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Online Quizzes: What Do You Know...About Vaccines?

Quiz ShowBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve seen quite a few quizzes posted on Facebook lately.  From What Kind of Animal Should You Get? to Which TV Mom Are You? and Where Should You Live?, people are letting an algorithm tell them something they probably already know.  These quizzes are usually done for pure entertainment purposes, but many people are quite proud of the results and post them for others to see: 

“Dog.  Of course!  I love love love my dog!”

“Sweet! I got Mrs. Brady.  She’s always been my favorite J

“Texas!  Been here all my life and have no plans of leaving!”

As silly and fun as these quizzes are, I wonder if parents were given a real quiz, say at their child’s “well-baby” visit, could they answer the questions correctly.  They’d be simple questions, as you will soon see, but, I wonder if people would have the vaccine knowledge to answer the quiz correctly.  There’s only one way to find out. 

Go ahead.  Take the quiz: 

What Do You Know About Vaccines?

1. What are the vaccine laws in your state? 

2. Does your state mandate that all children get all vaccines to enter school?

3. What is a vaccine exemption and who can get one?

4. If your state has a vaccine exemption, which one(s) can be granted?

a) medical

b) religious

c) philosophical

d) none of the above

5. If you are being bullied into getting vaccines, either from your medical provider or from a school nurse, what action(s) can you take? 

Of course, knowing all there is to know about vaccines cannot be covered in five short questions.  But it’s a start.  And it’s my hope that for those who were unable to answer all of the questions will realize that educating themselves further on the topic is important, especially if they are being offered a vaccine.

Now, for the answers.

1. The first thing to know is that vaccine laws vary state-by-state.  To begin a search, find a vaccine education or vaccine safety group that posts specific information about your area.  These groups will not only list the law, but will also delve further into the vaccine exemptions and how to get one.  Those types of groups also tend to list useful resources as well as post current news that pertains to vaccine rights including vaccine legislation.  I have found the most comprehensive information on vaccines from the National Vaccine Information Center website http://www.nvic.org/ and frequently check their Facebook page to stay more informed about vaccine news and how it affects my personal health care rights.

2. Where I live, no, my state does not mandate that all children receive vaccines prior to entering school.  But, and it’s a big but, the wording on the “health” documents and “health” forms that are sent home from the school, and from what’s posted in the school (and one their website) makes it sound otherwise.  I think that’s because the school is influenced by and relying on the local health department whose message is “GET YOUR SHOTS FOR SCHOOL OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”  I’ve learned that nope, that scare tactic and that information is absolutely not true. 

Something else I’ve also learned (the hard way) is that if I don’t verify the information I’m being told (by the school, the school nurse, or the “authorities” printing the information), then I, like so many others, can easily fall into the indoctrination of the system (be it the school system, the health department or the medical industry’s mouthpieces).  

What can a parent do?

It’s simple, really. 

Know the law.  Know your rights.  Exercise your rights.  Protect your rights, and protect your children.

Recap of #2:  No, we’re not gonna die if we don’t get our vaccines, and yes, my children can go to school without getting vaccines.  (And note that enrolling your children sans vaccines is possible for many parents in almost every state—see the NVIC map http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx for your state’s specific details.) 

3. & 4. A long time ago I overheard someone say, “For every rule there is an exemption.”  I’ve come to learn that for some laws, yes, there are exemptions.  This includes vaccines.  Without going into too much detail in this post because many of our writers have discussed vaccine exemptions in previous posts (use our Google search feature on the left side of the screen with “vaccine exemption” as your key words), I’d encourage you to learn what your state exemptions are.  You can do that by checking out vaccine resources found at the VacTruth http://vactruth.com/ website and scroll through either Dr. Sherry Tenpenny or Dr. Eisenstein’s books and websites. 

5. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.  Some pounce on their prey in the exam room while others sit behind computer screens 24/7 intimidating their victims online. http://www.ageofautism.com/2013/10/things-to-know-or-do-when-youre-up-against-a-vaccine-bully.html  Despite how typical relationships work, some parents feel pressured and are bullied about vaccines even before their child is born.  They can quickly feel as if they’ve been put in a corner for simply asking questions.  Worse, they can be belittled by their medical providers, the same ones who parents initially sought to guide, to educate and to support them. 

