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MIT Researcher’s New Warning: At Today’s Rate, Half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025)

Dachel Media Review: AZ "Born With Autism?"

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June 17, 2014, AZ Republic: Southeast Valley school teaches children with autism


In Arizona, one out of every 64 children is born with autism spectrum disorder. This exceeds the national average of one out of every 68. Boys are even more likely to be diagnosed with autism, with one out of every 40, compared with one out of 167 girls. Parents of children with autism in Arizona face an especially difficult challenge of finding the right school for their child. They're parents like Mary. . . .

Pieceful Solutions is the first K-12 school in Arizona for children with autism spectrum disorders. Established in 2008, the Mesa-based charter school specializes in curriculum that plays to the strengths of its students. The student-to-teacher ratio is small to provide personalized attention for each student. Here, students make friends and are encouraged to participate in fun, socializing activities like cooking, yoga and karate. . . .

As a result of its successful students, Pieceful Solutions has grown. The school has two campuses, one in Chandler and one in Mesa. A third charter-school campus will open in Gilbert in July.

Arizona has a large population of children with autism. . . .

First of all, anytime a story has the phrase "born with autism," I know it's not going to be accurate.  I posted a comment because maybe someone will start to be a little concerned---although it's hard to when the government, the medical community and the media tell people all the autism is just better diagnosing.   The recent study that cut the estimated lifetime care care cost in half is just one effort going on to cover up the truth.

That last line is haunting and an omen for the future: "Arizona has a large population of children with autism."  Wait till they have a large population of adults.  The ticking time bomb.

I posted a comment.

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Martha Moyer

Here is how I know my son was born with autism. He cried an odd sounding cry for three months and would only stop when either put in a baby swing and it would go back and forth or he stopped when I nursed him. He had motor skills issues and couldn't crawl normally and VERY LATE. He was walking at 18 months. He never reached for toys hanging over his crib. He didn't even look at them. I would raise his hand up to show him how he could bat at them. After three months he just sat like in a daze and people said he was then being too good.A visiting nurse came because the doctor said my son needed therapy since he didn't seem to be progressing. He was diagnosed at age 3 with psycomotor retardation because he walked funny and diagnosed with autism.

for Martha

Martha did say not *all* autism is caused by vaccines.

For Martha Moyer


But it is a straw argument. The basic concern is that vaccines are causing widespread neurological impairment, not that it is the exclusive source.


Come on people?

You need to explain how you knew your child was born with autism.
Was it hypotonic muscle, failing the agar test, having seizures right away -- born with diarhea?

And then I will try to explain to you how three vaccines reaction (for just one of mine) progressed into autism.

Martha Moyer

Oh, come on people...autism is not all caused by vaccines! I was sick with Hong Kong Flu when my child conceived. Scared out of my you know what when I learned I was pregnant and he was BORN with autism!


Danchi - very true. We see so many immigrant children with autism spectrum and other learning problems & I don't believe that's all genetic. In fact once a nurse suggested that to me and I found it very offensive. Truly ignorant- I think she even phrased it as "inbreeding."


After all the pregnant women get all the new recommended vaccinations, the kids will all start being born with it


I can believe that there are many children born with Autism. Not because I think it's a genetic issue but because of the number of vaccines that are given to women prenatally. I have been reading many articles where the CDC, Doctors who are suppose to be some specialist stating the only way to keep the rate of childhood illnesses down is to vaccinate everyone that moves. We know doctors are pushing the Flu shot and Dtap on pregnant women but what else is being done on a state level. Because Arizona has a large immigrant population maybe doctors in Arizona are pushing other vaccines such as the MMR, Rotavirus and who knows what else. So it is feasible that the thimerosal in the Flu and Dtap can cross the blood brain barrier of a developing fetus and lodge in their brain. Once born the child is hit with the Hep B-dangerous.

The CDC/Pharma/government minions are dancing as fast as they can focusing on keeping the lid on their complicity in the death and damage to millions of children around the world and pushing their poison vaccines on those who are gullible enough to believe them. They haven't given any thought to the future of the children they are responsible for damaging.
If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

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