so many people are now choosing to not vaccinate their precious children.

Anne J.

Very well said!

Freedom of speech not dead at Taho Daily News

Tahoe Daily News gives us all hope that freedom of speech is not dead.

Michelle B.

Great job, Dawn!


Vaccination literally bypasses a good portion of the immune system, stimulating only half of the Th1/Th2 cell response, leaving the recipient at risk for Th2 mediated, autoimmune disorders


Exactly! And that is because autoimmune di$order$ is what vaccine$ are REALLY about.

Although drug companies steal a few billion a year off the sale of vaccines, they make over a trillion dollars a year of the sale off pharmaceutical drugs.

What do you think the majority of those pharmaceutical drugs are treating???

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