Lou Conte & Wayne Rohde on The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
Canadian Study Reports Combining Vaccines Doubles Risk of Febrile Seizures

Dachel Media Review: Troubled Future

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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June 9, 2014, NPR Boson: Troubled Future For Young Adults On Autism Spectrum

June 8, 2014, Columbus (OH) Dispatch: Kids with no vaccinations clustered in some schools

June 8, 2014, ReaderSupportedNews.org: Mass Grave of Dead Babies in Ireland Used as Guinea Pigs for Pharmaceutical Company


June 6, 2014, Fox Kansas City, MO: Two more cases of measles reported in the metro

June 6, 2014, LA Times: Vaccination issue illustrates degrees in which doctors can sway decisions

June 6. 2014, Fox News: Environmental pollution linked to autism, schizophrenia, study shows

June 6, 2014, Philly.com: Virtual training may help adults with autism ace job interviews

June 3, 2014, Video: Sharyl Attkisson on Government Tests on Premature Babies 


NPR Boston

 The transition from high school into the adult world “is often catastrophic” for young people and their families, says Parish, the Brandeis professor of disability policy. “With the prevalence of autism, we’re talking about thousands and thousands of individuals across the U.S. who, when they leave high school, face a dead end.”

Parish says it’s such a waste. “Denying these individuals their chance to participate in society, civic life, communities, is just a terrible thing to contemplate.”

But creating the right opportunities will be costly — for parents or for taxpayers.

They give the rate, one in 68 CHILDREN (but they don't say, "and one in every 42 boys").

The dad calls them 'the pioneer generation.' WHY? Where's autism been up to now in human history? Are the 40, 50 and 60 year olds with autism wandering the streets somewhere, flapping their hands, rocking and repeating phrases endlessly? Are they locked away from view in forgotten institutions?

We're told that "creating the right opportunities will be costly -- for parents or for taxpayers."

So what's going to happen to all these children when the parents are gone? Listen up, taxpayers! IT'S GOING TO BE YOUR TURN!

I posted a comment.

Columbus (OH) Dispatch

Some Ohio schools might as well have a target painted on the side of the building as far as public-health experts are concerned.

In some schools in the state, as many as 1 in 3 incoming kindergartners and newly enrolled older students have parents who oppose vaccines, according to a Dispatch analysis of schools' immunization counts.

Offit is again saying "educated parents aren't vaccinating."  Why is it that education makes parents skeptical of vaccine safety?

I posted two comments. Don't see them.

I don't really believe the exemption rates are this high. BUT...it may be out there as evidence that we need to end exemptions FOR THE GOOD OF THE HERD.


 Scientists secretly vaccinated more than 2,000 children in religious-run homes in suspected illegal drug trials, it emerged today.

Old medical records show that 2,051 children and babies in Irish care homes were given a one-shot diphtheria vaccine for international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome between 1930 and 1936.

There is no evidence that consent was ever sought, nor any records of how many may have died or suffered debilitating side-effects as a result.

My question is the obvious one: Were the dead babies the result of the vaccine trials? In Michael Dwyer's research through records, did he find any record of side effects and death? What was the usual death rate in these places?  Whatever the connection between the trials and the deaths, these were secret trials. There was no informed consent.  I noticed how quick the industry was to announce that this isn't the way they conduct trials today.

UT San Diego

San Diego County tallied more than 500 whooping cough cases in the first five months of this year, putting it on pace to surpass epidemic infection rates seen in 2010 and fueling ongoing concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine designed to combat this highly contagious disease.


Thank you to Paul Sisson and to the San Diego U-T for telling us the real reason for outbreaks of whooping cough. Currently, a number of news sources and health officials are blaming non-vaccinating parents for the spread of whooping cough.

Last year Scientific American published the story, Why Whooping Cough Vaccines Are Wearing Off

One researchers was quoted saying, 'The bulk of the cases were in fully vaccinated children between eight and 12 years old. That was a total surprise.'

Fox Kansas City, MO

Autism organizations and support groups would disagree. They believe there is a correlation between the two. FOX 4 contacted several on Friday, but none was available for an interview on the subject.

The Mayo Clinic says signs of Autism that appear at the same time certain vaccines are given, like the MMR, measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, but it's simply a coincidence. Dr. Lauer agrees, but doesn't dismiss the parents of his patients. He asks them to bring their concerns. He wants parents who are engaged and asking question and who want reassurance. He says it's up to them, and hopes they make an informed decision.

"They should feel positive and good about this, the vaccines are tremendously successful and really changed the face of pediatrics and how we are able to treat patients," he said.

I'm always amazed at the doctors who happily tell us that regression after vaccination is just a coincidence---at the same time they willingly say they have no idea what causes autism.

LA Times

Doctors used to make decisions for their patients routinely. These days many of them give their patients a say, but just how much of a say can vary considerably. Does that make a difference in the care patients receive? Consider an article published in the journal Pediatrics last December analyzing 111 conversations that 16 doctors and nurse practitioners had with parents of children who were due to be vaccinated. While the study was not designed to look at decision-making specifically, it may provide some insights.