Parents who ask question often feel the “Vaccines or Else” hammer come swinging down long before they’re ready to make a decision to vaccinate or not.  I’ve heard of people being “fired” from their pediatrician’s practice for not only questioning vaccines but for also requesting that vaccines be delayed.  Instead of having a good ol’ sit down talk about the pros and cons of vaccinating, which would hopefully include discussion about vaccine injury, the US vaccine compensation program and that vaccines can certainly be delayed, these parents are thrown out of the practice or are threatened to be reported to CPS for not wanting to follow standard medical “protocol”. 

If someone feels uncomfortable with what they are being told or in how they are made to feel, most people have the option of walking out of the exam room.  Even in the tensest of situations, parents should remember that that doctor or nurse works for you.  You schedule the appointments.  You bring in your children.  You pay into the insurance premiums.  You pay the bills.  Just like with any other business, businessman or salesman you may deal with, you expect a certain level or respect and professionalism.  Parents should expect the same from the doctor or nurse they’ve chosen to oversee the choices they’re allowed to make for their children. 

If it comes down to walking away from that doctor and that practice, I understand that making that decision isn’t easy.  I have been there.  I have had to do that.  But, when I am left to feel stupid for asking a doctor a question, or when I say no, thank you to the nurse for a procedure that is a merely a recommendation, and most certainly not a requirement, it’s that medical staff person’s time up.  I can go elsewhere where I know I will be respected and where I will not feel threatened or worried for my child’s well-being. 

It’s a shame that some parents cave to their doctor’s bullying, especially once the parent later learns that they didn’t even need the vaccines (for school entry, for example) like they’d been told.  It hasn’t happened yet, especially with how the mainstream media has joined the belittling brigade, but in the future, I hope we see less bullying and more respect given to parents who have very real vaccine concerns. 


So those are the answers to today’s online quiz.  I don’t have any cute names like some of the other quizzes offer their quiz takers.  But, if you are looking for a grade of sorts, I’d propose this:

If you got all five correct, you are Fully InformedYay, you!

If you got 4 out of 5 right, I’d say you are on the Right Track to being fully informed.  Keep up the good work!

If you got 3 answers correct, I’d encourage you to become a Bookworm and read a little bit more.  Every day is a good day to learn!

If you got only 1 or 2 answers right, instead of answering questions, you might need to become the Question AskerWhat don’t I know?  What do I need to know about vaccines and vaccine choice?  Who can I trust to get the answers?  Remember, if you can’t trust your doctor to give you all of the information, to include reviewing the vaccine package insert, remember that you can go elsewhere to find someone who can help you search for answers. 

Online quizzes are fun and can help pass the time.  Well-baby visits, on the other hand, can be stressful and time consuming.  They should always be conducted with respect with regard to a parent’s choice though, which includes respectfully counseling parents in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational way.  That isn’t too much to ask, but from experience I know that it isn’t always done that way.  Thankfully, I now know my rights, and I know whom I can trust. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Robert Wolfe

MRC-5 DNA is produced from fetal lung tissue that has been grown in a continuous cell line since 1966. The source of the cells was an aborted fetus from a mother with mental problems. 1966 wasn't long after the SV40 contaminated polio vaccines were distributed, so it is likely the mother was exposed to it. I can't help but wonder if big pharma has checked the cell line for SV40 itself, or the SV40 T-Antigen. There has recently been many deaths attributed to MMR in India. As to what purpose it serves, ask big pharma, it makes to sense to me.

Nick's Mom

The most empowering thing I ever did was showing up at our pediatrician's office, asking for all 3 of my children's' complete medical records, leaving their office and never turning back. I had received a "we're going to fire you from our practice if you don't vaccinate" notice in the mail. At first, I thought it was really scary, but then I realized I was in charge of our family's health services and that these doctors work for us! You should have seen the look on the nurse's face when I told her that her doctor's office practice of refusing medical care to children with vaccine injury history shows that they don't care about my children so I was going to go elsewhere for their medical treatment. We went to a general practitioner's office after that and never was harassed again about vaccines! GP's aren't beholden to the AAP either!!!! Nanny nanny boo boo!! Such a feeling of freedom because I conquered that fear and my children are all better off from that decision.

jennifer martin

thank you. this is valuable information.