Notice how easily this piece dismisses a link between vaccines and autism.  This study is about forcing parents to vaccinate their children. 

The question that should be asked is: How deaf, dumb, and blind are today's doctors?

Our children are chronically ill and disabled and all mainstream medicine seems to care about is vaccinating them.  There is no alarm over all the autism, learning problems, diabetes, seizures, bowel disease, allergies, asthma, arthritis plaguing our children. 

Doctors are continually clueless over parents' fears about vaccines. Maybe they should get out of the Emerald City and visit the real world. 

Fox News

Exposure to environmental pollution may cause brain changes that make people more vulnerable to developing autism or schizophrenia, according to a new study published in Environmental Heath Perspectives.

This research falls in line with a 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry, which demonstrated an epidemiological link between pollution and autism; the researchers found that children who lived in areas with high levels of traffic pollution seemed to be more likely to be diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder.

Now, researchers from the University of Rochester have uncovered the biological mechanism that may explain how pollution can put people at a higher risk for both autism and schizophrenia. . . . . After four hours of pollution exposure during two four-day periods, mice exposed to pollution experienced marked changes in behavior compared to mice living in an environment with filtered air. . . "That kind of air pollution produces inflammation, it is going to produce inflammation peripherally and in the brain as well. And when you produce inflammation in the brain, you can kill cells there," Cory-Slechta said.

Deborah Cory-Slechta, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Rochester, was the lead author of this study. I imagine it was easy to get funding for research like this. No individual entity is really responsible for "air pollution."

The last paragraph is classic.

Notice there's no urgency. Children aren't really severely disabled and suffering. Cory-Slechta affirms that we're still clueless as to the cause of autism and she thinks it would be "interesting" if pollution were a factor. I guess we have all the time in the world to figure this out.

No comment section.


A simulated training program helped adults with autism spectrum disorder improve their job interview skills and confidence in a small new study.

The employment rate for adults with autism is very low and approximately 50,000 people with autism turn 18 each year in the U.S., say the authors.

What Phiily.com does is pretend that autism isn’t a problem. They don’t give the rate. They don’t say that 85 percent of young adults with autism don’t have a job. And they can’t show us where all the adults currently are. I posted a comment.


Sharyl Attkisson, a senior independent contributor to The Daily Signal, talks about her story on premature babies, the National Institutes of Health and accusations of unethical human experimentation

This simple statement is chilling:

"Researchers are not obligated to do what's best for the individual test subject."

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Vaccine Information

Look at the chart linked to the Ohio article-
1.4% of K Franklin County students have an exemption on file, 1.0% of K-12. If you dug into that usually half of these will be for Chicken Pox only.
Please see the VT information linked for a detailed overview of how the facts are being manipulated to support the elimination of non-medical exemptions.
This is not a problem.


Wow, below that L.A. Times article is another one:

Costs of autism

Colleen Jankovich of Omaha works with her son Matthew, who has autism and requires 24-hour care. A study in JAMA Pediatrics says the lifetime cost of caring for people with autism is between $1.43 million and $2.44 million. (Nati Harnik / Associated Press)

SCIENCE NOW Study: Price tag of autism in the U.S. exceeds $236 billion per year Karen Kaplan Good health is priceless, but autism spectrum disorders can be very expensive. A new study estimates that the lifetime cost of being diagnosed with autism in the United States is somewhere between $1.43 million and $2.44 million.



Regarding the NPR story - "creating the right opportunities will be costly"

I don't get it - can't today's young adults with autism join the "hidden horde" of adults with autism and do what they're doing?

Wait, are they saying that there are more people with autism in this generation than in prior generations? Impossible!

Concerned momma


The health expert involved holds this up as an example of how health experts/researchers cooperate and notes that this will somehow play into "anti-vaccer's hands" but I think it is good that this honest finding sees the light of day.
Fact is, if not for a lot of campaigning and questioning, this is the kind of study that wouldn't have seen the light of day before or would not have been published by any mainstream media. I have even heard a major editor sneer when such a fact was mentioned to her- as though more seizures for babies either didn't matter or was some kind of inconvenient truth. Absolutely sickening.


Columbus (OH) Dispatch

...“If 10 percent aren’t vaccinated, that’s when you start to see whooping cough,” said Dr. Paul Offit, who heads the infectious-diseases division and directs the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


90% of the adult population are a few decades behind on their whooping cough vaccine. I would say Dr. Offit is just a bit wrong again.

Does he think it is spread baby to baby ? I guess that could happen in "well baby visit" waiting rooms.


June 6, 2014, Fox Kansas City, MO: Two more cases of measles reported in the metro


Two more cases….. reported???

Apparently, there were three 'reported' sightings of Bigfoot last week too.

Run for your lives!!!!

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