Good article. I have discovered staying calm and calling out the tactic for what it is, is the best and most annoying approach to use on vaccine shrills and trolls. They bait you and expect you either to be defensive, slink away with your tail between your legs or attack back. Either way they've accomplished their goal of distracting away from a valid comment you've made.

There are some indicators that they are going on the defense which means they can't discredit your information. I call it the emotional boondoggle. After the name calling, posting bias studies, arguments that takes you in circles and trolls/shrills never answering questioning you are asking, they throw something like this at you: why do you object to a vaccine that saves the lives of millions of children or why do you not want to save the lives of millions of children? This is Dorit Reiss favorite "gottcha" comment. I've see her use it on dozens of blogs when she gets push back from people and it is effective because it puts people in the position of defending themselves rather than their comment. She did this to me on Lawrence Solomons' Herd Immunity piece last week. Didn't bother me because I was waiting for it. I responded: Dorit, you've used this tactic dozens of times on other blogs and I'm not falling for it. It's is a troll game and I don't want to play. IMHO it's important to not only respond appropriately to comments such as this but to expose the troll tactic. Trolls/shrils etc. hate exposure. They know that other people will remember them and their behavior and judge their comments based on this.

Another approach I use it to continuing answering a question until it's answered-or not. My last doctors appointment the nurse who was taking blood pressure and different information was pushing mammograms and flu shots (my doctors knows not to ask me to do these). I asked her how many lives have been saved by mammograms and she said hundreds of thousands over the years. I asked can she give me the name of an independent study-she just looked at me with that "my word isn't good enough" stare. She said not off the top of my head. I told her that was fine, here is my email address, please send me the name or a link-Independent study. I than told her about the current studies that reveal mammograms cause more cancer don't save lives and are dangerous due to the amount of radiation. I would be happy to send her the information and I looked forward to to reading the studies on the hundreds of lives mammograms saved. No response.

Dr. recommends all her patients take the Flu shot. I asked Dr. or the entire CDC/pharma medical complex. Ignoring me she began her script on how effective the shot is and it saves lives. I asked "is there a study I can read". She said a study wasn't necessary because everyone knows it to be true and the CDC & FDA wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't necessary. I'd like to read an independent study-do you know of one? She was agitated and said why don't you trust the FDA? I just said: Vioxx, Avandia, proplusid, thalidomide, in fact every drug recalled was approved by the FDA. Do you have an independent flu study I can read? She used the flip the script tactic-"we can schedule that mammogram right now". I just stood up and said "we're done" and left the room. She avoided me the remainder of the time I was there.

Trolls/shrills etc don't like being asked questions so when a comment like: unvaccinated children are infecting vaccinated children-ask them how is that possible and could they explain it scientifically. Trolls always answer around it but they never answer the question-keep asking.

I post for the people who don't engage online but they read the comments looking for information. I call out the trolls/shrills so when parents who need infor read other blogs, sees that person's name again, they know that the person is paid for their comments and hopefully what they post is taken with a grain of salt. There are many good articles on misinformation tactics used by trolls/shrills online and off. If you know what they are you can respond appropriately, calmly and intelligently. People will remember what you posted when you come across as an adult and not a child.

Theresa 66

Here's a good question... What is MRC-5 DNA ? I wish every doctor/ nurse / or vaccine injector had to explain that one and EVERY ingredient in your vaccine. Not just name it, but really explain what it is and why it's in there. And of course, what it may do to you.


This is clever. But, in my opinion the vaccine quiz should focus on the science or lack there of surrounding vaccines. The liabilty protection manfucaturers have and the "vaccine court" set up. A basic of what vaccines are recommended and when. Vaccine ingredients and combinations of vaccines that may be given at once to "catch up".

There is so much ignorance - a flat out lack of specifics surrounding vaccines. People still trust their doctors exclusively to tell them what to do. I know people who seem to enjoy being completely uniformed. And hold on to all the assumptions we had about vaccines until we experienced reactions and injuries.

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